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  1. Their IYH match from May 97 is ace, the Tombstone-reversal-Tombstone was one of my favourite finishes as a child.
  2. That's awful. I've seen a good few horror stories, someone's "went missing" 2 minutes after arriving at a Yodel warehouse. Fingers crossed your mate can get a proper replacement, it's scummy af that some retailers were putting up more preorders while doing nothing for the people being buttfucked by thieves yesterday. Mine came fine, and on time! Haven't set it up yet as I've got a new TV unit coming in the morning, should be able to dive in after the Chelsea game. Astro's Playroom looks the perfect introduction.
  3. Yodel say it's coming between 6-8 tonight, so I know I need to get up really early on Sunday and listen for the "FORE!" and it crashing through my neighbours window. Get hyped!
  4. Resident Evil: 4, 2, REmake, 3, REmake 2, Revelations 2, REmake 3, 1, 6, 7, Revelations, Zero, 5, Chode Veronica.
  5. Watched Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life on iPlayer for the first time in ages. I still think it's a really fun adventure movie, fuck the haters. Nice variety of locations, loads of big daft action, and the shark punching/riding scene is the exact right amount of stupidity I want out of a film based on a game. The new one's pretty boring, despite having Goggins (not as boring as The Hateful Eight, though). I wish Queen Jolie's version would return.
  6. Stu Hart was the true pioneer, literally owning and regularly wearing a Maui Wowie t-shirt.
  7. Big Maltesers rule the world. Thankfully you can get boxes of them alone now, so there's no need to ever buy Celebrations again.
  8. CleetusVanDamme


    Have you looked in to the Xbox series S? That'll be about half the price and is aimed at casual noobs who only play a few games a generation. You would NOT get the Haptic Gaytracing that the true next-gen consoles offer though, so choose carefully.
  9. CleetusVanDamme


    I was originally happy to wait, no big exclusives and most games still look great on the Pro and One X to me. But got jealous after all the hype of the first preorders and fearmongering over there being no more stock until Spring, so I jumped right in when the second wave of preorders hit and managed to nab a bundle from GAME. Got COD and Miles Morales coming with it, will upgrade MM to get Spidey Remastered too and I'm all set for a good launch! I've had MRSA that worryingly won't shift for a few months now, I'm having to shield for fuck knows how long, life's miserable. This new toy wil
  10. I don't often get patriotic (the last time was when Lord Mountevans revealed he'd been punched in the face RIGHT HERE IN EDINBURGH!!!), but our nation's chippies bravely innovating in the face of a pandemic brings a tear to the eye. When mother nature gave them her worst, they gave us their best. The latter one's square sausage btw. Google says I can get there (Kincardine) in under an hour, definitely going to make that journey when shit's more back to normal. The battered pickled onion's in Glasgow, going to need some local to step up!
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