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  1. And that's what's baffling. She is really, really good.
  2. As Charlotte's character has her dad's ego but none of his exuberance, it's really not. LIke she know's she's one of the best in the world, but not enjoying it as much.
  3. It looks even nicer in reality, they debuted the shirt tonight in the playoff tie (which they won, so sales won't hurt)
  4. That is nice. It's the badge colour that really sells it. That kind of thing works a lot better with "modern" designs than it does with city-crest-style logos.
  5. New running shoes! Still Gel Kayano 25s, the 26s don't have good reviews out. I'll see what the 27s are like around Christmas.
  6. Post-Wars WWE in a single post. Two decades of production-over-product mentality.
  7. Thanks for clarifying. Now please read the room and let others speak on more urgent matters.
  8. Griz was/is very prominent in Pro Wrestling Chaos which has helped me get back into wrestling. I DMed PWC for comment, and *then* saw the Dunne accusation. This sucks bad.
  9. aka "Not more dragon bones...."
  10. I'm about 20 hours into Skyrim (my first time). I have heard the Arrow quote precisely twice, and my housecarl's "I have a bad feeling about this" is slang for "You're laughably underlevelled so I have to do all the fucking work."
  11. And here's Progress pissing on the fire with Paraffin.
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