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  1. New to this thread in light of the fact that the ongoing health crisis means i'm A) stuck indoors and B) have fuck all by way of freelance work going on to keep me occupied in the evenings, meaning for the first time in years, I have a bit of free time to watch some films/telly. Taken the plunge, as we've watched all the kids DVD's to death and so i'm hoping there might be some stuff on there to keep them entertained during the lockdown period, but given my somewhat limited and rather well known tastes, not to mention my self confessed bone-idleness, any recommendations for good or interesting things to watch would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. These days it'd be a prequel with Michael B Jordan and Chris Evans with an after credits scene showing a tramp on the beach wiping his arse with a seashell.
  3. That's a very good idea, and yes, you're spot on. It's characters, not actors, and Cobretti is a LOVELY shout.
  4. I don't know if this fits here, but to keep myself entertained, I thought I might do some BossLogic inspired re-casting. John Cena as John Matrix anyone?
  5. So, like most freelancers, i've got next to sod all to do with my evenings at the minute. What started out as a project creating fan art of my favourite fictional sports characters, has, thanks to @chokeout turned into something different altogether. Revisiting this list for ideas as to who to include in my pack of Action Hero Top Trumps cards! I'm gonna get a set of these printed when i've got enough.
  6. John Matrix


    This has made me smile so much!
  7. At a time when our collective efforts must focus on preserving the wellbeing of our most vulnerable, I’ve just witnessed a 20 something male riding a moped, wearing a crash helmet covered in Cookie Monster fur, threaten to punch a chain smoking pensioner at a bus stop because she called him a twat for doing a wheelie. She doesn’t give a shit about Coronavirus.
  8. Nothing I love more at 17:00 on a Friday night than when I’ve my coat and bag on, halfway out the door, before being accosted by the cleaner and subjected to a lengthy (and I’ve no reason to dispute, well-informed) rant about corona virus, police corruption and Pakistani sex gangs. ...and the Royals. ...and the Labour Party.
  9. I don't know who Adam Driver is, and i'm no fan of Star Wars, but my face lit up after 15 seconds when this autoplayed on my Twitter feed.
  10. All this talk of JJ's bonce. It's Brandon Wolff I feel sorry for.
  11. The forum six posts ago: The forum now...
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