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  1. I do wonder what level of evil it will take to bring down the WWE if there even exists that type of level Steroids Drugs Drink spiking Destruction of property Deaths Murders Racism Beatings Deviancy Potential date rape Sexual abuse/assault Death at an event (Owen Hart) And now full on drug induced rape All of it has occurred to levels well never truly know and yet the WWE seems to be immune to stuff which would have killed any other company by now. Incredibly it all gets swept aside with 5 words: "that's just the wrestling business" It doesn't cut it for me as an excuse for the above. I know this is a wrestling forum however the more I discover the more ashamed I am to say I'm a fan!
  2. Call me what you will but I had to stop reading. Honestly is every c**t in that company evil? How they're still in business is beyond me? Quite honestly i think the wwe & wrestling in general has had its day now and I'd be happy to see the wwe die off and be punished for what literally are criminal offences and illegal working practices
  3. Tbh, it has always been an utterly twisted and perverted industry. When the companys own owner on his own career dvd openly states that he wanted to do an angle whereby he gets his own daughter up the Duff or her brother does there's something terribly wrong isnt there(still can't believe they included that) ?? Given what wrestlers have willingly opened upped to on interviews and what has been booked, one can only wonder what depraved acts of deviation are to taboo to open up about. Probably some real ted bundy type shit
  4. Gotta love abit of AA What's scary is that they were both 28 at the time. Arn always looked 50!
  5. I was thinking more of takes ability to get up for it
  6. Do we even know what shape Goldberg is in? It took alot for him to get back somewhere near where he was 3 years ago, and he was fragile then hence the way he was (admitedly brilliantly) booked. Add another 3 years too that and I'm not confident in him being able to do anything other than a squash and I can't for the life of me seeing him jackhammer taker (in takers condition)
  7. Most remember him from Wm 1-6 when he was physically fucked. If you watch the film on him you can see that in the 70s and very very early 80s he could move and work Guys andres size back then with his look were a rarity from a visibility standpoint, u just didn't see it everyday. In an era where everyone was gassed monsters he's was an even bigger one which made him unique. There is always rose tinted spectacles for nostalgia however the reality is that we've all been oversaturated with product exposure, insider detail and sheer volume of TV hours. It means we see it with different eyes than people did back then. Back in those days people thought it was legit and it had genuine mystique. I can imagine being 10 at an arena and seeing Andre was terrifying. Same as I can imagine seeing hogan was probably like seeing a legit superhero in real life.
  8. The mountie's 'in prison' post match skit from SS 91
  9. That's a class pic Always find it mad still that Quake was about 27 during his Hogan run
  10. That actually rings a bell. I can imagine how shocking he was. You only had to see the 'on the road' vid he did with RF for his match with Sandman to see how unbearable he could get when loaded and that was a one off let alone a tour.
  11. If it makes anyone feel better I'm certain Mr Shane was another who got fleased by Mr Snake Roberts in his infamous 'crack' tour of the UK. I recall Jake telling me he'd worked with Shane and Shane needed alot of work. If he was trying to rinse £1000s outta guys like me I can only imagine what he wanted from guys in the business. It was nigh on 20 years ago but wasn't there some kind of issue where Roberts owed Shane money or training or something and was booked on a few shows for no pay which culminated in him basically getting rat arsed and embarrassing himself and finally when the 'Showstealer' had enough and confronted him Roberts insulted his mother or something and Shane gave him a hiding?
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