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  1. Yeah, it was a mid card match at most. Maybe 4th behind omega, bucks and Cody.
  2. I think Dustin and Cody are maybe the biggest guys they have? Dustin for sure I’d imagine. The rest wouldn’t pass the Nash test.
  3. I used to sub to sky sports just for wwe. Then when it became unbearable shite I cancelled my sky sports. Saved a lot of money each month and for some reason I have the premier league channel and don’t pay for it.
  4. Can imagine poor Juvi will be bombarded by twitter cunts calling him a murderer like Rey was
  5. Meltzer is reporting Daniel Bryan has been cleared and is back soon. Hes not a cabbage so yay.
  6. The general consensus is that the guys would win if these things went to court. But they never do because wwe has billions of dollars and the guys don’t have the money or time to fight it. It’s like the star cast stuff. WWE think they can do whatever they want despite the existence of contracts because no one will go through the trouble of suing them. Look how much it cost cm punk in his lawsuit. Over several years it cost Millions of dollars and his best friend. Luke Harper doesn’t have punk t shirt money.
  7. It doesn’t matter how good their writing is if there’s a 70 year old lunatic that changes it all 15 times before the show starts.
  8. According to Dave, so you know, they had enough ticket requests on the website to have sold 43000 tickets.
  9. Has he actually said he hates wrestling? Or are people just assuming /upset that he’s got a different job now?
  10. What a lot of people don’t seem to understand about Dave, is that he’s just a middle man. Every scoop he comes out with is just what a third party (parties) wants to tell him for their own reasons. He can ask a few people to verify, but at the end of the day he is pretty much never, ever there when any discussions or decisions are made and relies entirely on what other people tell him. Then what he does with that is up to him.
  11. It doesn’t prevent him from being a decent journalist. I dont take take him seriously because he puts his feelings for people that pretend to be his friends for free publicity in front of any sort of journalistic integrity. And of course, he’s a complete troll when you actually think about some of the things he says.
  12. Exactly. If you saw it as Paul and Mike being pricks and not as Hunter and Shawn being pricks then that’s your fault for being too far down the rabbit hole.
  13. My wife runs a mental health ward at a hospital and, after spending hundreds of hours in the car with me putting observer radio on, is convinced Dave is autistic. I like Dave a lot but it’s hard to take him seriously as a journalist with some of the things he says. Half the time he can’t seem to even tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not.
  14. It must kill her seeing Alexa get a bigger babyface reaction as a heel than she does as a babyface.
  15. Well Alexa has always been mean to the other girls. Even her friends like Mickie. Sasha has been mostly a good person since she came to the main roster and even made a tag team with her best friend. She probably looks at Alexa being mean to everyone and wants to take her down a peg or two. So she uses her social media to go back and forth and let’ everyone know how horrible Alexa is because social media seems to be a strange blur where Sasha and the actress that plays her phase in and out of existence.
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