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  1. To be fair, no viewers is still too many for that show.
  2. Huge for me as a kid, absolutely loved LOD. Had the plastic shoulder pads and everything. Always seemed like a cracking guy on interviews as well. May he rest well
  3. Jericho should use it. He could make it work
  4. The giant Sandworm skeleton right at the beginning on Tatoine kida gives it away
  5. Yeah I get that with Kane. As an Arsenal fan I have a lot of time for him as a player and he seems to want to do something with Spurs, I just wonder if Bale comes in on a big wage if he might start getting slightly agitated about it. I certainly think this is a huge year for him and Tottenham in regards to his future. Bale's an interesting one as nobody has really seen him play consistently for about 2 seasons. But it makes sense if Spurs can get the right financial package out of it. Even if it is just for a season to try and push to get into the CL as financially its massive with no fan
  6. Yeah so weird they didn't even offer an explanation and handled it in such a wankerish way. It has utterly fucked them. I listened to the new one and as you say, it was properly shit. Ah well.
  7. Question for Spurs fans, if Real agree to pay half his wages, Bale would still be on about 300k from Spurs, making him the highest paid player. How do you think that sits with Kane?
  8. I must say I've been impressed by how the story has gone. Its the type of long form storytelling in wrestling I get a kick out of. Its definitely now Kenny's time to become the top heel World Champion with Page the chasing face. Really looking forward to it going forward
  9. Yeah he's been writing one for a while now I think. It feels like with that world and the fact he's a way better writer now, a sequel to it would be ten times better and richer.
  10. To me the whole thing stunk of them not wanting someone getting themselves over without their say so. They fucking hate that
  11. Looking forward to how Styles is going to blame Heyman for losing his Twitch channel
  12. It is also fantastic because of Dusty's reaction to what Heenan says. Dusty is incredulous at the very suggestion and he sounds so annoyed like 'even now you're having a go?!' it makes the moment the leg drop happens even better.
  13. WWE is so determined to make everything special they forget to actually book anything special.
  14. Picked up PULP By Brubaker and Phillips. First one since they've gone to just the graphic novel form. Really good as always. I don't think there's been a more consistent team in comics ever. Great stuff.
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