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  1. Aint that the truth. After about half an hour I felt my kidney tucked round the front because i'd been sat with such a kink trying to over compensate by not being able to look at what my hand was doing.
  2. Fucking embaressed posting these directly after @chokeout and @Monkee's efforts, but balls to it. Bought a graphics tablet at the weekend, bit of a birthday treat, and whilst it's been fucking yonks since I ever tried to draw anything, and both my use of colour and stroke weight is as primitive as it ever was, i've quite enjoyed just fucking about with it and working pretty loose. Both 10-15 minute efforts with the bare minimum colour palette.
  3. I feel like I need to see this...
  4. Spectacular thread this, thought i'd get bored after the first few, but it really is eye opening...
  5. Just, you know... pull that off once, fair play to you. Do it over and over again... Madness.
  6. I can’t remember if it was @wandshogun09 or @Egg Shen who mentioned that guy who does the fucking Matrix escapes, or if this is even the same guy. If it is, then christ...
  7. You've not looked close enough mate.
  8. Mate, this is not new information. The trousers were a 34” leg, I’m a 28. The jacket was the right size, but at the start of my journey to becoming a fat cunt, so I couldn’t do it up. A shocker all round.
  9. Dunno what the fuck you lot are on about...
  10. Totally. It’s almost Tourette’s like, you can hear he doesn’t even have the breath left to say it, but it has to come out. I’m still laughing now!
  11. Yeah, bit much for me that. Then goes and saves it with *pause* FUCK OFF. PRICK! At the end. That’s up there with “weak as piss” in terms of unnecessary swearies.
  12. A little something for you Tricolore fans out there.
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