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  1. Over the last month or so this has become the consistently best wrestling show in maybe 20 years.
  2. This last month has been the best Orton has ever been both on and off screen.
  3. Uncle Dave has said Davey Boy is going into the HoF this year. About time really.
  4. Bix and Cornette are both complete cunts. At least Russo’s only crimes are writing some bad wrestling tv.
  5. To be fair, the last match was the best she’s ever looked by a million miles. I fear for her defences though as the division is shite and there’s only so many times she can beat up Japanese girls before it gets boring.
  6. From what I can tell from some forums etc, it’s not that she used to be a fella but that AEW only hired/pushed/put the belt on her for woke points and there’s no way someone as shit as her would be champion if she wasn’t trans.
  7. Don’t have twitter but I’m sure it’s something along the lines of “it’s the women’s belt, not then men’s” or about how AEW is trying to be “woke”.
  8. PAC is my favourite wrestler. He is the only person in a wrestling show I watch that I actually believe is real. And this is from someone that’s been out with him years ago and knows it’s absolutely not.
  9. That’s not the issue. It’s the lengths Dave will go to to defend Kenny and AEW using his twitter troll gimmick. He doesn’t need to be on twitter fighting with bots and then wondering why people think he has a bias.
  10. I think Dave quite likes young Kenneth.
  11. It’s weird how we all just loved and accepted it when Steve was doing this stuff. But now it’s not logical. Like, it sounds ridiculous as people have said. But back then it was great and no one cared that Steve would somehow magic up all these random modes of transport to get to and from the arena for various heel/local law enforcement/local medical facility reasons.
  12. He really needs to get a doctor to check that cough.
  13. Edge was my favourite from his debut until he retired. I’ve always liked Orton too. I haven’t watched wwe in years but watched this on YouTube and it was incredible. I’m hoping given the seniority of these guys that they’ll be able to push the direction of this and the usual dross will be kept far away. Just amazing stuff from both. Great promos and wonderful angle.
  14. He’s the only person in wrestling I actually believe is real.
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