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  1. Deleted of his own accord, but I'm not up to sitting through a 70min diatribe (same channel as the Taxation vid) to go through details.
  2. They've touched on this on BTE recently, but the heels in their current picture are the very people they're supposed to be tagging with. Omega and Poundshop Hall & Nash are firmly on board with Callis who's the centrepiece of this mess, so you can't use any of them as a fulcrum without a complete 180 on it by planting insecurites in them. But there's no viable alternative to Mox for Kenny, and the Goof Bros aren't staying forever so they need to draw other people into this to build the Bucks as solid friends with to set up the betrayal. All while avoiding the Real Life Co-Owner Screwjob tr
  3. QB: Tom Brady (Tampa Bay)RB: Aaron Jones (Green Bay)WR: Stefon Diggs (Buffalo)TE: Travis Kelce (Kansas City)K: Tyler Bass (Buffalo)DST: Tampa Bay Buccaneers MOST YARDS: Kansas City ChiefsMOST POINTS: Green Bay packersTOTAL NET YARDS: 1576 AFC1: Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City ChiefsNFC1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay Packers
  4. For the one-month deal it is. For the three-month deal it's up by a fiver, and for the six month, it's doubling. Yep. 6 months for what you were paying for 12. They really want you to fuck it off for Ultimate gamepass.
  5. QB: Aaron Rogers (Green Bay Packers) RB: Alvin Kamara (New Orleans Saints) WR: Stefon Diggs (Buffalo Bills) TE: Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) K: Mason Crosby (Green Bay Packers) DST: Kansas City Chiefs MOST YARDS: Tampa Bay Buccaneers MOST POINTS: Kansas City Chiefs TOTAL NET YARDS: 2750 AFC1: Baltimore Ravens @ Buffalo Bills AFC2: Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs NFC1: Los Angeles Rams @ Green Bay Packers NFC2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints
  6. Of course nobody takes him as a serious answer, that doesn't mean it won't happen. A lot of people were scared that the TNT would be a prop to keep Cody out of the main event as opposed to a genuine secondary/Television belt and thankfully that hasn't been the case; but I can't help but feel Cody is a fuck-it-button in waiting as he's not *that* far away from the main picture, especially as his besties (and co-owners) now hold all of the other male titles and are doing Clique shit at at time when AEW does not need it. Hence, if it's not Cody then by process of elimination it has to be Pag
  7. The Matt Hardy spot. Didn't Alex Reynolds get flattened badly without a heatlh check, or was that another Dark Order guy? Doing the very thing they were ripping on HHH doing from the beginning? Along with the nWo knockoff boys-club being on top of the tag pile? Inconceivable. It's going to be Adam Page, who promptly drops it onto the incoming Jay White.
  8. Not if "economy" = "how rich people are doing".
  9. Exactly, so the people who ACTUALLY listened to Corbyn didn't take their bait; so your "What?" rebuttal is puzzling in that aspect.
  10. Tell me seriously that 99% of the resentment of Corbyn wasn't whipped up through a shitstorm of media influence and hate campaigns inside his own party and on social media? While you're at it please explain what this shitshow of a government did better than he advertised he'd do.
  11. Roundabout nobody who actually listened to him had any feeling south of respect, but let's not split hairs.
  12. He was far more famous for quotable rants, in particular a fervent denial of ordering his own pitchers to hit people, and noting someone's pitching control being better suited to cricket. At least he managed to see his team win the big one. (linked as the embed won't play due to potty mouth)
  13. The poison mechanic is the only thing that there is no mitigation against in terms of boons (unless damage boons round down, but I haven't tried that yet) and 30 clears later I still get caught out. I nomally go for pure damage output over defense and Artemis' crits are wonderful when stacked with weapons that deal short hits really quickly like the Spear with its last aspect (and its healing mechanic is broken awesomeness) or the railgun. I'm all about the Doom effect though. If you can get it stacked with both the stack bonus and delay buffs it it absolutely rinses non-armoured goons.
  14. QB: Lamar Jackson (BAL) RB: Jonathan Taylor (IND) WR: Stefon Diggs (BUF) TE: Rob Gronkowski (TB) K: Matt Gay (LAR) DST: Los Angeles Rams MOST YARDS: Tampa Bay Buccaneers MOST POINTS: Baltimore Ravens TOTAL NET YARDS: 2165 AFC1: Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills AFC2: Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans: AFC3: Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers: NFC1: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks: NFC2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Football team: NFC3: Chicago Bears @ New Orleans Saints:
  15. Obnoxious heels who have been in the company for the proverbial cup, who have been mugged off by SCU for just about all of it (not just by match results either) You'd need to put them over someone substantial soonish.
  16. Besides the fact I'm not keen on Acclaimed (Fittingly as the tagged with TH2 who annoy me just as much without having to cut a promo), I really don't think rub-by-association would work when you using someone who's been coasting for well over 2 decades but still night-and-day better at this schtick than the man who you're trying to give the rub. It hasn't worked for the decades Vince has been dredging up the E! regulars to bury the Bella Twins' opponents on Mania weekend, for just one example. But at least Snoop would be sticking to his wheelhouse, whereas ...
  17. It's a work until you're forgetting it's a work. And that's a line guys like Jericho can't see until it's well behind him.
  18. ONE POINT short of a perfect score.
  19. Sunday January 3rd Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Billls New York Jets @ New England Patriots Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Las Vegas Raiders @ Denver Broncos Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans Arizona Cardinals @ Los A
  20. Well, at least City aren't getting thumped by Brentford tomorrow. Off due to COVID outbreak in our squad.
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