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  1. Judging by Brays “i’ll see ya next week!”, hoping they’ll be a few more weeks of the fun house for @Astro Hollywood to potentially dissect before Wyatt turns up on Raw proper. Feel like there’s probably a whole bunch of nods/homages/Easter eggs in this video and any more to come. Mercy the Buzzard has to be a nod to Waylon, right? I’m another dickhead that’s fully on board right now and stupidly excited by it. I’ve watched the video a bunch of times already, but he got me first time around when he was originally hyped to turn up on the main roster. Yoweewowow! It’s just refreshing to have something so utterly different to break up the usual monotony of Raw and such an intriguing direction for Bray that’s long overdue.
  2. Heel Doink was exactly the vibe I got from it too and the impression I got in how it would translate as far matches and that are concerned. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was a fan of that gimmick. Love the direction it’s taken so far at least and intrigued to see more. And good on him, he’s looking fucking tremendous. Wonder if he will wrestle in that lovely sweater?
  3. Andrade is throwing it up Charlotte. Charlotte is on Smacky D. Zelina manages Andrade. Black is married to Zelina.
  4. Some of that is ok, but there’s too much of it now for my liking. It’s different times and the nature of how people get into/start wrestling has massively changed. But just about everyone there now was a fan first (except Lesnar) and they’ll be presented as such in some form of WWE content somewhere. It was used really effectively back in the day with Mick Foley, but too many now do come across as nerds that found their way to WWE rather than larger than life superstars. There was still plenty of wrestlers from the 80s and 90s that were fans first, you’d almost never get them presented as such though, which helped make everything seem like it was all from this fascinating, mental, magical other world.
  5. Ha! Yes! She managed to have both the worst and best part of the Women’s Rumble this year. That awful spot over the hat with Maria, but her entrance, BahGawd! I absolutely fucking pissed myself for ages at that. I seem to be the only person in the world who did, as it didn’t seem to be mentioned or acknowledged by anyone, anywhere. She genuinely comes across as the completely batshit mental gf/exgf type and I bloody love her for it.
  6. I don’t at all care for Undisputed Era myself. Booking that pops the “you’re not my real Dad” lot with featuring internet faves prominently on the Raw after WrestleMania is not a foreign concept they’ve never done before. Neither is debuting some Indy lads together presented strongly as a group. The nod there being the novel setting, being The Shields last night proper.
  7. Was the puppet not a buzzard? Clearly seems to be implying Bray. I can’t help but actually be intrigued what the fuck is going on there. Doing The New Day and Seth stuff and it being Ambrose’ last night (the open acknowledgment of which has all been a bit odd) and it being Monday Night AfterWrestleManiRaw felt like a good setting to do New Day vs Shield as the main, all things considered. Which, as Supremo touched on, would have made a wonderful setting for “Shock the System” and Undisputed Era to arrive, wreak havoc and debut. Only watched the sliced up YouTube version, which surely doesn’t help, but seemed like a fairly flat, uneventful Raw for the night after the big one.
  8. Brock Lesnar. What a man! Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s demanded going on first, while the crowd are still alive and excited, after going on last, last year and the match being so massively shit on. Which he clearly wasn’t happy about. He was inside Sable by the time Kofi was WWE Champion. Speaking of Kofi being WWE Champion, amazing! I was completely fooled by the result of Rollins/Lesnar with them going on first. And as a result of that was completely fooled by the result of Kofi/Bryan. Along with Big E and his gift for after the match, which had heel turn written all over it. So glad it wasn’t. They got me, i shed a tear. And that’s all down to how genuinely thrilled Big E and Woods are for him and over the whole thing. Genuinely feel good, heart-warming stuff. Batista is also one hell of a man. Love him. The bloke is fucking 50! Mental. Got a proper chuckle at him tripping, but brushing it off completely and totally getting away of it...only to be told Trippers ain’t ready, fill for time, so he does and takes the piss out of himself and does his entrance again. Tremendous. Is he done now though? I’d have quite liked something to be set up between him and Reigns on Raw.
  9. Bit late to the party, but as much as pro-wrestling can sometimes seem like it’s full of some proper lowlife scum with some proper murky secrets, with a load of silly backstage etiquette and all that, yet things like how absolutely rapid the lads got in there, no hesitation and got on that fucking twat and gave him what for makes me love the mental brotherhood they have. Hope he got an absolute mauling. What a cunt.
  10. Nah. They created the concept, giving him a reason behind painting up instead of just being a cosplay artist. The concept is good (in the comic book universe of wrestling) but perhaps not executed as well as it could have been. Someone else said Finn hasn’t got the chops to pull it off, so he’d have to shoulder some of the blame. I’d be inclined to agree, but some of his pre-WWE dress up performances he was great at incorporating a different edge depending on the influence of the paint job and there’s been a couple of occasions where he’s looked the absolute bollocks doing the Demon schtick. In NXT against Tyler Breeze and last years SummerSlam is what I’m thinking of. For the most part I’ve thought the Demon gimmick is crap, Finn just coming across far too camp, perfectly rehearsed and polished in his entrance to come across at all threatening. The weird headdress thing doesn’t help. He can look really cool with the full body paint on occasion, but Mick Foley taking off a mask, ripping off a shirt to reveal a t-shirt and transform into Cactus Jack it isn’t. He literally just comes across as someone whose thrown some face paint on usually. Which is a shame as something as simple as that can be and has been a great storytelling tool in the wacky world of wrestling. For me, it should be a transformation he doesn’t particularly have control over. Picking and choosing when he does and revealing it beforehand like on Raw plays a big part in killing it for me, but especially with the way he plays it in those segments. At SummerSlam last year against Corbin I was almost back on board though. There was a point before the match when he’s standing in the ring looking down on Corbin shitting it outside as the lights came back on. The camera angle was great and made Finn look awesome and then he proceeded to squash Corbin quickfast and it all came across great. Easily the best The Demon has been presented since Finn has been on Raw. Is this the first time since then he’s going full minstrel? Might come across great at ‘Mania I guess, but I was glad he didn’t against Brock as I could only see it looking as ridiculous as it is really, against him.
