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  1. It’s the most impressive and immersive VR game I’ve played, but it still has a fairly open-ended game style that doesn’t offer much outside of exploration and crafting. The motion controls can be a bit fiddly but you work around them. If you can get it for £25 or less then definitely but don’t go full price.
  2. I just can't get behind the no crowd thing at all. It completely takes me out of the matches to the point that I took very little enjoyment in Rollins/Owens or the Ladder match. The rest of the card was shite anyway. Who opens a Mania with a women's tag? Fucking hell. Boneyard Match was ace though, and I was chuffed it was only 3 hours long. Imagine the usual 5 of that.
  3. “You want some more? I got a lot of more”. *****
  4. @Onyx2 that Discord was invalid, do you mind posting an invite again please?
  5. I was under the impression the “Last Jedi” was Rey, not Luke? He just planned on being it before teaching her.
  6. I mean he didn’t blow it up using the force, he only used the force to guide him when to fire. He blew it up by firing at a weak point deliberately left for that exact reason. Not that it matters because they can build Death Stars in an hour or two without being noticed before a planet gets destroyed by it.
  7. Oh shit aye I’m thinking of Anakin. When you watch 10 of them back to back it blends a bit.
  8. I didn’t like the broom kid either. I got the point of it but like gordo felt it just didn’t fit right. I think it’s partly due to the fact that throughout the entire saga the force and being able to use it has always been either trained into them or passed down by blood, whereas this little random farm boy is just using it, completely negating the point of there being a last Jedi. It felt tacked on for no real purpose. Also the “Boys > Girls” thing Wyatt suggested just isn’t true. When Luke destroyed the Death Star it was because he was an ace pilot with detailed plans on where to shoot a massive weakness and he barely managed it with a full squadron. I feel the force was overused by everyone in this film, not just Rey.
  9. Yeah I never had an issue with him in the originals either. He’s great at who he is. But compared to him in this and he’s seasoned. One thing I forgot to say too, that shot of the cruiser light-speeding into the battleship was probably one of my favourites of the whole series.
  10. The only way i’ll be happy with the sequel is if that traitor Benicio Del Toro gets a proper comeuppance.
  11. Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi Good: Leia blasting herself out of space was really cool, it's a shame they never had her using the force more often though. Ade Edmondson! Mark Hamill was brilliant in it, his acting chops are night and day between now and the originals. Bad: Too long by far, we got to the 2 hour point and my wife asked how long was left because it felt like we'd been watching forever. Kylo Ren playing both sides but never coming out on top because he's a complete dork. It suffered the same as 6 did where lots was always happening but it never felt like it was moving forwards. Too much comedy, it's like every character needed a Han Solo one-liner or moment. Overall not a bad film but not a great one. At times it felt like a plodding slog never moving anywhere, and despite the Leia bit being cool, it was first in many shark-jumping moments in the film where people were just doing mad shit with the force willy-nilly. Projecting themselves across galaxies, moving entire rockslides, communicating constantly but miles away and projecting themselves at the same time, Ghost Yoda shooting lightning from the sky. I know it's picky, but at times it seemed too much. Luke Skywalker couldn't even lift an X-Wing and Rey has been a Jedi all of 2 seconds and she's doing all sorts of stuff. At times it seems like everyone was making just the worst choices they could have, most notably Poe and Kylo who were out to just shoot themselves in the foot constantly. It was a good film but it felt like a once and done. I've not interest in rewatching it unless I for some reason watch all these again. It never felt like a proper film as much as it did a big explanation about nothing. 5, 4, 7, Solo, 6, 8, 2, 1, 3, Rogue IX isn't on Disney+ so this will be the end of the road for me for now. I will watch it as soon as it's up and update the order, but that's my order for the time being. On the whole, it's a strange one. Of the 10 films (8 main, 2 spinoffs) we've watched, only 4 have really impressed me, 4, 5 and 7, and Solo. I know I ranked 7 higher but only just and based on some slight merits. If I was to pick to rewatch 7 or Solo, it'd be Solo. 2 have been good but nothing great in 6 and 8, and 4 have been quite frankly dogshit in 1, 2, 3 and Rogue. I've heard almost unanimously Rogue is a good film, but I'm not looking for a War film with Star Wars bits in so it just wasn't for me. If the series started at 1, it would never have had a 2, never mind 8 sequels. Rating the trilogies, even without seeing IX yet is easy as it's Original, Sequel, Prequel. Once IX is watched I might do a little awards for Best and Worst Characters, Moments, Fights, etc.
  12. Don’t get me wrong, Kylo Ren is interesting and the being tempted to the Light Side thing is a really cool plot, I’m just saying that the difference between him masked and unmasked is night and day. Though I suppose that’s the point.
  13. Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Good: Rey is a cool protagonist, she comes across as genuine rather than "Look it's a woman Jedi" Han and Chewie! (and Leia I guess) Kylo Ren with his mask on is as close to Vader as they've came for a ruthless bad guy BB-8 Bad: It felt like a tribute act. Oh look it's a THIRD Death Star but this one is massive and can blow up multiple planets, but it still has one massive weakness andddd it's blown up. Father/Son, Millenium Falcon, etc. Why can Finn just pick up a lightsaber and use it? I thought that was a Jedi thing. I get he's not as good with it, but he held his own. Han dying was a bummer Kylo Ren without his mask. Jesus christ. I was getting Kane unmasking vibes when he took that thing off. My wife thought he looked like a bitch and I agree. Then he's a mopey faced crybaby the rest of the film. Overall, for the first time I'm struggling where to put a film in the ranking. Some parts were really good, but some felt like a lazy "best of" similar to 6. Kylo Ren's mystery and coolness went from 100-0 from start to end and killing Han off took the air out of me. Based purely on the fact that it was at times as entertaining as Solo but never as boring as 6, and the fact it's a main film so had all the lightsabers and cool Star Wars stuff Solo didn't, the order is 5, 4, 7, Solo, 6, 2, 1, 3, Rogue But let me tell you it was close between 7 and Solo. Solo never hit the lows this did, but it also never felt like a proper Star Wars film.
  14. Yeah it ended up being average of 12 months, so thanks to a bunch of OT I did, mine came at a decent amount.
  15. I think it was someone on here said the chocolate faces down so your tongue can taste it first or something. That may be true, but it's still upside down. Eat it upside up, weirdos.
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