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  1. Didn't Stallone have robots in COBRA right after ROCKY IV? He wanted some of that robot action himself.
  2. Khan handing out receipts is brilliant. Quite frankly, I am all for it.
  3. Yup, really looking forward to seeing what he does. They seem to be holding him back in the trailers
  4. Add me to the list of someone who did not like HALLOWEEN KILLS. I wasn't huge on the last one though it was enjoyable enough, but this felt like filler. I suppose it was, but then again don't do a trilogy. I do agree, the score is great,
  5. Matt Reeves mentioned that they were going for a sort of reclusive pop/rock star vibe for his Bruce Wayne attitude and look so you're bang on! Reeves is a fantastic filmmaker and Patterson already seems to have nailed the voice and is a superb actor. Looking forward to it. I hope the low down crime/serial killer vibe is what this is. I've always wanted them to do Noir Batman.
  6. I have said it before on another thread. If he was on a bigger stage, he would be every kids favourite wrestler. There's a goldmine there if someone used him correctly.
  7. Of the new trilogy DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is bloody brilliant and better than the previous one (which was good) As a kid I used to watch Ghostbusters 2 more than the first one. No idea why...well I do know why I had the mind of a small child
  8. Personally I quite enjoy loud mouth Tony. He's quite endearing with it. Its basically a wrestling geek getting to have a pop at Vince. Can't say I wouldn't have been doing it!
  9. Same. It's utterly fantastic. The score is brilliant as well. Have that going in the background while working quite a bit.
  10. I know they didn't let him film the two parts at the same time. The only issue is HBO Max same day release has really harmed WB in the US. Will people come out for DUNE? I hope so, but I'm not confident. Looking forward to it. His BLADE RUNNER 2049 was stunning. I know it divided people but i absolutely love it.
  11. Emmerdale are missing out on not doing a Late Night week of Marlon and Paddy fighting vampires or something. Get Eric Pollard to be a satanist who is 400 years old
  12. If AEW is seen as a a ratings success especially in the 'key demos' then when it comes to their next TV deal, they can leverage a bigger deal from their current station or go to another if someone flings money at it. That will also help with getting into different markets etc. For an upstart organisation that hasn't been around long its really encouraging to see how consistent and well they are doing. I imagine next year they'll begin the international tours. Can definitely see a UK tour being announced at some point. Possibly Japan if they get Omega to promote the shit out of it.
  13. The Many Saints Of Newark - Saw it for the second time today. Yes its messy at time and has its flaws, but watching it a second time I felt it hit a lot better. Probably as all the reveals happened so you can live with the film a lot more. Michael Gandolfini is superb in it and I would definitely watch him play Tony again. The scenes with him and Livia are great. Ray Liota should have been a bigger star man. He's fucking mesmerising when on the screen. Can we go back and tell him to take better stuff? All in all, I think the people who didn't like it will get more out of it a second time. Personally like how it now informs how I rewatch The Sopranos.
  14. New Paul Tomas Anderson trailer came out yesterday. I'll watch anything he does anyway, but I loved it. Cooper Hoffman being in this is incredibly sweet given his Dad's legacy with PTA. Also Brady Cooper as Jon Peters looks like it'll be a lot of fun. I know the Oscars mean basically fuck all, but it still astounds me that Anderson doesn't have one (or several)
  15. I'm not saying he'll 'lose his spot' I'm saying that does Page's win have that impact that it would, and are people's wants now changing. Sometimes delays mean focus shifts onto other people. It feels like something has moved. I hope Im wrong
  16. Has Page...kinda blown it? I totally understand why he wanted the time off and its great that the company gave it to him, but he's essentially missed their two biggest shows where new viewers would have been tuning in and it feels people now just want Bryan/Omega again. Timing is everything in life, and it maybe just feels that everything was set for him and possibly its drifted a bit from what would have been the crowning achievement.
  17. The biggest thing I have noticed this year is that the fans and the players seem all on the same page. Home to Norwich and Away at Burnley was utterly buzzing with full support. Its like everyone is sick of the media pile on that followed, especially from some ex Arsenal players who should know better, and its galvanised everyone. Arteta's name was being sung out on Sunday. Hopefully a bit of siege mentality has set in. Fair play to him for taking the risk of putting all the new lads straight in. Saka/Smith Rowe have saved us a fortune in the market, Odegaard is an utter bargain
  18. Clara was all set to go at the end of 8 but they convinced her to stay for some reason. The fact that Bill Potts came in and was great with Capaldi made that decision even more annoying. Moffat is king of the one off episodes. Arc wise he's all set up no pay off. On a slight twist on this, I used to think Pete Campbell was ruining MAD MEN, but part way through you realise what a tremendous character he actually is.
  19. Emile Smith Row and Martin Odegaard are different class. Hangover has finally shifted. Voice yet to return.
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