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  1. Apparently it was just a bunch of extras. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have no idea who is going to be in the group.
  2. There’s no way that man won’t be president if he decides to be.
  3. These guys are untouchable. It’s like the bigger cunts they are and the shittier their product, the more money they make. Quite astounding.
  4. While I’m in no way defending it, Meltz said today that it actually was the black guy that talked them in to it..Steen especially didn’t want to do it but he convinced him. Then afterwards they knew it was a giant fuck up and apologised. Doesn’t change what happened of course and it’s probably one of the biggest regrets for all involved.
  5. I don’t agree with most of the things cornette says about AEW, but he’s on the money with “All Friends Wrestling”. And if Ryder is going to do the friends with Cody then turn on him gimmick, that will be the third time it’s happened since AEW started, which is just insane.
  6. PAC has been my favourite wrestler since he left wwe (although his heel run there was great too). He’s the only person I can actually believe isn’t pretending. Sammy Guevara is the most all round entertaining guy in wrestling right now for me. Has the confidence to look like an absolute cock every single week almost and know he’s good enough to get even more over by doing it. Rapey comments aside, he has been a revelation.
  7. 2v1 handicap match against Charlotte with all the belts on the line.
  8. Their audience’s average age is mid to late 50s. This match has more chance of doing a better rating than the majority of what they could do, as depressing as that is.
  9. As good as the boneyard match was, it’s the worst thing to happen in years. As usual with them, something has some success and they beat it dead into the ground over and over again with their horrible, shitty booking and ideas aimed at a soon to be 75 year old man that it actually makes it look like their one good attempt was a total fluke. People joke about WCW comparisons, but this company currently seems more inept than WCW in its dying days.
  10. Omega was pretty huge in Japan. Tokyo dome sellouts, great business. He was huge (as huge as you can be outside wwe) in the US too. Almost every show he appeared on did record business. Now he’s a guy doing moves and being a geek on tv. It’s as if Cody is the only one of the guys in charge that gets it. He’s the least talented of them all and is the only one even approaching being a star.
  11. If it’s Kenny himself that doesn’t want to be a star then Tony needs to tell him to stop being a geek and start playing for the team in the right position. He’s being paid a shit load of money to run a shit women’s division and be a mid carder being less and less special with every tv show. I don’t believe Tony has the balls to do anything about it but someone should tell Kenny that he’s not far off 40 and now is the time for him to be the guy.
  12. That’s the problem with Moxleys reign. It’s just been monster of the week challengers and he beats them and then they’re just losers. Hopefully the MJF feud is better
  13. On a point I made last week about Tony arguing with geeks on twitter about ratings, they’re so “happy” that they’ve got Chris Jericho out on TV with a new demo ratings winner gimmick. Talking about ratings on tv is wcw levels of awful, especially when your show us one of the lowest rated in the history of wrestling on national tv. You don’t do this unless you’re completely gotten to. And by twitter geeks no less.
  14. I mean, he’s an observer subscriber who’s dad bought him a wrestling fed...
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