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  1. Triple H may have put over Benoit strongly three times in the space of three months, but he wasn't exactly losing to Shelton Benjamin and feuding with Eugene in the meantime, was he? Doesn't count.
  2. But did he score a goal against Liverpool that simultaneously gave one of their players liquid testicles? If so he can still be considered a legend, as per the Casiraghi Ruling of 1999.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen him do an interview that didn't involve him taking an unecessary dig at Fatty McRelegated. Legend.
  4. It was an even better month than that video made it seem. I post this MOTD version every couple of years. Crazy! Time slows down and you see and hear flashbacks of "it's only Ray Parlour, KANU BELIEVE IT!!! SILVINHO!!! WINTERBURN!!! AND THE TEA LADY RECIEVES IT FROM 40 YARDS OUT... OH MY WORD!!!" right as Essien's about to strike the ball for everyone, right?
  5. Listening to the boobs who complained there was too much action in 2013 and Rise (both amazing) killed Shadow. They still aren't happy and want grunty walk into walls Lara back, and the platforming where if you're off by more than a mm R.I.P. They tried to get Uncharted for a while, too, "how can he crack jokes and kill people? LUDONARRATIVE DISSONANCE!!!" but were thankfully ignored.
  6. We look to the skies for a vindicator, someone to strike fear into the black hearts of the same man who created him... The battle between good and evil has begun... Against an army of shadows, lies a dark warrior... The prevailer of good... With a voice of silence... And a mission of justice... This is COVID-19.
  7. Only just found out DOOM 64 isn't just a port of DOOM to the N64, it's actually pretty much DOOM 3. What a stupid idiot! Will correct this after Eternal.
  8. That's why you need a Kalou, PunkStep. A silver lining, who'll fuck off when the AFCON starts. I eventually grew to happily wave off Drogba and Essien for a month!
  9. Disgusting from Klopp not to stick with the U12 side that got him to this stage, while he was off holidaying. He's just buried more young talent than Ian Brady! Hope they lose now.
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