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  1. I was in the same class as Rege Jean who stars in Bridgerton at secondary school, so I saw what people are seeing now years ago in the changing rooms after games. Nice guy. Was tipped to be the new Bond as well which I hope happens so I can say I went to James Bond's birthday parties.
  2. It is absolutely superb. Cracking soundtrack as well. In my top ten of that year for sure
  3. A very interesting topic and a good one for the left the get to grips with rather than the conversation devolving into shouting and reprimanding (Though I suppose being on the left this is our go to stance!) I think one of the biggest issues is the perception of identity politics and what it is. It gets caught up in the whole culture war bollocks that seems to rage every 6 months or so, where people cry for a meritocracy in the belief that people are just being given roles or positions who are unqualified because they fill a quota. I think that's partly down to the media/right wing narrat
  4. No spoilers but she got the biggest reaction a TV character has out of me in a long long time.
  5. The bar scene with Fasbender as well often gets overlooked due to insane brilliance of the opening.
  6. It really annoyed me. That whole theory on Mank writing the whole thing has been utterly destroyed a number of times, most notably in Bogdanovich's response to Pauline Kael's essay which is a load of tosh. Oldman is always watchable and it looks great, but it does piss me off when they try to rewrite Welles.
  7. To be honest a lot of those YouGov polls on this are very ONE OR THE OTHER questions. For instance, I utterly loathe the governments handling of this while also seeing there's a bunch of dickheads who refuse to wear masks or social distance in the shops near me. Its probably easier for people to get angry about them than a Government in many ways as you're seeing it close up.
  8. Fair play. Could be the gimmick to kick off his next big run.
  9. Factotum


    I assume that she probably was ready to leave about that time anyway as she had mainstream recognition and was being linked to all sorts of things. I suppose what fucked her was the the WWF wouldn't allow her to trade on the Chyna name. They could easily have signed her to a part time contract with sporadic appearances while backing her to get into TV etc and taking a cut (like they did originally with The Rock) . I think that's where her bitterness stemmed from rather than the wrestling side.
  10. I have to say that nothing beat watching UNCUT GEMS in a packed cinema in January. It was such an incredible feeling, made even more so by the fact that the cinema experience has been missing for going on a year. So it was my film of the year followed closely by SAINT MAUDE and PARASITE Also a shout out for EMMA which I saw just before the world went to shit and thoroughly enjoyed. Anya Tayloyr-Joy had a helluva year. Going to be a huge star
  11. Jericho now leaning into that Rogan style podcast every shit comedian is doing now where they claim everyone has gone mad and they're the voice of reason and DEBATE IS HEALTHY MAN. I love Jericho as a performer but I switched off a long time ago from him as a person
  12. What a world where the President of The United States Of America has been banned from twitter but has the nuclear codes. Rather weirdly I am reading HOW DEMOCRACIES DIE at the moment. It came out a few years ago and it basically lays out whats happening now. Those Republicans that enabled him are all responsible for the US nearly descending at the knees of a demagogue. What a shambles
  13. Sorry, I might have not been clear. I don't believe that for the long term as you are bang on correct with all your comments and ideas, I just meant in the specific case of now.
  14. Its also mad given the number of empty Hotels that sit empty (hell so many other venues are empty at the moment) We also have Nightingale hospitals that are just sat there not being used which can be being used to help. Homelessness shouldn't be happening in the UK anyway in this day and age. Pisses me off no end.
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