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  1. It's a split really isn't it? Government giving out bizarre contradictory guidelines, and then the majority of the British public who are generally stubborn and thick and dying for a reason to go get pissed. It's not just now when the pubs are open, it's been the entire time. Family coming over for birthdays when everyone was meant to be locked in, just popping round a mate's house but forgetting to keep distance. Barely anyone has listened this entire time but it doesn't help that the rules they have to listen to are nonsense made up on the spot.
  2. This one might be a reproduction. Can't find a shot of the model with his back to the camera.
  3. I know it's not, that's why I put "El Ligero". My Question was who is the post about?
  4. This is on the "El Ligero" Twitter. Who was he talking about? "Remember when some 13yr old on the UKFF said I was texting his GF & I used my ‘movesetsarecool’ account to completely discredit him and turn the forum against him? I was though."
  5. Made Veggie Lasagna last night. Was very nice!
  6. The Good Place declines fairly quickly after Season 2. We were begging for it to end by the last few episodes. It's almost like they thought of the twist for Season 1 and worked a show around that. It's never terrible in terms of content, moreso it just has about 10 episodes it could wrap up in but drags it on and on and on.
  7. I'd argue Frasier has the best pilot of any sitcom I've seen. It's one of the funniest episodes they did. Echo the love for Brooklyn Nine Nine too. We're just about finished with Season 2 of What We Do In The Shadows. It's so incredibly funny. Matt Berry has made an absolute killing just by doing the same voice in everything so fair fucks to him because he does it well.
  8. I've found dry-frying them in a pan/wok for a little before cooking them in sauce gives them a nice char too.
  9. An entire section of my work was shut off until further notice even when the retail side was opening, but as soon as Boris Johnson decided that 1 and a bit meters is as good as 2 and that it's not being policed anymore, magically that section announced it'd be opening again. This is and always has been about money and business, and not about the health of any of us.
  10. Tony Khan can’t base his booking and advertisements around a commentator in another company getting sick. “Outed her” is such nonsense.
  11. Kane and Dolph Ziggler are the main two aren't they? They're the go-to opponents for Champions that they're not sure they want to push.
  12. I don't think Sammy's got off lightly to be honest. What he said was utterly deplorable, but (on record) he's said it once, 4 years ago before AEW even existed and as soon as it's came to light he's given probably the most genuine sounding apology of this entire ordeal, spoken directly to the person he said it about who accepted his apology and then posted herself saying they had spoken about it, and then he got suspended without pay almost immediately. Fair enough if he was going round saying this sort of thing all the time, or god forbid he ever acted on it or anything similar, then sack him, arrest him and all that.
  13. I have more than happily replaced any meal needing diced chicken with Quorn Pieces because in Curry and things like that you can't tell the difference. Quorn Nuggets are as good as, if not better than chicken nuggets because they're not even real chicken anyway. I can't get away with Quorn Mince though, it's just flavourless mush. I enjoy Veggie Burgers/Bean Burgers anyway and eat them regardless.
  14. Thought they looked really interesting! Not sure how I feel about them having no special moves but the gimmick fits the character.
  15. I’ve been cooking on Twitch for a bit now alongside the gaming stuff. Some of what I’ve made is Veggie friendly including Shakshuka and a Spinach and Feta Frittata.
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