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  1. We are fine with outside interests as long as decisions that benefit them don't harm the fucking country as a whole, but "we" might not fit everyone's opinions.
  2. Week 3 Fixtures Thursday September 24th Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday September 27th Tennessee Titans @ Minnesota Vikings San Francisco 49ers @ New York Giants Las Vegas Raiders @ New England Patriots Los Angeles Rams @ Buffalo Bills Washington Football Team @ Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals @ Philadelphia Eagles Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons Houston Texans @ Pittsburgh Steelers Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Chargers New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals Dallas C
  3. Today in Conservative Assholery, Rishi Sunak is suggesting replacing furlough as it is with part-time education / training for the money we're not getting through work. Wouldn't want us to have more of our lives to ourselves, would we? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/22/rishi-sunak-weighs-up-german-style-wage-subsidy-scheme-covid-19?utm_source=upday&utm_medium=referral
  4. seph

    The NFL thread

    Guess it's dead then. Isn't Good Morning Football an excellent show? It's brilliant background chatter and does a wonderful job of filling in the gaps that I have in only focusing on the Rams. It doesn't pretend to be combative, like Around The Horn, or attempting to be humourous like a lot of soccer shows over here, but it's lively and the four heads (Nate Burleson is the ex-pro) have great charisma and bounce off eachother.
  5. It looks so much like New Facebook it's awful and a little unnerving.
  6. Week 2 Fixtures Sunday September 20th Minnesota Vikings @ Indianapolis Colts San Francisco 49ers @ New York Jets Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers Los Angeles Rams @ Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants @ Chicago Bears Denver Broncos @ Pittsburgh Steelers Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins Washington Football Team @ Arizona Cardinals Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Chargers Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans New
  7. seph


    It literally looks like a death roulette. What is that yellow shit supposed to be?
  8. And yet he looks more likely to have had a wash before dressing than Rodman.
  9. WEEK 1 Fixtures (except Thursday obvs) Sunday September 13th Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Football Team Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions Las Vegas Raiders @ Carolina Panthers New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons Los Angeles Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints Dallas Co
  10. So, obviously, Brizzle have got some Champ journeymen in, played almost none of them and still beat Cov 2-1. Even scored inside 20 seconds. Liverpool/Leeds, without live talk, isn't dull either.
  11. seph

    Top Twitter

    If Noel organises a party he'd get my vote.
  12. It helps if you count how old it is in Funk Retirements, and it's only three. I think.
  13. As someone who's read all 4 of his books (a bit weird, in hindsight) he does exaggerate a lot of his more petulant conflicts with Vince, but he's had a lot more pull than most as he kept getting brought back. If he were to leave AEW it may be different. Jericho would be correct. Interesting question is that has he, could he and would he do the same for people he wasn't involved in angles with?
  14. To end our little mini-saga, after taking their sweet time (and the day before the first competitive fixture of the new season) the home shirt dropped for pre-order. Very well done; the 8 refers to the 8 players who voided their contracts in 1982 for the team to survive. A commemorative version of the shirt is also available for £82 including a new book, box and photo signed by the book artist.
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