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  1. As long as they limit it similarly to how they have with NWA, I’m all for it. Have one or two crossover feuds every couple month, maybe do a big worlds collide every now and again.
  2. What a wonderful episode, the highlight for me being Schiavone scream STIIIIIIING joyously.
  3. Nothing would make me happier than Omega winning, having a huge heel run and then eventually losing to Hangman who kicks out of the One-Winged Angel.
  4. My parents borrowed my Amazon Prime to watch Borat 2 and turned it off at the High Class Ball part for being a bit too much. Me and my Wife watched it a few days later and turned it off just after that part, but because it was boring.
  5. I only realised it was him during the final showdown. I’d spent the rest of the episode trying to figure it out.
  6. It’s always the ones who have better things to do that piss their knickers and melt.
  7. He’s still not quite there yet but he’s getting a lot better than he was. We’ve found somewhat of a routine to keep him entertained and relaxed. He’s still destructive but it’s with toys now and not us and furniture. He’s a massive handsome bastard and he makes sure we know it.
  8. God fucking forbid. As Supremo said, his Mania match was the perfect finish to an already tainted career. Having another match would just be the worst.
  9. My wife’s take on this - “why is he doing a christmas song? He’s not a good singer. Nobody likes him.”
  10. Smash Bros tournaments make the cut too.
  11. I’m just going to post this again and leave it at that because I feel people are deliberately just ignoring what i’m saying now. If it’s necessary for me to get it, I’ll get it. If not then I just want to know more about possible (even predicted) side effects before I do. It’s been boring enough without me going in circles with the likes of Uncle Zeb and Pat when I’ve already explained myself.
  12. Yeah we discussed this already. I’m aware of the short term results but if you read the same thing I’ve repeated a dozen times now I want to see longer term effects. I feel like I’m going in circles now.
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