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  1. Didn’t like the magazine at all. Gave it three our four different subscription attempts over the years but never enjoyed it. Sucks its going though. Print media, especially something with as little popularity as wrestling, seems to struggle. The internet will be our demise.
  2. House shows are generally better than TV tapings anyway. I’ve been to quite a few and the way they film them just makes it so hard to get in to anything. I’ve always has more fun at the house shows.
  3. Becky is nothing without Ronda. Ronda was even more important than we seemed to think at the time. I’d start watching again if she came back.
  4. Match of the year is the Rhodes boys obviously. Wrestler of the year is probably Osprey, as much of a shitbag as he is. Worst match I’d say was the DON battle royal. It made no sense. Was full of the absolute worst Indy wrestling has to offer and made the world title look like shit. Biggest anti climax is probably that Ronda has gone and Becky is shit now. Ronda really was the best thing in years.
  5. The fact you/most fans don’t know who this moron is is probably the reason he’s trying to billington himself.
  6. It’s not that the writers they have now are bad, it’s that they write for a 73 year old lunatic rather than for wrestling fans. If these two guys write for wrestling fans it will probably be great. If they write for a 73 year old lunatic then it will be jus as shit as it is now.
  7. Was he on the right side of womens wrestling when he wrote that Sable looked like a 40 year old stripper and shit on her appearance every week?
  8. He says that his trolling on Twitter generates subscribers and that's why he does it.
  9. He is far, far too emotionally and personally invested in New Japan and AEW to the point where he’s just become a twitter troll gimmick now, which is ironically the thing he complains about the most.
  10. I’m sure they are. But now Ambrose is doing an anti wwe gimmick Seth might be a bit annoyed his mate is shitting on the place he represents as the top champion. Regardless of if he’s right or not.
  11. What are these creatively bankrupt geeks going to do when they can’t wheel out the 50 and 60 year old guys from the 90s anymore?
  12. It’s a shame how in ring is viewed as the most important thing in the world these days. As dog shit as these two are in the ring, they’re incredible outside of it from all the clips I’ve seen. Love them. The Kenta stuff was gold.
  13. This doesn’t look good or bad. It just looks boring. Mind numbingly boring.
  14. I think it’s a combination of wwe treating them like shit during the network launch and the fact that the ratings are in the shitter to an almost unfathomable level.
  15. That's where we will find out the true ceiling fir the company. If they're doing a proper touring schedule all over the country it will be interesting to see how they do outside if the big cities and when theres more than one show a quarter.
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