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  1. I'd image a HUGE amount. Tbh, you only have to look at the dynamite and davey, one minute there 15-16 and about 100lbs each. 5 years later rock solid 240-250lbers!!! 130lbs of muscle in 5 year's!!! Christ pro bodybuilders can't do that, and they're not' on the road' and competing in a cardio extreme industry.
  2. I think its because we all like to suspend disbelief and something like this utterly breaks the wrestling 'bubble' By default the 'champion' is this 'super hero/villain' who exists in their own world. When something from another world enters it, it kind of breaks the 4th wall and feels wrong. It's akin to Arnie showing up as the actual terminator and winning the title. It would feel rediculous. Same as if an actor does it. It didn't feel great when wwf tried it with Zeus and the whole "no holds barred", debacle and jeez Zeus was a Huge roid monster who looked the part.
  3. I absolutely hated ready to rumble, and anything associated with it. Quite how Wcw took the greatest assembled roster of all time and still managed to top itself is beyond me. I know we can blame aol/time Warner merger, however looking back some of that shit is so irredeemable and unwatchable that u just know its the result of drug supported creativity. Looking back its another key moment warrior was involved in. Going maverick and cunting up prime time live TV did wcw no favours did it!
  4. Always hated the 'make it real as poss' ethos. If you want a career as a wrestler as your living surely longevity is the goal and being able to work day?? Killing yourself in front of a hall holding 30 people for fuck all makes no sense. The biggest stars and earners in wrestling for. The most part were: Hogan Warrior Rock Austin Cena Sting Common denominator, is all worked a style you could do nightly and made it based on character and wrestling style that worked for them. Wrestling appeal was it was always a suspension of disbelief a
  5. I have to agree. Owen was flashier than Bret with a more diverse moveset however, for all the reasons mentioned above he wasnt better. Bret could have belters with everyone from 123 kid to bam bam, whereas Owen didn't have that versatility. Would it have come.... Don't know. I think if it was going to happen it would have. As an aside, we all know Bret loves himself. I'll give him absolute credit for his ring work, he was fantastic, however what he's never seemed to grasp (bizaarely) is that someone like Hogan was a great worker in that what he did was successful, work
  6. I fucking loved those summerslam prison vignettes. https://youtu.be/0I-au--SHXY
  7. Things like this never reflect reality as its so subjective. Warrior would be Look:10 Promo:1 or 10 (depending on what you go for) Work: 1 So he scores either 12 or 22 and yet earned far more than anyone not named Hogan from about 89-98 and still had Vince trying to reverse sacks of cash onto his driveway in 98 due to star power. Everyone dogged on Warrior yet I doubt none wouldn't have traded places with him in a heartbeat!
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