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  1. Any move that has a flip for no reason other than to do a flip is shit. Doing a meaningless flip generates less speed and power than running and just smashing the guy. Its fine. It’s what we have now with wrestling. But it will never make sense and it’s just flips because flips.
  2. Jericho stuff was as shite as the Omega stuff was fantastic. Not that I believe Kenny will ever actually be a heel the fans will hate, but I very much like where they’ve been going. I think the crowd not being there can help heels as the AEW crowd tends to laugh, joke and sing along with the bad guys too often. Pretty sure he will be taking the belt off Moxley.
  3. Such a shame there was no crowd for the new day. You can tell how much the team means to them. Will be a rough 6 weeks until they’re back together.
  4. That’s always been the trouble. It will cost these guys more money and time in court than they will ever make on Twitch. Look how much it cost Punk in court and he actually won!
  5. Imagine still giving this company your money or time. Absolute scum.
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