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  1. There appears to be a big shout on Twitter for Cody Rhodes to face Matt Tremont? Just wondered if anyone on here would like to see that match & do they think it could happen?
  2. I must admit that wording did catch my eye too 🤣🤣🤣
  3. i believe the official term for an attractive Lady who has passed on, yet still provides a back catalogue of grumble material is a "Stone Cold Stunner" 🍆💦
  4. He has also mentioned about financial pressure due to his inability to perform. I have been lucky to see him perform on many occasions & would say he is possibly the most underrated wrestler in the UK. When WOS returned to TV it saddened me to see him in a role that did little more than portrait him pulling angry faces at the camera with little in the way of in ring action. Hopefully he will bounce back because he is very well respected amongst his peers & comes across as a good guy, with a real passion & knowledge for wrestling.
  5. Different staff would lose their jobs if Wetherspoons closed down because the original staff all got sacked at the first given opportunity.
  6. I see Regal's character now, similar to my mate Triple H's. It's dead easy being the "humble" boss & all round good guy, when you are at the top of the shitheap looking down on the minions. There's plenty of stuff out there about Regal. Most of it from years ago & some to do with his issues with drugs. I maintain that most people in wrestling have to be scummy to get to the top, then of course you can wear a suit, smile & rewrite history.
  7. I have noticed full time wrestlers in the UK working mainly the All Star circuit had a habit of saying "In this Job" or "The job's fucked" etc. Almost to give themselves credibility for working a full time schedule, when the majority of wrestlers outside of ASW were Weekend Warriors. It never sat well with me because of the way they were treated & how little money they got paid. If you class independent wrestling as "a job" or "an industry", it really does have a lot to answer for regarding the way they have treated their "staff" at times & for that matter, how their staff conduct themselves. For me an industry or whatever you want to call it, can only be treated seriously if people act professionally & can afford a decent standard of living. Most wrestling outside of WWE/AEW/Japan is a hobby & a pretty fucked up one at that.
  8. I am sure one of the most recent Drive-Thru's that was over two hours, had loads of (non-wrestling related rants) & not one single question from the listeners! The best of Jim Cornette is very good, but the worst in awful.
  9. Over in the States "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont was a really nice guy every time i met him. In the UK Big "Fn" Joe is a pleasure to be around. Honorary mentions: Mick McManus, Danny Collins, Rob Brookside, Wayne Bridges, Iceman, Keith Myatt, Blondie Barratt, Doug Williams & Tony St.Clair.
  10. I have been drinking that stuff for years! Twist & go, with almost a whiff of cannabis when you open the bottle. Not too strong, but gets you pissed. A lovely drop
  11. Agree with the above. I did however laugh at his recent review of WWE Money in the Bank were Jim concluded that every single person associated with that show was on drugs! It was the way he said it. A really sad sounding voice, i could almost picture him with a tear in his eye because he has finally given up on the last two people at the WWE that he had faith in.
  12. I located a room Mrs. Mount-Evans frequents that i believe is called "The Kitchen"? & participated in what could be loosely described as "Cooking". Hot Dogs, Soup, Bacon Sandwich, Mushroom & Brown Sauce Toasty. Full on development of life skills!
  13. Top RHS one appears to be a specialist on getting a tune out of the Pink Oboe.
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