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  1. Chyna. Edit - Maybe that qualifies simply as the dark side of fame, rather than specific to pro-wrestling. Nonetheless, her rise and fall is quite the story with plenty of fucked up material. The Japanese Dojo system would indeed be interesting. It would certainly have to address the bigger Ashley Massaro story as well, but i'm also going to suggest the Diva search in general.
  2. I'd never particularly found McCool attractive (standing next to Layla so often will take the shine off anyone tbf) and I can't be dealing with all the 'God is dope' bollocks, but there's been several points through this series that i've thought "fucking hell, he's done alright there". Quite the nothing episode really and possibly suffered from the total ignoring of the transparent fact of the Saudi gigs being such a sweet pay deal for why any of them were coming back and taking them. Glen Jacobs was so perfectly cast to be Undertaker's brother. Being huge and fucking jacked for one, but the element of the ginge that 'Taker had too really made that shit work for me. As well as being an ugly enough bastard that he was much better off under a mask. It's odd, i've seen what Glen Jacobs looks like thousands of times, yet i still find seeing him unmasked in those early years of being Kane fascinating. (Realise how the general tone of this post comes across, no need to point it out)
  3. There was CM Punk. But, well...yeah. Kevin Nash isn't so keen, is he? And isn't there very legitimate beef between him and the other Diesel (Vin)? Of course some of it was purely about making money together, but Cena didn't think he was quite so wonderful either, no? The only other thing i can think of is the I Quit match with Foley.
  4. I was coming in to mention Kane. I think he'll be one of the very few who'll qualify out of those who are still alive. Maybe dirt will come out on him one day, but i reckon it would have by now considering his new job. The only thing i think anyone's not liked about him is some of his work. Even that is only work-rate perv fans and likely think as much because he's big but doesn't do moonsaults or spin kicks. For such a genuinely fucking huge, scary looking fucker he by all accounts seems the absolute nicest bloke in the world. But even when it comes to the bullshit wrestling stuff like the politics and whatnot. Don't think you've ever heard any fuss about him on that front, refusing to job, fucking other people over, hurting anyone, none of that. And willing to run with whatever absolute bollocks WWE asked of him. Work with fire, portray a rapist, shave half your head and eyebrows off constantly, feud with Shane McMahon. And a lot of the time just about making it work. Big Red Top Bloke.
  5. Indeed. That warped way of thinking from that moronic post earlier in the thread i just can't get my head around. How anyone can look at Martha - not backing down and fighting a big company all the way to get some measure of justice for Owen, all the while bringing up two kids on her own to be seemingly well rounded people, going into and making success of careers and living their lives away from wrestling and then look at Benoits kid, his situation and mindset now. How anyone can look at both set of circumstances, condemn the former and feel good about the latter because David Benoit is still completely attached to and obsessed with wrestling. What in the fuck. The kids were 7 and 3 at the time. Man. I was unaware of that until i watched this. All the respect in the world to Martha for how she handled things, frankly.
  6. I thought Patterson was responsible for that one too?
  7. Triple H went through a phase of using 'industry' during his clean shaven colourful trunks phase, i'm sure. What he really overuses though is - "Here's the thing..." Doesn't annoy me, but i've always found it a bit of an odd turn of phrase. He loves it.
