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  1. That's pretty much how I gave up a year ago, except I got my live fix (PWC) and enough non-wrestling things where I know 8 hours a week of more-of-the-same isn't valuable to me.
  2. I think it's Vince's "nobody else can have something as big / strong / good as me" trope. Yet having someone who makes Arnie look like a pencil-neck is still one hell of a grab. Plus imagining what stupid shit Vince may have imagined if Wilt was interested makes for a fun minute, considering that Hulkamania was literally around the corner from Conan The Destroyer.
  3. I'm digging this thread up after 4 months to answer the question above; TLDR is that someone in either the Marlins, Pirates or both teams got tested positive and that's blown up so badly since then pretty much every team's had at least 2-3 games chalked off already. On the 7th of June all MLB.TV subbers (Keith check your inbox) were offered either a refund of ~45% to be clicked for, or a 45% deposit on next year's subscription. About an hour ago I got a mail back from MLB saying my refund's being processed.... i'm getting 75% back. MLB's fucked it and will be done well before October.
  4. And yet when it's time to evolve from that and really get the best out of his players he's still a deer in the headlights. Earliest date I've seen through heresay was 12/09. I think that's a little too short if players still want a real holiday (as good as one can get in this situation), so I'd say late Sept/early Oct as a ballpark. That winter break thingy didn't last long, did it?
  5. Thank fuck that season's done. Interesting shootout coming up, I can see Brentford ballsing it up more than Fulham but that final's probably likely. The Wigan thing sucks the hardest, though; either them or Barnsley getting dropped by a League jury isn't a nice way to see the Champ order decided.
  6. And that's what's baffling. She is really, really good.
  7. As Charlotte's character has her dad's ego but none of his exuberance, it's really not. LIke she know's she's one of the best in the world, but not enjoying it as much.
  8. It looks even nicer in reality, they debuted the shirt tonight in the playoff tie (which they won, so sales won't hurt)
  9. That is nice. It's the badge colour that really sells it. That kind of thing works a lot better with "modern" designs than it does with city-crest-style logos.
  10. New running shoes! Still Gel Kayano 25s, the 26s don't have good reviews out. I'll see what the 27s are like around Christmas.
  11. From the end of the 2019 thread -
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