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  1. Baron Corbin is dog shit so how they didn’t see this coming speaks massively to their own inflated arrogance.
  2. It took me about 10 years before I had a proper cry over my Granddad dying. I was the one who had to tell my Brother so I never got the chance to immediately react. It effected my mental health incredibly badly but I never properly grieved for years.
  3. That Thumbnail looks like Weird Al and I thought he'd died there.
  4. The only good thing Konnan ever did was back during the mid 2000s when my mate's Gran was asked to get him wrestling figures for his birthday and she got him Konnan despite him never watching WCW in his life. He had a button on him where if pressed he went "Yo Yo Yo, let me speak on this". My mate dumped him on top of his cupboard only to find him months later having melted into a congealed mass due to sitting on top of a light fixture for so long.
  5. Well it wasn't what I hoped it would be at all. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Not only should he not be beating 5 guys on the bounce clean, but to then cheat everyone out of it at the end anyway. Kofi, Orton and Joe look like absolute mugs now for no reason. As daz said above, Kofi has lost every chance he's had (which Daniel Bryan pointed out on the show too which didn't help) and now he's lost this one too. The amount of fucking about to get him into the match now isn't worth it.
  6. It’s old now but Smyths near us are selling off Lego Dimensions stock as they’ve stopped selling it. We just got: Fantastic Beasts DLC pack, Mission Impossible Level Pack, Krusty, Superman, Benny (Lego Movie), and Bane Fun Packs for £19.
  7. For those with a PC and access to GOG, I'd highly recommend Beneath a Steel Sky. It's a free to download Point n Click from 1994, but it's very very good. The writing in it is fantastic, had me in stitches for the most part. Some very clever puzzles and a decent story.
  8. My Aunt was an animator on short-lived 1990s claymation "Gogs". I think she did work on Asterix & Obelix too. Lived in Wales down the road from the lead singer of Stereophonics, Kelly whatever. Said he was a tosser.
  9. I’m hoping for an Attitude Era style crossing of multiple stories next week. Have AJ get involved to cost Orton, have Rey get involved to stop Joe. That way you can believably have Kofi beat The Bar and Rowan.
  10. 2000/2001 Undertaker with his fat face and his chewing tobacco is much worse than I remember.
  11. How can he bum kids when he did Thriller?
  12. We thought he was going to bang his hand with the hammer but nope. Jesus.
  13. Oh so there’s no evidence at all and both guys have tried this before and got nowhere?
  14. So is this an unbiased factual look at him, or is it just a matter of a couple of new people have came forward when there's a documentary to be made with a clear agenda? I've always found that reading up on the whole MJ thing is infinitely more interesting and in-depth online than the documentaries made.
  15. When The Shield split up I honestly thought he’d be the breakout star but lost any interest after the Austin podcast where it became obvious he doesn’t have what it takes. The closest he ever came to being a star was losing to HHH and being carried by Rollins.
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