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The Smackers Thread

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Squash matches can still work! It speaks to what a shambles the division is that the Iconic's defence was the most enjoyable women's match in months. Squashes can get over. Black and Ricochet would have benefited with the occasional break from these tag matches, get them over as individual stars. They've got the elaborate entrances. Put them in a showcase match spot with fancy lighting, an insert promo and three minutes to get their shit in and wow the crowd. No need to spunk away all these tag matches. Fuck it, give Aliester Black the Glacier push. Anything to break the monotony.

Lars Sullivan though. Not sure about this racist meat head. It's cool to see a new monster on the scene, but lets face it, he's doomed to fail. He didn't look much taller than the Hardy's here. Doesn't help that he's going to the top rope and doing a finisher that's associated with small/workrate guys. One that fucked them and help break them. Weird.

Kofi and the boys had me crying like a baby at mania. It was a reminder of what magic wrestling can be. But let's not drive the New Day into the ground though, huh? It's telling that Vince had Drew quietly slink off mid-match to keep his credibility and avoid the visual of McIntyre losing to the new champ. In a tag team match. I thought Kingston would change his act up at some point in this program and at least try come across as a main eventer.

Turn Big E Langston. It's time. The New Day will never be hotter, Big E will never be hotter and they've practically gone through every tag team on the roster anyway. Pull the trigger. They have a main event guy on their hands, and fuck me does this promotion need a main event guy right now. Do it!

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Don't forget: the clocks changed last week so if you want to record Smackdown you probably need some professional help.

What a Mark. 

Rob Gronkowski's ring entrance in an empty arena was the most embarrassing and cringy thing I may have ever seen as a wrestling fan. And thats coming from somebody whose parents were in the room when

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I totally agree with you on squash matches. Have a big match at the top of each hour such as two sets of opponents in a tag match or just two of your "name guys" in a match for a title shot or suchlike, but stick the enhancement guys in for the rest, and do some video packages, punditry, interviews etc to fill the rest of the time. 

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My mate, who doesn't really follow WWE these days, just sent me this and said 'McGregor?'

Highly doubtful of course, but maybe it'll be somebody big as they're moving over to Fox later this year. So with that I'm putting my money on Reigns.

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My money is on Brock. They're rearranging the deck chairs in anticipation of moving to Fox, and he's the only thing that could potentially move the dial.

I wouldn't even be surprised if they did Reigns AND Brock, to be honest.

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The fact Vince is making the announcement rather than Stephanie or Triple H is a red flag for me, given the current ‚ÄėVince is out of touch‚Äô story.

I expect a huge, over-the-top intro, only for it to be Baron Corbin.

We’ll probably get Roman or someone similar later in the night to soften the blow, but this is almost definitely going to be someone disliked.

If they do both move over I’d bet money on Corbin winning the title only to drop it to Reigns at Summerslam, or on the first Smackdown on Fox. 

If Brock does make the move it probably won’t be until SD does move to Fox so it has maximum impact on ratings.

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4 minutes ago, Supremo said:

Have the logistics of the Shakeup even been explained in this post-GM world? Is it supposed to be a lottery? Or are the McMahons behind who goes where? 

I don't think it was ever explained in the GM World to begin with.  Is it a draft?  Is it a lottery?  Is it trades?   Can the Superstars just move where they want?

They've never explained it.   At least when they did the win a match win a wrestler for your brand thing they explained how it worked.

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