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  1. If they can prove Barca's agents talked to Griez before 01/07 in any capacity they might have a leg.
  2. Kane And Lynch 3 was the sequel we never wanted...
  3. Richard "Firework enthusiast" O'Donnell??!? 🤣🤣 On the Juniors front it needs to be said that Gary Johnson was antithetical in that he seemed to put more pressure on Lee than you'd expect; when he was canned in '13 Lee immediately improved and felt more comfortable on the field. As a gaffer he routinely trounces the old man when teams meet. Nature or nurture??
  4. seph

    Top Twitter

    The 'fun' with art is in the interpretation. I don't think there's any bickering to be had with a photorealistic painting other than what filters may be used with a digital equivalent. It's also far more difficult to have the subject (if a person) have input akin to "me, but I'm a bit thinner and have a younger, tighter face"
  5. Even though we bid adieu to the Purple & Lime charm, I'm going to say these are the best-looking kits we've had in years, in particular the goalies'. The new club badge adds to it a great deal IMO. I'm undecided about the collar in that 2 seasons ago it was a thin, scratchy elastic that was awful to wear; last year was a massive improvement on that - I'll pop down the ground to see a display model when I can before i'm sure.
  6. Tomas Kalas is now permanent from Chelsea. (RandyMarshEctoplasm.jpg)
  7. Considering the prominence that he's had last season and the performances that he delivered, surely it must annoy him to not figure more in the team's plans, especially as Frankie Fielding moved on to Millwall.
  8. That's not it. It's the consistency with which he has been passed over window-to-window that's irksome.
  9. Okay, City, now I have to say something. You've been doing dynamite in terms of incomings this week, but now you've brought two goalies in. After the season Max O'Leary has had in the firing line, what in the actual fuck. Either Maenpaa is still fucked, Max is going out on loan or he's put a request in, that's the only way this move makes any sense.
  10. Karma for digging up the Windass shit at half-time in May. @PunkStep you were right, but as above we had to sell the other England U21 (Kelly) to help fund it.
  11. Even as recently as '05, 500-750k was our ballpark. Did you include Jay DaSilva signing on permanently?
  12. Whilst not a patch on yesterday's lunacy it was still a great game. Both bullpens shut the scoring down quite well until late on, and yet again the Sox managed to get the tying run on the plate in the 8th. The experience was only really marred by an errant ball tossed from the Yankee pen high in the air and landing on the bridge of a woman's nose, colour everywhere. Still, 50 runs over 2 games. Who could've called that??
  13. I'm also sat adjacent to the Yanks pen. Shame the 4G sucks in here.
  14. Bore draw and 15 innings confirmed.
  15. Well, that happened. 30 runs, 6-6 after the first, a comeback for the Sox, JBjr *just* going 5-for-5 (VAR...er, instant reply overturning the out), a great atmosphere and a handful of minutes short of the record for a 9-inning game. Welcome to baseball, London.
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