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  1. Jenna Talackova I'd say why she's unconventional but I don't want Branquey to have another existential crisis.
  2. 1) Return of The Greatest. 2) Triple H vs Cena for the 16/17th (whatever the record is) world title. 3) Norman Smiley enters and wins a King of the Deathmatch/Tournament of Death.
  3. I'm a few hours into Control, it's class. It was always going to be fun mechanically, being a Remedy game, but the great level design and story (so far) has came out of nowhere for me. I'd have been fine with (and was expecting) it being Quantum Break without the shit TV show added in, just cool powers and fun combat, I'd be down. This has much more though, could end up as my surprise GOTY if it keeps up.
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