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  1. seph

    The Death of AEW

    When Corazon De Leon took the cruiserweight title and had his neoprene belt stripped off, the writing was on the wall.
  2. Lloyd Kelly to Bournemouth for £13m. City club record sale.
  3. Besides the fact that Leeds choked it again in hilarious fashion, that game was absolutely bananas. What a fortnight to follow football.
  4. On a sadly related note, the EFL confirmed Bolton's administration and 12pt penalty for next season today.
  5. FA CUP SEMI-FINALLISTS Brighton have canned Chris Hughton.
  6. No - after days of blistering heat and on that evening when it FUCKING HAMMERS DOWN. Bliss.
  7. Dean Windass + manual treadmill + custard slice.
  8. I'm travel-fucked after getting up at 2:30 for the 5am trip to Hull for BCFC's last game with the (Steiner un-verified) 3.5% chance of finishing 6th up for grabs. Losing our best defender Adam Webster in the 2nd minute due to a hamstring tweak set the stage for bitter disappointment, with Derby and Boro slowly grinding out their wins. Hull went 1-0 up early in the second half and FINALLY, FUCKING FINALLY AFTER AN ENTIRE OF SEASON OF PLAYING HIM FOR 90 MINUTES EVERY WEEK COME HELL OR HIGH WATER Lee Johnson substitutes Famara Diedhiou (heading the ball out of the opposition goal while over the line himself not withstanding) leaving Andi Weimann and Kasey Palmer up front. Already in a foul mood with the situation looking bleak Niclas Eliasson levels the game, but not before the ball bounces off his arm. The Lino doesn't say shit and the ref then stops the game and consults with Lino before overturning the goal. Sans VAR. We weren't best pleased. In stoppage time Josh Brownhill - onside - shoots through the offside Matty Taylor splitting his legs, said Lino immediately raises his flag... before the ref comes over to talk to Lino, then awards the goal. Even with Boro and Derby comfortably won we had a go for the win but to no avail. 1-1 FT. A very strange game devoid of any real quality for the most part aside from Hull's wonderful strike from a shit side-pass by the otherwise capable Lloyd Kelly (filling in for Webster); afterwards Tomas Kalas - who may be gone along with Jay Dasilva and Webster - lead the applause and throwing-kit-into-the-crowd tomfoolery. Football, eh?
  9. Oberyn clearly watched the Katie Vick angle and took the dive.
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