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  1. He was in wcw in 92/93. Wcw signed him to a decent deal, he was getting ppv squash matches and teaming with the main eventers and pushed to the hilt The wcw fans were all over him in 92.
  2. A classic from. Big daddy Marvel at how even his sedate entrance gets him gassed like warrior (minus the energy, sprint, maniacal movements and lunacy)
  3. I so wish wwe had put him in something more flattering and creative during his wwe stint: I think even a set of tights would have been better as he was still a decent size This look below would have only been mildly tolerable in the 1980s All star scene
  4. Always painful to watch konnan vs Ric steiner Basically it's what happens when you get an absolute botch merchant in with a hardcase in a bad mood and whom wouldn't swallow it.
  5. This is one of the reasons vampiros got over As said, great looking, exotic, cross gender popularity.
  6. He had a body which was also a reactor for converting coke into sheer energy and charisma. - quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever read!
  7. Konnan is a good shout. Shane Douglas is one for me. Everything about him made me switch over: His look His promos His moveset Everything. Also that ego, jeez he thought he was on another level in the business in that mid 90s period. Nothing about him screamed anything other than midcard to me (at best) I'll give him credit though, he made a while career out of the fact that Ric Flair didn't give a fuck about him when he was a greenhorn (get over it mate)
  8. I dont care if he is 66 this year im still holding out for 1 last match Hogan vs Cena! For all his faults I luv permatammed, skullet sporting old bastard
  9. And then u see what they did at HH 98! Honestly given the roster they had from 96-99 its staggering they churned out some staggeringly atrocious ppvs
  10. Always love this pic Obviously angle plays a part but Andre looks enormous next to the massive John Studd Extra Props to Andre for the spectacular gut!
  11. King kong Mal Kirk aka 'KOJACK' Mal Kirk. Inspired by the Bundy thread. Guy was reportedly 350+lbs and also a good worker according to Bret Hart An underrated big man if the Euro scene?? Here he is beasting the hirsute Johnny Wilson https://youtu.be/WE1zAs7hhGI
  12. One whose peak was 86 and another 96
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