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  1. Sunday September 19th New England Patriots @ New York Jets Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles Los Angeles Rams @ Indianapolis Colts Las Vegas Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals @ Chicago Bears Houston Texans @ Cleveland Browns New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers Minnesota Vikings @ Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans @ Seattle Seahawks Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Chargers Kansas City Chiefs @ Baltimore Ravens Monday September 20th Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers
  2. CAN'T STOP. Banging intro then ages of plunk-plunk-plunk-plunky-plunky-plunk-plunk. That's it.
  3. In the former the company growth was as obvious as the changes in people - one PPV a year '85-'86, two in '87, three in '88, four from 89-92, five from 93-94 and from May 1995 at least one per month ever after. Since WM18... what's changed apart from the people? not much positive but at the same time too much to get into in a single post.
  4. In four years time the company will have been WWE longer than it was WWF.
  5. Lucky she didn't ref the cage match, she'd never have got out.
  6. As was I heard the original WWF Dudley Bozy intro was may have been used in some capacity.
  7. Definitely in the NWO Hollywood B-Squad/Brutus Beefcake mould. HHH would have been the same if not for the obvious relationship. ALMOST bit on that.
  8. They're the only extra wheels in the pack now - you have the manager, the prime talent and the sycophants; the Choad Warriors here are too big to be lackeys and too bland to be prime talent. They'd be better suited to a pan-Fed deal if they do the same schtick wtih Don in Impact (which is still viable as the Christian feud is still active while he's champ)
  9. Live chat is not permitted on this board.
  10. Gone with Fite but my phone couldn't keep up with the stream, so watching on PC now.
  11. I've seen that the show's available to order through PSN, and as none of the new-gen consoles over here have the Fite app (grrrr) I was wondering if anyone had ordered PPV through PSN before - does it come with infinite replays or a set time limit? I could just send the Fite stream from my phone to the TV instead....
  12. He was sleeping with one of his regular on-air contributors (can't remember her name off the top), but he defended that at the time saying they were both single or something.
  13. WEEK 1 Fixtures Thursday September 9th Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday September 12th Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts Los Angeles Chargers @ Washington Football Team New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos @ New York Giants Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints (@ TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville) Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams Monday September 13th Baltimore Ravens @ Las Vegas Raiders
  14. According to the music video we're only ten years off-topic.
  15. Not got to Aurum Vale yetThat's heartwarming to hear, it's always good to feel welcome in a new dungeon.
  16. Indeed there have been. Getting free advertising from certain streamers has helped / hurt in equal measure.
  17. In Arkham knight you can take out Cobra tanks with just the Disruptor gun.
  18. Pugilist is independent of Rogue/Ninja, it feeds into Monk instead which is still a top-tier melee DPS. It was a complete mess until Yoshi P rewrote everything and it went stratospheric. Indeed, it's *too* popular at the moment because everything's bloody fulll and queue times to just start the game up were ridiculous; there's apparently more capacity coming on in the lead-up to the next expansion out in November / Summoner main, LVL 79 but slightly overlevelled for where I'm at and still only doing normal-tier content
  19. ".... and Ariston...." Meanwhile, this is what world-building music feels like.
  20. For me it was the PC being uninvolved in the overall plot asides it being the player at the controls. No real flavour of history, personality or growth (in contrast to Ajay and FC3's main, I forget his name) doesn't make an enthralling protagonist.
  21. There was literally no other way to post this.
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