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  1. IIRC a triangle match is still one-on-one in the ring, the third competitor is at a corner on a ring apron that can only become a legal competitor once they're tagged in by either other wrestler - whoever tags them in then becomes the non-legal competitor until they're tagged back in. WCW used to do them up until the mid-90's as far as I know. "Three Way Dance" was coined in ECW from what I remember.
  2. I know that Corgan was trying to recreate an authentic 80's studio wrasslin' show, just a shame that Cornette had to go that little bit too authentic. And it's a line that was badly dated anyway - had he mentioned some other food than fried chicken, I doubt he'd be gone.
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    Yes, it was. However if it was instead an actual RTÉ news report, I wouldn't be that shocked.
  4. It's only as effective as much as people continue to use it. Not using it is a recognition to disarming the "brand", it might work or it might not work but better that some at least attempt it rather than do nothing and moan about it if only to prove themselves right by never trying in the first place.
  5. Plus, "Boris" is a handy brand that his supporters have been using for years to promote him with as a cult of personality. Same with "Trump". Also along the same lines, in soccer if you mention "United" then it's quite likely you're talking about only one club and it isn't based in Newcastle, Sheffield, Dundee or Cambridge. By just referring to the current Prime Minister as "Johnson" or plain old "Boris Johnson", you take out his brand or aura, and (at least trying to) bring him down to the same level of his contemporaries.
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