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  1. Arguably the best ever villain to visit these shores. Quinn did many tours of the UK and drew big crowds and big heat. Also held Joint Promotions up for a big pay day before jobbing out to Big Daddy and then took their "World Heavyweight belt" over to the opposition. RIP Mighty John 😢
  2. Perhaps a student who never got a decent education off the back of their tuition fees? (ok i made a spelling mistake).
  3. But what if you genuinely believe that "Paul and Mike" are total pricks in real life and have just helped shit all over one of their longest serving colleague in a really sneaky, disrespectful way?
  4. Can anyone send me a link to the most detailed lists of Indy Wrestling in the States please? We are arriving at the end of May for three weeks and will be in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area. Any travel tips (we are mainly using Uber) or places of interest connected to wrestling like shops or flea markets, pretty much anything to do with wrestling around the East Coast would be very much appreciated 😃
  5. Or you could say he had creative control for the duration of his notice. I hated the following night on Raw, when Michaels and Triple H mocked Hart by humiliating a midget dressed as The Hitman. You could say it was part of their heel characters, but i just saw it as two total pricks, acting like total pricks.
  6. Percentage wise he probably went for a similar increase in salary.
  7. Not really, if you look at it from a professional point of view. I have recently worked with a colleague, who handed his notice in after 15 years of hard work and showed a lot of the qualities that Bret Hart did in his chosen line of work and was royally shat upon, on his way out by the management (at least in the opinion of most of his workmates). You can say stuff about Hart's ego and taking himself too seriously and maybe other flaws in his character, but i can't see it in any other way than a massive act of betrayal.
  8. Triple H admitted it. He said that there was a meeting with himself/Vince/Michaels and Vince was talking about the dilemma. He went on to say that "He thought Vince was waiting for one of them to suggest a doublecross" and at that point Triple H piped up "Well if he is not willing to do business, perhaps we should do business for him!"
  9. I only ever watch Wrestlemania (if a can stay awake) and maybe The Royal Rumble if my lad puts it on. Nothing has interested me in the WWE for years now and i used to watch it all the time.
  10. Surely this comment is in worse taste than anything i have ever said about Charlotte Flair?
  11. It was revealed on a shoot interview about wrestlers suffering with pre-match nerves. It stated that Brody would almost be physically sick in the dressing room beforehand and hid it if it carried on during his entrance, by pretending to bark . Which obviously became his trademark, so he carried on doing it, regardless of nerves or not.
  12. Bruiser Brody Trivia Question: What is the reason why Brody starting barking on the way to the ring?
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