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  1. Absolutely wild show. That Dark Order entrance was beautiful and almost seemed wasted on a TV match they were going to lose. The Space Jam stuff felt a little backwards though but they were shithead enough to pull it off. Nick Gage I'd be happy never to see again, but it made for a great spectacle. Probably my least favourite hardcore-style match in AEW so far. All the brutality but Nick Gage has nothing going on. Took a while for the crowd to care about him either until Jericho was pissing blood. It's 2021, on the cusp of a potential CM Punk and/or Daniel Bryan debut and they close the show with a tease for Juventud Guerrera. Nuts. I love it.
  2. It's incredibly spiteful but she deserves it. She, still employed by the company, kicked up a huge fuss about Unions which she was right to do and it was admirable and then got let go. Instead of carrying on with the Union sword that she fell on, or even going to another company or the indies with more work flexibility where she can wrestle under her own terms, she went crawling back to the same shitty company she was gagging to leave, in a worse role for probably less money. She's incredibly naive and stupid at best. What a bizarre yet completely predictable situation she's now in. Probably locked in for years. She's an idiot.
  3. Depends on the crowd to be honest. Monday Night Raw? Probably not. A rabid deathmatch promotion with Nick Gage? Yeah this is acceptable in a circumstance like this and as has been said, i’m sure a reaction like this was expected or even planned.
  4. Scorch has had a 'mare. That's one of, if not the largest amount of pure heat I've seen a wrestler get in forever. I think any wrestler, especially right now, would kill to get half of that reaction from a crowd. I'm sure Ryder, pissing his own blood everywhere and covered in gashes is very concerned for his safety there.
  5. I sat for a few hours before working playing it! Got all the trophies!
  6. No, I found it! Coincidentally it was Gauntlet: Dark Legacy!
  7. I had Eternal Darkness and it was one of the ones I suggested but she said it's not that. Cheers though!
  8. My colleague was trying to think of a game today and I was wondering if any of you can help. This is what she said: PS2/Gamecube. Cutscene had a demon coming out of the ground and killing she thinks a priest. Recalls having possibly a dragonfly-like companion/helper.
  9. Grew up on the NES version of Gauntlet II. Still have it actually. Great game!
  10. The way Kenny said 5 of my guys vs 5 of your guys has me thinking Hangman and Kenny are not active in the match. So Elite vs Dark Order, essentially. With the stipulation being if Dark Order win they get a shot at the Tag Titles and the World Title, but if they lose they get nothing even though Hangman wasn't in the match.
  11. We did a trial with Hello Fresh and it was nice but wouldn’t say worth subscribing to if you do a lot of cooking anyway. Here’s the recipes we got. The Tacos were really tasty to be fair.
  12. I had the BBC coverage on but Jenas was just too much. Switched to ITV's coverage with what sounded like a thicker Karl Pilkington and decided it was a lose-lose scenario.
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