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  1. Nothing so much to do with the content, more the fact that a mate of mine who couldn’t be further from one of ‘us’ shared this earlier today... edit - how the fuck this ended up here I do not know!
  2. I've never been a fan of Diego Sanchez. This morning, he became my favourite fighter of all time! (Im really out of touch on here lately, so apologies if its been shared already - potentially very old too!)
  3. Overkill? Maybe. But there's enough talk in other threads to suggest there's some mileage in this. Couple of brilliant bad guy turns mentioned over in the manly films thread, Simon Pheonix from Demolition Man being the straw that broke the camels back for me, tremendous turn from Snipes. I briefly spoke of my affections for Clarence Boddiker earlier today, as horrible bumholes go, he takes some beating - but my initial contribution would be that of Simon Yam's character Ching Fung in Run and Kill. Not sure it's a particularly watched film; From IMDB: Best line: "Daddy I'm all dark, can you recognize me?"
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