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  1. As random a wrestling related photo as I've ever come across.. Sha Samuels, Jack Jester and...
  2. ...yeah, but... Oh, come on... ...now now.. Bloody hell lads... ...Alright, fair enough.
  3. It's kind of why I ask, because I'm only accessing like bite-sized info, so I like to do my homework and resist my brains urge to play along. In my mind, he's like a sort of anti Boris in that there's a definite and possibly intentional buffoonery (if that's even a word) but without the (to my knowledge, or I'd have expected to have seen it plastered everywhere before now) history of calling people bum-boys and piccaninies. Re the phone thing, I can let that slide on account of this glorious response.
  4. I don't know whether this would warrant it's own thread or not as it's specific to the Tory leadership contest, but what are peoples thoughts on Rory Stewart? I'm really starting to warm to the bloke. Might simply be because he doesn't have the stench of a Johnson or Gove, isn't full of piss and vinegar like Raab or Hancock, and I don't think he has a cats chance in hell of getting anyway in the contest, nor am I a Tory supporter, but I can add him to the minute list of ones that resemble human beings (if not aesthetically in his case!) Sort of waiting for someone to flash me up a hastily photoshopped 'Voted against benders and blacks' FACT, but as a relative newcomer as far as paying attention goes, it seems to me the he unfortunately seems to lack as much in terms of dynamism and personality as he does baggage and controversy, so of course he's destined to slip away into obscurity once the media circus comes to an end.
  5. The telly in our bedroom went pop on Saturday afternoon, I can't begin to describe what a disaster that is, suffice to say that those of you with kids will know exactly what I'm talking about on a Saturday morning. I think it speaks volumes that there's a flat pack bookcase in the boys room, still in the packaging amidst piles of books, it's been there for over a month now because I've barely had a minute to put it together and yet the telly goes on the blink and I'm waking everyone up at 6am to go to Dixons. Despite being absolutely brassic right now, with literally an infinite number of things I ought to be spending Β£170 on, we went for a smart TV which meant I spent last night working as I finally got around to starting Cobra Kai S2, and what's more, I discovered that All 4 has the entire Whose Line is it Anyway back catalogue on there, which means I'll be spending my evenings wanking myself down to a bloody stump instead of getting any work done. So yeah, every cloud...
  6. For me, it's an episode of the short lived, Supernanny esque "The Teen Tamer" specifically the one titled "Foul Mouthed and Furious" Featuring a young lad, who's name escapes, whilst clearly troubled - which I don't think was ever addressed much beyond 'a little shit' - was so impossibly badly behaved, I was simultaneously stunned and hysterical throughout. I'm almost certain he didn't have Tourettes, and yet swore as if it was grammar, he was violent, and spat, resulting in one of my favourite interventions, whereby this behaviour specialist got him a giant bit of sponge out in the back garden that he could lash out on if frustrated. Within a couple of days it was covered in scrawling of "FUCK" and as described by the narrator, soaked with spit. His one weakness this lad, was, bizarrely, Coronation Street, and one evening, as punishment for his bad behaviour, he was confined to his bedroom and not allowed to watch it. Cue a comedic crashing sound off camera, the parents rush out to find him watching the portable telly in his sisters bedroom, where he slammed the door shut on them yelling "HAHA TRACY BARLOW, I FUCKIN' SEEN IT". You know how these shows always end with a visit back to the family some two weeks after they've tried to implement their behaviour plan, to glowing reviews and angelic children all round. I remember this one basically ending with something like "We still have our ups and downs" and cutting hastily to the end credits, as if that was the only bit of untainted audio they were able to glean from a days shooting, This is the only bit I can find on YouTube from another episode altogether, but you get the jist...
  7. Was very surprised to wake up to that result, I'll be honest. After the Fiona Onasanya debacle, when the by-election was announced, I was convinced that Tories could have fielded a fucking teaspoon and still romped home - this was just prior to their since complete implosion - and then, with revelations this week that Forbes has liked anti-Semitic content on social media, I mean fuck, if your a Labour candidate, that's surely the first thing you make sure you don't slip up on at the minute, I thought, given local sentiment (I think we were one of the biggest leave voting cities in the referendum) and the sheer cash that the Brexit Party have thrown at the campaign, referenced above - and the sheer amount of cash the BP had thrown at their campaign (incidentally, I went on to discover that the now fenced off, ex-local authority building which as of this morning was still displaying VOTE BREXIT PARTY banners and was recently sold to a consortium for half a million quid less than the asking price, consisted of none other than Mike Green himself), that the result would be a foregone conclusion. That said, it's a bitter sweet result for me, because whilst I think nationally, it's probably for the best, I remain utterly unconvinced by the candidate - I know it was 4am or something silly and a long night, but her interviews thus far have done little to convince me she has anything about her whatsoever. There was a massive postal vote for last night though, which has been attributed to the swing, catching the press off guard etc, to which I couldn't help but chuckle at a BP spokesman's response today, which was effectively that Labour had focused their campaign on the areas of the city with a dense Pakistani population, and, well...see for yourself... I'm so, SO glad that the Brexit Party haven't won this. Not because of my stance on Europe, because I'm still not sure I have one such is all the white noise and muddled facts, but because every time I see anything about them, they are so woefully exposed as little more than, to quote Mr Schwarzenegger "A bunch of low foreheads who think they can change the world with dreams and talk. Honestly, fuck this lot. Exhibit A... "You can't knock my views just because you do this full time and have properly researched it..." "Yeah, but when we're out, we can do what we want...." "Can you think of an instance where the EU has insisted on something for our education system that we've acted upon..."
  8. I've mentioned on here before, that one of the things that frustrates me the most, especially when it comes to political debate online at the moment, is the seeming ease with which information is accepted and shared at face value, with little interpretation or verification to the point where statements, quotes and attributions can become gospel, however inaccurate or outright falsified. Anyone with a copy of photoshop can download an image of Jacob Rees-Mogg, slap a quote about taxing small willies over the top of it, and sure enough, that's out there in the world. Now I'm not suggesting that all of these things are done maliciously, but the regular lack of a quoted source, or a bar chart presenting figures with no means of evidence as to how they came about, really concerns me - as much as peoples blind acceptance of them. So you can only imagine I shit the bed when I saw these, albeit wonderful clips shared on Twitter earlier this week. Surely it's not implausible to think that soon enough, simple photoshopping will make way for this sort of technology in the sort of smearing we regularly see of political candidate in particular, although that said, often they've made enough of a hash of their own public appearances and press statements that you'd hardly need to go to the trouble. The above examples are fun, and silly, but check out how seamless this one is - I wouldn't forgive anyone who only had a passing knowledge of the personalities involved, to buy this hook line and sinker. What do you think? Do I need to bin off the tin foil hat? Or is this another clever, yet ultimately risky technological advance?
  9. Really starting to get on my tits this now. The more I think about my post earlier this week, the more I've gone from chuckling at how preposterous it is to outright fucking angry. So far this week, they've plastered the former council HQ in the city centre with advertising banners, even though the property is fenced off having been sold for development into flats. Farage and Widdicomb have been here twice in THREE rallies held at the cities major theatres, and today, the homepage of our local newspaper looks like this... Their candidate....THE SECRET FUCKING MILLIONAIRE. They are buying this election, and it fucking stinks.
  10. I can't take credit for the gag, but couldn't find the original on twitter.
  11. I'll say this for the man, it takes some fucking doing, appearing in a photo with the queen and her not be the most miserable sod in the picture.
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