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  1. It's great. It's what every Saturday 3PM telly should look like (and is, in other countries). Stupid laws trying to make me go and see Hibs... I just wish it had the option to not keep me up to date with the other games scores. I'd have liked to watch United/Spurs unspoiled affter the Chelsea game later.
  2. 4's too perfect to need a remake and CV's too shit to deserve one. Dino Crisis has to be next in line!
  3. I like that there's no Klopp in there. He's cool as fuck and definitely told them to fuck off when they pitched him saying "How HISTORY am DIGNITY I CLASS doing FABRIC, boss?" to a ghost, six times.
  4. Ronaldo hat-trick's 66/1 with Skybet. Will always bite when I see odds that generous for him, especially at home. I like the look of my 3+ first half goals in City/Shakhtar and Real/PSG at 17/1, too.
  5. I'm interested in feedback, too. If 'Taker can limit his y'knowmeter to sub-60 mph it should be a must-watch.
  6. L*sbian is the only word we censor around here, MPDTT. Edit: My mistake. It's actually l**bi*n, and we can't say g**hb**g, either. Fuck's fucking fine, though. Stop it.
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