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  1. With all due respect neither The Young Bucks or Trent/Chuck have any upside as singles guys and you’re comparing them to the Harts and Bulldogs. Maybe if you had fond memories of Grandmaster Sexay vs Funaki or Renee Dupree vs Rosie.
  2. The shine is very quickly coming off this for me now. 10 weeks in and more and more WWE-lite cracks are showing. 50/50 booking, tag wrestlers doing singles and vice versa, clear stars to be made but focus being on the wrong people. Who thinks putting Nick Jackson or Trent Baretta in singles matches instead of building a tag division is a good idea? Where’s the women’s champion? Faces and heels just swapping week to week. This week’s show was better than last week, but I chose not to stay up so I could start skipping bits I can’t be arsed with.
  3. I haven’t popped like I did for that Billy Gunn bit since Billy Gunn was in the Battle Royale.
  4. I turned it off after the empty arena match which at least had a fun resolution. The rest was appalling. I have no interest whatsoever in 30 mins of build to a Thunder Rosa MMA loss that has already happened.
  5. Yeah I got bored of both. Shame really.
  6. In the same vein that Yooka Laylee feels like a completely average Banjo Kazooie, the sequel is the same but with DKC. Has it’s moments but they never come close to hitting the peaks of either game they’re based on.
  7. I saw it! Between that and getting sacked he had a rough week.
  8. He did what he always did as well when the criticism came in too and deleted/hid his Twitter. No doubt he’ll play the mental health card soon again too.
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