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  1. FelatioLips

    Survivor Series

    https://mobile.twitter.com/LeafsNation619/status/1062451768108302336?s=19 Video there of the injury from a fan angle. Nia just recklessly lamps her. There's a list of injuries directly caused by Nia floating around too and it's something mental like 7 in a year.
  2. FelatioLips

    Survivor Series

    Rumourss being fed to Meltzer and Co but unconfirmed that Becky Lynch is off the card due to a broken nose and possible concussion. Nia Jax is such a useless fucking lump. How many does she have to injure before they fuck her off?
  3. FelatioLips

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Today's Wiki Article is Turning Point
  4. FelatioLips

    Wrestlemania 35

  5. FelatioLips

    Jose Lothario RIP

    Oh I get to do it this time! I was only listening to The Lapsed Fan Podcast on WCCW yesterday and they were saying he was still going and they always think he's dead. I only know him really from being with HBK at Wrestlemania 12 but I hear he was a pretty big star.
  6. FelatioLips

    Random Thoughts III.

    All I know is that if someone like Kevin Owens or Adam Cole started me in a pub I'd fancy my chances, but if they looked like Hogan did now in his 60s I'd buy him a pint and go home.
  7. FelatioLips

    Michael Cole vs Tony Schiavone

    It has to be Tony. I started watching WWF in 2000 around the time Cole showed up, and I only caught bits of WCW on VHS/DVD around that time. Now though after nearly 20 years of Michael Cole and having watched most of WCW PPV/Nitro from 1983-1999, I can safely say Tony because if you took Michael Cole out of that 20 year run I wouldn't miss him at all.
  8. FelatioLips

    Fallout 76

    I subbed to ESO so it was infinitely better, but nobody I knew played it so I unsubbed after a couple of month.
  9. FelatioLips

    WWE Crown Jewel

    I liked the idea of it until I realised a few matches in that everyone and their mum has been WWE/World/Universal Champion, or 15 time IC champion. I thought by the end it actually made everyone come off worse rather than impressive.
  10. FelatioLips

    The Food Thread

    Is it worth the price @tiger_rick? Unless I worked it out wrong it's about £24 a month isn't it?
  11. FelatioLips

    WWE Crown Jewel

    I can't say Renee was bad last night because I honestly don't remember hearing her.
  12. FelatioLips

    WWE Crown Jewel

    Worst show I've seen this decade. Not a single good match on the card, at best Ziggler vs Rollins is a Raw match. The 3 last matches were unfathomably bad and all for different reasons.
  13. FelatioLips

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Wasn't impressed by Matt Riddle but I've never seen him on the indies before so no idea what he's about. He came across as Zack Ryder if he did MMA though.
  14. FelatioLips

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I'm sure they said Riott Squad all got matching tattoos of the date of their main roster debut. The saddest thing is it's virtually impossible to get the sack these days. There's people on the roster now who have been there 8-10 years and done fuck all. In 10 years time Riott Squad will probably be in the Hall of Fame. I can see 80% of the current roster going in based on longevity alone.
  15. FelatioLips

    Fallout 76

    Is it an open Beta?