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  1. You’re arguing something completely different to what I’m saying. I’m not denying the number is bad. I’m specifically talking about the head to head result. I’m saying that the defeat wouldn’t have happened if this particular football game, which drew a gigantic number higher than anyone predicted, hadn’t happened. Raw would have handily beaten them, even with their shit product had a normal football rating which we can expect going forward for most games would have happened. Last week was a win on even grounds. And this isn’t a trend at all anymore. The last several years they haven’t been effected anywhere close to this level. It’s been years since it really impacted them to a large degree, probably because their audience has dropped so much. And I get what you’re saying. If they hadn’t had such a terrible show for years then they wouldn’t be in a position where a monster football game could take away 20% of their audience and they would lose. I totally agree with that. All I said was that they would have won if this giant football game didn’t happen and that this giant football game will happen very rarely, if again this year. Making it an anomaly. They’re two different arguments.
  2. I meant “fake wrestling” war to show how silly it is to take sides and ignore facts. And WWE is acknowledging it. They’ve acknowledged it since the very beginning. From moving nxt, to signing geeks to massive money deals, to hotshotting things like big E, to reporting AEW to dominos, to counter programming with evolve events etc etc. When the TV deals come, it seems pretty obvious both AEW and WWE are getting a rise. AEW will get an enormous rise, as they deserve. But it’s not like WCW when there was a very real chance the wwf could have gone out of business if they didn’t turn it around. AEWs success likely won’t effect WWE getting massive money again. Raw is very often the number one show on cable and USA have fuck all else. Admittedly, I have no idea what happens to smackdown. But there’s enough desperate tv channels that would take a show that would be the number one show on Friday nights. I can see top stars going over there. WWE seems a shit place to work. Their culture will no doubt force out even more people than it already has. They’re horrible, vindictive people. And yeah, supremo is totally right. For wrestling fans this is the best thing to happen. We’ve already seen wwe make their show more exciting (not better) because of AEW this week. For wrestlers it’s also the best thing possible. I don’t think wwe are capable of turning it around, but it will be fun to follow it for sure and will end up, demo wise, the number 2 wrestling company (whilst still being number one everywhere else for a while anyway).
  3. It’s a stupid take to say that literally the only reason Raw didn’t beat AEW this week is because a football game with 20m viewers cannibalised their their audience? Even though it’s demonstrably proven by facts? Also, as the final calculations are being made, it looks like Raw actually did beat AEW, even with the football game. Raw is a terrible show and has had an audience drop in line with its quality. Eventually I think AEW will be beating them regularly. But this is an anomaly as you well know. Outside of a fake wrestling war, no one would think different.
  4. There is no excuse. They got beat last week. Stop being a nob.
  5. To be fair, they would have beaten AEW handily had the football not drew like 20m people. If they didn’t hotshot all the title stuff I dread to think what the number would have been.
  6. Haha Rex Steiner WAS his appointed name given by the company. What a geek. I bet he’s one of them “I won’t refer to him by his slave name” people that was discussed in the fan encounters thread.
  7. If losing to AEW makes them do crazy things for me to read about then I’m all for it. I have no investment anymore with wwe so I don’t care if this works or not. I just like the excitement of them tearing up scripts and hotshotting things. I won’t watch the show, but I’ll actively seek out the results when I get up which is more than I used to do. Also, E seems like a brilliant guy so if this is the sort of thing that would make him happy then great.
  8. I watched the Brock bit on YouTube. What a glorious man. He’s still light years ahead of everyone.
  9. With football season coming I’m fully expecting them to be beating them regularly for a while. These guys are going to be getting hundreds of millions of dollars thrown at them come contract time.
  10. Show had a couple of good moments but overall it’s another example of following up on their biggest ever moments with poor (by their standards) shows. Nothing I would class as bad but just a lot of ok.
  11. This show was incredible. One of the best I’ve ever seen. But I really, really wished we’d seen the end of the Yes stuff that’s my only complaint. I hate it!
  12. Its a compulsory strike off which basically means they didn't bother filing the paperwork. Rather than them actively dissolving it. Its either incompetence or intentional. Both probably.
  13. I’ve seen exactly one wrestling fan outside of a wrestling show in the last 20 years (they were all over when wrestling was popular). He had a Seth Rollins shirt on which was already a red flag but, as we were stood in the queue for self checkout in Asda, I said hey. We chatted for about a minute before he started going on about how Cesaro should be world champion. Realising he was one of those, I said I’d forgot something and left. Never again.
  14. I just can’t see Lucha bros winning. I know they’ve had several matches but it still feels like this match is a bit thrown together and doesn’t warrant ending the Bucks reign. Even Santana and Ortiz in New York seems like it would happen out of nowhere. Normally I’d say that’s fine but Bucks and their reign have been really important and it seems a proper feud and build up is what it deserves.
  15. I meant if the tease was the demon. The one thing that makes Finn special. He’s never been beat using that gimmick. He will lose to Roman. Like everyone.
  16. Step 373 in sacrificing everything you’ve got for Roman
  17. Mental health is so important. If anyone feels like doing something like this, please reach out to people if you can. People want to help.
  18. Ive never seen Charlotte have a decent match with anyone that isn’t better than her. Exceptional performer she is not. She’s fine. Good when paired with people better than her. Useless when she’s expected to carry someone worse. Despite being made a 57 time champion, she’s not a star and if she disappeared tomorrow they wouldn’t lose one viewer.
  19. We just need Dwayne to show up at All Out and then Nia will be gone.
  20. They only delivered something else because the thing that they had teased (but never advertised) fell through. They thought they had it sorted out and then it got pulled from them. And then they advertised something else once they knew. This isn’t like WWE where they advertise someone for weeks knowing that they aren’t going to be there and never tell anyone until everyone has paid their money. It’s completely different. The Christian thing was overhyped sure but at least Tony believed the hype. Christian is one of his all time favourites and i think it clouded his judgement a bit.
  21. And Dave wonders why he gets bullied on Twitter
  22. He will be fine at the show. People will go nuts for him. The fans will know who he is and want the show to be a success. It’s a definite clanger after the Tanahashi hype but AEW fans are pretty forgiving. They know it’s just something that got messed up rather than in WWE where they would just lie about everything.
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