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If HHH is back that’s good news to be honest.  NXT 2.0 started strong but it’s a bit of a mess now.

There’s some talent but also far too many green rookies having matches with green rookies.  And the women’s division is back to tits and arse which personally I enjoy but it’s a bit retrograde.

Luckily Bron Brekker and Tony D are worth the watch.



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12 hours ago, Loki said:

And the women’s division is back to tits and arse which personally I enjoy but it’s a bit retrograde.

If you're experiencing retrograde because of Mandy Rose you may wish to see a doctor.

I actually forgive "tits and arse" as a reason to push a talent IF they get over, and have crowds really into their matches. That's what the sport's really about, and its no different than when a Hogan or Warrior get over on their look, or anyone else being able to talk people into the building, as opposite to being 100% crisp with their dropkicks or snug with their headlocks. The problem was that somewhere between Trish vs Lita and the Four Horsewomen era, there were too many hires where the looks COMPLETELY eclipsed the talent or aptitude for the wrestling part of the job, AND they never got over because of the combination of bland or no personality, and terrible matches. "Divas" may have started with Sable, Debra etc but I forever associate it with the "Divas Championship" era where attractive but nondescript interchangeable women contested short but rubbish matches in front of near silence.

The key is getting over, and I think too much emphasis is put on the negative of people getting over because of their look, male or female. If they get pushed despite not being over, problem. But I enjoyed Bayley's title defence against the much-maligned Eva Marie far more than if it had been against a 100% better "wrestler" with only 50% of the crowd heat.

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100% agreed - you work with whatever gets you your spot; if that's massive muscles, being seven foot tall, or having supermodel good looks, rather than a twenty year career on the indies and Japan, there's nothing wrong with that bringing you to the table. It's then on the booker to find ways to make you interesting, work to your strengths and whatnot. The Diva Search era was rubbish because the women were rubbish, there was absolutely no incentive for them to get better, and the creative team didn't care. 

That Eva Marie/Bayley match is one of my favourite single episodes of wrestling TV ever, it's a masterpiece. It takes every criticism of Eva Marie and turns them into a positive for the story that they're telling, plays on the audience's belief that NXT is somehow distinct from WWE as a whole, and generates heat from their anxieties that Big Bad Corporate WWE are going to start taking away their toys. It's not just that it's Bayley, as the epitome of an NXT Women's Wrestler, against Eva Marie as the Johnny Ace Swimsuit Catalogue stereotype, but that they layer it with other signifiers of Main Roster WWE in opposition to NXT - Michael Cole as guest GM while Regal's out of the picture, and Charles Robinson being assigned as referee. It's brilliant stuff.

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