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  1. I'm sure the card will be great but I'm in this 100% for Hangman kicking out of the One-Winged Angel and beating Omega.
  2. If it wasn’t for the Animal Crossing DLC I wouldn’t bother but to be honest the Nintendo Online has been underpriced since release anyway. The amount of Mario Kart/Animal Crossing/51 Worldwide Games/Tetris 99 I played online over lockdown was shocking. £34.99 for access to the online, NES/SNES/MD/N64 library, plus the free games like Tetris/Pacman/Bomberman 99 and the Animal Crossing DLC is more than fair price. Still nearly half what the PS and XBOX cost.
  3. No sooner than I cancelled a dentist check up due to work did I crack a big chunk of my tooth out on a bon bon.
  4. What’s the deal with Brian Cage then? Why is seemingly everyone suddenly so sour on him including his own place of work? Last time I saw him before this week was that decent match he had with Hangman.
  5. Had a long day at work the other night and put Seinfeld on and let me tell you I was laughing with anticipation at “George seeks credit for buying a salad” before it even happened.
  6. I like BB&B. They’re solid and look the tits. I’d be happier getting them away from Hardy than dropping them altogether. Not that I want to see anyone go but the ones to look at for me are the people who I can’t see adding much or aren’t worth the trouble. I’d lose Hager because once Inner Circle disbands what will he do? He does barely anything as part of them. I’d get rid of PAC because with all his travel issues stop/starting any program he’s in what’s the point? Apparently he travels home after every taping and lives in the UK still but I can’t see that being feasible. Vickie Guerrero would go and based on how little he’s done so far I’d lose Andrade too but it’s too early for him to tell.
  7. Anyone else ended up with Parosmia from having Covid? I noticed since having Covid I can’t smell shit or farts anymore but assumed that it would come back. In the last couple weeks Onions and Garlic among other things taste rancid to me and overpower any other taste in the dish. It tastes almost like bin water smells. I looked into it and apparently it’s Parosmia which isn’t too great. I’m out for a TGI’s tomorrow and I’m worried everything will taste like shit (get your TGI digs in now).
  8. Do you want to play PS5 games? If so then yes.
  9. It changes to a first person view with a crosshair if I remember rightly and yeah you could just smash it low.
  10. Three Lions on the PS1 for me. Me and my Brother would take turns being David Seaman and running right into a slide tackle and he’d do a huge flip bump.
  11. Saw the end on Reddit this morning and it must be up there as one of the all time worst finishes to a match I’ve seen. Not even the music resurrecting him which is daft but we’ve seen worse, but to do that whole thing for the very first time and have him fall off the top rope and lose. Made Finn Balor look like an utter idiot. This is some serious “Death of WCW” level finish. An all-time dud.
  12. Thought the show was PPV quality but by the time it got to the main event the crowd were getting worn out. Time limit draw or not I’d have had Omega vs Danielson go on last and finish with the brawl to promote the tag on Dynamite.
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