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  1. Watching that match now. That's a Yikes from me.
  2. How much memory does this site have?
  3. If so, it is more likely to have a severed penis on the end of it.
  4. New Inter kits with a snake motif. Phowar.
  5. Better than nothing, but I despise All4's enforced mid-stream ad-breaks.
  6. Unsure if it should go in the love-in thread or not...
  7. If you find out before Jim does please let him know.
  8. (direct link to insta) *mods, please update the thead title
  9. Evens on BCFC's season being downhill from here.
  10. First one plays if we win, second one plays if we don't.
  11. Considering the Celtic tee posted immediately before it I swore blind it was a Rangers shirt for 1/4 of a second.
  12. Sweet Caroline. Disregarding the implications around its conception, it's still laughably overrated parpy trumpets with a ludicrous build to the chorus.
  13. seph

    2021 holidays

    I was in Manchester on the weekend for a mini-break/family visit and it was like COVID didn't happen at all. Thousands out with no coverings. Did my best to keep distance but as I only had my 2nd jab *last night* I think I'll stay covered at least for this w/e and next.
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