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  1. Well to be fair it’s pretty much the same crowd every week that have seen him. There’s only so many wrestling fans in Jacksonville that will pay money every week to watch a wrestling show that’s on tv for free during a pandemic.
  2. It vanished with no explanation. I believe it was just reported by Dave this week actually that the reason, in real life, that they binned it was that they didn’t want all the rosters mixing together during the pandemic.
  3. AEW have their own audience of young people. NXT is even worse than raw when it comes to average ages. Their 18-49 is beyond embarrassing. I'd be interested to see AEW go head to head with raw to see what the cross over viewers are. I actually believe AEWs audience IS made up of mostly people that quit wwe and we wouldn't see much correlation. And I'd imagine if there were fans that watched both then thr majority would choose to watch AEW head to head over raw. I just think their audience are far more invested. Ita not just a habit.
  4. It would be better if they weren’t creating new fans but the average age was in the 30s and they were doing great in the 18-34 demo. But the average age is in the 50s. When these people stop watching/die then they have no one. That’s the scary thing and that’s actually a bigger story than just their terrible ratings. The future looks even grimmer than the present. If they keep this trend going, I can honestly see AEW taking over from them in the demos and causing waves within the tv industry. If they both end up at a 0.5 in the demo (or even AEW at 0.4 and raw at 0.5) then USA will b
  5. But it’s a star driven business. It always has been and always will be. You have to keep creating new stars as no one will stay around forever. Raw was drawing 4.5m viewers 3 years ago. 3 million people didn’t leave because their favourites left. It is a combination of things sure. The tv industry is down. But wwe is down so, so much more than everything else. It’s not a coincidence that their product is at an all time putrid level as viewership continues deeper into the mud.
  6. But favourites only exist because of the booking of the product. If Vince kept steve Austin going 50/50 with Steve Blackman, scripted his promos, made him terrified of Stephanie and had IRS lay out all his matches for him do you honestly think he would have meant anything? You can’t have stars/favourites without booking them like a star. And wwe can’t book anyone like a star anymore.
  7. I was originally just going to tell you to fuck off but I’ll try and be more civil. WWE is in the toilet. It is regularly doing record low ratings. As in, the worst of all time. It has never been less popular and has never turned off more people in such a short space of time. If it wasn’t for old people they’d be completely fucked because hardly anyone under 50 can tolerate them. Once those oldies die or move on, they are dead because they aren’t growing an audience and young people won’t watch their show. And it’s happened because their shows are absolutely shit. Millions of people
  8. This is the worst wrestling show I’ve ever seen. I didn’t think it would ever get as bad as late wcw, but it did. Then I thought, well at least there’s 95 wwf. Nope, that was better. All TNA was better. Current Raw is the worst proper wrestling tv show there’s ever been. I’d rather watch WSX. Whats frustrating is that, whilst 99% of the shows are the dirt worst, all the stuff with Roman is fantastic so I know they CAN do some good stuff. Orton and Edge was fabulous too.
  9. For as dangerously and incompetently as they handled covid at the beginning (likely due to stubbornness rather than a lack of education) they seem to be doing a great job now. I feel for them because they still catch a lot of shit. You see the idiots on the roster posting pictures at parties surrounded by 50 maskless people and it’s the company that seems gets the battering online. They’re horrible people no doubt, but in this instance they’re trying to do the right thing and it’s the wrestlers that are letting them down.
  10. Gallows and Anderson are as dull as omega is fabulous in this new role. That’s the whole problem with this story. Impact just feels like it’s full of either ex wwe geeks or geeks that wwe don’t care about. I mean, outside of the fact it would probably be a good match, who could possibly care about Kenny vs rich Swann? Imagine if this was the TNA of a decade ago. I know it gets made fun of, but it was still a million times better than this as far as stars goes. It’s credit to Kenny and Don that I’m still fairly interested in it. They’re both just fantastic, even if the story isn’t keeping
  11. I watched this a couple of days ago. I’m a fan of the Steve shows and like the idea of doing newer guys instead of just the usual repeated list of “legends” they always focus on. Bayley came across really great. Seems super nice and grounded. It’s amazing to see how badly they fucked her up and how great the turn around has been. She seems to be doing the best work of her career since the heel turn. Gives hope to the geeks like ricochet, aleister black etc that they can still salvage people they’ve ruined. Also, felt a bit sad for her when she said it upset her when the “fans” were b
  12. Bless you for still having hope. If you think almost 80 year old vince sees or cares about even 90% of the new stuff that gets put on the network then I don’t know what to say. He didn’t even know talking smack was a thing until he happened to be at a show and see Daniel Bryan in a feud for a match they could never do and cancelled it. As has been the case for many years, the better their stuff is, the less involvement from Vince there is. Once he gets involved it invariably goes to shit. For example, see almost everything on raw and smackdown and how much worse nxt got once it was turned
  13. These things just prove what everyone already knows. The guys can be fantastic when they aren’t handcuffed by WWEs shitty way of doing everything. My only conclusion is that either nobody with any power watches these or, if they do, then they think they’re shit and the terrible way they currently do things is better. Imagine how great Kevin could be without being held back. He’s absolutely fantastic.
  14. Can’t believe some fans are still doing the Cesaro should be world champion meme from 8 years ago. I’m sorry but, moves aside, he is dull as fuck and always has been. Kinda agree with TCE that they should give him a token run so he can go away and we never have to hear about it again. I watch Romans stuff every week on YouTube. He is just the greatest. It’s such a shame wrestling is dead because this guy should be a megastar.
  15. Barry Horowitz actually winning a match was insane when I was a kid. I just couldn’t believe it and had a soft spot for Bazza ever since. Barbershop window with the rockers William Regal winning the IC title from Santino in about 10 seconds at a show I was at live was fantastic. I saw regal wrestle in Blackpool when I was about 4 so it was a cool full circle thing for me.
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