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Vice: Dark Side of the Ring

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Off the top of my head, I can’t think of too many they could do for a third series. Can’t see them touching the Ashley Massaro story and that would be a tough watch. Billy Jack Haynes could be one, I guess. Plenty of material to work with there. What else? The Sid/Arn Anderson incident maybe? One on Pillman? Dynamite? The ring boys sex scandal in 92? I guess there are some options. 

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I haven't watched the show yet, and honestly I don't know if I'm going to be able to bring myself to. But I did listen to Martha Hart on Jericho's podcast. She talks about her favourite Owen Hart

It's almost like they controlled the narrative in one of those docs.

Saw this picture on Twitter. Christ, even when Russo shaves it doesn’t have a proper finish. 

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1 hour ago, The King Of Swing said:

Pillman and Dynamite Kid are pretty good shouts.

Rob Black and XPW could be an interesting watch but would lack Paul Heyman.

XPW or just the whole Messiah saga. Loads if indie level scuzziness goes on it's just whether they think it will generate enough interest.

Dynamite and Pillman are a good shout [especially if they interview Brian Jr as apparently Melanie Pillman nabbed off with all/most of the money from all the memorial shows they ran for him].

Chris Adams has already had a documentary made about him but could be worth exploring on a larger scale.


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Would one on Muhammad Hassan be any good? 

It's such an interesting story and there's a lot to talk about with how he was hazed and bullied backstage, how controversial the character was, how it all came to an end etc. 

Plus he's made appearances and talked about it in some interviews in the last few years so might be up for doing it. 

Would also be one of those that ends on a nice note as he's just a normal bloke now, living and working as a teacher and seems glad to have gotten out of the business. 

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4 hours ago, wandshogun09 said:

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of too many they could do for a third series. 

Not putting the belt on Cesaro

Cena vs Nexus

Bella Twins going in the Hall of Fame

Hornswoggle winning the Cruiserweight title

The push of Roman Reigns

The DELETION of Roman Reigns

Goldberg vs Bray Wyatt

The Saudi Arabia Hostage Crisis that absolutely wasn’t just made up by Dave Meltzer 

The Hardy Boyz being liabilities

The Usos trying to be the Hardy Boyz

CM Punk not getting to main event WrestleMania 

HHH’s reign of terror 

TNA getting rid of the six-sided ring

Hulk Hogan stealing WrestleMania 9 from Bret 

Lacey Turner telling Sammy Guevara he was doing rolls wrong at his WWE tryout

Brock Lesnar: Part time Champion 

Paige and/or Del Rio

Charlotte Flair ending Asuka’s unbeaten streak 

Hardcore Holly, JBL and Undertaker being bullies (but only if it’s not going to incriminate Benoit or the Japanese dojo lads)

Jinder’s title win/reign 

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The Mike Levy incident? Could probably expanded it to Ian Rotten & IWA:MS in general.

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