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  1. That's a pisser, but on the cards. I'm still peeved he did publicity for the LA move just to get cut.
  2. Consequences Creed would weight up the risks of his principles, and still attempt to preserve your forests.
  3. Between him, the Rey expy and the Bobby Lashley expy there was only one person who could go over in that match. Not excusing the chants, but the mutants were wise to that.
  4. The Dolls are really interesting characters and tie into the story really well. Juni & Juli were in Alpha 3. Decapre was in Ultra Street Fighter IV and there's mumbling that Satsuki, Marz or both of them are going to be in season 2 of Street Fighter V. They're both copies of Data East's Karate Champ. They tried suing Capcom over the first Street Fighter but the judge ruled you can't copyright the "idea" behind a game and threw it out of court. Yep, and that's hilarious because Capcom sued Data East tit-for-tat over Fighter's History for the same reason, losing that suit for essentially trying to copyright the whole genre.
  5. Holy shitballs, what a sucky lineup.
  6. 5, 13, 15, 20, 29
  7. So when's 170 on over here? on Saturday they've got boxing on Spike and I can't find owt for the next couple of days after.
  8. I've just played it for a week and I've had my fill. The difficulty spike between the first 10 levels of the main game and the next 20 is horrendous, mainly down to the game's insistence of putting in another player's corpse in every single floor level. And that corpse will kill your character in one shot, forcing you to either spend Death Metals (microtransactions almost essential to get these) to continue, or enough of the game's pseudo-currency to get your man back meaning you'll need to go back a floor or two to get to where you were. The game is a fun little grinder, but it IS a grinder and FFXV is more charming to me right now.
  9. Week 14 Fixtures Thursday December 8th Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs Sunday December 11th Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles Arizona Cardinals @ Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings @ Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts San Diego Chargers @ Carolina Panthers Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions New York Jets @ San Francisco 49ers New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants Monday December 12th Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots
  10. I'm really not sure if casting Marilyn Manson as Joker wouldn't have been cheaper for the exact same aesthetic.
  11. Sunday December 4th Kansas City Chiefs @ Atlanta Falcons Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints Los Angeles Rams @ New England Patriots Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans @ Green Bay Packers Philadelphia Eagles @ Cincinnati Bengals Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers @ Chicago Bears Buffalo Bills @ Oakland Raiders New York Giants @ Pittsburgh Steelers Washington Redskins @ Arizona Cardinals Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Diego Chargers Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks Monday December 5th Indianapolis Colts @ New York Jets
  12. Thursday November 24th Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts Sunday November 27th Tennessee Titans @ Chicago Bears Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons New York Giants @ Cleveland Browns Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints San Francisco 49ers @ Miami Dolphins San Diego Chargers @ Houston Texans Seattle Seahawks @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers New England Patriots @ New York Jets Carolina Panthers @ Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos Monday November 28th Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles
  13. Thursday November17th New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers Sunday November 20th Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens @ Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars @ Detroit Lions Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Kansas City Chiefs Chicago Bears @ New York Giants Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings Miami Dolphins @ Los Angeles Rams New England Patriots @ San Francisco 49ers Philadelphia Eagles @ Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins Monday November 21st Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders
  14. Full list (before the update) Tonight Browns @ Ravens Sunday 6pm Chiefs @ Panthers Texans @ Jaguars Broncos @ Saints Rams @ Jets Falcons @ Eagles Bears @ Buccaneers Packers @ Titans Vikings @ Redskins Sunday 9pm Dolphins @ Chargers Giants @ Cardinals Cowboys @ Steelers Sunday/Monday 1:30am Seahawks @ Patriots Monday/Tuesday 1:30am Bengals @ Giants
  15. Week 9 Fixtures Thursday November 3rd Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday November 6th Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs Dallas Cowboys @ Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Rams Indianapolis Colts @ Green Bay Packers Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders Monday November 7th Buffalo Bills @ Seattle Seahawks