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  1. Ah, I wasn't really aware of this. If that's the case, then Mr. Levesque is at best an absent minded dufus whom should at least have apologised after realising what he said, otherwise he's just a complete cock that wouldn't come out of the same quip concerning the mother of his own children.
  2. OK, I seem to be out of the loop here. Having watched that clip of Triple H on the previous page, what exactly did he say that appeared to either make him be a dick or be offensive? The joke he seemed to make about Paige appears to me to fall into the category of "awful dad jokes" like quiping how your mum ran away before you were born (logical fallacy, ovbs), so is there something I have missed?
  3. Not only allegations of bullying & racism, but there's leaked audio that is claimed to be Tessa Blanchard doing a number two in a bathroom that she recorded, paid for by a fan with a 💩 fetish. I would normally link to a tweet & the audio file in question but I'm not sure if that would be appropriate here - if you want to, search for "Tessa Blanchard audio" on Twitter for a link to the alleged sound dump, which is disturbingly almost six minutes long.
  4. I'd say that there's probably a few PPVs from the 80's & 90's (and maybe even later) where the main event featured an alleged domestic abuser up against a bullying foul racist. But yeah, it's not a good lock for Impact.
  5. 'cause Pro Wrestling. The industry is hardly a bastion of morality.
  6. PJ Power

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    Weinstein should be tested to see if he actually has trouble walking in public (apologies for going slightly off topic)
  7. TIL that the infamous "Debbie Does Dallas" never had its copyright formally registered in the United States, and was recognised as such in a federal US court decision in 1987. As a result, the film is available in the public domain, and can even be watched or downloaded via a link of the film's Wikipedia page.
  8. I don't get too heavily involved here even though I'm a paido, so my nominations are probably going to be a work in progress until nominations close. Positive awards Post of the Year: TBA On Topic Poster of the Year: Bomber Pat, Tiger Rick & IandewDiceClay Off Topic Poster of the Year: Loki, Bomber Pat & Chest Rockwell MMA Forum Poster of the Year: <blank> Funniest Poster: Keith Houchen, Loki Thread of the Year: TBA Good Egg Award: Keith Houchen, JNLister & David Negative awards Dolt of the Year: MPDTT, patiirc & Whistling Skull White Noise: Devon Malcolm, Lord Mountevans & patiirc Failed Comedian: UK Kat Von D Worst Thread of the Year: Veganmania (got to give it a chance for two in a row) Flounce of the Year: The UKFF web server for its major strop back in the autumn leaving the site offline for around two weeks(?)
  9. I've long thought that political views simply are not based along a single axis but at least two (as in the Political Compass or Nolan Chart) or even more, and in that sense I've perhaps drifted very slightly rightwards over the years (but would still be regarded as an leftist anti-business leftard lunatic by most in today's Conservative party) to being somewhere slightly to the left of Labour under John Smith's and Tony Blair's early years in the 1990s but still with a big enough gap compared to the left of the party both back then and today. Socially however my bubble along its axis would be kind of steady in the centre whilst having being pulled in different directions from time to time, as I see myself in this sense as a communitarian, which is often seen as a dirty word these days because (a) it sounds too similar to communism, and (b) because it is often derided as anti-liberal, anti-freedom, authoritarian etc. when it isn't. It is simply the recognition that people's live are moulded by the community that they live in or a part of (unless they live in almost complete isolation) and that essentially such communities lay the foundations of indivudal liberties and development, and in doing so being more important and mattering more than the other way round. This doesn't have to mean that individual rights don't exist or are stripped away with, indeed without some basis of such rights, communitarianism couldn't exist. So on that basis, I'd consider myself roughly "centre" on the social axis, and I don't see myself moving away from there any time soon. If I was living in Britain I would have despaired on whom to vote for as both the Conservatives and Labour were repelling, and that while the Lib Dems would probably be the best fit of the three main parties, they badly regressed under Swinson. If I was in Scotland, then SNP it would have been. Just a final €0.02 from me, while all the warning signs were there that most voters see Corbyn and a cold cup of puke as one and the same, I reckon the point they Jumped The Shark, so to speak, of being a realistic contender to hold government was when they came out with the promise for free broadband to every part of the country. It was a real WTF moment - there had been no signs of Labour adopting such a policy before it was announced, there had been no public campaign to have such a thing except for a maybe a website and twitter account ran out of someone's attic, no other country in the world does anything like this or has even considered it (no, its not the same as a minimum speed obligation which is set to be introduced in the UK next year), and yet when it was announced it was done so using a megaphone and being promoted as a "game changer" when it just reeked of desperation to announce something like this out of the blue, not to mention that it couldn't have come across as more of a middle class entitlement - for those on the breadline trying to feed themselves & their children and keeping warm over the winter, free broadband isn't much cop whereas a free allowance of electricity or something to heat the home with would be far more beneficial (if still essentially an impossible pledge to make). The free broadband policy sounded like it came from the suggestion list of a socialist society student union group at a Russell Group university that was crossed out from it later on once they actually started thinking about it.
