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  1. Ralphy

    The cookery thread

    Sugar makes me hyper and sweaty, so i will probably be giving everything away for free by the end!
  2. Ralphy

    The cookery thread

    both look amazing as per usual rick!
  3. Ralphy

    The deals/offers thread

    http://www.postabargain.co.uk/categories/pc-mac/fallout-76-pc/081652 fallout 76 for pc for £16.48, seems a good deal ebay have 10% off a minimum £20 spend today too, decent code if you need expensive stuff into the hundreds, use the code "peachy"
  4. ive seen it go for a lot more recently hence why im after a little more, anyhow, this is where im going tonight...!
  5. a brothers gotta eat and i want a gluten free chippy tea, dammit! !
  6. that sounds amazing, would love to see both bands, i love the vocals of both bands
  7. Ralphy

    Your Crimbo Traditions

    nothing too exciting here sadly, i usually go out for a walk very early for a few hours, then get home, open my socks....! and help cook the dinner while my dad sits in the chair pouting and doing nothing Food wise we have beef and turkey, and always have the leftovers boxing day with mash and salad and a pre meal prawn cocktail its a good thing im dull as dishwater and dont mind doing nothing! Last year i went to a friends hose who has a loud, crying kid and he had a fair few family members round who eat louder than the scream i make if i tread on lego, i didnt enjoy it so i wont be making that mistake again
  8. Ralphy

    The Mental Health thread

    to be honest, right now, i am considering giving the pills neck already, i know the side effects may ease, but i think i may try something else instead becuase i feel very ill right now I did take Amitriptyline years ago, which worked, mostly for sleeping, so i think i may try those at some point, but i do recall them gibing me similar side effects to the current ones its an expensive mistake (at least on my wage it is) on my part i think to try pills again, i will try taking one in the mornings for a few more days and see how i get on
  9. Ralphy

    Chippy Tea

    amazing value, i hope you got more than one!
  10. my current phone is not a smart phone, but i am interested in buying some wireless blue tooth headphones for it, it has "Bluetooth 2.1, A2DP, EDR" on it, whatever that means. Are Bluetooth headphones compatible with that or is it too old? if not, i may have to get a smartphone, much to my disdain!
  11. Ralphy

    The Mental Health thread

    thanks! i took it last night, and so far i feel like utter death, even worse sleep than usual, very sweaty and found it hard to get out of bed, im going to try taking it in the mornings for a few days and see how it goes. If they continue to make me feel like this, especially with my job involving dangerous tools (and that includes some of my colleagues!) then i will probably have to come off them for safety reasons
  12. Ralphy

    The Mental Health thread

    What time of day did u take yours? (the Citalopram) Ive been on all sorts for years but been meds free since july of last year, i was doing well but have gone back downhill, its mostly i think due to work messing up my routines, lack of sleep, and my stomach being bad almost 24/7. I do struggle in winter generally too due to lack of daylight. Ive found myself being very short tempered, unmotivated and lazy, the latter two being something that i didnt suffer from before too much, i have always been ok at work but im struggling without meds, i hope they can kick in properly at least by xmas I starred my new job on the 13th of November and i thought it would make me happier, but its doing just the opposite i am struggling a lot at the moment
  13. Ralphy

    Getting a Curry in, what you having?

    im having these if i have a curry, damn allergies!
  14. Ralphy

    The Mental Health thread

    i have also been prescribed this today, anyone else taken it? what are your experiences of it? i am disappointed in myself that i need to return to medication, but i think its the only way i can function enough to have my job and keep it
  15. Ralphy


    Indeed! **Heron foods btw, my bad