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  1. It certainly sounds like a Slayer riff played with the same kit used in Electric Funeral.
  2. I'm definitely lapsing at the moment. Nothing on Raw or SD grabs me as must-see right now. I'll watch the PPVs but I won't stay up for them, even Mania (the last one I stayed up for my pizza ended up here over an hour late). I'm far more of a gamer than a TV watcher, but it would feel funny giving up Sky and not having it there.
  3. That, and scrums tend to take twice as long as a VAR call in soccer (provided the players don't fall over and the ball comes in at the exact angle the referee feels is perfect), yet give no real field position advantage. You may as well force a rear pass to enable some upfield momentum.
  4. If Spring Training is anything to go by the Cards will fall even further down the pecking order. Only 2 games under 500, but most of those losses were convincing and many were shutouts. It was one thing to not get caught up in the Harper circus, it was another to categorically rule yourself out and show no interest in the one area the hottest teams were fighting over. Yadi is back from injury (surprise), Carp may start the year injured (surprise), Waino will be done after this year and so may Carp. Goldschmidt may be the one bright spot on offense and our downfall will probably be the bullpen running out of fuel again. Mo should have left with Mattheny, that's the Shit Hill I'm Dying On for this sport.
  5. It's going to be Liverpool / City and Man U / Juve. Definitely the first.
  6. Asics Gel-Kayano 24s, with 5 months of street jogging EXP on them (insoles are replacements)
  7. Molly Windsor, starring in ITV's drama Cheat (that continues tonight and tomorrow) as a nutbag student who's obsessed at getting at one of her tutors.
  8. "Card subject to change" is a control phrase that sends Brian Dixon into an epileptic fit. He has banned its use on his event posters because of it.
  9. I was referring to the copious use of 'y'know', but don't let the truth get in the way of a spamfest.
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