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  1. Ian Wright's grandson is a fully-grown adult professional footballer now!
  2. The Scarface game was great. It had loads of little conveniences that GTA hadn't yet implemented, like having vehicles/weapons delivered to you anywhere, calling for reinforcements and being able to play music wherever. Loved customizing the mansion with exotics (was gutted you couldn't get an actual tiger, though). I think I maybe gave up before the end (I vaguely remember getting frustrated at it seemingly just turning into defending territories and doing drug deals), but had got so much fun out of it by that point that I can't complain! Would definitely play a remaster, and it could probably do with one, given nobody I know IRL played it. Coming out that late on the PS2 with no next-gen versions was a burial.
  3. Video game of the year: Control, Metro Exodus Sports moment of the year: Diego Costa argues against his red card for abusive language by telling the referee he was actually calling his own mother a whore
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