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  1. He did say wwe. And their story telling is about as dog shit as it gets.
  2. Why is the Cody Jericho match happening? I know they have no TV so it’s hard to do storylines but I’m assuming it’s been set up on a YouTube show I don’t watch? Cody is my favourite in the company and his story stuff is always better than everyone else’s so looking forward to it.
  3. Yakashi

    AEW All Out

    As others have said, it's amazing how far Kenny has fallen since joining AEW and it's not just because hes losing matches. He just doesn't come across as a star at all. Despite that, his match was the best. Cody on the other hand is the biggest star in the company by a mile. The sooner he gets the belt from the fat, balding 50 year old ex wwe comedy midcarder the better. Enjoyed the show a lot but can do without the ladder match. Just beyond stupid. I get it's what the bucks do, but it's just not for me.
  4. I’m just going by their own article where they said they were merging and taking on some of the fsm staff. https://wrestletalk.com/magazine/wrestletalkfsm/
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