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  1. It seems the smiley face jam cream biscuit in family circle is no more Replaced with a jammy dodger I am a broken man
  2. Going back to chocolate orange, tesco do Chocolate orange bourbon creams now. Not tried them myself after the dissapointing rhubarb and custard ones
  3. Ralphy


    I don't know where to put this but here goes I'm trying to get used to a new lifestyle that is no doubt going to be my future for a long while so I'm trying to save money and live on less I got a loaf of sweet potato bread for 10p yesterday from asda, and it's amazing to taste, love it, shockingly nice Anyone ever tried similar or baked some? I deeply regret not buying the dozen glazed donuts for 40p now. I only didn't as I didn't much fancy carrying them home, or getting shanked for sugary treats, or my inability to not eat all of them in 10 minutes
  4. the ukff does it again this is why i dont work in marketing
  5. That's the thing, if they called them apple dodgers, to me it sounds much more appealing than something coming from ghost busters I had a look in b and m earlier, none in my local store for local people
  6. Apple jammie dodgers are now a real thing available in b and m
  7. My mum had a Mrs crumbles CM yesterday and it had almost 40g of sugar!
  8. It's strange to me, I would never eat an orange and chocolate together but yet it tastes great in processed sugar laden form
  9. Ralphy

    Top Twitter

    Genuine laugh out loud haha thanks both, I only normally laugh on Saturdays when I see my friend or when a serving size is listed as family pack or share size. That guy looks like my dad. I can only dream of such handsomeness, I get told to take off my Halloween mask everyday and it's my actual face! That's going to be my new avatar once I've posted this and edited the photo
  10. Blackout curtains help me somewhat, as does my medication (Amitriptyline). Music can help too sometimes for me, as does reading
  11. 50p in asda here, £1 in heron foods
  12. I honestly enjoy looking at the talented people on here and the recipes. I do have therapy booked in, I think it's called ipt. Long waiting list though. Edit - pasted from the NHS website Interpersonal therapy (IPT) IPT is a talking treatment that helps people with depression identify and address problems in their relationships with family, partners and friends. The idea is that poor relationships with people in your life can leave you feeling depressed. Depression can in turn make your relationships with other people worse. You may be offered IPT if you have sev
  13. A little bit of Blackpool rock!
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