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  1. Yeah I remember that. Didn't John Terry also want that in a contract renewal as well?
  2. Any reason why Chris Powell wouldn't have got it? Seems an experienced coach like him would have been preferable with Ryan as his number 2?
  3. To be honest us getting relegated might make the sale more likely, so I'm not against it! Win the Europa as well so we can play Barcelona on the Tuesday and Milwall on the Saturday. Who needs the super league!?
  4. The fact City could still win the title is a pretty damming indictment of the competition at the moment. Overall points deductions etc. are pointless (lets fight self interest with other clubs self interest). As is 'banning them from Europe' (UEFA just bent over backwards to get them back. Good luck telling them they're not in it next season) You end up punishing the people who had nothing to do with it (I get the argument about administration being that as well, but that's exactly to do with clubs over spending and greed) The owners are who you should punish. That should be the aim.
  5. That's the problem really with all the bigger clubs now. If Kroenke were to sell Arsenal, he's really only selling to another billionaire who would have done exactly the same thing. You might get good rich owner (Leicester are a prime example of that) but you are still at the whim of very rich people who will always look at the profit margins as a sign of success. I mean most Liverpool fans would have been happy with their owners and then look what happened. Look beyond the 'big 6' West Ham are run by crooks, Everton have questionable resources, Mike Ashley is an abomination, Wolves , Ful
  6. ENIC sounds like a terrible team name someone has come up with on the Apprentice. What's the general Spurs fans view of that lot? I know there's a lot of dislike for how Levy runs things from at least half of the fanbase, but it seems to have become quite apathetic at times. Is it that they've just beaten you down? Do you think this whole shambles might lead to a change of some sort? Does Joe Lewis exist?
  7. They don't get to apologise. They tried to steal my club away. Our mob trying to claim they were doing it to save us as the big bad other guys were going ahead anyway. Bollocks. KSE were firmly driving this. They're vampires. Why did they not have a 'consulting period' on it then. Why did all of these clubs say fuck all for 2 days? Scum the lot of them. The momentum now to to get them KSE out of the club is there. Going to the protest on Friday. Hopefully with his dream cash cow fucked, Kroenke wants to sell. But I don't want it to another billionaire. Time for some proper checks and bala
  8. Perez talking about the financials of football is hilarious. How the English clubs have allowed this charlatan to take the reigns is beyond me. Unless they're sending him out there to get shot at so they look less ridiculous. UEFA are a state aren't they as well? the cheek to say this spits in the faces of fans. I'm sure UEFA cared about fans when they stuck Arsenal and Chelsea fans in Baku with 5k tickets each and forced one of our players out of the game due to his life being possibly at risk. But yeah, they care. I'm sure FIFA care about all the migrant workers dying in their grubby l
  9. Liverpool were pretty terrible for large portions of the 90s and 2000s but their name and stature remained huge. And always will be. The fact these clubs have been successful mean they retain that value. Arsenal could be mid table for the next 15 years and people would still talk of them of a big club and attract fans. Case in point, Spurs have been woeful at times over the past 30 years and are in this thing. The point is to generate income. Arsenal in London is a huge thing. The name value is massive. This is a league of brands and nothing more. AC Milan have done nothing in years but y
  10. Sorry, I mean Arsenal are the third most successful club in terms of trophies in England and the third largest supported side. I appreciate my use of that word was somewhat generic and vague
  11. Arsenal are the biggest club in London, and third in terms of history and fans around the world. The support in America alone is big. Its not about form or what they are now, its that they generate money for any Super League. Hence why its bollocks
  12. I completely agree with you. I'm a member of the Arsenal Supporters Trust and my small shares in Arsenal were just swept up by the owners without a single moments thought. So many of the supporters clubs have tried to stop this and in some cases, such as the PPV games this season, it has worked. But in so many other instances things are just bulldozed through. The fact the fans weren't consulted at all about this shows what this is. It hurts and when i think about it, its really upsetting. I will not be renewing my season ticket this season and I hope that when their circle jerk of greed
  13. But you're closing it off for that EVER to change. Look at Man City. fuck me 15 years ago or whatever they were in the third division. They've had an injection and challenged. Spurs got to a Champions League final 2 or so years back. Its the same with loads of sides that can come up and have a real go at winning it. Nobody is saying that UEFA are great and the Champions League isn't a mess that needs fixing, but this isn't a proposal to change it or offer an alternative European competition that follows the same spirit of football . Its a cash grab. This is content not sport.
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