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  1. Well it isn't part of the podcast. The podcast would stop and then an advert based on your IP address location would play before the podcast resumed.
  2. I think he's heard it all before over the last 20 years. I really doubt he would give a shit. It's not like it's anyone important. It's del rio. A noted buffoon. It's like vince. I don't think he gives a shit anymore when a messed up former employee bad mouths him. I'm sure hunter and vince both know that del rio will be back begging for a job in a few years. If he's not in jail.
  3. I don't know why hunter would be bothered really. He's more successful in every possible aspect of life. I'd like to think he wouldn't be too concerned with the drugged up ramblings of a disgruntled ex employee that currently works for TNA(lol).
  4. Just turned up on Netflix too. Tremendous.
  5. Doesn't the drone also teleport them around the world?
  6. Guess the steroids worked.
  7. Mr Meltzer says they are definitely doing the broken gimmick, it's just in the hands of the lawyers to sort out. Hopefully they actually do a storyline and go through the transformation from scratch. The majority of worldwide viewers will have no idea what the gimmick is so to just go straight to it would seem like a wasted opportunity. Hopefully Matt can be involved and it's not just down to WWE writers. That could be rough as evidenced by anything involving a Bray Wyatt, ever.
  8. Its horrible that this has happened to someone, but if it stops some of these Japanese and Indy idiots doing stuff like this then some good will come out of it. It's a stupid spot that isn't worth it. Daniel Bryan was an idiot when he did it at wrestlemania, this is worse and the people that do that kind of rubbish for TNA or the indies in front of 250 people are even more stupid. Hopefully he can continue to lead a normal life and won't defy the doctors and come back to show "fighting spirit".
  9. Cena has been getting bood for 10 years and he's still the only star they have and the only one that makes any sort of difference. At this stage, I really don't think it matter if the TV crowds boo Roman. Boo or cheer, I don't think business would change. As for the matches, Roman will keep working as a babyface against heels and get bood, just like Cena does. Those matches will regularly be the best match on the show yet the fans will still say/chant that he can't wrestle. Just like Cena. Then the heel Roman beats will go on to feud with another babyface and Roman will move on to the next heel and still get bood. Just like Cena. Those type of matches have been happening for so long with that fanbase that it's sort of becoming the norm for WWE main events.
  10. You wouldn't bet against JBL in a fight with Bas fucking Rutten?
  11. Imagine having Bas Rutten after you. Fucking hell. And he thought Steve Blackman was bad.
  12. I mean, if you're going to do this at wrestlemania then fair enough. But TNA? Total mongs.
  13. Power Slam, by the end at least, was essentially one giant blog as he wrote almost everything himself. And if you don't like someone and genuinely think they're terrible (Cena) then there's no point lying about it to appease people. I thought he was wrong with the Cena stuff and his over the top praise of Christian, but I'd rather he stay honest with his opinion than flip flop all the time.
  14. I've spoken to him and its mainly a financial decision as you say. Would have loved to write more books but couldn't justify it financially. He is also closing the PS webiste. Seems to be moving on completely.
  15. He's trying to bring the childish plastic toy console war into a wreslting forum.