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  1. She's defending him on Twitter again (people are having none of it, but not posting all those):
  2. Not me, they're still £45.
  3. New BCFC home shirt. And new BCFC club record signing for 5.3m, Famara Diédhiou.
  4. The Final Solution tweet clearly wasn't enough for them.
  5. Could be worse.
  6. Vince McMahon's ego was the stick. And the puncture. And the head-on collision with a massive tree called Hubris. If the Invasion was merely an asset-strip of talent it would've been better. If they stuck to making it about WWE vs WCW/ECW instead of the McMahon family it would've been better. If Austin had been the figurehead it would've been better. If they weren't so hellbent in making every last fringe guy look worthless it would've been better. And a few more ifs that could be thought of.
  7. Didn't they stop running Earl's Court shows because the crowd started throwing paper / cups at Steph?
  8. Nope, just a direct link from an email from Ticketmaster.
  9. Presale is on NOW on Ticketmaster. Just got floor seats in Block B, Row H for Raw and G for SD in Manchester.
  10. Part I - Beat Liverpool at Anfield. Part II - Promotion and Division title. Part III - ?
  11. That's a pisser, but on the cards. I'm still peeved he did publicity for the LA move just to get cut.
  12. Consequences Creed would weight up the risks of his principles, and still attempt to preserve your forests.
  13. Between him, the Rey expy and the Bobby Lashley expy there was only one person who could go over in that match. Not excusing the chants, but the mutants were wise to that.
  14. The Dolls are really interesting characters and tie into the story really well. Juni & Juli were in Alpha 3. Decapre was in Ultra Street Fighter IV and there's mumbling that Satsuki, Marz or both of them are going to be in season 2 of Street Fighter V. They're both copies of Data East's Karate Champ. They tried suing Capcom over the first Street Fighter but the judge ruled you can't copyright the "idea" behind a game and threw it out of court. Yep, and that's hilarious because Capcom sued Data East tit-for-tat over Fighter's History for the same reason, losing that suit for essentially trying to copyright the whole genre.
  15. Holy shitballs, what a sucky lineup.