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  1. Anything other than an enormous disappointment will be a pleasant and welcome surprise.
  2. I wonder if they feel stupid after they've eventually signed these guys after they've spent 75 years on the indies and they end up doing great? AJ..too small and southern. Owens...too fat. Joe...too fat. Zayn...too small.Roode...too TNA. Or maybe they think it was THEM that made them great. That's probably it.
  3. Bragging rights was pretty terrible and completely pointless.
  4. He will disappear and no one will even realise he's gone. That sums up both his contribution to WWE and the importance of the 205 show.
  5. It didn't even mean anything to her. He's just an old bloke with long hair! She goes to all those events with me and always meets the guys (if it's ones we want to meet) but doesn't give a shit. The only one she cared about meeting was Shawn Michaels becasue she likes his music and his iron will not to shave his head. But it was a nice thing she did. The video was only about 90 seconds long but it's still a lovely thing to do. She said it didnt cost any extra money either. I hope she was telling the truth!
  6. I've probably mentioned this before but Bret was my hero growing up and he and my wife did something awesome for me when we got married. We met him at one of those speaking shows at the comedy store in Manchester and had him sign a bunch of stuff etc. The usual routine. Anyway, she had arranged with Bret and the promoter to meet after the show and have Bret record a video and write me a note for the wedding day. She said she was going to the bathroom and, you know women in bathrooms, I didn't think it odd that she was gone for ten, fifteen minutes. Anyway, the note and video basically said how happy he was that he could be a hero to kids like me and that it made him happy to know that the kids he wrestled for were growing up and having their own happy lives. He said he got a kick out of a story she told him about me when I was 11 just as summerslam 94 was happening, my next door neighbours mum had a cousin that was friends with Helen Hart as implausible as that sounds. I'd asked if she could get me an autograph but to make sure it was from Bret and not Owen, because I hated Owen. Anyway, I got a signed photo and signed shades from Bret and another little,treat. A signed photo from Owen saying "To Andrew my little buddy. From your best friend, Owen". I threw a paddy. Fucking Owen. I hated Owen! Yeah, so Bret said he liked that story and was laughing when talking about it. Little things like that mattered he said. He wishes us well for the wedding and that was that. So yeah. Bret was my hero. Well. Bret is my hero.
  7. Tamina has been on WWE TV for over seven years. She's one of the worst wrestlers I have ever seen in every single aspect that makes up what a pro wrestler is. Seven years. Dire.
  8. Rey beat Shawn Michaels on one of the Eddie guerrero tribute shows I think.
  9. It's more dependent on if WWE tell him to have a fifteen minute match or kill the mid carder in 5 minutes. We all want that match that sounded amazing 5 years ago, but it's not really down to lesnar. Sure he could say no to a proper match, but I don't even think he will be asked.
  10. Ok. Do you want to buy some magic beans?
  11. You cannot be this naive.
  12. He wasn't big when he got brought back. He was basically the same. The massive steroid body and scarred back all happened within the last 9 months or so. It's mental. I can't believe they have the nerve to put him on tv.
  13. As much as I love Miz, no one is paying to see him get a beating either.
  14. At a guess, I'd say they well and truly lost their arse doing that wrestlecon and decided to call it quits.
  15. I was at a raw show yesterday and I noticed Hardys, Roman, Ambrose, Rollins, Balor and THREE Cena shirts (no wonder he sells the most merch. Three shirts and he's not even there). Didn't see any Braun shirts. Not saying there weren't any, I just didn't see them.