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  1. Ah, I wasn't really aware of this. If that's the case, then Mr. Levesque is at best an absent minded dufus whom should at least have apologised after realising what he said, otherwise he's just a complete cock that wouldn't come out of the same quip concerning the mother of his own children.
  2. OK, I seem to be out of the loop here. Having watched that clip of Triple H on the previous page, what exactly did he say that appeared to either make him be a dick or be offensive? The joke he seemed to make about Paige appears to me to fall into the category of "awful dad jokes" like quiping how your mum ran away before you were born (logical fallacy, ovbs), so is there something I have missed?
  3. Not only allegations of bullying & racism, but there's leaked audio that is claimed to be Tessa Blanchard doing a number two in a bathroom that she recorded, paid for by a fan with a 💩 fetish. I would normally link to a tweet & the audio file in question but I'm not sure if that would be appropriate here - if you want to, search for "Tessa Blanchard audio" on Twitter for a link to the alleged sound dump, which is disturbingly almost six minutes long.
  4. I'd say that there's probably a few PPVs from the 80's & 90's (and maybe even later) where the main event featured an alleged domestic abuser up against a bullying foul racist. But yeah, it's not a good lock for Impact.
  5. 'cause Pro Wrestling. The industry is hardly a bastion of morality.
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    Weinstein should be tested to see if he actually has trouble walking in public (apologies for going slightly off topic)
  7. TIL that the infamous "Debbie Does Dallas" never had its copyright formally registered in the United States, and was recognised as such in a federal US court decision in 1987. As a result, the film is available in the public domain, and can even be watched or downloaded via a link of the film's Wikipedia page.
  8. I don't get too heavily involved here even though I'm a paido, so my nominations are probably going to be a work in progress until nominations close. Positive awards Post of the Year: TBA On Topic Poster of the Year: Bomber Pat, Tiger Rick & IandewDiceClay Off Topic Poster of the Year: Loki, Bomber Pat & Chest Rockwell MMA Forum Poster of the Year: <blank> Funniest Poster: Keith Houchen, Loki Thread of the Year: TBA Good Egg Award: Keith Houchen, JNLister & David Negative awards Dolt of the Year: MPDTT, patiirc & Whistling Skull White Noise: Devon Malcolm, Lord Mountevans & patiirc Failed Comedian: UK Kat Von D Worst Thread of the Year: Veganmania (got to give it a chance for two in a row) Flounce of the Year: The UKFF web server for its major strop back in the autumn leaving the site offline for around two weeks(?)
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