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  1. Most of us on here have no first hand wrestling experience and we still comment about that, so whats really much different?
  2. Well ,maybe i would if you elaborated your point and explained and also got off your high horse
  3. Some i feel are treating it as a way to get rid of the kid for a bit, as free childcare of sort, its not on
  4. Um, is that because of the vaccine or because already had an illness? I am not sure how to put this into text form accurately, but i was out on my walk earlier, and i came to realize that this lockdown to me, does not seem as severe or intense as the one in March when it was in the early stages and with much less cases and deaths
  5. same here please, if possible, i wish to send the person a thank you email
  6. Boris.... press conference coming up at 5pm (EST knowing idiots in the government)
  7. The only thing i took from this is that Either Randy Orton is very tall, or Big Show is billed much taller than he actually is! When they stood together it didnt look to me like Show is 7ft, maybe he shrunk in the wash over the years
  8. if you are not familiar with the area, go on google maps and have an explore, its helped me in the past when i didn't have a smart phone and wanted to plan routes
  9. I stopped wearing them after the cow showed its disapproval of them by spearing me into high heaven! I am pleased that i can seemingly still go The amount of people out kinda threw me really, but i cant complain, as i am out too also, my parents went shopping today, and it was fine according to them
  10. Given the job you do, i say being signed off is a good thing as in the state you are in, you maybe couldn't give the excellent care/service you normally would. Hopefully a few weeks to re charge and re think can help you Russ. i am happy ot talk to you if you wish, i have Facebook, twitter and whatsapp. I went out for a walk today, and i was tense at first, but to be honest, it does not seem much different out really. I think i am getting more looks than normal, however. I have been told that Motorbike helmet anti fog spray can help glasses wearers with steaming up. I am told it tak
  11. Hi, just found 6 old pdf's on my pc of some F4W newsletters i used to subscribe to They are from around 13 years ago If anyone wants them, DM me and i will send them over, give you something to read during lockdown
  12. Can someone get one set up please soon now lockdown is back?
  13. i know, im just a worrier as its one of few things i do, that i enjoy, that keeps me on the straight and narrow. I know the last one in march i felt as though the entire world was watching me, but again, hopefully all will be ok i am feeling better at the moment, and probably the best i have for a fairly long time, so i am hoping to continue it and not go backwards
  14. How could this affect outdoor walking and my nans funeral next week? In terms of schools, i think personally more practical skills should be taught, basic life skills, but thats for a different thread I agree with the above, in that we are back to square one like in March
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