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  1. Hollow Knight. But get it from the e-shop for £11, not the physical from Game. A Metroidvania that looks, sounds and plays beautiful, isn't too hard (to start with) but doesn't hold your hand much. There's a fair amount of lore but less narrative than you'd think. Between the PS and the Switch I've put in the best part of 60 hours. I would heartily recommend using a pro controller, though, I did worse with the JoyCon.
  2. 1. The WWE uses enough of its talent pool to not have the same people every week, thus giving the chance for people to heal up and not have to have 5-year Manias. Give Taker a car to ride down the ramp if you have to. 2. To allow people who don't have a programme to work indies regardless of status on the card. 3. For Jim Cornette to not have a coronary and be offended by wrestling that isn't to his tastes. I get why garbagefests piss you off. I don't get why Joey Ryan's Magic Dick and Orange Cassidy doing shit with his hands in his pants aren't worthwhile because people actually react to these BECAUSE THEY ARE FUNNY.
  3. Depends on if the weights themselves come with the kit. The one I had was from RDX Sports (might have been 18kg not 24 excuse me) which was more expensive when I got it, it's around £47 now and comes with sandbags. One word of warning - they use Y*d*l for deliveries and I had to get the fucking thing with sack truck from the depot because they couldn't find / be arsed to stop at my office. I swear if I ever get hench I'm going into that depot and squeeze heads like zits.
  4. I own a weights vest, max capacity 24kg I think, that I've not used in a year. My right knee is starting to play up so it'll be a bit before I've lost enough weight to feel confident to try it again.
  5. Just started a run of Super Metroid and I'm *nowhere* in the first half-an-hour. No doubt some berk's done a sub 3-hr run already.
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