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  1. if you are ever in brum heck, or even back in the sacred ground that is coventry, give me a bell and we shall have that chippy tea, please 

  2. plain and boring, much like the muncher himself!
  3. Wasn't really sure where to put this, but here seems about the most appropriate place in my eyes. I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone on here for the posts and replies and messages i have received over the past few months, i honestly think that this forum has kept me sane and really helped me laugh, cry, and everything in between and come out of it a better, and Weller person. I am the king of making a tit of myself and doing silly things and the help, and humor of you all really helps me pull through! Still having issues with binge eating, and i do walk too much still, but its not as bad as it was, but the biggest changes are that i am no longer as scared of my dad and feel more comfortable around the house and i am sleeping better I start at the charity shop shortly In regards sleep, i have been prescribed 25mg of Phenergan and they work a treat, but oddly, now im sleeping better, i have far less energy! anyone else had these?
  4. your JB avatar always makes me laugh, i am not sure why 

  5. oh well, at least it wasn't a chippy tea, now that would of been a disaster! I am a fan of tortilla chips, but struggle with anything other than just plain salted ones, same goes for most crisps really, anyone got any ideas how to make them a bit more exciting? i am not a fan of spices etc, i do like bacon crisps
  6. Cant put my finger on why but i am really into Post Malone at the moment
  7. Ralphy


    This can only be improved if they are chocolate raisins, however chocolate peanuts are fantastic! for those who enjoy ice cream, Heron foods currently have halo top for 69p a tub, its around £3 elsewhere, i got 5 tubs today, wont last long Edit, also, check out this roast dinner picture i found on twitter, amazing!
  8. Hi, with everything going on i lost my interest in wrestling and have not watched much at all since wrestle mania of this year. I am looking to try and get my mojo back and i am looking for show recommendations that i can watch to get back into it, any shows from any promotion since wrestle mania basically. The only shows i am not too keen on watching would be death match ones thanks all
  9. @Bellenda Carlislei always seem to forget about Gumtree, i keep thinking its just a buying and selling site, i will start to look on there also for jobs in general, thanks! @sephare those vests expensive?
  10. Thanks for the info and re assurance peeps, as a person with long term ibs i have much experience of various implements being inserted into ones posterior, so thats not too much of a problem for me! does anyone on here ever do what is called "rucking" ? Its basically walking with a fair bit of weight in a backpack. As you all know, i do loves me a walk, however i am trying to make them harder, but shorter in duration. I just did 18000 steps with 9kg in my backpack, hard work but makes me feel better. I hate running and i read online that rucking can have similar benefits, it just takes longer, but has a lesser injury rate.
  11. i cannot comment on the skin issues too much, however you should be damn proud of it in some ways, losing weight is damn hard and takes a hell of a lot of time, dedication, hard work and will power, so maybe try to look at it from a standpoint of, yea i have excess skin, but its because ive put in the hard work and made myself much healthier, you have lost 1 entire ralphy by the way. I Myself am feeling quite a bit better, im not binge eating quite as bad, im talking to my dad again, holding a much better sleeping pattern, not walking quite as much and basically feeling a little like the old me, which may or may not be a good thing! i do still do the walking as it genuinely helps me, but i now do it for less duration but often put a 5kg weight in my bag to make it harder but for less time i have noticed, for reasons i cant understand, that over the past few months my interaction/people skills have much improved, im not sure why but i am not complaining
  12. Ralphy

    Chippy Tea

    pinched a few chips from my mates bag of chips earlier, good lord, i am now planning a chippy tea next week, only a lunchtime special which will have to be plated and eaten at my nans, due to the close proximity to the chippy! it wont be up there at all with any of these posts, but still, gimmie that greasyness.
  13. got this coffee from heron foods the other day, dont bother with it peeps, tastes like gravy, probably is gravy!
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