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  1. Factotum

    It's today then ... (Trump thread)

    Sanders is important though. His progressive policies are proving very popular and any Democratic candidate against him will have to adopt some of them. Universal Healthcare is especially gaining traction in the US (Finally) especially with the way the Trump administration has rolled back Obama care (which wasn't great) Healthcare reform / basic incomes are the key for the Democrats in those states that went to Trump in 2016. Can easily be done, and does not go after raising Tax for the lower middle class. Sanders is unpopular among a lot of Democrats as he is an independent in all but name BUT if you want to see Trump get his arse handed to him in a debate, Bernie is your man. At the moment, there's not really anyone bar Warren who stands out. Plus he can have a cool running slogan: Hindsight is 2020
  2. Factotum

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I really don't like her posting those texts. She talks about her kids, but this is airing everything out in the open. Not a good look.
  3. Factotum

    Labour Split / Independence Group

    Soubry went all in didn't she? Bloody hell that was a brutal assessment of the Tories and May. Also she actually had energy unlike the boring drones of the Labour defectors. A quick aside though. These are essentially 11 centrists the likes everyone ended up detesting a few years ago that encourage privatisation and austerity. Must make the Labour defectors proud to be standing with MPs from a party who's austerity policies have basically led to the current shambles.
  4. Factotum

    The Batshit World of Noel Edmonds

    He's going up against a guy called Lord Blackwell. I mean, this is just incredible.
  5. Factotum

    Labour Split / Independence Group

    Joan Ryan resigns....nothing to do with her being deselected in September I'm sure.
  6. Factotum

    Random Thoughts III.

    Yeah Paul E knew what he was doing. On that, I find Heyman an incredibly fascinating character. I would love a book of his. You would probably need 7 of them, and to hell with a fact checker!
  7. Factotum

    Labour Split / Independence Group

    For me its being visible, available and open to the constituents. Voting on subjects that the constituents feel strongly with (which relates to the first point) Supporting local causes, seeking advice for them if they have issues. Its sometimes the little things that make good local MPs. When I lived in Islington for instance, Corbyn was always visible. He attended many meetings etc. and got involved in community projects and was always accessible (ironic now). That's a good local MP for me. I know BIG change is hard for an MP, nigh on impossible, but they shouldn't be totally absent, that you can only see maybe once a week at a surgery.
  8. Factotum

    Labour Split / Independence Group

    I get that, he's certainly set himself up a lot better to the public. But his history of voting is not particularly good, nor were the bills he worked on as a junior minister. I suppose my issue is people claiming he should be Labour leader, based purely on his Twitter feed, when as an MP he's been pretty terrible. Also as a backbench MP its quite easy to come across as different and inspiring. Look at Corbyn. Power is a very different thing.
  9. Factotum

    Labour Split / Independence Group

    Lammy still is shit really. He's stumbled upon Twitter where he comes across well (not hard atm) but as a local MP I can't think of a single thing he has done for Tottenham. My parents vote Labour out of habit, but can't stand him.
  10. Factotum

    [NSFW] Less commercial or conventional hotties

    The biggest crime is Barry Shitpeas didn't get a gig
  11. Maybe he faces off with Santino over that Instagram post?
  12. Ladder match? Could be great with them two. Thing is...I really don't want the title off of Bryan. He's sensational at the moment.
  13. Factotum

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    Yeah Clerks does hold up as its essentially a bunch of sketches in a narrative form, and actually has some pathos to it unlike the utterly forced pathos of Clerks 2. Chasing Amy has also aged very badly bar Jason Lee being great.
  14. Factotum

    Labour Split / Independence Group

    I'm sure those who left feel justified given the Daily Mail's headlines calling them 'decent'. Must be nice to know they're so well regarded by that rag.
  15. Yeah i saw it the other day at a preview and it was good fun. Florence Pugh is going to be pretty big. Lady Macbeth was great as well.