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  1. The covid testing was part of the entertainment portion of the television presentation
  2. The revival names are so terrible FTR is fine. But Cash Wheeler is one of the worst names I’ve ever heard and Dax Harwood is only slightly better. I howled laughing when Excalibur said their names even though I already knew. Its probably one of those things ill be used to in a few weeks and i won’t notice, but right now it’s just brutal.
  3. There’s a lot of goofy shit in AEW. Like, a lot. It’s funny and entertaining which is great. But too much of the show is goofy haha stuff that I don’t think helps with the broader appeal of the show .
  4. Revival debut was so shit without fans. Well, it was fine in execution, but just meant nothing without the crowd. Not their fault of course, but it’s a shame these debuts come off so much flatter
  5. Im sure you were going for comedy, but this was pretty shit. The ‘pretending you don’t know people’s names/using old names’ gimmick when you clearly know everyone’s name is a weird spot.
  6. Have a look here. I had no idea the scope of the foundation. Far more impressive than fake fights. http://owenhartfoundation.org/index.html
  7. Yeah, it’s not called always look on the bright side of the ring...
  8. Identified as him now
  9. That Vince sued her is pretty shitty. I didn’t know that. Also actually seeing and listening to her and his children talk about what it did to them is completely different to reading about it in newsletters and hearing wrestlers talk about it in interviews.
  10. I havent watched WWE in years now but I'm not sure how anyone could continue to give them money after watching this show.
  11. I’m sure I remember reading somewhere that Owen had a huge cut on his arm (?) but there wasn’t any blood coming out.
  12. It’s whatever the want it to be at any particular time. Or it’s something different. It’s the same every time. Why they insist on these rules they will never follow is bizarre. Who could possibly give a fuck. Just say people can move between brands sometimes instead of these shite rules that get dropped within weeks anyway
  13. I love listening to cornette. His gimmick sometimes goes too far but I’m not going to get offended by a lunatic trying to create outrage for clicks. Some of his takes are shit but I can’t take them seriously. Even if it isn’t, it’s like listening to an actor play the part of a mentalist. Pregnancy take was definitely a miss though and a misjudgement of what his fan base will tolerate.
  14. If his tweeter is gone does that mean he was banned or realised he was a twat so deleted it to return when it’s all blown over? I don’t twitter so have no idea how it all works
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