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  1. Decided to start a thread on all things to do with mental health, in a hope that fellow sufferers, or people who have suffered in the past, can share any tips, tricks and general advice on ways to feel/get better and their coping methods I wont elaborate on my own circumstances much, but i am very much in need of help right now, thats for sure So please people, post your advice and hopefully we can all contribute to any fellow ukff members in feeling better, you never know what may click with somone i did have a search for a similar thread, and couldn't find one I will start, i find that long walks while listening to my music helps me to feel a bit better, especially in the countryside, but anywhere really
  2. Hey, what gigs are you all going to in the next few months?I am going to see Avenged sevenfold, Trivuim and disturbed in march at the brum academyhopefully get to more gigs before those though
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