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  1. What's the story behind some of those whom attend CZW events using airhorns, usually when a finishing manoeuvre is executed or a high-risk or dangerous spot happens? It's not new, I remember hearing them back in the early 2000's and it's something I haven't seen used elsewhere in another American promotion (I haven't seen any GCW yet), so was it something original or did it come from elsewhere?
  2. For me that spot is not so much stupid, but reckless & dangerous. As you say, Mike Syndall is completely unprotected having his head being driven into the mat with the momentum of Spyral's whole body weight behind it. The fact that Syndall was 'trapped' into taking the move makes it worse as no wrestler with an IQ above 70 is going to be willing to be at the receiving end of that move, and that the "only" injuries he suffered from were a broken thumb, getting knocked out and a concussion was a little fortunate - that move could have legit broken Syndall's neck or cause head injuries akin to a car crash and killed him. As for Spyral himself it's lucky for him that he was able to get all the momentum in that move to effectively carry the weight of two people as had he not been able to, he'd have been in trouble himself. Anyway, the bitch called Karma (no relation to Awsome Kong) eventually met him. Also for the mention of the Irish Whip, the only time I've seen the move as having legitimacy as a believable manoeuvre in the ring was when Bret Hart would take it, being flung front first into the turnbuckles, no landing it turning around before hitting the corner. The way Hart took it would make it look that it would knock the wind out of you. It's also a bit more believable in areas surrounding the ring where competitors are often whipped front-first into the steel steps, occasionally the barricade (and often going over them with the momentum), a third person holding an inanimate object like a belt or the ring bell etc. Otherwise, yeah that gif of Santino mocking the Irish Whip into the ropes does say a bit.
  3. PJ Power


    The system that's used for a run-off vote to elect the Mayor of London is a horrible hodge podge when voters casting their ballot can have no certainty that whoever they cast a second vote for, and effectively semi-disenfranches them. There's at least two ways to address that. One is what is done in some other countries where they hold a primary ballot with all candidates available to vote for. Once all votes have been counted, if one candidate gets 50% +1 of all the valid votes they are deemed elected. Otherwise all but the two candidates with the biggest personal vote are eliminated and a secondary ballot is then held between these two to determine a winner, usually 2-4 weeks after the primary ballot. If a secondary ballot is needed, then the votes won in the primary ballot by the two candidates do not count or carry over. This is done, as an example, to elect the President of France. The next is to undertake preference voting, which allows for a single polling day to happen. Namely you list the candidate(s) that you wish to see elected in order of your own preference e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This can either be required of voters to rank all candidates from first to last (as last weekend's Australian federal election does for each constituency to their House of Commons) or allow voters to give preferences to as many candidates they want, even if its just "1" and that's it. If this looks familiar, it's almost the same as the "Alternative Vote" that was put to a referendum in the UK in 2011 and failed to pass. It's not too difficult to follow - if after the first round of vote tallying no candidate has reached 50% +1 of all valid votes cast then the candidate with the least votes is eliminated and their votes redistributed based on their next preference. If after redistribution no candidate has reached 50% +1 then the candidate now with the least amount of votes is eliminated with their preferences going to the highest ranked candidate that has not been eliminated etc. to the point that if there are just two candidates left and after redistribution neither of them still hasn't achieved 50% +1 of the valid ballots (this can happen when some ballots become "exhausted" meaning that the voter made a limited number of preferences on their ballot paper that when all of the candidates they ranked were eliminated, they no longer indicate whom they want their vote to transfer to and so it now no longer counts except to determine the 50% +1 amount, often referred to as a "quota"), then whoever has the highest amount of votes wins at this point. This is done to elect the President of Ireland and effectively a "single seat" version of STV voting (Single Transferable Vote) done in Northern Ireland for all elections except UK General Elections, and also for council elections in Scotland.
  4. Something just hit me about Ashley Massaro and that fake Stephanie McMahon twitter account from about four years ago. Given what she has spoken about during and beyond her time as an "independent contractor" at the WWE, why did she respond to the fake invite to Raw the way she did? In hindsight, the way she had responded in that incident is now a fair bit less amusing given what is now out in the open.
  5. Jesus, that is some uncomfortable reading. TBF back in the day she was in the WWE, I would have been one of those who would have ragged on her calling her "Thrashley" and having no talent other than being an advert for anorexia. But reading that affidavit, no one needs to put up with that shit telling someone with no ring experience whatsoever to go into matches broadcast on live TV while also being told not to train on her off days. That doesn't even include the number of injuries she racked up, something down to her lack of experience which wasn't in this case really her fault, nor the horror of getting raped in a US army camp in the Middle East whilst under heavy sedation and the events concerning it afterwards. Her story of getting chewed up and being spat out by the Vince McMahon machine is far from the first and certainly won't be the last, but this one is quite disturbing given the story she gives on being raped in a helpless position and then being told by the boss that it was "one bad incident" that she should take for the WWE. That's just fucked up. R.I.P. Ashley. P.S. In the affidavit near the beginning she mentions picking up a back injury from a stiff backbreaker in a bout from an "experienced" female wrestler, I wonder who that was? Looking at the list of matches she was in for the first few months would the likely suspect be Victoria? Doesn't seem to be Trish Stratus given Ashley's comments on her later.
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