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This argument is a fuckin cure for insomnia isn't it? Fucking hell.

Oh Edwina!  

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That 2007 look was a right stinker. I remember being really, really excited by his return. The whole save_us thing got quite a lot of hype at the time, and they held the cards quite close to their chest on it. Was in those few months post Benoit as well where the product nosedived into a safe lull mode and the perception/expectation that a big star was coming back to get us back on track was quite a valid, exciting one. 

I stayed up to watch Raw live for that one. It was one of those things you convinced yourself in the moment was quite brilliant, and by the time you've woken up a short few hours later you're like "Wait, what the fuck was that?".

Total Spinal Tap. 

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2 hours ago, Your Fight Site said:

Why does he spend so much time paying with fireworks (and using them as a weapon) when the first rule of fireworks is, don’t play with them?

Because he's a fireworker. 

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