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  1. Affordable Event Posters / Graphics

    Thanks matey! Much appreciated.
  2. Hi guys, It's been a while since I posted anything on here, you may remember back in 2015 I started freelancing as a graphic designer in a vain attempt to keep on top of our escalating childcare costs. Since then, i've gone on to create event artwork for over 20 different promotions in four different countries and i'd like to think my work has come on leaps and bounds. I thought i'd share a few recent examples with you to show you what I can do for your brand, as you'll see, whether it's vibrant and family friendly or grungy and underground, i've got you covered, every piece is unique created specifically to your brief. But don't take my word for it, see below what some of my existing customers had to say... *** "Be Water Creative have really helped us move to the next level as a company with there excellent work. First show we used there artwork out crowd went up by 30% and was no coincidence. Would highly recommend as on top of the top notch work a pleasure to deal with" Wrestle Island "Since joining our team, Be Water Creative has helped us re-imagine all of our marketing materials and assisted us in reaching our goals of gaining a brand new demographic. Be Water Creative's turnover time is quick and our conversations have been clear, professional and extremely pleasing. I would highly recommend Be Water Creative to anyone looking for a consistent, friendly, and professional facelift for their company." Demand Lucha "I would highly recommend using Be Water Creative for all your graphic design requirements. A very fast turnaround and is great at taking concepts and ideas and bringing them to life. I have used various different designers in the past but I have to say, none of them came close to producing the quality of work Be Water Creative present." Kamikaze Pro "Be Water Create has the talent, Be Water Create meets the deadlines. But finding the right people to use is not always solely about those two things. For me it's also about communication and having that personal touch. Be Water Create delivers on all fronts. And that's why I've continued to use them for two years and counting now." XWA *** As a special treat for the board, i'm offering 20% off all first orders received on the back of this post. Just quote 'UKFF' when getting in touch to quality. (Offer ends 31.01.18) Whether your an athlete trying to increase your bookings or a promotion trying to sell more tickets, eye catching social content is key - that's where I come in. Have a look and see what you think, if we can work together, then i'd love to hear from you. Wrestler Promos - Packages start from £15 Event Graphics start from £30 Other projects:
  3. Wrong Screenshots

    Pet Cemetery (1983)
  4. UKFF Awards 2017: THE WINNERS!

    It really says something when two of the more affable members of the board respond in this way.
  5. UKFF Awards 2017: THE WINNERS!

    Guys, honestly, you lot are fucking maniacs. I honestly can't believe so many of you took a moment to cast a vote, and then, when presented with a list of names of that calibre, choose mine. Mental, the lot of you. I haven't posted anywhere near as much as i'd like to this year, more often than not it's because my thoughts and views have already been aired by others, far more eloquently than I could ever hope to, and to be honest when I have, it's been little more than "I need to know the answer to something, help me out you lot" and so i'm truly baffled and grateful in equal measure. Fanks gang, and to those of you who support me with the graphic design stuff 'off board' thank you too. Honestly, means enough that you'd go to bat for me within the confines of the bubble that is the UKFF, the fact I even resonate in your thinking when you aren't on here means more than I can put into words.
  6. 2018 Post of the Year Thread

    Rarely can I be arsed to endorse posts in here more than a mere nod of acknowledgement toward my screen, but THAT is fucking magnificent. + 1.
  7. Wrong Screenshots

    Commando (1985)
  8. Wrong Screenshots

    Fucking hell mate! Close post of the year thread now.
  9. Standup Comedy

    If I quote this and put my name at the top as if I wrote it I couldn’t have said it any better. Tap up old Chilli, he’ll sort you out. As a way of softening the blow of my inevitable shitness, I was thinking of doing it for charity - getting sponsored, consider it my sky dive. Same nervousness and anxiety but with only the fear of a metaphorical death to worry about.
  10. Embarrassing Social Situations

    Simple this, but needs a bit of context. I used to work for a family intervention project, part of which involved the families concerned completing a monthly appraisal of their appointed therapist, these were called a Therapist Adherence Measure, or TAM for short. My role was simply to print a hard copy of the questionnaire and prepare a pack including that and some other paperwork for them to take to the home visits when due. One day, my boss - a lovely, but incredibly straight laced lady in her 50's, well spoken and always impeccably dressed from head to toe in elegant designer clothing got up to leave for her visit. She was almost out the door when I spotted her paperwork on my desk, prompting me to yell aloud amidst an open plan office of around 80 professionals... "ZOE!! YOU FORGOT YOUR TAM PACKS!".
  11. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    DO WE HAVE NO HEROES LEFT.... On a scale of 1 - 10, how awful is it that I pissed myself when I read that? It's "your lot" that did me. Not because I champion his comments or love racists, just out of the sheer fucking mentalness that a) people still talk like that in this day and age and b) people with any sort of profile are stupid enough to fucking do so even if they think it
  12. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    With any luck, it'll be this years 'Spring Break' with run ins from Frank Dux and Big Ray Jackson.
  13. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Thanks for all your responses guys! So the one pictured isn't an 'on screen' one - I have seen those, but a little (VERY) out of my price range at this stage. It is chief. Thank you. I had a good look around before posting here, but there was a real lack of clarity over compatibility with the main reference being its only software. I had more illustrations in mind, but suspect that's because I completely overlooked retouching etc in terms of what it might be used for. I guess what i'd really like to do is draw something free hand, even if in it's own software, and export to photoshop/illustrator so I can do other things with it afterwards. Still not entirely sure if thats possible, but very tempted to take a punt.
  14. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    On the subject of graphics, anyone on here with experience of using a graphics tablet? This sort of thing... They seem to start from as little as £50 and was thinking of taking a punt to see how I got on, but can't really get my head around what they do, how they work, can you draw directly into things like photoshop and illustrator or do they have their own software, and if so, does it export images into the usual formats? .eps .jpg etc? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  15. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    What she said!