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  1. I really liked him and honestly got behind him against Brock. It was a brutal injury but a great story and a short run with the belt was 100% fine with me.
  2. FelatioLips

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Why do you automatically assume it’s a race thing? Does he have history or are you being needlessly antagonistic?
  3. FelatioLips

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Because Alexa and Mandy are gorgeous and Nia and Tamina (especially) look knackered.
  4. FelatioLips

    Pokémon Go!

    Added a bunch of you in here after picking the game back up over the last few days. Strange how much has changed since I stopped playing!
  5. FelatioLips

    Jerry Lawler is the Greatest Wrestler of all time

    I’ve yet to see a better puncher.
  6. FelatioLips

    Best British Sportsperson of Your Lifetime

    A lad I used to work with met her once on a night out and challenged her to a race. He’s in his 30s, severely obese and his knees are shot. She’d have hammered him. She didn’t even accept his challenge. She’s a fucking fraud.
  7. FelatioLips


    My hair is a dumpster fire, I have a huge carflick that runs in the family, I have a massive crown on the back, but my hairline thankfully is decent. I usually go for medium length on top and a 1 down the back and sides. The one time recently I did revert to getting a 1 all over my Mrs bollocked me. No offense to any of you baldies, but there's not much I find funnier than balding men refusing to just admit defeat and shave it. Any haircut that looks like it's clearly balding looks bad, just get shot of it.
  8. FelatioLips


    What's the general consensus in regards to morals? It's attention from a big brand for vegans but all the money they make goes into a greatly non-vegan business.
  9. FelatioLips

    Quitting Social Media

    After the initial pestering from people passed, having Facebook gone is a breeze. Don't miss it at all.
  10. FelatioLips

    UKFF Worst Thread of the Year: 2018

    Isn't Nfc mates with the recently banned Spurs?
  11. FelatioLips


    Was a massive line in Greggs on lunch today and overheard a few people ordering the vegan roll so assume the line was due to that. Heard it was £1.50 which is the same price as a Pasty so not too bad. Might try one tomorrow.
  12. FelatioLips

    UKFF Worst Thread of the Year: 2018

    Vegan thread is shit but Ralphy's book thing was just such a dick move. If there was a dick head of the year award he'd run away with it.
  13. FelatioLips

    RIP Mean Gene Okerlund

    He was the voice of wrestling. Nobody ever better as a backstage interviewer.
  14. FelatioLips

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    I really enjoyed it. Not without flaws but it gripped me enough that I got Platinum on it, which I've only ever done with about 6 games.
  15. FelatioLips

    2018 Forum Awards: Nominations

    On Topic Poster of the Year - Supremo Off Topic Poster of the Year - Ian Funniest Poster - Ian Good Egg Award - Onyx2 (is he the potato guy? If so then him), John Matrix Negative awards Dolt of the Year - D@MM White Noise - Maxwell, David, Your Fight Site Failed Comedian - Uncle Zeb, Your Fight Site, Carbomb Worst Thread of the Year - Vegan Flounce of the Year - Soapdish, Sergio, Tildeguy