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  1. Totally mate. I know the Von Erich's generally get a lot of press and carry weight, its just that character specifically I don't hear mentioned in the same company as the other IC level guys of the time, like you say, perhaps the brevity of his tenure maybe? or, as as Zeb points out, he was dull as fuck. 10 year old Matrix was all about the physique back then so i'm not surprised to learn I may have fonder memories of a guy like that than others.
  2. This may well have been discussed at the time, but the whole Jinder physique thing - most of what I remember reading on here at the time was along the lines of 'size of the cunt' 'bet vince is wanking!' And lots of talk post title win of gets on roils, wins the belt etc Given the India expansion and what not, is it possible Jinder was approached well in advance and told 'sort your look out' and indeed given notice to transform rather than be rewarded for doing so? Secondly, whenever there's talk of the glory years, here, on twitter or anywhere else for that matter, DiBiase, Perfect, Rude even the likes of Honky Tonk Man feature regularly - one name I have fond memories of watching but who never seems to be spoken of in the same light is Texas Tornado. is there a particular reason for that? Was 10yr old me just taken in by physique and a cool finisher? Was he actually turd? Just find it odd that he seems as heavily featured in any video covers and such from back in the day, yet I rarely hear a sausage about him in retrospec
  3. Heard and understood folks!
  4. Absolute considered that, and happy to consider alternatives, it's just that chasing pack is so close, a whole cluster who've received the same number of nominations your otherwise relying on me to pick the ones i prefer - absolutely open to suggestions. Poll is for the many, not the few
  5. Update for you all, i've had no new submissions for the past day and a bit, so will definately wrap the nomination phase at 5pm on Friday. There's been 71 different nominations, a few stand outs and a very competitive chasing pack - so, to confirm, we'll invoke the UKFF50 stage two process whereby i'll publish over the weekend, a shortlist of the characters who received the most nominations and ask you to rank them 1 to 10. Your first placed nomination will receive 10 points, second place 9 and so on.. Please note, i'll be awarding points on the same basis, based on the number of nominations each received during stage one so they are appropriately weighted heading into stage two. Your points will be added to this total which should account for 'bloody hell, forgot about that one, thats my top choice now' scenarios. Any questions, don't hesitate to shout and in the meantime, if you get the luxury of a few mins between now and Friday, i'd love to see your lists - don't worry if you dont have time to elaborate at this stage, we can pick that up afterwards - chasing pack is VERY close, so your vote could make a big difference in the final rankings.
  6. I don't have access to a machine with Paint on it anymore :-(
  7. I aint dat popular bruv. Only 22% used according to my end, although if that was some creative marketing ploy to create demand, whet appetite and promote interest in the thread then the finest of arrows indeed.
  8. Lovely to hear from you chief. You're welcome to slide into my DM's anytime.
  9. Yep, that's them lot out of the running then. Why stop there? No place for this cunt either... Unless of course it's perfectly clear what I mean by that exclusion criteria [insert sarcastic smiley face/]
  10. Thank you sir. On another note, had a skim through the submissions so far, and still a load of time left to bung me a list, but unless things change dramatically, there's a clear top 3 - 5 emerging. May well invoke the UKFF 50 'ranking phase' after friday where we've got a cluster of folk who've received a similar number of notifications. All very exciting this, and some of you deserve some serious arrows for some blinding picks. So thanks again. Crucially, the number of John's nominated thus far stands at 7.
  11. If you can justify why they deserve a spot, then they're eligible...unless they fly, wear a costume etc, because as I think we've established, thats not my bag and it's my list! Seriously though, I've had more lists in I expected and hope there's more to come - if it makes life easier just ping me names for now. When I know what the top ten looks like, I can hit you up for details then.
  12. Benefit of doubt here and all that, but was that point about capes and flying seriously ambiguous?
  13. Any guy, any era, any genre. Just no comic book characters - they don't count in this.
  14. Come on Mallers, you must have a Letterboxd list that could be ported across to this in the blink of an eye..
  15. Odds on Boon have been slashed after suspicious activity involving members of the UKFF and a well renowned Malaysian betting syndicate.