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  1. Hangman Page after finally overcoming his personal demons. Until then let Jericho keep the belt for another year.
  2. Steel cage match. Win by pinfall or submission. No shitty escape stipulation. Beautiful!
  3. It's easily Okada but I'll settle for AJ Styles.
  4. Oh God, what I'd pay to see Cornette slag of Suzuki to his face.
  5. I’d love that if true. 100% deserves it.
  6. I understand why people have issues with trans-women in sport and the related issues surrounding unfair advantage etc However, pro wrestling is a work so regardless of whether you’re a massive transphobe or not I’m really struggling to see why people take issue with Nyla or with a trans person “competing” in pro wrestling. It’s all about presentation at the end of the day and Nyla has been presented wonderfully so far.
  7. This tweet and the replies are so great:
  8. Wow, that Cody/MJF angle really was something special.
  9. I really enjoyed the inter gender tag on Dark. It was just violent enough without being exploitative & still worked smart enough that pretty much everything made sense and had a reason for happening. The red was low-key great too, the complete opposite of Remsburg.
  10. Ospreay is great, far better than he was just a couple of years ago. However, I still see moments with him when I'm taken out of the match because when I look into his eyes I can see him thinking about the next spot or trying to pop the crowd rather than just seeming like he's fighting for his livelyhood. I know that sounds unfair because I'm sure every wrestler is guilty of that at some point or another but I just sense it more with Ospreay than others who recieve similar praise. It's nitpicking I know and I still love him but he's 99% of the wrestler that I wish he was and I can't quite articulate what that missing 1% is.
  11. Oh God that would be so great, Cody reluctantly having to watch Arn take a pasting in order to get his match with MJF. Then you could actually have Arn turn on Cody at Revolution, justifiably angry that Cody chose a chance at revenge over helping his coach and mentor. Now I’m just upset because this is all too good to actually happen xD
  12. Like others have said there was no major story advancements this week but lots of little stuff that I really enjoyed, plus a cracking little main event. The Judas Effect seemed lame at first but each time Jericho hits it I start to like it more and more. God, Jericho is so great.
  13. I actually didn’t mind the Britt Baker promo. She didn’t come across as especially charismatic but it felt natural and she was acting a right bitch.
  14. Just off the top of my head (and I’ll probably get shit for this...) but how about Baron Corbin? Then have him put his Mania match on the line against Roman at some point before Wrestlemania? I totally see your point though. I just felt like the longer Drew was in the match, the less of a big deal him taking out Lesnar started to feel.
  15. Imagine having Matt Riddle booked for the Rumble and not having him come out until after Brock was eliminated. Should’ve given him Ricochet’s spot IMO. I also agree that Drew didn’t need to win. Him eliminating Lesnar was more than enough to justify a Mania match but oh well.
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