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  1. I quite liked the TNA game on the main consoles. Was a good first attempt at a wrestling game, had a very fun engine, was fast and easy to pick up and play. It looked and animated fantastically for the time. The crap pinning system and severe lack of moves and match types hurt it. The base was there. If it got a sequel it'd probably have been easily my favourite wrestling game since the Day of Reckonings. The try-hard epic intro that makes it seem like it's going to cure cancer is amazing, too.
  2. I find it hard to believe a 13 year old could take out a Ninja Paedo. Doubt.
  3. Wrestling needs grannies back in crowds, and it definitely needs talent pretending they'll physically assault them. ****1/4. That channel's a goldmine, btw.
  4. It seems like the Crybaby's already burning everything down at Inter to the point he can't continue/can't be allowed to continue in the job. Fucking hell, I love the guy, but he's never ever going to be happy, is he? Inter have improved massively this year, they/he should be on a high, but the board aren't going to sign every living professional footballer around so = VENDETTA! VENDETTA! VENDETTA! His career should be defined by the time he punched Ivanovic, ended up on the deck himself, and Ivanovic did the "I barely touched him, ref!" arm-raise. Classic.
  5. I'm semi-with you on this one, if we're ignoring Smackdown (and I definitely am!). Raw was amazing from the end of Evolution up until around the DX reunion.
  6. Look out for the bomb-throwing match with Stan Hansen, it's fire!
  7. Like anyone with actual morals, I boycotted the shit out of Primal. Putting a game in that setting without dinosaurs was heinous. Ubisoft are scum.
  8. Did the judge not even glance at the honours on their Wiki? They're a plastic club, ffs, they haven't earned the right to be exempt from FFP like real clubs. Disgusting corruption. I hope the CAS will be this lenient when UEFA investigate Real and Barca over years old FFP breaches and hand out baHAHAHAHAns. I'll change my tune if we drop to 5th!
  9. Any fantasy booked dream Invasion card without Crash Holly vs Norman Smiley: King of the Deathmatch has zero academic merit.
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