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  1. The only way I would care about the Kofi stuff is if it leads to a turn and a main event run for Big E. He’s the star of that team to me, anyway. So id be happy for Kofi to win and then E turn on him on the post mania smackdown. Its difficult to even remember the lesnar match is happening. It means so little right now. The women have suffered from having too much TV time to fill and filling it mostly with nonsense. Im more excited for Big Dave and Uncle H and AJ and Orton than any of the title matches to be honest.
  2. Well Booker T and Mark Henry were both World Champions. Depends how much you want to argue semantics.
  3. I don’t get the kofi stuff. He’s a mid card joke act. I just can’t take him seriously after 2 years of pancakes. I get I’m in the minority as far as internet fans go, but it just does nothing for me at all.
  4. On international woman’s day of all days.
  5. That alone should tell you who’s responsible for this stuff.
  6. Do you think that any of these tweets and back And forths havent been pre planned between all of the performers playing these fake characters and other people in the company? Do you honestly think Becky took the piss out of her husband and Charlotte mocked her losses without Ronda telling them to? I'm sure some people believe it. And more power to those women if they've managed to work the fans. But it's all fake. Come on
  7. If she's leaving after mania she's losing the fall. If she's not then she might keep the belt and lose at it the next show. She's definitely losing before she leaves though. They're all friends.
  8. I find most of it very funny. Charlotte's last one about Ronda losing her last two fights was great. But if you think that Ronda didn't say she was OK to post it then you're mad. They're all friends. I thought we were past the whole "wrestling is fake but this stuff...this stuff is real" business from fans who should know better.
  9. Imagine believing any of this is real....
  10. Tarnishing the business? Lol. It's having absolutely no negative effects at all. No one is going to cancel their network sub or not buy a ticket because of a YouTube video. Even the fattest and smelliest of fans. There are some lunatics out there though that think this is real and might buy a Becky shirt because they think Ronda is a mong. Those mentalists do exist.
  11. I don’t see how it’s not Ambrose. Surely Dean turns on them again at Fastlane and then Roman kicks him out of the territory at mania.
  12. There’s probably a quota for the number of dead drug addicts per year they can put in.
  13. The lovely Torrie Wilson is going into the HOF this year. Moves and flips aside, I always thought she was really good at what her role was supposed to be.
  14. Because it’s 2019. They’re basically saying they cast a fat girl (she’s not fat at all of course) to play a skinny girl and that’s great and progressive. When in actuality it’s more offernsive to say it than it would have been to cast a skinny girl in the first place.
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