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  1. (repeat - posting didn't refresh the feed)
  2. Appreciated. The door goof took away from Tony's "He's GONE!" reveal.
  3. Still watching the rest of the show, but I was really underwhelmed by the opener; perhaps it was because I was expecting a little more from Cargill. She looked really good in building herself up week-by-week but sold too little for Velvet who I thought was great. The camera missing her big move after the table spot pissed me off legit, and following that match with an actual squash showed why we needed to see Cargill flattening someone before working against an actual face. That it somehow went the best part of 20 minutes from bell-to-ambulance is also notable. Plus we had a freebie for Maffew
  4. That's not the depressing thing, as this is what Vince has been after since Day One. What really hits home is that should a cultural revolt akin to the Monday Night Wars happen things are far less likely to change in the WWE product as NBC has paid / is already paying ridiculous money for the brand itself, and I imagine that they'd have their own spin merchants assuming they know the product more than their own customers. In addition the nostalgia income isn't remotely under threat unless something grotesque relating to yesteryear blows up and colours peoples' feelings about the old days
  5. Agreed. It was nice for WWE to keep her on board and she did find something she could do far better than a lot of people at the time, but that's run its course.
  6. Just watching the tail end of last week's episode. That somersault going over Jake's head was beautiful.
  7. Half a fucking inning into the 2021 Spring Training preseason...
  8. According to Sherdog it's been put back 2 weeks to Fight Night 187
  9. Failing that a skit where Peter Avalon eats a mushroom and turns into Wardlow to fight him.
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