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  1. This is amazing. Dunno if this kid is supposed to be happy, or shitting himself after this...
  2. Hey guys, anyone familiar with, or use these guys for any content? https://www.mmatv.com/ If so, any thoughts? Looks fairly legit to me, but keen to know if anyone has used them before?
  3. Conversely, having grown up with the theatrical cut, I find the complete scene to look and feel rather odd, partially because of mental muscle memory, but also because the re inserted shots look like something out of a low budget horror and just feel tonally, quite strange.
  4. Just utterly flabbergasted to learn that the WWF came to fucking PETERBOROUGH of all places!! And by Peterborough Arena, would that have been the East of England Showground? Or...god forbid...the Wirrina!?!
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