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  1. Shouldn't they do market research on people who don't watch? One of Bisch's good ideas at the start with WCW was the market research with non-fans on showing them stuff and getting reactions on what they liked and didn't like. Now it isn't an exact science at all, and that can be flawed, but its better than someone saying PUSH ZIGGLER
  2. I would highly recommend the book. Its a great little read.
  3. AEW/NJPW are able to offer a good wage and a lighter schedule at the moment. If you're someone like Harper who is a name, talented big man, saved your money and is not really going anywhere on the roster, it is a perfect move.
  4. To think, they wouldn't give GDT the money for the third installment as they said it would be a money loser.
  5. I think something would have come out by now if it was really bad. Maybe they're just holding on Bryan for the moment and giving him a bit of a break. He's been pretty full on since coming back.
  6. Think he did a pass on the script because of Affleck, but yeah not a Smith film. Red State at least showed some new turn in career which he then fumbled
  7. I watched Clerks again recently and its still pretty funny. Plus its charming because its just a 20 something making a film with his friends. Chasing Amy is the one that has aged terribly.Mad to think I used to think it was edgy when really its a confused mess. Its ending is still dumb and Affleck is bloody awful in it. It is saved by Jason Lee being great.
  8. Ha Trips must just sit there and shake his head
  9. But the most important thing is the guys involved don't seem to be saying that. When Bisch and Hogan went into TNA it was all about 'taking on WWE' rather than actually developing their product. Who knows, had they taken 2-5 years putting that groundwork in they might have stood a chance of at least being a very good number 2. AEW must do that. If in 10 years they're still in business with the TV deal still going strong and some genuine stars, then they've done amazing. There's plenty of room for both.
  10. That's sort of my feelings as to how it'll go down. Would be pretty satisfying.
  11. They don't need to be and shouldn't even try to be. They can carve out a great niche on their own. These days you can run a successful wrestling promotion without trying to take on WWE. There's more than enough room for a second strong company in the market.
  12. Laika make great films. Kubo and The Two Strings is utterly brilliant. Its such a shame they don't seem to do well upon release.
  13. Yeah it does. There was a cracking documentary on the third film a few years back that delved into the fact that Blatty really didn't want to call it 'The Exorcist 3' and also showed rough footage of his original ending he wanted, which would have been really cool and different. Exorcist 2 is really one of the oddest films I have ever seen.
  14. Still the best jump scare in film!
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