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  1. Today I learned Cedric Alexander is a bigger star than Chris Jericho, Sting, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega.
  2. Jesus Christ. Liv Morgan is a bigger star than Kenny Omega. Whatever works for you And imagine using social media numbers as any kind of argument. Hulk Hogan (!!!!) has 2.2m Twitter followers. Ric Flair has 1.1m. Becky has 1.9m Zack Ryder has 2.1m. All those years of Zack drawing MSG sellouts and pulling millions of buys on PPV
  3. Darby Allin factually adds viewers to the show he is on. That's a fact. 95% of wwes guys are meaningless and do nothing for numbers. By your take Darby is a bigger star than Edge because when Edge came back numbers for his stuff were lower than everything else on the show. He was a detriment. A negative draw. A negative star. And I guess Liv Morgan is a bigger star than Kenny Omega or Okada because the show she's on, and contributes zero to, is watched by more people? And its nothing to do with who I like. Darby looks like a complete geek and I can't take anything he does seri
  4. For me being a star isn’t just about how many people know your name. More people know Dean Ambrose but Jon Moxley is a bigger star because the stuff he does now actually matters and has people invested. He’s far more important and popular to the audience that sees him than Ambrose ever was. Roman might not have more people that know his name now vs 5 years ago, but the stuff he’s doing now has people far more invested and everything he does comes across as the most important thing on the show. For example, Darby Allin is a much bigger star to me than most of WWEs interchangeable pa
  5. Roman for 90% of his career. Seeing him now vs what he was for all those years shows mind boggling incompetence and shines the spotlight on just how awful WWE are at making stars. Also 90% of the guys and girls brought up from NXT seen to have done worse than most would have assumed.
  6. They almost doubled their viewers from last week. That’s bananas. If this is the new normal then we’ve got some real competition now. TNT paying 45m for that vs what USA and Fox are paying seems like the deal of the century. Will be very interesting to see what happens when the contracts are up. And what this looks like from a very basic standpoint is that the vast majority of the AEW audience had no desire to watch NXT but a massive percentage of the NXT audience wanted to watch AEW. Will be interesting to see if they keep watching.
  7. Im glad they’re releasing people because they have far far far too many guys and girls, as do AEW. But citing budget cuts as the reason when you’re constantly announcing record profits seems a bit trolly. Unless they know something we don’t know.
  8. I’ll genuinely miss Billie. Sure, in ring she’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen. But for a company full of robotic interviewers and too many boring matches, she was super entertaining and should have found a role. The Iconics and Heavy Machinary were two good acts that were split up for no reason other than wwe are shit and now all 4 are in much worse positions.
  9. Well, people don’t continue to eat the shit sandwich every week. They’ve lost millions of viewers over the last few years. If losing half your audience won’t get them to change, I’m not sure what will (other than maybe losing 90%).
  10. Imagine knowing that a story got out about Becky doing a segment with Bayley, looking at your script and realising you’ve put the Bellas there and then still going ahead with it.
  11. I didn’t know the cards until I watched night 1 but night 2 looks on paper like it could be a much better show. I’m super excited for the 3 way and the Rhea match could be excellent. I reckon, if they’re allowed to, Owens and Sami could be match of the night. Those two are fabulous together.
  12. After the result of the women’s tag last night I’m convinced the Bellas are getting added and winning the belts. I just can’t see how they’re going to do a double heel match with two of the worst tag teams in history. I can’t imagine even Twitter geeks that call these women Queens would want to see that. At least the Bellas are over and Nikki is pretty good. I’d take Nikki vs Shayna for 4 minutes with no one else tagging in. That would be good.
  13. I wonder how many green shirts he has. Like, is it one and he wears it to every show. Or does he have a wardrobe full of green look at me please shirts. Important questions.
  14. Enjoyed the Cesaro and Rollins match a lot in a vacuum but it’s hard to care when Rollins is coming off one the worst babyface runs of all time with the fiend stuff and a horrific heel character and Cesaro has been a nothing for 10 years. It’s too late for me. Drew match was ok too and a good finish. WWE has no stars so I’m all for them trying to make one. Good stuff. women’s tag was embarrassing and is what happens when you try to stuff everyone on the show because it’s wrestlemania. When 70% of your women’s roster are the shits, this is bound to happen. Main event I thought w
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