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  1. When your girl watches way too much Japanese wrestling 😂
  2. The band Living Colour are now following AEW on Insta and Twitter 🤔
  3. CM Punk vs newly crowned, beer-swigging champion Adam Page, surely?!!
  4. You’re forgetting arguably his biggest up side. He had a highly marketable, kid friendly alter ego! Sure, it was never really made clear as to WHY he’d occasionally turn up dressed for Halloween but that doesn’t really matter when you’ve got kids all over the world buying the figures and turning up to live shows dressed as their superhero (anti-hero?)-esque idol. I’m not ashamed to say I had him pegged as the next Rey Mysterio. Never as THE main eventer but certainly an over, crowd favourite top-guy. Was I right? Maybe not but that doesn’t mean WWE couldn’t have done a million times better with the bloke. Though I suppose he’s not the only one, so what’s new? 🤷‍♂️
  5. Feud of the year potential right here;
  6. Whatever her injury, I hope she's able to make a full recovery. It would be an absolute shame if her best days are now behind her due to a training injury.
  7. I remember being absolutely desperate for Kenny to win his first IWGP title match against Okada at the Dome that year but in retrospect it wasn't the time and Omega's big win near 18 months later was made all the better for it. I'd love for Hangman to take the title at All Out but I wouldn't be entirely against a longer chase if they're somehow able to recreate the magic of the Okada/Omega series.
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