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  1. Brock vs Rock Two of the biggest stars and attractions ever. And it happened just once. It was quite the passing of the torch moment. The arrival proper of Brock Fucking Lesnar, the next big thing. I see it as a point of the ending of an era and dawning of a new one. Rock was about to take hiatus to start to give Hollywood a go proper. Austin was gone. Hogan was gone. 2002 had been a right mess, a bizarre year, struggling to let the “attitude era” go even though it was long time. Struggling to find a new identity, before finally, seemingly settling on “the future” and this new breed of genetic super freaks and unbelievable athletes coming up from a class in OVW. With the most insane athlete of the lot, Brock Lesnar thrust right to the top in the prominent position. The match was awesome and topped an absolutely electric card. One of the best PPVs ever with a worthy main event to top such a card and the dawning of a new age and direction. SummerSlam 2002 gets talked about, but Brocks first title win and true arrival, going over The Rock never really gets talked about. Nor Lesnars celebration, which I love.
  2. That’s pretty much it. The Progress run was a lot of right time, right place, right company, right crowd, killer angle. They complimented each other in creating a true identity. Especially as they’d just moved into the ballroom. And running with Havoc as a dominant champion in a long, storyline driven fashion really further differentiated Progress from anyone else, in a good way. He’s heralded as some as being really strong creatively and having great psychology, etc. I’ve witnessed this, as well as some fucking awful ideas. But on that front he certainly seems to have ran dry for a while now. As evidenced by the near recycling with that promo, referencing his character from his Progress highs and seemingly living off those past glories when he’s in a very different environment now when, yeah there’s a bunch of others doing not entirely dissimilar.
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed both of this years Rumbles. Felt both were put together really well. I like Drew, but thinking about it since...as they seem to have actually used the match this year to properly elevate someone, I wish that person had been Big E. Mentioned many times before that I think they should strap a rocket to the fella and looking back on it feel the Rumble would have made for the perfect moment to do so. Pretty much just taking Drew’s spot. I’d give Kofi a bit of stronger hope spot on his own and/or with Rey. But have them be eliminated and E arrives and gets the redemption on Kofis behalf, gets serious, has the stare down and goes all the way. Feels like could have been an ideal opportunity to provide some sort of follow up on the Kofi story without having felt it was all for nothing and creating a logical new top guy in the process.
  4. This was mine. To reference another recent topic - a “storyline tool” I enjoy is an odd couple pairing coming together and unexpectedly turning out to really compliment each other, gel and work as a super fluid team. These lads together being one of my favourite examples. I haven’t seen them since, but remember loving their matches in that tag tourney and all their tag offence. WCW had a tag title tourney that put Raven and Saturn together and enjoyed them too. Always had a soft spot for Tajjers and Saturn, mind. Also actually really liked the WWE version of FBI. There was a period where Nunzio and Stamboli were tearing it up on Velocity each week in cracking little matches with Stamboli making an awesome hot tag. Others have been mentioned, echoing Rick really. Will always love big, tough Samoan and Tongan bastards. Always thought the Headshrinkers were underrated. Haku and Barbarian are just a boss pairing though. Big fan of the WM7 opener with The Rockers.
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