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  1. Ralphy

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Ever since I got back from my walk earlier I have been burning up, going cold and hot and had headaches and feel sick, have I simply done too much or should I be concerned?
  2. How is everybody working out while the coronavirus is lurking? I have resistence bands but find them to be awkward. It's naughty but I just had to get a long walk in today, and while I feel like I have now been hit by a bus I do feel mentally better for it I've tried jogging but I'm awful at it, managed to walk 55 minutes yesterday carrying 20kg in my backpack
  3. "Breakdown - cant figure you out" This is one for anyone who enjoys new york hardcore
  4. i have a friend who collects pops, quite a list u have, i will link him
  5. Ralphy

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I heard he had purchased a 3d tv to keep him occupied during isolation but he found it was driving him to virtual insanity after prolonged use
  6. Had a low heart rate yesterday and had a funny turn, lost my balance for a second and hit my head, heres a few pics of me looking absolutely devestated. Where there is no sense their is no feeling...! Got mum to take them after saying a few bad jokes as it helps calm her down as she is a very anxious person, bless her
  7. Ralphy

    Covid-19 Megathread

    i really cant bring myself to go into a supermarket right now, i used to enjoy going in a lot (to buy 3 packs of biscuits and still have change from £1, probably) but the anxiety of it is just through the roof for me right now, cant even bring myself to go into a local newsagents
  8. @Keith HouchenI can't pm you for some reason, so going to post it here Hi, I've a headset now but the seller forgot to include the wireless transmitter so I can't use it yet. If you can, please sort fifa out I'd love to play many games with you and other ukff members. I have es access and game pass If anyone has one I can buy, cheaper the better, hit me up please and I will return the current one
  9. Ralphy

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Gotta earn my crust by using my loaf!
  10. Ralphy

    Covid-19 Megathread

    My workplace has closed thankfully still getting paid but all this extra outlay by the company will mean I won't have one doon
  11. I would like to get this fifa thing set up, as I'm not really in a great frame of mind to go to asda and get a headset, could I ask a favor off someone with amazon prime please? The only shop I really feel OK to go in at the moment is my local newsagent If I PayPal you the money beforehand, could someone with next day delivery have it posted to me if its possible to do that? Thank you
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