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  1. Solid episode of Dynamite I thought. It's became obvious from the last handful of shows they've finally got their pacing down. Segments bleed into each other, stories intertwine, you can see where they're placing big matches on the hours. It's getting easier and easier to watch. Thought Miro looked the best he's ever looked physically, but I'm hoping he just ditches Kip Sabian soon because there's not many duller in AEW. Shouting GAME OVERRRRR will get over for him I bet. Brodie vs Orange was good, but I'm tiring on Orange Cassidy now. His gimmick has a lifespan and for me it's flatlin
  2. We went to see Smackdown live in Newcastle back in I think 2005? Road Warrior Animal was there and my mate who was a lapsed casual fan went "is that Road Dog Warrior?" and from that day forward that's what he was known as to us. A real shame that upon seeing he was 60, I thought "that's a decent innings for his era". I remember staying up late round my Grandparent's to watch Raw when they came back to face Kane and RVD and even in 2003 there was nobody like them.
  3. This guy somehow looks like both Jerry Seinfeld and Kramer in one go.
  4. It’s only a matter of time until the “Ben Carter is All Elite” tweet surely? Also saying it now, Cruz is the best AEW Jobber. State of him. Tried to embed some videos but it never worked. Loved Ricky Starks talking about him like he's a challenged child, or everyone at the announce desk corpsing at him when he walked out.
  5. Sounds like a rough show. Did I hear Meltzer right and Tozawa was eaten by a shark?
  6. Quality episode. Great open with the Young Bucks and a quality tag match between FTR and Jurassic Express. The main event was fantastic, best hardcore-style match they've done and a real fun ending. Moment of the show for me though was Hangman looking for Kenny after the win.
  7. That woman in the cloak looked very much like Sasha Banks. Very excited for this, the first season was one of my favourite new shows in recent memory.
  8. Joey Janela gets worse every time I see him. Having never seen a single thing he's done pre AEW, I enjoyed him at first when he was doing bonkers hardcore stuff because you can get away with looking like a clueless chubby teenager when you're just getting your head stapled. Since then though he's looking worse and worse. He had a brief spell where he looked to be getting into shape and that just stopped.
  9. End to end in terms of pacing it was one of the best Dynamites they've done. Flew by with some good matches, some good storytelling and a nice little surprise like Miro thrown in. Probably could have been better ways to debut him but still. Dustin is fantastic and I was glad to see his match go long with Brodie rather than get flattened.
  10. Must be soul-destroying for Billie Kay to be in a weak tag team forever, only to be forced to break up, lose a throwaway match a week later and have commentary go “this is a great start to the singles career of Peyton Royce”. Could they make it any more obvious her career is now dead?
  11. Thought it was a below average show, which is a shame because a lot of the build has been great. The Tooth and Nail Match was what it was, I've no interest at all in Big Swole but Baker at least hammed it up enough. The spot with the syringe made me cringe, I bet if you're afraid of dentists this match was hell on earth to watch. Jurassic Express vs The Bucks should have opened as said above, great exciting tag match. Shida vs Thunder was the MOTN, I enjoy both of them but it's a shame the AEW Women's Division is a joke because chances are we won't see either of them for more th
  12. Thought it was a solid episode but Jim Ross needs to go, he's so bad. Either do a 2 man team or replace him with Tazz. He was at his worst during the Thunder Rosa match where he was giving unenthusiastic back-handed compliments about how good they are for women. His "star power" has drawn everyone it will have when AEW launched, nobody will leave if Jim Ross isn't there.
  13. That answers our questions about which way the ears are going! She's lovely!
  14. But are his feet as educated as Rob Van Dam's?
  15. The Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct is jam-packed. I won't spoil any of it but they're going full force.
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