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  1. I was going to pop this in doomed, but it’d seem to fit here. I’ve just spent 16hrs in hospital with my 1yr old who’s had breathing difficulties. It’s been a horrific ordeal, however i’m glad it happened because it meant I got to hear the catering lady this morning, ask the father of a Muslim child - in the voice of Bernard Manning - whether he wanted an ‘Alal dinner, or NORMAL.
  2. I'd pledged never to contribute to one of these conversations on here, but i'm pretty rock bottom emotionally at the minute after an awful few weeks, and I think the stress is taking it's toll on me physically, because I had a HORRIFIC case of the trots on Saturday. I'd been in the bathroom for 10 mins or so, when my wife tapped on the door to ask if I was ok. When I explained what was going on, her reply was... "Christ, I thought you were running a bath".
  3. Thank you guys, not had much fun this week at all, and whilst i'm up to my eyeballs at the minute, I just couldn't focus on anything, so the discussion in here was a welcome distraction and the story just kind of told itself. Feel free to give it a share @Egg Shen https://twitter.com/LetsBeWater/status/1207692950546898945/photo/1
  4. I've had a shit few days, and sat here doing fuck all, all day at work with zero motivation. So inspired by how shit the actual poster is, and that I love BossLogic. I've fucked about today and made this..
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