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  1. They should bring back downvotes for posts like this, BUT...as a creative type, it drives me mad when I see any sort of sign “wet paint” / “interview in progress” / “reserved” whatever, any of those, just knocked up quickly in word for spontaneous use signs...and they’re in Calibri, the default Microsoft word font. I know. There’s literally no need to change it in these instances, but you’ve been given an opportunity to create something and thought ‘nah, fuck that’. Just flirt with Impact, Papyrus if you’re feeling particularly inspired, but no... This ire intensifies tenfold when the person in question refers to themselves as having ‘designed’ the signage.
  2. Today is sponsored by this double whammy of glorious 90's Euro pop.
  3. I mean, I THINK it’s this. I say think, because it could just as easily be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen or heard, I’m legitimately torn. When the hardest member of your crew looks like Tyrone Dobbs before the weight loss, your backing dancers were poached from a school disco and well, the piece de resistance... two black fellas showing up to look ‘ard and quite literally nothing else. What more can I say, you’re welcome UKFF.
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