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  1. About 75% of the good shit Austin was involved in post-99 came during that heel run. I'd hate to have lived in that alternate world where the reprieve only lasts one night. The world where they rightfully run with Triple H as the top babyface, instead of having him be Austin's #2 because... reasons, or the world where Austin stays heel after Survivor Series? Sign me the fuck up.
  2. I'm not sure this was worth the two week build, tbh. Seeing my plans get leaked within a few posts of the thread starting had me scrambling.
  3. "Everybody deserves a second chance." - Shannen Doherty
  4. I pine for K-Fed often, too. It's criminal they never got him back involved, he'd have loved to (and said so a few times). The fact he's nowhere near famous anymore would make his act even better! God-tier heel theme.
  5. Nobody gets away with making out I said sex things when I didn't. I'm coming for your arse!
  6. DP. Here's monkey peeing in his own mouth so this isn't a wasted post.
  7. I jumped on PSVR a few months ago after seeing a can't miss Amazon Germany offer pop up on HUKD, it came to about £170-odd with five games included, because it came in in "damaged packaging" (there was like a few raggedy inches of cardboard at the top of the box), I wish I could buy everything with this discount for this kind of "defect"! Astro Bot and Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners were both wonderful experiences that felt like something from the future. I held off on playing much more waiting for the PS5 improvement. There's loads I want to get through soon, I know I'll love Blood and Trut
  8. I'll never not pop huge for this ending.
  9. Little Robin Redneck sat upon a tree, Up went REDACTED and DOWN WENT HE!
  10. Cena vs Michaels from a January Raw was amazing, I much prefer it to the London one. Jericho and Rey had a great match to blow-off their feud on Smackdown in the summer. The MSG Raw just before Survivor Series was one of the last Garden shows that felt magic, for me, headlined by an all-star tag of Jericho/Show vs DX vs Cena/Taker.
  11. Aside from Bayern sticking eight past Barca and Bruno getting a penalty for fucking up a pirouette and nearly snapping someone's leg in two, I'll remember none of this.
  12. The ultimate "I want this, but I don't want to pay much for it" game Maneater is coming to PS+ next week. YES! The genre-defining PS2 classic Jaws Unleashed let me bust into Sea World, fuck up Shamu's shit and traumatise the watching audience forever. Your move, Maneater... Edit: Got Jaws wrong
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