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  1. I'm pretty certain the '96 Rumble was shown live (at midnight). I don't think the IYH shows were being shown at this stage though. We'd got Sky in my gaff at the end of '95. I jumped straight back into WWF to see what was going on. I'm going to say it was 5pm weekday slots at this point, Raw on the Friday. I'd picked up just after Bret had nabbed the belt back from Big D. I remember the Bret-Bulldog IYH being built (got a hazy memory of Davey being interviewed at home with his Crimbo decs up), but not being able to watch that IYH. So Rumble was the first PPV i had the chance to see with this w
  2. I was thinking this, only about a Rumble win for him itself. All those Rumbles shat on by fans in attendance sulking that Bryan isn't winning it or even in it. To go ahead and do it when fans can't be there feels like the ultimate WWE trollng and although unfortunate and depressing, a little amusing too. On that note - those saying doing the Pearce deal is perfect on a Rumble card as the Rumble is the real draw, absolutely, but probably even more so when they haven't got to worry about getting fans into an arena at all. And as much as Babyface Bryan vs Heel Reigns sounds like a magic 'Man
  3. My favourite example of this - in the early days of Progress, they had opted to try and be different by having their championship represented by a shitty Staff, rather than a belt. There'd been a MITB style angle where Mark Andrews won, then immediately lost said championship. The following show, when he comes out fans are chanting about him being the real champion, or something along those lines. In response Andrews nods and does the hands around the waist gesture...before quickly realising this isn't relevant or fitting to this situation or promotion and instead immediately, enthusiastically
  4. Man, dubbing the lad -1 is equal parts wonderful and heartbreaking.
  5. On the second point - they were perhaps a dreadful finisher, but they made a great signature. For me, there is finishing moves - a move that could feasibly finish a match almost instantly at any point or almost certainly guaranteed victory once caught with it following all the complimentary offence to it. And signature moves, that might not be able to do what a finisher does, but the wrestler likes to sign off their victory with. Really suited someone like The Rock perfectly to do that. On the first point, agreed. Although i think 90's Japan might have a lot to answer for there also. It's
  6. Was thinking of this the other day and discussion in the random thoughts thread reminded me of a few. What are those occurrences in wrestling that annoy you more than they should or that really probably shouldn't annoy you at all. It was changing of gear in the random thoughts thread that got me thinking of examples such as - Kurt Angle switching to wearing almost all black singlets. Just never sat right with me. The Rock used to wear those backless boots with his calf exposed. Those were his thing. Then one week he's suddenly got normal full boots on and i was bloody fuming, i tell you.
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