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  1. So with Okada saying he wants to defend his title on both nights of WK, how are they going to play it? Traditional logic says he successfully defends against Ibushi night 1, unless of course his announcement is a red herring and he loses the belt and Ibushi goes on to defend (and possibly lose?!) against Naito on night 2??
  2. As a fan who just wants to be entertained, yes. Or am I supposed to enjoy the match less because putting it on Dark is apparently bad for business??
  3. Can you really blame them though? When was the last time a startup company had such a monumental amount of money behind it, a TV deal with TNT and some of the biggest names in the industry who haven’t been tainted by shitty WWE booking? To be fair there was plenty to get excited about before even considering the in-ring stuff. I’m not saying it’s right to get your hopes up so early on but I can certainly see why there was/is so much hype surrounding AEW.
  4. I’ve been hugely critical of JR on pretty much every show that he called pre-Dynamite but these past two weeks I honestly don’t think he’s been bad at all. It might just be the window dressing of Tony and Excalibur that’s making him seem less shit but regardless I’ve been enjoying him much more lately. I’m particularly fond of when you can hear him coaching Excalibur live on air. This week it was something to do with Emi Sakura, Excalibur mentioned she was a Japanese legend but didn’t elaborate on it at all only to be met by JR practically yelling at him “but WHY is she considered a legend?!” prompting Excalibur to spill more details on her background. I just thought that was great.
  5. We are all in agreement that Jericho isn’t quite at the top in regards to being an all time great but just how far off is he really? Outside the top five of Hogan, Flair, Rock, Austin & Cena I’m struggle to think of more than half a dozen guys I’d rank higher than Jericho, at least as far as modern era / currently still alive blokes. Triple H, Undertaker, Lawler, Bret, Shawn ... Jericho? It might just be my bias after enjoying his current run so much but honestly if he keeps up his current form I see no reason why he wouldn’t be considered a top 10 GOAT.
  6. Fuck me, I thought competition was going to bring out the best in WWE and then we get this absolute slap-in-the-face main event. Anyway, I don’t normally post F4W stuff and Alvarez is a bit Marmite for me but he’s pretty spot on here and ironically this rant was recorded BEFORE the PPV!
  7. The Fite app is worth it to me just for the ease at which I can watch the show on the Thursday morning, ad free, on multiple devices and before I get a chance to see spoilers online. It may not be worth it to everyone but it suits my viewing habits just fine and is barely a quid a month. If ITV sorted an earlier, uncut showing on the Thursday at or around 9pm then things might be different but until then I'm sticking with the app.
  8. He may not have had a good match on Dynamite but if he keeps doing stuff like this then I'm fine if he has shitty matches every week.
  9. The matches were decent and there was nothing that was insulting my intelligence so it gets a thumbs up from me. The real highlight was the production in just how it felt so un-WWE. It wasn’t anywhere near as slick as a WWE produced show but it felt so much fresher and much less predictable. It had its fault but for a first show it provided a great foundation for them to build upon. As long as they keep improving and moving forward then I see no reason why Dynamite can’t be a massive success.
  10. Nah, this one is "The Greatest 5 on 5 Elimination Match", so nothing whatsoever like a "Survivor Series Match" at all! xD
  11. First Mike & Maria and now Rusev & Lana... it's like Vince finally stumbled upon cuckold porn and is intent on slipping it into the product at every opportunity.
  12. I think that's a little unfair as TV deals aren't the easiest thing to negotiate. Of course if Tony Khan in unable to manage a better slot it'll be "I told you he's a BS artist" but if AEW end up getting a decent Thursday or Friday evening slot it'll be cries of "Tony only pulled his finger out of his arse because of fan backlash!". He's damned either way. It makes all the sense that AEW and TK would want a decent evening slot, preferably on a week day. So if he says he's trying then I'm inclined to believe him until we get any hard evidence to the contrary. It feels to me like everyone is jumping the gun a tad on this issue. I mean, whatever happened to waiting six months to see how things pan out, eh?
  13. Fucking Canadian Destroyer off the top rope and not only does the guy kick out but it’s in a nothing match on free TV. