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  1. When i was doing my apprenticeship way back in the mid-1980's there was a painted pipe in the gents with the sentence "Mike is a..." scratched on it. Because it was the only bit of graffiti in the toilet, it got mentioned from time to time. It was only a small company and we only ever had one guy working there called Mike and he was a truly awful individual, who seemed to revel in his role as "heel manager" making everyone's life difficult. He had REALLY fat fingers and was related to a mate of mine, so we nicknamed him "Uncle Sausage Fingers". The speculation was always "How would the sentence have ended if presumably the artist had not been interrupted by Uncle Sausage Fingers? We narrowed it down to "Mike is a cunt/bastard" because he certainly was and there was little room on the pipe for more than one more word!
  2. Like i said, i would have left out the first sentence. Anyhow, i apologise if you took offence, it was just a case of pointing out what i thought was a slightly inappropriate comment in a cryptic kind of way. Would you care to share your experience of Lionheart making you smile? It would get us back on topic if you had a nice story to share.
  3. Personally i would have left the first sentence out. Not sure how that makes me a prick? On a more positive note. I had the pleasure of seeing him wrestle many times, including a barn burner of a match at 1PW against Davey Richards. We met briefly in the bar afterwards and i congratulated him on the quality of the match. RIP Lionheart, one hell of a talent.
  4. The Road Warriors were always a bit shit.
  5. Stick me down for Chewbacca v an actual Bear (it can be a famous bear or any bear that is up for a ruck).
  6. Do you reckon he could see January 2020? I can feel a bet coming on.
  7. I was shocked by how fat Heyman has become. He needs to lose some timber or face health issues in the near future.
  8. I still turned a profit! I am claiming victory on my prediction. The show on paper should have at least been "passable", but was indeed "shit". The only match that floated my boat was Balor v Andrade.
  9. Will be interesting if his comments go unpunished?
  10. "Now i'm not the kind of guy to say, I told you so...But i told you so!" *copyright Mr.Perfect*
  11. I am a wrestling fan and fully intend to enjoy the match. I do think it is a shame that all the hype is mainly surrounding this match. Why can't any of the current roster create this kind interest and thus take The Undertakers/Goldberg's spot and force them into permanent retirement? And on a similar note! Why can Ric Flair come out of hospital and start cutting promos with the same passion and conviction that is lacking in today's WWE? Just why?
  12. "Good" as in interesting or "Good" as in a good match? I am interested in it, but can't see it being a decent match. If they keep in short and use smoke screens/bells and whistles it could be fun.
  13. 1, The Eurovision Song Contest. 2, Visiting family you do not like (especially when you can't escape until other people have had enough). 3, Comic Relief. 4, The new Football season, when your club has very bad owners.
  14. I would be surprised if the "WWE Saudi Shitshow" did not live up to it's name.
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