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  1. That reminds me of another one. What was with the main matches at Survivor Series ‘92 once Warrior was out the equation? Why rush a Perfect face turn to give Macho a partner rather then putting new WWF champion Bret in there instead? Considering Bret just dethroned Flair, would go on to face Razor at the Rumble, it seemed a perfectly logical solution once Warrior wasn’t an option. Or if that leaves Shawn without an opponent why not a Survivors match with them all in there? Bret/Macho and some mates vs Flair/Perfect/Razor/Michaels and start a Perfect face turn there. Realise everyone was leaving or being sent packing around this time, but even still seemed a more logical way to go than want we ended up with. Yeah, I don’t know who Bret and Machos mates would have been. Obviously Bulldog and Jannety would have made for a lovely Survivors match were they options.
  2. Luger and Brets promo skills weren’t up to much. Or Diesel really. But moving away from and trying to make you forget about Hogan with a new generation of stars, he was a grand choice for being so different (fans seemed to want something different by this point) while still being a suitable candidate to do the “USA! USA!l stuff if you had to. And he was bloody massive for a geezer busting out fucking Frankensteiners in that day and age!
  3. Was coming in to suggest Cena ending the streak at WrestleMania and turning heel in the process, but it’s been covered. As much of a moment as it was how it played out, this way would have been much bigger still I feel and potentially had a far greater impact. The other one I wanted to mention was actually covered in a thread here a while back. Although I actually posted the suggestion on a forum several years ago, to little response, which made me think really, it was a pretty unrealistic possibility. But I was blown away to discover years later, listening to the Something to Wrestle With podcast, that it was actually very much a considered possibility. And that’s Scotty Steiner getting the Lex Express push in 1993. Apparently there was talk of Scott winning the Rumble as a relative unknown. I love that idea too, but I really feel Scott was such a good candidate for the new All-American hero rising up to slam Yoko and conquer him at SummerSlam and wouldn’t feel nearly as forced as it did putting it on Luger. Fairly sure SummerFest was even in Michigan! Find it mental that they had Scotty on their hands and didn’t want to push him to the moon and that they basically did fuck all with him. You’d think Vince would be jizzing his pants seeing this guy, going by how he reacted to Tom Magee and years later Brock Lesnar. With that physique and athleticism, Steiner was light years ahead of his time! He’d have been the perfect candidate to spearhead the “New Generation”, he’d have made Hogan look absolutely ancient in comparison. Sure, he didn’t have Hogan like charisma at the time, but with what he eventually became he had it in him. And none of who they ran with had that either anyway.
  4. Yeah, that would have probably have done more for Seth getting the audience behind him. When Roman returned there was still plenty of pillocks calling it a work to gain sympathy for him when all else had failed. Had he swooped straight in and taken Seth’s WrestleMania spot it would have only had convinced them more so and made them all the more vocal about it. It’s a tricky one. On paper it’s an incredible story and everything Supremo said should be right, but due to the shady as fuck, carny nature of pro-wrestling/WWE, angles they’ve ran in the past and the large number of entitled dickhead fans who like to make their opinions heard and think they know better than nottheirrealDad it’s probably been a good decision not to insert him straight back into the title picture.
  5. Why on earth did they throw away Brocks cash in on that pointless back and forth title switching with Seth instead of saving it for this!? If Brock is taking the title, I hope it doesn’t just return to business as usual with Kofi and the New Day. Needs to lead to something and some greater development. Feels like I only ever post to say it but I’m desperate for it to be used as a launching pad for Big E to get serious and step up. You’re next big baby face is right there. Hilarious we’re getting a new draft and then a month later it’ll be Survivor Series -Raw vs Smackers with apparent brand loyalty.
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