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  1. If he really wanted out I could see him going, doing all of the events on his bucket list (hair vs hair in mexico, Okada etc etc) and eventually coming back to WWE as a producer at a later date. I know Vince can sometimes be petty but I can't see him falling out with lovable Daniel Bryan, whose given so much for that company.
  2. Wasn’t it Raven vs Funk that main evented that show?
  3. I’d just like to remind everyone that NXTs Aliyah is still signed despite being stuck in developmental for close to the past decade and having not improved one iota in that time 🤷‍♂️ How exactly do WWE decide who stays and who goes? It can’t be purely about talent... EDIT: It’s actually closer to five years but fuck me if the last five haven’t felt like 10.
  4. Hopefully 1mil+ becomes a regular thing for Dynamite.
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