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  1. JakeRobertsParoleOfficer

    The Wrestler - 10 years on

    Where has 10 years gone. Very much a case of hype vs reality for me It was a different subject matter, with Rourke doing his best 'semi autobiographical sad face on his career' I enjoyed it but was underwhelmed. It's watchable but not exactly Kramer vs Kramer. On the subject of Rourke at WM the plan was him to 'work' and then they saw he'd dropped all the muscle he 'gained' for the role and thought better against it. Rourke may have won the Oscar if he hadnt celebrated the critical acclaim of reverting to his 80s type and turning up to interviews and award shows with fag in mouth, beer in hand and hooker looking birds on his arm.
  2. JakeRobertsParoleOfficer

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Ultimate chipendale was definitely Mcdonald I remember seeing him. Johnny South was LOD. To be fair he was spitting image of Hawk and had great looking gear so looked legit. Dynamite deffo was around that time and on cards with South as I attended a fair few shows 91-94 and remember them tagging at 1 point along with Johnny smith
  3. JakeRobertsParoleOfficer

    123 Kid vs IRS SS 93: was it a botch finish

    Hi guys Is there a story to this? Watching at the time I was shocked that in his first ppv match the 'miracle' kid gets pinned clean after a flying clothesline in. Quick time?? The result didn't make sense. Kid was hot and had beaten Razor (turning Razor face done the line) and Dibiase. If IRS had cheated I'd understand. It was a stiff as hell flying clothesline though. I always thought he'd knocked Waltman senseless with it and picked up an unbooked win. Ive never watched a Waltman shoot, is it ever mentioned?
  4. JakeRobertsParoleOfficer

    Underrated Runs (Pre 2000)

    Loved 1992 Sid in looney mode. Helluva run in that Jan- June period. God jobbed at RR by Hogan and actually got the sympathy. Had that blinding tag match with Hogan vs I think Flair and Taker where he let Hogan get a pasting. Looked like he killed Virgil in that brutal squash (Virgil wasn't a jobber at this point and was off a hot run With dibiase and teaming with piper) Then at Wm8 gave Hogan the worst striping I'd seen Hogan get. Shame he fucked it by apparently telling Vince he didn't want Hogan's spot and the whole Warrior return gig (which didn't last 6 months) which prompted him to f off. Him in 92 winning the WC could have seen some cracking stuff if booked right and as an utter lunatic monster between him and whomever he ripped the belt from and rather than off TV having Bret win the WC v Flair have him go over Sid in a giant killing act at WM9 The propulsion it'd have given Bret in winning the BiG one against the monster on the biggest stage would have been amazing. Always will have a soft spot for watching Sid beast someone whilst pissing himself laughing during the process. Guy played nutjob killer a little too well.
  5. JakeRobertsParoleOfficer

    Happy Fingerpoke Of Doom Day!

    Wasn't the plan to actually do that? Goldberg has to go through all the nWo members to get back to Hogan the following year but Goldberg then got injured as did a number of others which shelved it?
  6. JakeRobertsParoleOfficer

    Wrestler's Gravestones

    So money does sleep - ted dibiase
  7. JakeRobertsParoleOfficer

    RIP Mean Gene Okerlund

    Genuinely gutted! Legit 1 off - best at what he did ever! Have to go back and watch the "hulk train vino" skits For some reason seeing the diminutive gene shaking and struggling to move a whisker up bleachers with a 320lb roided to the hilt Hulkster clung to his back never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Hulk really beasted him here! https://youtu.be/1e3xF_A7S64
  8. JakeRobertsParoleOfficer

    Quick learners

    Angle was born for this. Guy has probably 30 hours training and is better than alot of 10 year veterans.