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  1. Most countries around the world already thought the UK lost it's collective mind wanting to leave the EU, they couldn't even further believe it that Johnson ended up being PM. Actually leaving the EU won't begin at all to see those countries at all starting to "respect" the UK, most of the EU27 would rather they just fucked off already while every other country or trading bloc prepare to pluck bits from the carcass that hasn't been ravaged by disaster capitalists. Also, I remember in Northern Ireland that up until the late 1980s you could bring back glass litre bottles of soft drinks to the shops that sold them and you'd get 10 pence back in doing so. The local drinks maker Cantrell & Cochrane, better known as C&C, definitely done this for their brands, not sure who else was involved. You can still get milk delivered to your doorstep here, and they come in glass bottles so the shenanigans mentioned above involving millennials doesn't translate to here - although I'd like to see them try and tackle the old Tetra-paks! I think it's in Germany and probably a few other places that have a can recycle scheme, namely a "recycle fee" is added to the price of the can you buy at the shop, supermarket, off-licence etc. which you get refunded back when the can is either given at a civic amenity site or an automated collection machine. This means that the likes of students offer to clean up after parties etc. where they collect up all the cans and profit! It's not the worst of ideas.
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