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  1. And Zac Clough, after turning us down on his dad's advice, is possibly going to the Blue Few north of the river on loan with a permanent switch from Forest on the cards.
  2. OK cheers. We've got that one coming up, in case I want to flagellate a weekend away...
  3. From the end of the 2019 thread -
  4. And a week after RE3Make. Where's this from?
  5. seph

    Official Darts Thread

    It gets worse. In this piece the Beeb posted this morning apparently the Women's winner purse got cut from £20k to £8k, citing that as the reason Fallon didn't participate. I am typing this while making over twice that. Either the BDO's going through some underground metamorphosis or it's going into the dirt soon. Some of the 'fan' behaviour in this thread underlines the notion that some/most of these mugs are just there to be seen on TV getting sloshed.
  6. seph

    NJPW World

    As I'm still awake I won't be catching Night 2 live. Assuming it's done around 11am our time will it be on demand around 12ish?
  7. seph

    NJPW World

    The most entertaining use of Ashton Gate today.
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