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  1. The carpetbaggers at United and Liverpool have pretty obviously always been the main ones pushing for it, and the failed attempt to restructure the Premier League.
  2. Tried the Dark Pictures Anthology games and sadly it seems Until Dawn was a one hit wonder. Man of Medan was crap, just trying to even walk around is frustrating (this is coming from someone who has no issues going back and playing OG Resis and Dino Crisis regularly!). Little Hope was much better mechanically but still mediocre overall. I'm going to give Crysis: Remastered a go now that the PS5 patch is out and it's only £13 on the store. I really liked 2 and 3 on the 360.
  3. Fucking with old Scottish womens telly for the sake of a royal dying is god-tier trolling. My ma and aunties are out for blood!
  4. I fancy Soldadobayor to score a couple against United tonight, not sure why. 28/1.
  5. https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/triple-h-open-wrestlemania-match-aj-styles-needs-lighter-schedule-make-it-work Man, Triple H vs AJ would have done this card a world of good. Thankfully it doesn't sound like it's been ruled out happening in the near future, hopefully with a full crowd. One of the last plausible dream matches left, for me.
  6. Does your TV have a "game mode" option, Rule One? Latency really shouldn't be noticeable with that turned on.
  7. The Colosseum like stadium they used to run in Nimes looked really cool.
  8. Watched the first couple of seasons of Snowfall and enjoyed it. It's about the crack epidemic first hitting L.A in the eighties, looking at it from multiple levels, starting out with a young black guy in way over his head selling a rich/white people drug, crossing over with some CIA and cartel shit. It often has a pretty fun tone and has a really likeable cast. I'd take a bullet for Uncle Jerome! The first three seasons are on iPlayer.
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