  11. Heyman was outstanding in his brief 2001 stint. He brought something else out of JR too, sometimes wrestling is great when two people having to work together don’t really like each other. He was regularly really effective at getting the story across to the viewer and along with Jeff Hardy was pretty much entirely responsible for getting Rhyno over.
  12. Pitcos and Bomber make some very accurate points. I found it very surprising the level of outrage when Charlotte was initially used to replace Becky, even though they played it up by even having Vince do it on tv! It has become this weird scenario where a true baby face can only be made if they are an Indy darling and/or appear to be being held down by the WWE machine. WWE have been pretty decent at realising that and utilising it in the past, as well as the likes of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan playing it up themselves effectively to build their support, basically working the “smart” fans who think they’re too smarted up to be worked and making them their biggest supporters, despite the company being very high on both from the off-set. And they may well be playing a blinder here too really with Becky. This was very clearly the direction and part of the motivation with the inclusion of Charlotte angle. But, to me there was two obvious, logical big women’s matches (both potentially bigger than the men’s) that could have organically happened for this years show and feels a shame that’s not happening. The girls having two 1v1 matches at the Granddaddy and them being the two most anticipated, one being main event, is probably the best PR they’ve for the “women’s revolution”. That feels like a bit of a wasted opportunity, as does a bunch of matches between those four women over the coming months, if not beyond. I’d have happily lost any of the other matches and had Charlotte/Asuka in there instead. Ready made angle that feels WrestleMania worthy. Oh well. I’m not sure how many think Becky is ushering in a boom period. Didn’t think that was a thing. I’ve noticed her popping up or references to her on socials over the last six months that you wouldn’t necessarily expect her too, but that’s a far cry from sparking a “boom”. There was a definite special buzz and magic around her that just started to happen late last year, that felt like something more than anything else going on or that had gone on for a while. But only on the level of CM Punk in 2011, Bryan a couple of years later as mentioned (although I guess people got fantasies of new eras there too) and maybe even Nexus. Moreover though it just became immediately apparent that Ronda and Becky had this electric chemistry when they interacted and Wrestlemania was the perfect setting for it. It’s a funny one though. I absolutely loved the Charlotte/Ronda match, probably my match of the year. But exactly what I wanted out of Becky v Ronda. What I do think is quite interesting, is this could very well have been the other way around. Charlotte/Ronda was seemingly the initial plan for WrestleMania, before facebreak changed everything. Had Charlotte not had faced Ronda at Survivor Series and it was held off until ‘Mania, you’d probably have ended up with a Daniel Bryan situation with the fans kicking off, forcing a triple threat situation with Becky being added. WWE have just worked it in a way to make it seem like that’s how it’s gone anyway, even though Becky has long been in the match plans.
  13. So...Ronda looks kinda stupid now if she just wants to tap out Becky and not bag another belt...? Or I guess it could be a weird way of protecting her in loss, not winning because she was conflicted. Fuck knows. I think part of the real shame of it and a way WWE have done themselves a disservice, is it would have been more significant that the first time women are main eventing the company’s biggest show it isn’t in its simplest form, 1v1, with no added gimmicks, just the two people many most wanted to see 1v1, when it really and so easily could have been.
  14. Fuck. That “Man Comes Around” video is class. But yeah, only serves to remind what a travesty it is not to be just Becky v Ronda. Beckys rise was so fucking good, it’s almost easy to forget that, with how shit at times the angle has been since FastLane. She’s still over as anything of course, but I feel she’s cooled off considerably over the last month or so and especially since the autumn. The thought of a knackered, unresponsive crowd and a wanky Four Horsewomen “moment” post match could kill her momentum dead for me, whatever the result. Hopefully the match does follow Trips/HBK/Benoit in bringing the crowd alive, but doesn’t haven’t the bit for Dem Wans after. There really is too much TV time/too many shows to keep something hot without fizzling out. The Raw invasion angle that lead to face break, the following Smacky D promo, Becky returns and wins the Rumble, “I choose you”, Beckys Chronicle perhaps accompanied by a similar Ronda based one would have suited me lovely to build their match and I’d be all over it still. Basically all the things highlighted in that video. With a couple of promos in there maybe, a bit like Rock/Cena was treated. And I’d have been up for a WrestleMania press conference angle doing something like a UFC weigh-In as @Supremo has previously suggested WrestleMania week/weekend with a bit of full blown Becky McGregor for that last bit of hype. Honestly, when she raided Raw and looked back from the stands her face a bloody mess she looked the coolest thing on the planet. That was so, so good.
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