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  1. The jarring thing for me is in 2010 an old school show was all these names. In 2019 an old school show is the same names because they have mostly the same roster.
  2. Loved iishi vs Cobb, hell of a hard hitting match. I also don’t get Jay White but his match had a fun final third. Yano made me laugh, and the shock victory made sense because they were both trying to rile each other up to make a mistake. It’s not flawless but I love the common sense shown in matches so far. Refs refusing to count cheap pins, the commentators explaining small details about the moves or variations, losers having valid excuses like rust or injury to keep them strong. Worst match so far is EVIL vs Fale but even that wasn’t awful, just dull until the last stretch. I’d say Archer vs Ospreay, iichi vs Cobb are the two best. I’ve went back to watch Okada vs Tanahashi from N1 and that was fantastic too.
  3. Yeah I'm not sure where the confusion lies with it. MJF is a heel, Spears is a heel. He may be very unhappy about it and we'll see it play out during the match. It's not like he offered to team up with him, it's just been booked and will play out accordingly.
  4. Cheers lads. I’ll give it a look
  5. Any advice on the easiest way to navigate on this? I signed up for the G1 but searching for old events like WrestleKingdom or old G1 shows is almost impossible.
  6. It’s not WWE’s fault, just a sign of modern times, but the glare from the lights and camera flashes always felt big time. Now it’s all HD and you can clearly see a dead crowd with no glitz or glam.
  7. Bulldogs. This video insists there have been some recent ones but they're still few a far between.
  8. My first G1. Skipped the tags. Opener was MOTN for me, and I wouldn't agree Ospreay carried Archer either. Archer played the big man fantastic, and Ospreay bumped like a nutter for him but both played their parts perfectly. Bad Luck vs EVIL was OK but until the end stretch it felt like two average midcarders from Raw 1998. Like Mideon vs Kurrgan or something. Nothing bad, just there. I skipped most of ZSJ vs Sanada. Sanada looks ace and I'm looking forward to him vs others, but ZSJ's "Rodney Trotter bending people's fingers" style just isn't for me. I've not seen much of him before and this didn't encourage me more. Lanky streak of piss. KENTA vs Ibushi was decent. Ibushi's selling was second to none and KENTA looks like he can do well in NJPW. By the time Okada vs Tanahashi came along I was too burned out. They got the Rock vs Hogan reaction at the start, but I knew it was going to go nearly the time limit and just couldn't be arsed. Seemed good from what I caught but this event was heading on 4 hours with massive breaks between every match, and when you know nothing about anyone on the card just having match after match after match really took a toll. Will probably catch this one later tonight properly.
  9. You’re all wrong. Zelda is the best.
  10. I’ve been with them a while. Great for trying games you’re unsure about as if they’re shite you just send them back.
  11. I only voted in this to get Wind Waker in it.
  12. You could hear a pin drop when he said it and then the panic when he shoehorned an Inoki reference in. Brutal. Agree the commentary was way better without Marvez too.
  13. Hangman has the best theme hands down. apparently the mixing is for a UFC/Boxing style presentation but tbh with some of the vanilla themes they have I’m not begging to hear them much louder.
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