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  1. I have been meaning to post this for a while. I would just like to agree with this post and say how great it is to have a least one place on here that is almost completely void of dickhead comments. It is heartwarming for me to read so many caring and compassionate comments towards people who may well be strangers, yet the good folk on here find the time for kind words and good advice.
  2. Always best to walk around with your eyes wide open. It's almost a necessity to be a scumbag to progress in British Wrestling. If you look at wrestling as a business, rather than a fantasy world of bullshit & depravity, then you must be mental for not quitting on your first day at "work" (it's not really a proper job is it? )
  3. From my own experiences promoters/wrestlers all piss in the same pot. If you have morals and want to do the right thing by people, you are definitely in the wrong business.
  4. So why is Corbyn pushing for a "People's Vote" when the majority of his people have already voted for Brexit in the first place?
  5. Sadly i have to agree Maybe i am a bit thick? But despite a genuine attempt to keep up with this Brexit Shitstorm, i am still quite confused. The most baffling thing for me is that it seems like Labour are "The Remain Party", yet the majority of "Leave" votes came from Labour strongholds ???? Does that mean Labour are going against their own voters? and if so, who would want to vote for them in the future?
  6. Congratulations! Your prediction was spot on and i did my bollocks in
  7. It must be cool to have the ghost of Eddie Guerrero working on the other side of your serving hatch.
  8. Fair enough. I have no problem with your comments, it's just that i remember not even listening to the commentary, but watched Linarez hold the centre of the ring and be cruising to victory as Campbell was left frustrated with his inability to make a true impact.
  9. From what i remember of Linares v Campbell, It was Linares controlling the entire fight & there was no question that he easily won on points, (even if the judges had it closer)?
  10. I fear you may be in the minority here? 😢
  11. Well i have stuck £30 on a Lomachenko KO in each of the first 3 rounds of his title defense against Luke Campbell. Which will net me between £330-£660 if my prediction is right (depending on which round it is).
  12. The type of bump at 2.30 against Bret Hart for Stampede Wrestling comes with a price, hence the wheelchair and shortened career
  13. Now i am no Hollywood Fashion Plate, but are Col. Robert Parker's chunky trainers a mistake?
  14. Outside work we always have had a lot of crows nesting and i have to go outside to talk to drivers. If one flies over my head and caws, i immediately stop the conversation and shout loudly "Fuck off, keep your beak out!", which generally gets a laugh, as it is a massive contrast to the normal friendly conversation.
  15. Perhaps i have watched too much wrestling over the years, but i read the above quote in the style of Dusty Rhodes (going for a shit!).
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