  8. What examples are there of wrestlers coming up with stuff for other wrestlers - gimmicks, looks, moves, angles, matches, finishes? I've got: Pat Patterson with the Royal Rumble concept Scott Hall with the Sting 'Crow' look + transformation Hawk with Heel Doink for Matt Borne DDP suggesting Scott Hall shave the mo and grow out some stubble as the Diamond Studd Bruce Hart with the Hart Brothers feud, only for Bret to suggest Owen in the spot rather than Bruce Sure there was urban legend that Bret Hart got the sharpshooter from Konnan, not sure that's true mind Similarly Michael Hayes coming up with the Stunner for Stone Cold Bret Hart needing a neat pinning finish for a match and Chris Jericho suggesting and showing him the La Magistral Cradle
  9. 😆 Amazing! Probably going to say this after every episode, but fucking hell it's fascinating seeing this far back behind the curtain with him. He came across really well in this one too, couple of moments where it seems he actually might be a bit of a laugh at times. The Cena match stuff though, the view John gave and 'Taker wanting to have a long epic. Undertaker is almost a victim of his own streak of blinders he had at WrestleMania there for a bit. Stole the show for a good few years with 'epics' and now just needs to cure that NXT like itch to have that each time. When really, he should actually take much of his own advice, of less is more, like he talks about in the Broken Skull sessions on his early WWF career. He wanted to be knocking out 5 star wrestling classics then too, but says he had to fight his own ego to resist the urge to try and have that for the sake of getting the character over. It totally applies now, he wants to give the fans that and what he believes he can still give, but really it's more about scratching his own itch. Cena (and Show) is right, we don't care about him having that particular spot anymore and literally everyone thought it was one match too many after Roman, people just want to see him and see him do Undertakery things. But seemingly, Mark Calaway won't be happy with that. "We don't sell time, we sell entertainment" - that's a WrestleMania tagline right there. Actually, that should be written somewhere so it's the last thing talent see in gorilla before they go out. What makes all that and the current Covid situation all the more fascinating - it was interesting seeing him mention AJ and wanted to work him. After wanting a match more like his HBK matches with Cena, then having the Saudi stinkers, it feels likely that he requested working AJ to have that match. Even compares him to Shawn. To possibly have that be his last match, going out on a match he'd feel happy gong out on. Which may be how this documentary would have wrapped up. Yet, Covid-19 happens, robs him of that match and we get the Boner match instead. And in the process potentially stumbled on a way to keep him going and having him pop up at WrestleMania for some time yet.
  10. Neville Southall only proved it to be complete bullshit if you're of the belief that Al Snow has ever had a good match.
  11. They've surely got an easy get out/explanation for that angle to go ahead with how the Becky/Asuka stuff was handled. Becky specifically said the match was actually for the title, rather than a MITB contract. So there's only one MITB contract to begin with, contested for in a match featuring both men and women. More than enough loopholes there to bullshit such an angle.
  12. You're a decade out there, surely.
  13. After seeing him casually chatting to Roman and dropping a few y'knows, i wonder if nobody brings that to his attention for the same reason. Also, i wonder if he watches his interviews back and cringes in the same manner as he was watching the Roman match back when he realises just how frequently he does it. This shit is going to be fascinating. Sorta gold the network exists for. So glad WWE just film bloody everything so stuff like this is possible. Catching moments like that bit with Triple H in gorilla at WrestleMania 31. Incredible. Contradictory existence is bang on. He's stuck in a total loop now. You really, really got the impression from that, that everyone there felt it was time, but wouldn't dare tell him as such. Austin knows.
  14. 😐 More just feeling like an odd, uncomfortable fit. But all the same - hence shouldn't annoy, yet does.
  15. Was thinking of this the other day and discussion in the random thoughts thread reminded me of a few. What are those occurrences in wrestling that annoy you more than they should or that really probably shouldn't annoy you at all. It was changing of gear in the random thoughts thread that got me thinking of examples such as - Kurt Angle switching to wearing almost all black singlets. Just never sat right with me. The Rock used to wear those backless boots with his calf exposed. Those were his thing. Then one week he's suddenly got normal full boots on and i was bloody fuming, i tell you. Steve Austin went through a phase of having his knee braces fancy colours. What was that about!? Similarly, Randy Orton decided to stop wearing wrist tape for a bit and he looked naked, proper got on my wick. When two guys regularly wear different colours, but manage to wear the same colours when wrestling each other. Boils my piss! People like Big Show or Undertaker winning or even challenging for the Intercontinental title. No. I have a completely irrational dislike for those that have a physique best described as 'lanky streak of piss' in general. That very much bleeds over into wrestling as just think they seem so utterly unimposing. Skinny, lanky bastards in wrestling - Grinds my fucking gears! So c'mon, what are just some really menial, petty, pointless things in wrestling that shouldn't bother you, yet irk you something chronic.
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