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  1. Well that was great fun. AEW feels like it has got some great momentum at the moment, throw the two new signings in with the crowds back and the possibilities are endless. Really good to watch
  2. I'm sure they knew the reaction it would get and because of that their security should have been rock tight. Could have easily had the fans going mad without it getting to that level. A fucking pizza cutter being chucked? Fuck off.
  3. Vince's taste in ties is really fucking questionable. Horrendous
  4. So Punk on his Instagram just posted a story with the Alan Parsons Project playing. Its either a great troll, or its genuinely happening in Chicago. That crowds going to go insane if he walks out.
  5. Yeah, I am not allowing myself to be in any way excited about Bryan in AEW (He says squealing insides)
  6. As others have said, that match felt huge. The lights around the arena before it, the atmosphere of the crowd, two cracking guys playing their roles to perfection. It really is incredibly enjoyable. Punk and Cena's dynamic was always intriguing to me with Punk essentially liking Cena but hating the company for positioning him ahead of him. It was much more interesting and I wish we got more of it The Summer of Punk was utterly wasted. I think Punk said in an interview that they had a lot more planned but they needed a Summerslam main event due to something so he had to come back. They really could have had an enjoyable 2-3 months of that,
  7. As someone who really liked the Marvel films, Black Widow just confirmed to me I don't care anymore about them. Bar Wandavision, I don't really care about the other series. Perhaps it is fatigue but Endgame felt like the end of something not the end of a phase. I would have liked for them to just go cosmic and set stuff in a different place. Maybe then it could have felt refreshing. On the plus side of Black Widow, David Harbor and Florence Pugh were great and the actual scenes with the family were really good. Unfortunately BLOW UP BLOW UP scenes just kinda spoiled what could have been a nice change of pace.
  8. No doubt Captain Tom will appear in an ITV montage before the game. @SuperBacon - I get your point on the National Anthems, and I'm not saying everyone who does/did it is some flag shagging BNP lad. I just think there will always be an element of the English fan base who are utter tossers and I can imagine them being the ones leading this. Anyway, the Italian one is an absolute tune, so hopefully everyone just joins in! On National Anthems, England really need a new one. Whack Jerusalem on like the cricket. The only good thing about GSTQ is its relatively short.
  9. Well Labour might then win something after an horrendous humiliation Well done England. Getting to the final itself feels like a weight lifted, much like the penalty shoot out win in 2018. Its a psychological knocking down of things that have haunted the teams for years. Italy will be a massive test. They're an intimidating bunch full of character. Will be a fascinating game. The laser pen doesn't bother me, what should be more focused on was the plebs who booed the Danish National anthem. There's a section of England fans who will always continue to be fucking prats.
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