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  1. Does Rude's "what I'd like to have right now" schick count. Just used to worship how he'd come in and insult everyone for no reason whatsoever just for his own personal gratification. Heenans 10000% Pro biased Commentary for Flair at RR 92 is also a thing of beauty!
  2. 1. A 24 hr shoot interview with Vince on truth serum 2. All the classic wcw wrestlers came over for a proper 3 year invasion angle with all our dream matches and alliances played out in 2001 3. All the tragic deaths, suicides and unhappiness to be undone.
  3. Nash, save the grey hair looks virtually identical to his mid 90s run 25 years ago. Add in he still looks good physically (deceiving I know) and can still do his main moves and there really is no difference as he want Lou Thesz to begin with.
  4. I assume he was rocking the old Peruvian marching powder then!
  5. Horrendous! Seriously how many in the crowd, 10? Not even a ring?
  6. Was the deal with Sunny that her porno was so bad the company didn't pursue any further vids. Sick as it is Chynas ones were far better. Sunnys one was so sad coz u basically had an overweight rough looking bird who used to be hot, out of it on downers being mauled by some guy (who looks disinterested) in quite possibly the least erotic, sexy or turn on porno by a star there's ever been.
  7. No just his daughter I think it was as someone I assume was his gf/housekeeper at his London Colney pad
  8. Does Jake Roberts trying to get about & £10,000 cash out of me for personal training count?
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