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  1. Has anyone here played the Resident Evil 2 board game? My wife loves Resident Evil and speedruns the 2 remake. It was £90 on release but has settled down to around £50 plus has a bunch of expansions. It’s her birthday soon but as much as she’d love the idea of it, I don’t want to buy it if it’s a dud.
  2. Unrelated to the song, but my Wife’s Grandad was an extra in Danny La Rue’s film ‘Our Miss Fred’.
  3. Films are completely different to games as consumable media though and much much cheaper. "It's not one game, it's a remade story over however many games" is such a bollocks reasoning. They've taken a game everyone wanted a remake of, split it into multiple parts and then charged full price for it. It's a cash grab. Even if you go down the "enough game for your money" route, the first part of the remake isn't even half as long as the original PS1 game. I wouldn't buy "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Part 1" for £54.99. Especially if I had no faith they'd ever finish the sequels, bec
  4. Yeah but it's not a full game. In terms of scope, it's not even 1/3rd of Final Fantasy 7 from what I heard. Doesn't the game end before you even leave Midgar and get into the World Map? PS5 is out now as well and those games are £60-70. So you'd be paying around £200 for one game. If they ever release the other parts.
  5. Yeah I'll pick it up for free but the thought of paying full price for a part of a remake that likely won't even get finished left a bad taste in my mouth.
  6. Asking my wife what she wants for tea. "I dunno, what do you fancy?".
  7. Me and a mate were hyped up about the Lance Archer vs Rey Fenix match and the possible Paul Wight stuff so we stayed up and watched on Fite over Discord. Hell of a show. It's been a long time since I stayed up to watch wrestling live, and even longer since I didn't regret it. Main event was ace, the women's match was great too. Really enjoyed the Sting stuff and it seems it's finally picking up steam. Not sure why Hangman went on so long with Isaah Cassidy but it was a top match with some really good working a body part. Top to bottom a show worth staying up for. I'm all aboard the hype tr
  8. Gutted. A real highlight of Powerrr every week. Took the stupid gimmick ball and ran to the ends of the earth with it.
  9. I know at his age the KO Punch is an easy payday, but I'd love him to do the Show Stopper again. Not even the drop to his knees one, just a straight up big man chokeslam as a finish.
  10. We gave up on our return to Fallout 76 post-Wastelander update when we got sick of not being able to talk to mission-giving NPCs together as a group, so someone would have to wait outside while the other person spoke to them and had to relay everything the NPC told them. May as well have been playing on our own.
  11. Love it. Criminally underutilised in these later years considering it seems like every year we see “Big Show in the shape of his life” then he comes out and cries and is never seen again. The size dynamic is so exciting to me. Him vs Marko, a faceoff with Luchasaurus and a match with Jungle Boy. He could make that stable. Would love to see him vs Omega, Cody, Moxley, Darby. Loads of real cool, fresh matchups.
  12. Commando and Ugly Betty. It's a thumbs up from Felatio.
  13. On one hand I'm sort of happy it's not Bowler, but on the other hand it's pretty sad to think there are people arguably more oblivious than him.
  14. The issue with Reigns is he’s surrounded by nobodies. He’s a star shining alone in a sky full of Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbins. Nobody is there to elevate him fully. Not only that but it took him years to get here and he’s spent most of his breakthrough heel turn fucking on with Kevin Owens who looks like he just got dragged out of a British Gas call center.
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