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  1. Why wouldn't we register our #2 (at worst) contracted keeper? Carlo should be #3!
  2. It's time to make things right, Sega.
  3. It's Lost. Emphatically answered all the important questions that had been plaguing us for the previous six years, like... Yes, yes and church, BOOM! No mystery left unsolved. Anyone who hated it just didn't understand it.
  4. If we get a Facepull and Shirtpull reunion for even a single minute I'll never say a bad word about United again.
  5. Yeah, I'm good for the next two years! Just had to pay the £10.99 upgrade fee. It's still a poorly worded "we'll charge you £10.99 a month" at the confirm payment bit. Only if I forget to cancel by 2022, noobs.
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