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  1. Yes. WWE especially with its large back catalogue, really doesn't need to be putting shows on. It falls into Vince's bullshit 'we keep going telling stories dammnit' philosophy, which virus' don't give two shits about. He would still be going to the pub over here.
  2. I was shocked how many on my street did it, but very good to see. Now if all those who clapped them quite rightly last night stopped voting for a party that has slashed the NHS to shit and went to war with the Junior Doctors, that would be great.
  3. She goes into what occurred a bit more on the Jericho podcast. Not a sexual assault, more hitting etc. I think less people will have listened to the podcast than watched this so she probably decided not to drag that all up, especially with David's involvement.
  4. Good on Roman. Great to see someone with clout do this. I still cannot believe they are going ahead with this. Utter nonsense. Just build up Summerslam as the main show this year
  5. Played by David Spade. I finished it last night. It didn't keep up the 'oh shit' factor as much, and by the end, I actually felt kinda sad for some involved.
  6. The ending of episode 2 made me genuinely sit upright. The next episode is a true life crime series in itself! It's up there with ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT for batshittery
  7. @BomberPat - Interesting you bring up Lee in relation to Maron. Marc has mentioned a few times how much he likes Stew and his style. He had him on WTF a few years back and its a genuinely great chat. I think Maron really related to what he tries to do, so Its not surprising Maron has gone down that route now with the narrative structure. I really enjoyed it anyway. Maron is always engaging.
  8. That had utterly slipped my mind! Urgh. The most boring is 'One More Match' Fuck off
  9. The 'fans' at the event are the worst things about it. Booing John Cena being the lowest moment.
  10. I think we're at least 3 months away from relaxing it. I actually think there will be harsher measures before relaxing even happens. It will become a lot more normal, so the stockpilers and panic shoppers will not be as prevalent as it will settle down into the everyday run of things. People were shitting it as they didn't know what was going to happen. We know now. Also in the next 3 weeks we are going to see huge numbers. The Government will no doubt step up the messaging all over the place My work has e-mailed to tell me that holiday and sick days do not have to be reported now. Just simply inform your manager if you will not be at your desk WFH.
  11. Yeah, the old dry your hands by patting the back of your jeans will no longer be acceptable in the new Utopia
  12. The more serious this situation has developed, the oddly calmer I've been about it all. It's almost like my anxiety and fear of these situations happening outweigh the reality of when they actually do happen. I cannot do anything but stay inside. Also I thought something like this would be more dramatic. Instead Greggs closed. Every generation goes through something like this be it war or disease. Lets hope we learn the rights lessons from this
  13. Big news this https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/25/uk-coronavirus-mass-home-testing-to-be-made-available-within-days Could be available to the public by the end of next week. Lets hope so. UK seems to be ahead of other countries with getting these in.
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