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  1. Yeah, they’ve been shit lately for anything. Everything is long waits, even older stuff. I’m close to binning them off.
  2. FelatioLips

    Chippy Tea

    Lemon on fresh fish but not battered. Oway. Also curry? Mushy peas, drenched in salt and vinegar.
  3. We picked up Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons last week because we wanted to try D&D for a while and it came in a cool box. How do kids (or anyone) play this? We sorta fumbled through the roleplaying and setup but missed a bunch, then got to combat and just gave up. There’s a million things going on, and we can’t understand how you’re meant to play without everyone involved just studying the rules relentlessly over and over. Are we meant to have a game board or something? It mentions time and distance but we’ve got nothing to actually compare it to. Are we missing something? How can we tackle this?
  4. In a very unexpected update I’m already back in work. The day before I quit I had been given feedback on an interview for a well established videogame shop but was told that I didn’t get the perm job but might hear back about a temp position in a few weeks. I’d not even been out of work a day yet and they called me up and asked me to start in a couple of weeks to help with the launch of the new Zelda and Nintendo Switch Lite. I got incredibly incredibly lucky.
  5. So I had a word with my manager, explained exactly how I was feeling and how I had come to the decision. They were incredibly amicable with it, listened to every word I said, worked out with me how much time I was owed and then thanked me for doing it in person and escorted me out. I’m home now and feel like a weight has been lifted. Very happy with how it went considering the position I put them in. Thanks again everyone.
  6. Thanks for all the advice folks. I’m currently sat in the canteen at work waiting for my manager to get in.
  7. Jericho has had the AEW title stolen from him at an airport. Cracking.
  8. So after applying for a few part time jobs and getting as far as interviews with not much luck, my mental health in my current job has just wiped me out. I’m in a position now where I’m just zoning out at work, having IBS every morning, restless sleeps, and just a constant sense of feeling utterly helpess and overwhelmed. My partner has said she wants me to just hand my notice in and she’ll support us for a while while I try and get my head in the right place but I’d feel just utterly irresponsible as I felt bad enough even looking to go part time, never mind unemployed again. I don’t know what to do. I know that being away from this job is the answer but I’m miserable if I stay and wrought with guilt and shame if I quit. Any advice? Anyone else ever just fucked the job off to look after themselves?
  9. The low point on commentary for me was one of them going “HE GOT A BICYCLE!” when Spears did a bicycle kick, and the other two not reacting to it.
  10. Ha that was Justin Roberts? What on earth.
  11. Yeah they’re dragging it out a bit. I skipped the first Vince ep because it was just a slog. The second Vince ep hasn’t been much better. Hoping it picks up at the courtroom parts.
  12. I’ll second the DS Castlevanias, Phoenix Wright and WarioWare. The Castlevanias all play like Symphony of The Night.
  13. Hotel Dusk is a very interesting graphic novel style mystery game with a few puzzles. The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass is great if you like those sorts of games. You can get ports of a few Final Fantasy games on there, and a lot of the Mario games are decent.
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