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  1. Fully behind this thread as a member of the Guardian reading Liberal Elite. Some utter Tory cuntery going on trying to defend old Grabby Field. Awaiting this to be blamed on the previous Labour government.
  2. And I thought Saudi Arabia was a low moment
  3. Well that's the part I was really referring to. The scene with Barbara doing her hair, the scene with Jim mucking around with her, the whole funeral bit. It's just so well done. I suppose that tends to colour my feelings about the whole thing
  4. Just on 'The Royle Family' I find it weird that it started to drop when Mealey came on board. Its mad, because then Early Doors is utterly superb. Henry Normal probably really helped that First series be utterly superb. Though I do really like the Second series (The Sunday dinner one being my favourite) Strange to think Aherne was all set to write and be in Early Doors. As much as I think she's a genius, I think it benefited from her not being in it. Anyway, The Queen of Sheba is exceptional.
  5. I don't watch it anymore at all. I catch a report, and if something sounds cool I'll watch in on youtube. I've only really watched Bray's mad stuff and that was enough. It's mad just how bad it is at the moment. They seem utterly unable to turn it around. There are shoots of hope (New Day etc.) but the rest is so bland
  6. How long till we get another McMahon segment with them 'rebooting everything' There must be quite a few guys now also in the company with their eyes on other places. Surely Daniel Bryan is gone when his contract is up as well?
  7. Yeah Omega can't lose surely? He's their biggest star outside of ex-WWE, and really should be the main man. Would have liked Mox to keep sneak attacking him, building to this match. As someone mentioned though, I'm sure there is a plan
  8. Factotum


    Jeremy Hunt looks like every teacher who runs off with his student to France.
  9. Does anyone think Bray has control over his stuff? It seems way too good to have anything to do with Vince
  10. Factotum


    If this sentence doesn't end with 'smacked in the face' then it has no value
  11. It is annoying as his last run was so great. The Mainia match was a nice end as well to his career. I'll always be a bit of a Goldberg mark. Also Taker/Goldberg in the Rumble a few years back was all I ever needed to see of those two together. 'Taker is just tragic to watch. Just hang up the boots and show up every now and then looking cool. Nobody needs Undertaker in a match ever again.
  12. Factotum


    He's just your standard posh idiot. Seems like you could talk about crop rotation with him and It would be OK but utterly clueless about everything else. nice coat though.
  13. Meh, while it was pretty shite in execution, I have no problem with them taking shots. They're the upstarts, they should be throwing shade at times at the old and boring. Not TNA levels of course, but the odd bit of needle every now and then is fun.
  14. Yeah it's another level. Milch is brilliant. I always put Ian McShane's performance up there with Gandolfini in utterly inhabiting a role on TV.
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