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  1. Last week seemingly was the last episode of the Firefly Funhouse then. Shortly after this whole thing started I had a hunch that when he returns it would mirror his initial debut in some way - the time/date it occurs or the length of time leading up to it or something. I wasn’t sure when that was but thought I remembered it being on the Raw following Money in the Bank. Money in the Bank was a lot earlier this year though and turns out Brays initial debut was July 8th 2013. July 8th falls on a Monday this year and is a couple of weeks away so I can very much see that being when Bray shows up proper again, especially with the Abbie the Witch and Mercy teases this week.
  2. Yeah, I have the same fears with Big E. But then I also think he could well be too good, too charismatic, too likeable to fail also. There’s definite mainstream level megastar potential with him. Big E and Braun Strowman are too absolutely massive blokes that scream WWE, larger than life wrestling, superhuman type bastards that you’d think WWE would be desperate to cement as their next guys. As well as being able to bring the goods in the ring/on WWE TV they both seem like they’d be absolutely superb ambassadors for the company. One of these lads popping up on the talk shows wouldn’t leave viewers thinking “He’s a pro-wrestler!? That’s what they look like these days!?” either. You’d probably instantly assume as much!
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