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  1. I'm boycotting until the cowards bring back the macaroni pie.
  2. The last batch of Xbox BC games is outstanding. Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb and all the original Splinter Cells in 4K!
  3. Drogba obviously has a few contenders. Think this might be my favourite.
  4. Love coffee, all day, every day. I've got a machine but I'm not particularly set on one kind yet, I like most. I'm enjoying the Starbucks house blend just now, and I like the novelty of getting dozens of cups worth for the price I'd pay for one in a shop (£3-odd for 200g bag). Will and do happily accept whatever instant stuff people make me while I'm working as well, it's mostly all good too! I like the Nescafe Gold cappuccino sachets also, and they're handy for when I run out of milk.
  5. Conte to Inter confirmed. Look forward to seeing how he gets on. Serie A could get real interesting at the top end again. De Vrij, Godin and Skriniar will be a monstrous back three.
  6. Nice! Get this if you like Ghostbusters and missed out last-gen. It's pretty much Ghostbusters 3 in all but name.
  7. At least the German Aston Villa, Hamburg (The only German team I hate), aren't coming up to pointlessly stink up their top flight again next year. And Wenger's Arsenal has been disbanded. That's progress. It was a privilege and an honour to go a full season without any of the Groundhog Day motherfuckers.
  8. Escape Plan (2013) London Has Fallen (2016)
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