  10. Of course humans have grouped together for forever based around certain identities, wherever it is nationality or sub-nationality, common language, faith, hobbies, football teams etc. but the sense of tribalism/grouping/societies/ghettoing has in itself no excuse or reasoning on its own for allowing racism or other outward prejudices to fester, displayed the most by the level of integration shown by those in such groups through day to day interaction and living with each other. History, culture and morality is far more important in such contributions.
  11. That's some serious autofelliato right there. If anything, the last five years has allowed a scaringly large amount of people in the UK to peel off their "virtue-signalling" veneer of accomodation and tolerance to those that are not "People Like Us", having been enabled to do so. For all his fault, and boy were there plenty, David Cameron never sought to dog whistle on the prejudices of Middle England to try and win votes. The current Prime Minister, whom was elected on a comfortable majority earlier this month, has never been terribly shy to use terms like "letterboxes", "picanannies", mocking Chinese accents or reciting colonial era poems in Myanmar at a sacred site for Bhuddists, not to mention his recent cozying up to the likes of Steve Bannon. The vote to leave the EU was promoted less soundly on the economic and social self interest of the UK at large and more about subtle and not so subtle popularist prejudices concerning other EU citizens "take er jerbs" and standing in front of posters showing hoards of dark-skinned humans in a queue with "Breaking Point" in big capital letters. Nope, it is a simple case of far too many Britons, usually English, whom continue to not own their shit, blame everyone else but themselves for the failures arising from their own decisions. It's the new "I'm not racist, but..."
  12. "If you watched Baywatch followed by Gladiators then Blind Date on a Saturday evening..." No, I didn't and most of my peers at the time wouldn't have been seen dead admitting to watching Baywatch or Blind Date. "...had 4 TV channels..." Well, I had Sky, and many of my friends could get both RTE channels too. I guess we were lucky. "...started school with singing in the main hall..." Nope. Was an early morning roll call, one "Our Father" & one "Hail Mary" (Catholic school) and once a week we'd be in the gym to hear from the principal. We never sung. "...played in the woods..." Well, we could have but nobody really bothered other than the odd occasion. And there were plenty of kiddie fiddlers and dirty old men about as there is today. "...always rode your bike..." Okay, I'll give you that. But still, paedos. "...a game was Kiss Chase or Bulldog..." Nope to kiss chase, and Bulldog was only played in the playground at primary school. "...with not a computer in sight..." HAHAHAHAHA! Clearly Amigas, Atari ST's, Commodore C64's, Spectrums etc. never existed not to mention that most boys and girls had a games console. Loads of lending/swapping cartridges for Atari 2600 and later on the Sega Mega Drive. "...had to be in before dark, got grounded if you were late..." As long as you told your parents where you'd be and didn't stay out to a ridiculous time, most of the time they weren't concerned, I spent much of my childhood playing outdoors in the summer until 10.30 or even 11.00 in the evening as that was just after sunset. "...not even the home phone was mobile..." And? That's because until the networks realised they could sell PAYG to the masses, they were only really for higher end business and well off types with little indoor coverage, that could be listened to with a cheap scanner that had a risk of being easily cloned. At least making calls on a landline after 6.00pm was objectively cheap. "...vandalism was scratching the school desk with a compass..." Erm, no. If anything, I see less outright public vandalism these days! "...you recorded the top 40 off the radio on tape..." And thus (technically) committing copyright theft i.e. stealing! Tut tut! Only difference really these days is it's much quicker and easier to download MP3s now (other audio compression formats are available). "...got 10 sweets in a 10p mix..." Eh? "...and you turned out ok, then re-post, THIS IS WHEN BRITAIN WAS GREAT BRITAIN!!!!" I turned out to be a bit of an awkward wreck to be fair, but I'm still here. I'm not going to repost that shit, and was that Britain? I don't live in Britain and never have, instead I spent much of that era either getting out of places because of bomb alerts and attacks and walking to school passing soldiers in full combat gear and weaponry. Just another attempted nostalgia "Good oul' days" post. I'd also reckon the author of that piece reckoned that ZaNuLieBour led by Tony Bliar (sic) getting elected in May 1997 was the point when Britain was no longer GGRRRRRRRRRRREEAAT BRITAIN, even though most of the above was still perfectly relevant until the end of the decade.
  13. Homer Simpson, somewhere in England, December 2019... "...I don't approve of their NHS killing policy, but I do approve of their EU membership killing policy!"
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