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  1. Henry Fonda. Jimmy Stewart would have been hilarious though!
  2. Olyphantastic is the man. Justified is a blinder of a show. Fargo is just one of the best TV show ever at this point. Season 3 was a David Thewlis masterclass.
  3. He still reminds me of Weetabix. Fair play for those who like him, he's just someone I have never enjoyed in a film. Glad to see even the Costner fans hate The Postman though.
  4. Yeah he's been in good stuff, but he's never been the best thing about it. He reminds me of Weetabix and I'm not sure why. I always put him and Richard Gere in the same category as those kind of blandish early 90s leading men. But Gere at least had charisma in abundance, plus his performance in the remake of Breathless always saves him for me.
  5. Costner is an odd one isn't he? He's so bland, he's like a loaf of bread acting. Has he been good in anything?
  6. I read that Peter Biskind book recently about independent film/Miramax in the 90s and he comes across as a bit of an arse. Certainly for a while he made utter tosh. Then he went on a bit of a run, then tosh-good-tosh-good.
  7. Soderbergh is such a frustrating Director. OUT OF SIGHT is still my favourite of his. That movie is so bloody good.
  8. Empire's star ratings are ridiculous. Its getting like Meltzer.
  9. 9/11 I was on my way home from school. Was 13 at the time. I remember coming in and my Mum said she had heard something had happened in America. Turned on the TV and I don't think we moved for the rest of the evening. I remember thinking we would probably have a day off from school the next say. Didn't happen. A few people were justifying not doing their homework because of it. Didn't work on the fascists in charge Diana I woke up in the morning and my Dad told me the US had killed Diana due to her being involved in landmines. I think he's still sticking to that. I'll say as well Michael Jackson dying. I remember sky news just following an ambulance with his dead body in it. A dignified end.
  10. I will say that both this one and the first have two cracking opening scenes.
  11. IT 2 was a bag of shite. They could have easily turned this into a trilogy and not had this as baggy, or just cut out a lot of the stuff in this one as it doesn't work for the film. The book has always been a cocaine fueled mess (at times great) and they did an excellent job in the first one adapting it. This just seemed bloated, like the success had allowed them to do whatever they wanted. There's strands that just never get picked up. Chastain continues to be an incredibly annoying presence on screen. Bill Hader is great in it though. Steals the thing. He's pretty tremendous in everything. After 'Barry', I will be shocked if he doesn't go on to be a top Film Director.
  12. They tried to stop him from leaving, which I think happened in 1649 or something. Think Ken Clarke was Health Minister. Bercow was a weird bloke, but a good Speaker. The bullying claims obviously soured it, but how much of that was shenanigans from people wanting him out we'll never know. The Tories have been trying to get him out for years.
  13. The commentary is utterly awful. As mentioned, Graves at least sounds like he's not a robot. Cole was only good for 2 years in 2002-2004. Since then he's been utterly turgid. There's just no storytelling from them. Renee is lovely, we all know that. but she's not improved at all on commentary. The sooner she goes and has a proper mainstream career presenting the better as her talents are being utterly wasted. Austin once again stole the show.
  14. Can just one political journalist ask Boris The Clown how many kids he has? Please just one
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