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  1. Isnt the human body the most strangest of things? (well its probably just mine, i look like a scientific experiment gone wrong!!) I can walk at a fair pace for a stupid amount of miles and feel next to no fatigue, yet this morning i had to run for a short time as someone who was high on something was following me and saying some jibberish i couldn't understand, and i was blown up in seconds!!
  2. no, however i have an appt on friday, so it shall be said then just binge ate again, dad has been in the house all day so i went to the gym for an hour and 45 mins, then walked a total of 12.5 miles in the pissing rain and got soaked through, yet i felt happier out in it getting soaked than i do around the house and the atmosphere. My dad is very angry and very short fused and my mum is extremely anxious (and still amazing tho!!) and both rub off on me. I feel like i am walking on eggshells, and generally a burden and not welcome in the house. I am not relaxed here, i think its partly why i often binge eat, i find i eat so much and so quickly that i am out of breath after eating My days are basically this, wake up 3am, have a poo, go for a walk, eat, go to the gym, come home, eat, go out again to avoid dad, shower, eat, go out again to avoid dad, eat, go to bed Cant even play my xbox to unwind as i am scared of the next bollocking from my dad, pretty sure i will get one for breathing next very frustrating I have a job center appt tomorrow, i know, from then on i am going to get worse, the shame it brings upon me is hard to describe
  3. Struggling again, major ups and downs, one minute i am high as a kite wanting to do anything and everything, then bam, extreme lows, rinse and repeat off and on all day, so frustrating. Just in the process of signing on on the gov uk website and it set me off big time and i binge ate really badly again, and i did very well for the past week or so. also having my suicidal thoughts again, and they hadn't been a fixture for around 5 or 6 days im not supposed to have gluten but i just ate 8 weetabix as well as many other things, this wont end well. Going to the doctors later if i can walk oh and @deathrey, just to echo what @Keith Houchensaid, the ones who dont show are the real time wasters
  4. I knew that deep heat when sprayed near to ones nutsack is a very bad idea, from personal experience. However, silly me had the impression that the deep freeze spray would not have the same effect, i was wrong, very wrong, now i think my nuts will fall off!
  5. Nah its still sealed, i used the steam off the kettle to read the code through the packaging like on a letter :P
  6. i have a code for a download of fallout 3 suitable for xbox one and 360, its of no use to me as i already have it, first person to DM me gets it for free
  7. My appeal was unsuccessful like i predicted, got to sign on tomorrow, ugh I wantto use and expand upon my IT skills. they are fairly good, good enough to do a job using IT, but ive never really had any working experience with using computers, only as a hobby with heavy use, i would like to volunteer somewhere to use my skills and hope to get a reference and job that way not in a good place right now it has to be said
  8. Ralphy

    Chippy Tea

    I am probably wrong, but are HP and Daddies now essentially the same sauce but with a different name? I ask as i am fairly sure HP took over daddies a number of years ago
  9. i loves me some tortilla's! got any pictures?
  10. Thanks for all the help peeps, haven't actually played a game yet, been installing and updating stuff most of the day, and ive just eaten so much that i am probably going to hurl like peter on family guy, so i think i will start a fresh tomorrow with some rdr2 Edit, i got a game pass trial with my console for 1 month, can i still buy and redeem this? https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/games/3-month-xbox-game-pass-ultimate-xbox-one-pc @johnnyboy can u clear some space in your inbox please, i tried to pm you but it wont let me, thanks
  11. well its taken me nearly 3 weeks but i have finally set up my xbox one, and wow, what a minefield. Lots of updates and other stuff, i dont know where to start there is so much in terms of games, apps and settings Many of the games i have downloaded to my HDD on my 360 are not showing up to be installed, such as REsi 4 and sleeping dogs, which is disappointing
  12. My mum did me an adaptation of these in the end, turned out nice Instead of rasins she used blueberries, and instead of chopped nuts she used mixed seeds http://proteinchef.co.uk/recipes/easy-banana-nut-protein-flapjacks/ Easy Banana Nut Protein Flapjacks PREP:10 MINS COOK:20 MINS Ingredients 300g porridge oats 2 dessert spoons chopped nuts 2 dessert spoons coconut oil 2 dessert spoons no added sugar peanut butter 2 small ripe bananas (mashed) 50g raisins 60g banana or vanilla whey protein powder Directions 1Melt coconut oil and peanut butter over a gentle heat. Once melted together remove from the heat & add the mashed banana followed by all other remaining ingredients. 2Pack the mixture tightly into a lined baking tin approx 1 inch thick. 3Bake at 180’c for 20 mins or until light golden brown. 4Allow to cool before cutting into bars.
  13. going back to the OCD thing, i am currently in a lot of discomfort with my inner thigh/adductors and legs in general, yet i still feel as though i have to get up at 3am, walk for a few hours and get home and then go to the gym despite not really wanting to sometimes. On one of my fairly big downers today it must be said, ive been chasing the highs, gym, sugar, carbs caffeine etc but nothing seems to last or work today
  14. fine choice, always loved that track
  15. Ralphy


    good lord above Stu, that honestly looks amazing! It reminds me of something a king would eat
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