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  1. Did he have the incident with Messiah stemming from xpw? Whatever happened to the messiah anyway?
  2. I have made a whoopsie, the ones i saw where chocolate orange creams, but if i do see any i will say so, often corner shops like londis, costcutter are good for stuff like that nothing beats the sweet satisfaction of necking white spirit, i felt cleaner after
  3. heron foods, farmfoods, home bargains
  4. As someone who enjoys a biscuit or 20, i thought i would give these a go, top tip, dont! Ugh, rank (not my picture)
  5. 10/10 can relate Heres my offering Bad Manners - "sally Brown"
  6. Primus - Jerry was a racecar driver
  7. Your link shows up like they used to, how did you do it?
  8. GBH - Generals https://youtu.be/fSR7_aR2VhI
  9. Ralphy


    Tried Brussel sprout ketchup today and it is delicious
  10. Haha damn autocorrect, just finally got a smartphone and I have now for the first time have egg on my face due to it oh, and crumbs from biscuits probably All the m`s, malted milk
  11. I am currently staying at a friend's house in Brynmawr in wales, I went to the local gym for local people and I used the treadmill amongst other thing's. This was the welcome message on the treadmill. Having returned to my bingo eating ways I think it is trying to tell me something, and I will only run if a hobnob is dangled in front of my face for the duration
  12. i was gifted a smartphone from my dad for xmas, but my new sim does not fit sadly, tried it each of the three possible ways, so i will need to buy a new smartphone i want one thats android and a micro/small phone, and of course, you guessed it, cheap my dad wont let me sell the phone but he is not going to use it at all, so it has to be dirt cheap, sadly
  13. please pm me if you wish, i will say from ur posts and things you seem to be such a genuine bloke with a great sense of humour, akin to my own, be cool get to know like minded people who share my kind of humour my dads reverting back to type, so this in turn is making me revert back to type fairly badly, sadly, oh well, i got better before, no reason why i cant again
  14. Nirvana - Dive https://youtu.be/VuBGme3Ds5Y
  15. out on an amble a few days ago looking like a smackhead who takes extra care not to have uv damage to his eyes
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