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  1. Finished the new Resident Evil Village, and neither me or my wife who is a Resi hardcore fan and speedrunner really enjoyed it. It's a horror game, it's a FPS game, it's a puzzle game but it's bang average at all of them. Picked up Death Stranding for cheap and 3 hours in not sure what to make of it. The story is bonkers but it looks great, the writing is atrocious but the gameplay is fairly fun. I still stand by Hideo Kojima being a complete hack though. His name pops up on screen about 6 times before the title screen because you just HAVE to know he made it. I have no confidence any of
  2. I'm really not getting the hate for the ending, it's a spot as old as time, done nearly every time anyone falls off anything. It's always wooden boards and padding. The only mistake was trying to pass it off as concrete rather than just saying it was the stage. The spot was fine, I thought it looked fine, the announcers fucked up saying it was concrete.
  3. Blood and Guts was decent but went too long. Concept doesn't work with so many ad breaks because I felt I was going to picture in picture for half the match.
  4. I got rid of my copy a year or so ago when they added all the DLC because it made every CAW unusable because they suddenly had DLC parts. Still fine if you want to play the base game but don’t expect to expand your roster.
  5. Got some Seabrooks in and they're shit. Can't remember them being so bad. Ready Salted is a disgrace.
  6. Truly sad. Not how anyone would want to go, and it’s somewhat sadder to see it happen to such a larger than life person.
  7. I don't know why exactly that's so funny, but I laughed through the entire thing.
  8. It's maddening they're releasing anyone and then giving Tamina fucking Snuka double duty at Wrestlemania.
  9. I feel like the best rebuttal to Twitter claiming your gimmick is an old man who shits through a bag is definitely to take a shit live on Instagram.
  10. Apparently he’s a natural but I reckon they’ll do a QT distraction and a swift knockout punch.
  11. I find it refreshing how her family’s death is one of the biggest wrestling tragedies and I imagine a lot of older wrestlers like DiBiase still remember it, and she walks around like “ALL MY FAMILY ARE DEAD”.
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