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  1. Scary thing is that 20 years seperates them and yet both could pass off same age so either Hudson looks amazeballs or angle looks fucked. Depends on your point of view. I do think angle has ages immensley the last 10 years though
  2. I'm old school Return it to 3 belts, and give holding them a prestige again. I mean in the 80s between 84 and 90 4 changes, between 2012 and 2019 29 Inc the vacating.
  3. 2019 wwe, has there ever been less stars in the company than there are now. I used to base my life around catching the programme and ppv in the days before SKY Q and Tivo. But now if I ever catch anything these days its on YouTube. They just don't have any stars at all or anyone who looks like they can ellicit an emotional reaction. Today's product makes wwf 94 look like 1987. No one is even 1/4 the level of Hogan, rock, warrior, flair, sting, road warriors, razor, Bret, Andre, piper, jake, Austin, michaels, Graham, taker, Goldberg, savage, rude, dusty, road warriors etc Even if we look at the 00s you had edge, punk, batista, angle, cena The product is just so vanilla, and boring now. The best thing they've done in last 10 years was Goldberg vs brock. That whole angle, and Goldbergs quick win was just so memorable (ironically probably by necessity due to Goldbergs limitations). It was a genuine wtf moment, and felt special which wrestling used to be
  4. Yeah Crush is a good shout. Looked the part,huge without roads, strong as hell, and over! Kinda guy Vince guns over and yet oddly they never pulled the trigger. Razor should have got the big one also
  5. Is anyone else fed up of Powerslam magazine. Its become such an anti rag. Usually 3/4 is WWE, with a few lines of 'TNA' hatred thrown in. Nash, Flair etc are always criticised heavily yet have been far more entertaining than most of WWE's stuff. I used to really like Powerslam however its almost like its become a bitter old dirt sheet now. Probably wont be buying again, as its not an even read now and im sure it is actually encouraging people not to watch.
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