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  1. It was never going to live up to the hype it was getting, but for the very first show under the AEW banner it did exactly what it needed to. There was a match for everyone on the card apart from a deathmatch pretty much. The Battle Royale was a mixed bag, mostly filled with guff but again it showcase a lot of the people in it. My other half was up for the preshow and she loved Orange Cassidy, Luchasaurus and Sonny Kiss was it? It was goofy, it was chaos, but it was a throwaway battle royal on a preshow. I enjoyed it. MJF is ace as a cocky heel, was cracking up at Orange Cassidy and Michael Nakazawa. MJF calling that legless bloke Lieutenant Dan got a chuckle too, bad taste or not. The preshow singles match was a good opener and should have went before the battle royale. Nothing mind blowing but not bad. At the start was hard to tell who was the face because they both came across as cocky heels. Six Man was solid. Scorpio Sky impressed and Kaz and Daniels are always good to watch. Other team were decent too. Fast paced and hard hitting without going overboard. Joshi Six Woman Tag was sloppy in parts but was much better than I expected after watching their entrances. The other women's match was the same, sloppy but overall pretty decent. Awesome Kong still has a presence to her that elevated it another level. Dustin vs Cody was the best match on the card for me, and even if it went a little far I really enjoyed seeing blood again, felt it added a lot to the story being told. I'm not a fan of The Young Bucks style of wrestling and this was probably my least favourite match on the card. Kick out of big moves by all means, but they kicked out of so much that the finish was a dud for me. What made that stupid flippy piledriver move more devastating than the last 20? Would like to see the Lucha Bros against another team. The Best Friends vs Vanilla Midgets tag team in hindsight was actually my least favourite match. All way too plain for me, despite the high-vis neon tights. Skinny nobodies. Wasn't interested in anyone involved. Main event kept cutting out for me due to me watching a less than authentic stream so I never got any momentum with it, but it seemed alright. Can't fully judge it but saw the Moxley bit at the end and that was a fantastic way to cliffhang your last show I thought. Very interested to see Mox vs Omega and Jericho vs Page should be enjoyable from what I saw of Page tonight. Overall it kept my interest start to finish with the odd blip. Could do without seeing a few people on there but a load of them caught my interest and I want to see more. It's nice to have an alternative, the crowd were red hot most the night and I'm open minded about it. Once the weekly show starts and we get some proper character and story progression there's no reason for it to be shit. On a side note Alex Marvez is the worst commentator I've ever heard in my life. He sounds like a sex offender and had zero commitment or enthusiasm about anything he said. Hated him, get rid.
  2. It’s the Pre-show 21 Battle Royale I think.
  3. Oh shit. They’re using the TNA Tunnels.
  4. It sounds convoluted but it fits the theme at least. No pun intended but they really have to double down on the gimmick for it to come off as authentic.
  5. Quite excited for this. I really hope it does take off as a viable promotion. If they can pull off a show similar to NXT I’d be thrilled.
  6. You can get Jimmy Snuka’s affidavit as wrote by I think his wife perhaps? It basically just bigs him up. Says he was a “main star of Wrestlemanias 5, 6 and 7”.
  7. It's a sad state of affairs really. She's being defended by a Lawyer with a reptuation for pulling anyone off the street to have a pop at WWE and failing to comply with court rules. Then all protential witnesses denied it happened or ever hearing about it, including people like Maria who despite her family being employed never before had an issue burning bridges with WWE. Take it with a pinch of salt too as I know nothing about medical procedures, but a few people have mentioned that a paralytic drug would paralyze everything and she would have needed puttting on some sort of ventilator if the drug worked how she said. Also a few accounts of the trip contradict the affadavit's timeline of events. It's horrible to say but there's sadly way more to contradict it ever happened because all we have to say it did is an untrustworthy lawyer's affadavit. Frankly I hope it didn't happen because it sounds horrific, but I think everyone has been so quick to just immediately jump in and take it as truth. I don't think Ashley has made it up, but there's a good chance the lawyer could have. Either way if it did happen it's awful, and if it didn't it's awful because this is her legacy now. This is what her child has to deal with in the wake of her mother's death.
  8. According to WWE’s Lawyer, all parties involved (Jimmy Hart, Maria, Ron Simmons, Gary Davis) have denied they know anything about this. Apparently Maria was the one who told them but she doesn’t recall it ever happening.
  9. Oh you bastard I just came on to post that!
  10. It's a double edged sword because there's no denying Brock Lesnar is a bigger star and looks more the part than anyone else they have on their roster so it completely makes sense he's champ, but then he's never around so you potentially make an already stale product more stale with him on top as challenger or champion. Fair fucks to him though for doing better than anyone there and working about 10 minutes a year.
  11. I bet it's something really petty like an Elite Championship or something. The fact they said "new" makes me think it's not the Hardcore or European or something. I imagine it's probably a women's midcard belt but quite honestly they could do with binning a load of belts off not adding more.
  12. Started Final Fantasy VII for what I think must be the 5th time without ever getting past Gold Saucer. It's OK, The story is plodding along pretty nicely and the battle system is what you'd expect. The roster is a mixed bag though so far. I imagine they'll all have their moments but outside of Cloud, Barret and Red XIII nobody has had any proper story development. Tifa has felt tacked on from the start and the less said about Yuffie and Cait Sith the better. Finding the Materia System just behind VIII's magic grinding in terms of worst I've played though. Just endless grinding to get any meaningful spells, which only some you can equip without running out of space or debuffing yourself. I've resorted to just using Enemy Magic Meteria to cast spells now. I'm only just getting back to Nibelheim at level 36 so I've still a way to go yet, but so far 6, 9 and 10 are far above this.
  13. It’s made a lot of small team owners think way above their station. For as fantastic as it was for Leicester, it’s a big influence on the culture now of teams sacking managers for being exactly where they should be.
  14. Mine is exactly the same. She’s out nearly 12 hours of the day, waltzes in after work and almost like I’m holding up an autocue she’ll declare “I really need a poo”.
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