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  1. The fucking cricket bat...
  2. Not especially funny this, but on the nose, and sharing specifically because I see this stock image used a LOT, and I always, instantly think its a photo of @Ralphy EDIT. I knew i'd had a similar reaction to that photo before...
  3. Excuse the double post, they were three months apart. Been having a fairly lousy time of it of late, and honestly, it’s pathetic, but I can’t tell you what Cobra Kai landing on Netflix has done for me, it’s like it was created in a lab, specifically to please me. I love it, and it’s also helped me rediscover my love for the original films too - with freelance design work on its arse due to COVID, I’ve fallen down a real rabbit hole, and creating Karate Kid/Cobra Kai fan art has given me a serious hit of seratonin when I needed it the most. Anyway, I knocked this up over the past cou
  4. See also, EAT CLEAN.
  5. This might be my favourite thing that has ever happened. I did not see that coming at all, pissing myself out loud and there's no one here to enjoy it with. Remarkable stuff.
  6. I’ve not seen the username in about ten years, but I’m also not au fait with all the various changes, is @Pyrotechnik still knocking about? First UKFF’er I ever met at International Showdown and an absolute gent to boot...for a Raiders fan.
  7. Glad to be of service chief. I think the dent in my helmet has just about righted itself now, thank goodness.
  8. This is the only place I could share this sort of anecdote, and why I pray no one in my personal life ever discovers this account. A little insight into parenting no one ever wants to give you, cos their kids are fucking perfect.. Friday night, my six year old wakes up in the night from a coughing fit, and despite being, and I swear, three foot from the toilet doors, proceeded to vomit a cocktail of hot chocolate and mince all over the landing floor, destroying skirting boards and doors as it ricochet everywhere upon contact with the laminate. Saturday afternoon, my four year ol
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