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  1. Guehi's a gem. I think he's even better than Tomori was at a similar stage in development (before playing in the top flight). Like with Tomori, you can tell in advance that the buying club's going to easily be able to double their money at least within a few years. We're so fucking stacked at CB it's hard to care, though!
  2. That sounds like Eternal Darkness. There was a spell where you played as a monk and well, you know the rest. I can't remember any fireflies, but my memory is terrible and that doesn't mean they're not there. Nobody I know IRL has played ED. Show your colleague great respect. It's a classic!
  3. Mania 27. I'm not sure wrestling has ever looked better production-wise than Del Rio's entrance that night.
  4. Every day Phillis/Jonesing/Smelling & Selling/Small Ones/Facepull and Shirtpull (we all have our own top 5) remain apart is unacceptable. They belong together.
  5. Like with football, the empty/restricted crowds leave me completely cold, so I haven't been able to stomach too much over Covid times, but Omos at Mania was my favourite debut in ages. A simple but excellently structured tag match to showcase him and that death-sell from Kofi was perfect. Let him squash Brock some time in the near-future and we're on to a winner here. Never mind 2020/21, the Cena/Wyatt dream/movie might be the low point of WWE ever. What a load of shit.
  6. I just meant those few months at the end of 2011, SD had Menry running riot too. The previous two years were horrific. Remember when they pretended for three hours they were going to do Bret Hart vs Undertaker in 2010? Desperate.
  7. It all led up to the Conspiracy Era, so everything ended up fine. Triple H + Kevin Nash + Awesome Truth is miles more interesting to me than CM Punk staying off TV a few weeks longer and/or turning up at ROH or whatever the best fantasy booking was. Dropping the Awesome Truth after Bourne69 grassed was where the company fucked up big time in 2011. I'll always treasure getting to see them team with Big Kev in Glasgow that year, what an amazingly weird and wonderful time in wrestling.
  8. Love Goldberg vs Menry. Goes to a DQ, but you get to see Shawn Michaels sconed with a spear and still get a highlight-reel Jackhammer to end it anyway. You're looking for Spike Dudley vs C.W Anderson in this ep of Velocity. An out of nowhere cracker. And another nice quick one from short match specialists Chris Masters and Super Crazy.
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