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  1. I started this thread when my anticipation for the new season was peaking and with every intention of diving head first into the discussion, then, a week ago we began self isolating due to a positive test at my sons nursery, and now as if my general depression, anxiety and SAD weren’t kicking me in the bollocks hard enough, I’m so fucking burnt out juggling the whole home schooling thing then working nights to make up the day job hours, I have a million unanswered texts, emails and notifications, but I need to take a break and ditch the devices for a bit to de-clutter my brain. As I typ
  2. So this ended up being a pretty fucking moot point as we’re now all self isolating after my youngest’s bubble at nursery has had a positive test. My lad is showing no symptoms, yet, but likelihood is they wouldn’t surface for another few days yet, which is why my piss is well and truly boiling the more I’ve looked into the rules today, which suggest the lack of symptoms is leverage enough for my wife and elder two to return to work and school tomorrow. Absolute fucking codswallop! If we know one of us, and by extension, any of us, have been exposed then it’s lock the fucking door time,
  3. This, as well as being an absolute belter, feels like a VERY appropriate anthem for today..
  4. I probably should have seen it coming, but the ending is wonderful
  5. The challenge of zoom learning bit has already been addressed far better than I could, and whilst I can’t dispute anything you’ve said, does issuing schools with PPE not seem like the simplest and most common sense fix that government could surely make happen overnight - assuming they wanted to - you could probably have dealt with that by spending what they did subsidising cod and chips at Whetherspoons during the first 24 hours of their ingenius dine out scheme.
  6. I got about half way through writing a response, but you know what, I think Kieran sums it up quite nicely here.. I totally agree there is risk attached. As there is for such banal activities such as getting a pint of milk and a loaf or indeed, serving people who have, taking me back to my original point that whilst i'm not for a second suggesting teachers 'suck it up and get on with it', I do think there are some comparisons to be drawn in terms of the way we view our health services, in that no one for a second is suggesting that A & E staff stay at home to keep themselves risk
  7. As always mate, a very good point well made - I guess what I meant was, and you're right, healthcare services are being compromised, but correct me if i'm wrong, thats as a result of becoming overwhelmed and ill resourced, the effects of underfunding and poor planning, not because people are insisting that, or that medical staff are choosing to stay at home for their own safety (whilst i'm sure there are some, i'm not aware of this happening en-masse?) Which was kind of my point - yes, children's education will be disrupted and compromised in similar ways because of lack of access to th
  8. But it should be if people stuck to the fucking rules! Or in the highly unlikely scenario that twats continually fail to do so, enforce them properly. I'm telling you now, if I have to let Bill Gates slip a microchip up my japs-eye, while a sniper sit atop of next doors roof ready to pick me off if I so much as take the bins out, then i'd fucking trump for that option right now. Anyone who isn't prepared to trade in their civil liberties for a couple of weeks in exchange for a return to business as usual needs a fucking good hiding, but for as long as it's all if buts and maybe's it's a m
  9. I absolutely understand the concerns of people in the teaching profession re the level of risk they are being exposed to and I sympathise entirely But having seen first hand what 14 weeks out of school did to my 4 and 5 year olds at the time during the last and first 'proper' lockdown - during which we, their parents, took every step possible to minimise their risk only to eventually concede and return them to school and childcare placements when it became clear that the toll it was taking on their mental health was every bit as significant as the physical risks we'd been trying to protec
  10. Just a heads up to anyone trying to go in blind, I believe there was a review embargo that expired at midnight Central time, meaning YouTube and social media are likely to be flooded with spoilers imminently for those of you trying to go in blind - which if this tweet by Jon Hurwitz is anything to go by, is highly recommended...
  11. Every piece I made so far is here instagram.com/letsbewater Thanks for the shoutout @Chest Rockwell
  12. Definitely give it a watch mate, there is the inevitability of the ‘next gen’ like when a film franchise introduces a smart talking child sidekick to try and bring in a new audience, but even though they have their own storylines those are still a vehicle to move forward the story of Daniel and Johnny - and even then, the story of Eli’s transformation and Miguel’s ongoing conflict between him being a lovely guy, and the teachings of Cobra Kai are still very well done. I too kinda tolerated KK2 at the time, and was all about KK3 and I still enjoy it much more, it has a tournament aspect
  13. Haha very often, if I’m alone in the kitchen I’ll pace back and forth with a grin on my face staring a hole through an imaginary Daniel LaRusso. It’s not easy to come off as such a convincing prick with that amount of screen time, and he did it effortlessly. As for the rest of your post...given us well bad nob-ache that has, of the sexy kind! If only S3 wasn’t already in the can, I hadn’t considered world events opening up previously closed doors and those are both very plausible scenarios! The only thing I’m really against, and I don’t think the writers would resort to this, is an
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