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  1. As a yank sport follower I would hazard a guess at the dearer model being the actual pitch-worn shirt. The price itself is a joke, agreed.
  2. With different dialogue choices, missions, or both?
  3. Snap. Unlike newspapers, retractions are made using the same media, same font size, same urgency etc. yet are somehow far easier to ignore.
  4. After spending GAME points on a PSN voucher I picked up Little Nightmares, Resi Code Veronica, Payday 2 and Nier Automata for the combined price of £21 last week. That'll sort me for a few days until Resi 8 arrives on Friday.
  5. PROTIP: Tully's the bald one.
  6. doublepost, pls delete
  7. I have not seen it to be sure but I'm guessing it's akin to the Mongo character from Blazing Saddles, also played by a fomer NFL star (Alex Karras).
  8. It's. The. Fucking. Refs. The train of thought (I read the comments, forgive me) appears to be that it's a deliberate shift in position of the foot away from a natural withdrawl into a stamp.
  9. Hell no. Do it now and make it 30 so the North London love-in is a relegation scrap.
  10. He's from Bristol so he only sees a bus three days every Easter.
  11. One of their best matchday analyists came storming out of the gate with revulsion. I can't see him sticking around if Sky are as on board as the above may infer.
  12. Don't bring Tony into it unless it's serious that Miro will be The Monster, and even then it'd be a risk to pull Miro and Darby into the main event mix that is already a shitfuck involving most of the company's founders.
  13. The original better still be getting a PC port.
  14. So on that basis Cov can say "Up yours", make a signing and cite the Government when the EFL kicks up a fuss? I'd love the EFL to finally have egg on it's face but it's not exactly a win-win situation if it comes to court, and we'd really rather Cov didn't do that for their own sake.
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