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  1. I didn't say he was did I? I was saying that his type of stuff is also seen as inflaming as its dismissive of a lot of people's opinions, which I what you were saying in the first place. Everyone is angry.
  2. I seem to have a habit of bumping into famous people in toilet. Des Lynam flanked me at a urinal in a pub in Kensington a few years back. Looked a bit frail so I held the door for him. Said thanks as Sir Des always would. Ray Davies came into the toilet in the Flask in Highgate (thinking about it, that sounds like the start of a Kinks song) And finally, Bradley Cooper in a loo at work. He also had a bodyguard in there with him, so I weirdly had to take a piss with Bradley Cooper at the urinal and a big bloke just staring.
  3. I think post-Brexit, the next Labour leader will have a better chance given the fact its happened. It was always an odd balancing act they were trying to pull off with Brexit which I understood to a point. 2017 the Labour vote went up as the UKIP voters in those leave towns etc. went back to Labour. Seems now they've swung to Tory as they want Brexit to happen and it is looking like it might get hijacked and not. New Labour leader has the chance to set out what they will do post Brexit, and hammer the Tories. They wont have the weight of 'getting Brexit done' or 'second referendum' around their neck. I do think it makes a big difference.
  4. As does everyone, especially in this era of social media.The right are just as bad at doing it, as are those in the centre. It riles everyone up. Whether than be a Corbynista shouting at Luciana Berger for being a Blairite, to Julia Hartley Brewer telling the left to fuck off, or James O'brien, the centirst Dad, sighing at someone who supports either side because he thinks he's right.
  5. Nah . A lot of people have spoken very well on the anti-semitism issue in Labour at the moment and avoided making it all about themselves or coming across woefully ill informed. Her calling Noam Chomsky an anti-semitie was one of the dumbest things I've ever heard anyone claim.
  6. This is utterly depressing. Feel extremely hollow. How the fuck can some of those parts vote Tory after all they've done to them. Its infuriating.
  7. I think its best not to be hopeful. The wait for the first exit poll is going to be awful. Still, must be nice for Kinnock to get his name mentioned every election since 1992.
  8. That was my thinking, but there does seem to have been a surge in interest on this. 69% in 2017, so if it is anywhere near that then there is a chance for a hung Parliament. Seems a lot of seats are on a knife edge. This is going to be tense. I do genuinely think Johnson wont do 5 years though. I cannot see him make it through a full term at all.
  9. Johnson now coming out with scrapping the license fee despite not being able to touch it until 2027 is just the sort of shitty tactic to take away from him looking like a bellend taking that reporters phone away. You just know whats making the headline news. I feel a sense of dread about this on Thursday. I just know he's going to walk in with a majority.
  10. Factotum

    Boxing Thread

    Its so dumb they did it on the same night. Eubank Jr. needs way better promotion
  11. As RedLetterMedia said, if Cancer was a movie.
  12. We'll agree to disagree, I just think its easy to actually make the truth effective these days rather than an edited version.
  13. Factotum

    Boxing Thread

    I feel Joshua will win this on points. Fuck knows why, just feel he has something to prove here and seems mentally in a good way. Also, if he has been knocked out in sparring again then they need to look who they have him sparring with, that should never happen
  14. I agree. His own words are stupid enough. Just play a video of his speech. The JOE video about healthcare in the US was way more effective than any 'Mogg's A Gimp' video
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