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  1. Prince Charles is now in self-isolation with Covid-19. Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is in self-isolation with Elisa-15.
  2. Sorry for your loss Neil. What you've mentioned about your g/friend's family sounds utterly grim.
  3. For Jehova's sake! 😂😂
  4. And if your home doesn't have a shower?
  5. Given the news concerning Wrestlemania, I wonder how the US TV contracts work in this current situation given that the WWE are supposed to supply "original programming"? If there is going to be a prolonged lock down thanks to COVID-19 that will go beyond the end of April (looking likely at this stage), then I wonder if they will "do an Impact" and try to film several episodes of Raw & Smackdown as a block over several days at the PC to give around 4 to 8 weeks or so of programming to supply? It might be something to consider given that if any of the roster are confirmed positive for coronavirus then that will surely halt production for an indefinite amount of time.
  6. TIL: That North Korea has its own IPTV content delivery service. Just a shame about its name. Manbang
  7. Schoolchildren in Wuhan under quarantine still get assigned homework via smartphone app, conspire to flood it with one star reviews to get it taken offline! https://mashable.com/article/wuhan-kids-app-coronavirus/?europe=true
  8. The UK: Stocking up on bog roll and hand sanitiser. The Merkins?
  9. IIRC Buh Buh Ray Dudley referred to "you people" in his pre-match promo at ECW's Heatwave 99 before dishing out offensive insults to several folks in the crowd. It was pretty cheap heat, but bah gawd did he generate it that night.
  10. Tag teams didn't get more 90s than these two.
  11. I think you mean 28 years of Jericho? 18 years would imply he only started out in 2002. (Sorry for being a nitpicking git.)
  12. I like the nice drum and bass beat in the background of the RTC entrance music.
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