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  1. John Matrix

    UFC 234: Whittaker vs Gastelum - Feb 9 🇦🇺

    Thought some might appreciate this...
  2. John Matrix

    Patreon, Ko-fi etc - worth the ballache?

    From what I can gather, it offers a subscription model, similar to Patreon which allows users to set up regular giving etc, but at its free level, means you could just say "Yeah, I really liked that piece" and give a one off 'tip' so to speak - the price of a cup of "Ko-fi" (their pun, not mine!)
  3. Now I already know the answer to some degree, will depend on how much graft you put in - but there seems to be a market amongst designers particular, and i'm sure it's not unique to that community, whereby they'll create fan art, phone lock screens etc, essentially custom, non commissioned pieces, in return for small regular contributions. I think i'm right in saying the wonderful @Astro Hollywood has dipped his toe in the water and i'm by no means under the impression i'll be retiring early, I was just curious as to whether there are any good cases out there as to why it might be worthwhile having a pop - is there a fee? Any other mandatory requirements? I assume if people are paying, there's a minimum requirement in terms of activity etc.. Any thoughts, experiences or alternatives gratefully received.
  4. John Matrix

    Perfect Albums

    I'm a sod for debating topics like this to death in my own head, but actually, there's an out and out forerunner for me the second I saw the thread title.. I can scarcely believe this was released in 1994. Even now, regardless of how long between listens I can rap along almost word for word on every single track. My benchmark, when I have a pile of ironing to get to, and don't want to risk having to manually intervene with shuffle. I'll put this on safe in the knowledge I can go an hour without having to think about it. Absolute class.
  5. John Matrix

    Shittest event poster ever

  6. John Matrix

    Shittest event poster ever

  7. John Matrix

    I was not expecting that. What have I done now.

    I've no idea why this wasn't my 'go to' entry in this thread, but i've just remembered (daily struggle to block it from my mind) a horrific faux pas. I had to get my prostate checked a few years back, and knowing nothing whatsoever about the process other than to ready myself for the insertion of a finger, had no idea what to expect. I assumed the position, at which point the doctor handed me a wad of paper towels about 2" thick which, with the benefit of hindsight, were quite clearly to ahem, clear up with afterwards. Alas, with no past experience to draw upon and all sorts racing through my head, it was then I uttered the immortal words "Oh god, it's not going to be that bad is it..." to which he looked slightly puzzled. That is until I moved to bite down on them, at which point he clearly sussed out what a fucking idiot I was, blurting out "NO!" before gesturing a wiping motion - it's like he couldn't even bring himself to talk to me after that, and rightly fucking so. Honestly, i've never felt so horrified. You know when that instant HEAT consumes your body when you realise you've fucked up. That. Badly.
  8. John Matrix

    I was not expecting that. What have I done now.

    It's not exactly what's been asked for here, but an unfortunate use of language none the less. A few days after the 7/7 bombings, with racial tensions in the country at a volatile high I was walking along when a car pulled up alongside me - inside were a muslim couple (and their kids) asking for directions. They'd just missed a turning, so in order to get to where they wanted to be, they simply had to perform a u-turn and travel another 50 yards. To this day i'm baffled as to why I chose, under those circumstances, to articulate that instruction as "For a start mate, you need to turn around an go back where you came from" Not helped of course by the fact that much like many beta-males, with a voice lacking in any authoritative tone, I adopt your typical Phil Mitchell-esque persona when put in a position of responsibility like that in order to offer a greater degree of credibility and reassurance.
  9. John Matrix

    What's the HARDEST thing you've seen on screen

    and that's exactly why I used the word TOUGHEST on Twitter you fucker.
  10. Yes, it's another Matrix action movie themed thread... HOORAH! (I asked it on Twitter, but I think it could make for some useful chat) Basically, I was watching Rambo III t'other night, and that bit where he pushes out a bit of shrapnel with his own thumb, before closing the wound with gunpowder and a hot knife might just be the single 'hardest' moment i've ever seen on film. Cameron Poe walking through a bullet without flinching is another that springs to mind! And then there's Jackie taking on all comers in Police Story. For all his wonderful multi-man brawls, there's something about this one that just feels like "Fuck me, he can't take much more of this surely!" What say you?
  11. John Matrix


    Someone on here was gonna start a thread recently about some sort of clever type of dreaming i dont understand. Fill your boots like, but this thread is for sharing your recent dreams, be they positive, negative or wet (pissing yourself counts). Largely because i go through phases of having the most ridiculous dreams when i'm not having very realistic nightmares. Last night i dreamt that i was in a room with female MMA phenom Ronda Rousey who was all angry and upset. I slid closed a bolt on the door, lay opposite her and asked her to tell me who the REAL Ronda Rousey was, to which she appeared very flattered that i'd taken the time to want to get to know her (despite inexplicably locking her in the room with me). Just as we were beginning to get closer, the current baddie off Hollyoaks (i dont even know his name, but Mrs Matrix watches it - the one who's boffing Kathy Beale) burst in, tied me to a big leather office chair and started cutting up all of my ties in front of me vowing to get revenge. For what? Enter a pregnant Kylie from Coronation Street, upset to find out that i had previously fathered a child with another woman. The lovely Ronda, nowhere to be found, i decided to snap myself out of it as Hollyoaks man started cutting the tie i was wearing. Now seriously? I know dreams are supposed to mean something...but other than the fact that i wouldnt mind slipping Ronda Rousey one, and that my pulling technique is in need of some work - what the fuck is the rest of it all about?