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  1. I really dig the look, I used to enjoy will osprey as my go to beefed up high flyer, but for obvious reasons I am not a fan now As a slim guy I think I appreciate how hard it is to get the heavy training in and basically stuff yourself silly with healthy food. Hopefully the added mass can help prevent injuries, he is one of my favourite workers With the added mass I feel he could be a convincing heel now
  2. Flash morgan webster has recently been bulking up and it suits him
  3. look at it upside down and you would be correct
  4. It's people like that who really annoy me, I do have ibs so although for now being active in the evacuation of my inner pipework is not something I am, however it can alternate and become the polar opposite. Whenever it happens in the workplace I always feel like people think I am making excuses and hiding in the toilet rather than actually having to go
  5. to be fair, it was at my gardening job and he worked hard, and he legit did go for one as the smell gave it away, unless it was a ghost fart or something
  6. Having weaned myself off my previous meds, i am due to start amitriptyline today, i have had this before around 12 years ago, but i cant really remember the side effects or how it generally effected me, anyone have recent experience of this medication? PM me if you wish to instead, thanks I am slowly getting to some of the causes of my issues, its a tough one to grasp still though Im in a fair bit of pain and discomfort with various issues and strange flare ups of fibromyalgia/diabetes type symptoms, having a blood test next week I had an MRi last year to test for MS but it came back ok, aside from some white lesions on my brain which are slightly advanced for my 34 years
  7. This song gets me going and makes me happy
  8. You can win it, i mean, Adam Traore is worth 2 players in one! if united win it, who does the champions league spot go to as they are already in it? Edit, this is official now, looking forward to seeing him in the Premier league next season, he wont be with us long i dont think and will be a target for the more brutal defensive players, but i look forward to it
  9. Used to work with someone who would have 2 poops before work and then 2 to 3 more during the work day. I was jealous, I am lucky if I go that much in a entire week.
  10. Sat in a cold bath earlier for 15 minutes, felt good aftereards and oddly energized. Kinda tough for the first few minutes but after then it isn't too bad
  11. So, as a person with IBS who generally leans towards the cant go till i am bout to explode, today i just had the best poo ever and i feel lighter than my wallet after going into the biscuit section in lidl I have a ton of energy now, lets do things!
  12. Thanks! i will make sure to do that, ive watched the home alone films too much to not be careful
  13. Gotcha, so as long as i connect to the 4 wire cable with the molex, i am good to go? i used to be a lot more confident with computers than i am now
  14. Thanks, i did notice some have more cables connected to them than others, some have 4, some have more, does that matter? I need to attach one of these to it
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