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  1. What are you smoking?! Don’t you know that a wrestling product is only worth watching if it’s getting good ratings and bringing in millions of dollars in ad revenue?!! If you watch wrestling for an entertaining product and “good matches” YOU’RE GETTING WORKED BRO!
  2. The new WoS was a load of wank though. If AEW is at least as entertaining as TNA in its prime (not a particularly high benchmark) then I don’t see why it can’t garner higher ratings than WWE. Of course ratings aren’t everything but it would be a very positive start for the company.
  3. If the basis of a good card is featuring matches that have never happened ever before in wrestling then I hate to break it to you but you’re going to be disappointed with 90% of the wrestling shows out there right now. The intrigue comes from the stories they’re trying to tell, not to mention that DoN is the first show from a promotion that has the potential to become the biggest alternative to WWE since WCW in its prime.
  4. Nonsense. The Royal Rumble is chock full of low-level talent each year, each of which could potentially main-event Wrestlemania. That doesn’t mean the Rumble is a shit concept, especially these days as we know the shit ones don’t stand a chance of winning anyway. Edit: meant to quote but fucked it up, oh well.
  5. I know BTE is a bit Marmite for some of you lot but the big Hangman/Pac segment on this weeks episode was brilliant.
  6. That's a bit much isn't it? The number reported for sexual assaults is around 3.1% for women. Let's assume that 80% of sexual assaults go unreported and we're still only at around 15.5%. Now don't get me wrong, that's still a horrible number but hardly "most women" now is it? I don't mean to play down the seriousness of the issue but IMO inflating the figures only hurts legitimate victims. EDIT: Here's a source for those figures - https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/feb/08/sexual-assault-women-crime-survey-england-wales-ons-police-figures Be wary that the headline is a bit sensationalist but the actual figures are stated in the article itself.
  7. Yeah man, fuck Jericho for having an opinion on a wrestling show. What a self-righteous wanker! For the record I have no issues with Brock as champ but the way they went about it was horrendous, and I don’t think I’m in the minority thinking this way. The rest of the show was pretty solid, with my personal highlights being the Women’s MitB, Bayley’s cash-in and the AJ/Seth match.
  8. After you click the search bar but before you enter anything it tells you what’s currently trending in a drop down list.
  9. “Ashley Massaro nude WWE” is a currently trending searched term on Pornhub right now. Well, that’s my faith in society drastically diminished.
  10. They’re about to sell a hell of a lot more t-shirts!
  11. Bobby Roode feeding ducks Renee Young as a backstage interviewer Shitting on Renee Young as a commentator AJ Styles
  12. The pre-show being on ITV4 is surely the biggest news here. I’d imagine that if it does well we could be looking at AEW’s permanent home for UK viewers? That would be absolutely massive for them.
  13. I think Lio is well within his rights to stand up for himself if he is indeed being bullied... but on the other hand, bag carrying and dishing out water bottles to your veteran colleagues as a show of respect is hardly the same as getting threatened with bum rape from JBL in the showers. I think this issue really hinges on how Lio himself is handling it. If he's politely declining because he feels its demeaning then fair enough, if he's telling everyone to fuck off because he's a superstar and can't be taught anything then I can see why that might rub people the wrong way.
  14. I’m not sure about you lot but I’d let Taker throw me off the top of the Cell for a million quid.
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