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  1. Factotum


    In terms of handling a huge moment for the country she's been awful. That's not excusing Dodgy Dave, but this has been an utter failing of leadership at every level. She's about to have the UK crash out with no deal. Let that sink. The ramifications are huge.
  2. Factotum


    Ha Carswell who said he wanted to 'decontaminate the UKIP brand' how that work out?
  3. Factotum


    He's utterly loathed by a lot of Tory MPs for a number of reasons, not least his disloyalty and self serving attitude. Even at conference he's seen as a pariah. Problem is, among a lot of Tory grass roots he's seen as this leader in waiting.
  4. Factotum


    Yeah Corbyn was right not to. Why unite the Tories behind May? Let them eat themselves. Not sure why people are criticizing him for it. Also, to the public and business' etc this is an utter mess of the Tories making. Several Tory MPs have said they would leave the party if Boris became leader according to the Guardian. Even the Tories hate that self serving mug.
  5. Factotum


    Boris will spin it as a No deal is better than her deal in that we can then start our own trade agreements with other countries. 'Short term pain for long term gain' Brexit will be delayed anyway. You can't have an unelected PM taking us into a No deal situation. They don't have a mandate (hers is barely there now) It would be catastrophic for the Tories. There will be a delay, Boris or whoever will bluster and lie during his election campaign, probably end up winning it because of morons, and then we'll be fucked. I'm feeling cheery this morning. A Twat faced bollocks?
  6. Factotum


    The Tories eating themselves over Europe once again. It's the 90s! Remember when this referendum was supposed to 'unite them'? Next Tory leader? My money is on the Buffoonish Nazi, the weasley scrotum or the Lanky, NHS killing simpleton.
  7. Factotum


    Disagree. The last election showed that they do. The Tories won that election by a very small margin and could not get a majority. It was assumed all UKIP voters would go back to the Tories, but they all seemingly went to Labour in those areas. Labour even won a seat in Kensington and nearly got Amber Rudd out. Nationalisation of railways and other services are very popular amongst even traditional Conservatives. The problem is he needs to strike the right tone. As Carbomb mentioned Corbyn has established that a progressive socialism can appeal, I just feel it needs someone else to get it all the way through.
  8. Factotum


    @Carbomb - Spot on, I agree with all of that. I personally think Starmer is the most likely to be the next leader.
  9. Factotum


    Will he even win that election? Polls (yes I know) indicate people still don't see him as a PM. May getting booted out with a Leave Tory leader would beat him in my opinion. I don't want that, but I think even with this shambles of a Government he still seems to flounder.
  10. Factotum

    Dave Meltzer

    He's an annoying perverted homophobic hack who lies every 2 seconds. He can do one.
  11. Factotum


    I know why he's doing it, I just don't like it and I don't agree with it. His stance is just....well its pretty silent, which is deafening. He's lucky the Lib Dems are political cancer at the moment or a lot more Remain Labour supporters would be going over there. He's basically just taking voters like myself for granted, and it doesn't sit well with me. Much like I wanted a cross party solution, Corbyn needs to be talking to his party. Taking advice from all corners and coming towards a plan for both a Brexit negotiation or a crash out and how we handle that. You can still 'play' both sides but with a plan rather than the current mess.
  12. Factotum


    Corbyn needs to get his shit together on this. Its no good trying to play both sides anymore. The country is in chaos and he needs to start showing leadership on this or step aside. This is from someone who is generally a fan of his policies, but we will just get Boris in charge if he doesn't at least attempt some semblance of a realistic Brexit/No Brexit plan.
  13. I really hope Lakeith Stanfield goes on to do more and more. He's incredibly watchable.
  14. Factotum

    In defence of Gareth Hale, and to a lesser extent - Pace

    Didn't Enfield work with them at the start?
  15. Factotum

    Watching wrestling for the first time

    I would have been 4 and it was watching a build up show for Summerslam 92. My sister really liked the Bulldog and had posters of him in her room. The next time was around my mates house about a year or so later and loving Bret Hart. From then it was in and out until we got Cable in 97 and then I got into it big time.