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  1. Nope and Nope. Firstly, it's been popular since the N64 days when there was only 12 characters and they were all first party Nintendo characters. I'd say it hit new peaks when Melee came out, which is still played at Evo yearly and has a big competition circuit; Melee only having 26 characters with none of them being 3rd party either. Admittedly now it's more of (as Sakurai put it the other day) "A celebration of video games" but it's not massive because of that, as it's been one of Nintendo's flagship games for two decades, and that's also looking to dismiss the fact it's an incredibly fun game regardless of how many franchises are in it. Secondly, it's changed pretty much every game that's came out, whether that's entirely new mechanics, modes, tech or features, the game just keeps adding more and more and the changes can be so drastic sometimes it has people dedicated to playing older version, e.g Melee. No offence to you Onyx, but people who call Smash boring are generally people I find have either barely played it, or have played it alone when it's a multiplayer game. If I'm wrong then I guess it's down to your personal taste. Just mashing buttons won't get you anywhere because it's a fighting game, similarly to how most fighting games work. Mashing and not learning how the game works will only get you so far, and it's shite to dismiss such a fun, content-filled and fantastic franchise because you were shit at it and never bothered to learn it.
  2. After rediscovering this album recently I came here to nominate it. Soma is my top song but what competition it has.
  3. Brilliant observation. He absolutely does.
  4. Aldis is the top champion in any company for me right now, including Jericho. Jericho is massively entertaining but I couldn't care less if he was champ or not. With Aldis, not only does he carry himself like a champion but I want to see him lose because he's such a good heel.
  5. I’m always dubious of off-handed predictions on here for taped shows coming true. I’m glad it did though.
  6. The last thing I want is this thing to do any of what Loki suggests. Keep it small, keep it in the studio. In other news my Wife bought me the Waffles and Tire Irons top. Chuffed.
  7. Tim Storm is the best face in any of the main companies right now by a very long shot, and that's because he's presented as a babyface. He's not some dogshit middle-ground shades of grey like AEW are full of, and he's not getting shoved down our throats as a superhero like WWE does. He's just a guy who was world champ before, wanted to be world champ again, gave it everything he could and came up short and now he's doing the best he can. There's nobody else like him. He's relatable, likeable and you want to see him go all the way. Aldis' new group (I don't mind the name Strictly Business but it's not the best) makes sense but turning Royce's Isaacs' gimmick completely on it's head 1 week in, giving him a valet who doesn't seem to be part of SB and then having him be a chickenshit singles guy when he's just lost the tag belts is an odd choice. There's something about Isaacs though, he's got these steely blue eyes and reminds me a little of Jake The Snake. Nowhere near him in-ring though. The entire Women's division bar Thunder Rosa and ODB is a mess. I've started skipping it because it's sloppy and boring and Marti Belle stinks. It's the best weekly wrestling show for me. The good is great, the matches are short, it's exciting to see who shows up every week and it doesn't overstay it's welcome. Best opening in wrestling history too.
  8. Ordering yourself Viagra and stabbing yourself twice is a pretty miserable Christmas to top.
  9. What an outright fun episode. Tim Storm is the man. Couldn’t take my eyes off poor Royce Isaacs looking down at his script every three seconds. Probably a reason he’s had little mic time so far.
  10. Also Tetris 99 which is ace. Plus it’s £17.99 for a year so not exactly a bank breaker.
  11. What even is that gimmick? Does he just cosplay or is he a time traveller? What is he?
  12. I've just lost nearly all interest in AEW these days. Between the awful quality in-ring from the likes of Britt Baker and Bea Priestley, to the shockingly bad Brandi stuff, to the women's champion never actually being on the shows for what feels like well over a month or two, the women's division is a joke. I really hoped when it started too we'd see the tag division really pick up and mean something, but it's the same handful of teams 50/50 trading with no storylines, and then when they run out of steam they're sticking singles guys together or having the same tags split and do singles. Just give them storylines or meaning. It's been 11 weeks and Mox is the only star they have outside of Jericho. It's a real shame.
  13. I'd have no issue with Aldis using the Horsemen name, but I don't think Wildcards are quite there. Plus you'd need an original like Tully or someone, even in a managerial role.
  14. They were all insufferable by the end. I'm trying to pick the least annoying one but it's a tough choice. Can you imagine being friends with any of them?
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