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  1. Who had her in the Deadpool?
  2. I like how Paige stands with everyone who isn't saying anything about her family. Progressive
  3. Not good, not good at all. The least a corporation such as WWE should be doing is testing their talent. Its utter madness but not shocking is it?
  4. I can honestly say I was still saying stupid shit in my 20s. You sometimes say things to be 'edgy' as you think you're grown up.He made a mistake, he seems genuinely sorry for it and he's been punished for it. I don't think he's been let off lightly. Had he said this last week then by all means fire him, but he hasn't. Hopefully he's learned from it all and can go on and be a better man.
  5. Yeah that's great news for that show as it deserves to be seen by a bigger audience. Tremendous fun
  6. Dude you have nothing to feel bad about. Never think you do. You didn't know. The shits on them, not you
  7. I don't have anything to really say bar my heart aches for those who have had to go through this all and suffer for so many years scared to even tell their story. Its a dark day and I am sure there will be many more stories coming out. My hope is that with this being exposed as it is no other person trying to fulfil their dream has to experience the horrors that these people had to. Just awful.
  8. Hasn't this been around for years about him? I've heard it for quite a while and I'm sure Leah Remini has been calling out about Scientology protecting him.
  9. Ha I know. I just find everything about him odd, from his gimmick, to people's reactions to him, to his personality. It's a complex mix!
  10. It is more a side parting as the hair on top is above an inch
  11. Labour tabled the motion. The Government did a U Turn as Tory MPs were going to vote for it. That, by its very definition is a victory for Labour. You have already mentioned two Labour MPs who have been calling for this, both of which are in the shadow cabinet. Of course Rashford has caused this to happen. His campaigning was utterly key. He was able to mobilise a large platform and raise awareness of an issue to a larger base. He's a brilliant example for all, but I don't see it as 'embarrassing' for Starmer on a day in which the Government has had to once again back down. Anyway, its a bit of a pointless argument I'm raising and we're both fundamentally on the same side of this, so as I said, I was being somewhat pedantic. Just happy this has been scrapped. I wish the Government would now focus on actually helping solve the poverty crisis in this country rather than add to it.
  12. Not to get all pedantic, but it was their first opposition day today in Parliament, there was no legal mechanism to do it until today. They were calling for this for a few weeks as well. Taking nothing away from Rashford who's campaigning has been tremendous, but I've seen a few knock Labour on this when they have played their part. Outside campaigning is always more effective than political parties campaigns as it goes outside the bubble. Great news anyway. You have to wonder what kind of cunts have to be convinced to not let kids starve....
  13. The one good thing is I assume you wont have to sit next to anyone unless you're going with that person. This takes away my general dread of 'is that person going to sit next to me' feeling at every screening.
  14. Billy Gunn might just be the oddest wrestler of all time.
  15. What a great bloke he is and I utterly love he's not letting it go.
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