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  1. The lack of sympathy should blow over, once Lance Storm has had his say.
  2. I go for more upbeat stuff early in the morning, like Kiss, The Housemartins, ABBA & leave the heavier stuff like The Smiths, for later on in the day. I guess it's really down to personal preference? For me it's important to start the day in the right frame of mind and then act accordingly as time goes on.
  3. Alternatively you can check out the reviews on Amazon that so far have been 100% positive. By the authors own admission, he never had the greatest of childhoods & this included his education (i too have suffered with a very poor education into adult life). I personally feel that if it was word perfect, it would lose some of it's character, when trying to portrait the authors personality and the circumstances he found himself in. I still maintain it is a fantastic book, that would help people understand the reasons behind depression & how abuse can have a very negative effect on people in later life. There is also a good chunk of wrestling stories thrown in to lighten up what is quite a dark subject.
  4. Joking aside. This book does try to give a greater understanding of the effects of mental health/abuse, so give it a try Ralphy . You can always colour it in, a page at a time, as a reward for sticking with your new found hobby 😉
  5. It was during the Christmas Break, so my body clock was shot & i read throughout the night.
  6. This book comes with a VERY strong recommendation! It's what i would describe as a Mental Heath/Abusive Relationships/Wrestling/Violent Crime book? Really dark in places, but extremely interesting (i read it in one 11 hour sitting!). I genuinely think it would be of use to anyone who wants to learn from a victim, the consequences of child abuse and the depression that the author said he has had to deal with for decades afterwards. The book is not particularly well written, but does it have to be? Lots of cool photos and brutally honest. Definitely one of the best books i have ever read.
  7. Fuck it... Luke Harp er Tiger Jeet Singha Butch Miller Ron Bass Nicholas Aldis aka Magners
  8. It's a fair point that aesthetically Kathy Burke is past her prime. But when she was younger, i genuinely found her attractive. Funny too! Which i also does it for me 💕💕
  9. You know when Eastenders have a big episode and they report the National Grid taking a hit after the conclusion of the programme due to everyone sticking the kettle on. Is that also the case with the National Shit Grid? With everyone eating twice as much food at roughly the same time, thus clogging up the sewers with twice as much shite (probably twice as smelly too!) on Christmas Day. Can't be much fun if you are called out to unblock a build up of a sprout turd mountain, that is so high there is snow on the summit.
  10. YES!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas fellow UKFFers 😊
  11. So what percentage of people born in the UK do you perceive to be your version of what could be described as racist? I believe that one of biggest mistakes made by Remainers after their defeat in the referendum, was to describe those who voted to leave as "racists/ill informed idiots (or both). I believe that this just added fuel to the fire of Brexit & made people all the more determined to go out & vote again, in a way that would support Brexit. I don't believe that we have over 17 million racists/ill informed idiots in this country. We do have a lot of angry & disillusioned people though, but "racist"? Nah. I agree with a lot of the points you make. But i still see this as a fairly decent country (a divided country with its problems) with an awful lot more good people, than bad.
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