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  1. I was talking about the quality of his work in that regards.
  2. Dave should just stick to articles on the history of the business. Those are what I enjoy and what he's best at. You even see that when he's on Jericho's podcasts talking about certain eras and wrestlers. I'm sure there's probably an even bigger market for that stuff than the current stuff at the moment.
  3. I wasn't including the radio show to be honest. That benefits from its audio format. I also think it is helped by the fact Adams being all over it. The show started as a radio show, but the books are even better as its his imagination gone wild. Was never a fan of the show as much as others.
  4. I feel this with all of Douglas Adams work as well. Adams is the dominant voice in all his work, to translate it just leaves it bland.
  5. Supernatural gets by on having two of the most likeable leads of a TV show. Their chemistry is what drives it. You can just pop into an episode and it'll make you chuckle. As a 'show' it should have ended after Season 5 as it was a logical end.
  6. Netflix should give Lynch a deal. Its mad he hasn't made a film in over 10 or so years. Hell, give him a talk show.
  7. That's a helluva signing for Netflix. Fantastic a whole generation will now be able to see all of these in one place.
  8. The Gentleman is really good fun. Hugh Grant's fine run continues. My aim in 2020 is to work out just what is Charlie Hunam's accent
  9. Point is though, he wouldn't say that about her. His mind jumped there with Paige because of her past. It's a dickhead thing to say
  10. Not a great look for him that. Saw Renee Young and The Bella's comment on it as well. Even if its offhand, the COO of a company should not be making a crack like that
  11. Are they just trolling everyone now with Rusev/Lashley? Kevin Owens doing a mad one was great. I do love KO.
  12. I'm not denigrating it at all. As I said, its a really good central performance and I always find him a compelling watch. I just think he's been better in other stuff and deserved it more in other years. This is 'his year' though and I'm pleased.
  13. Once Upon A Time now favourite to win Best Picture, seems to be picking up steam. Was my film of the year so be good to see. Also nods that releasing a film in July/August might be a smart way of doing it these days rather than have it lost in the crowd. Parasite I found good, but not as great as people have been going on about, but always good to see a film like this nominated in the main category. JOKER shouldn't be on that list for me. Its an OK film with a great central performance. No way Phoenix doesn't win this. It's almost like he's getting it because he should have had it for other stuff (a staple of the Oscars) Adam Sandler absolutely robbed not to be nominated. That was a helluva performance.
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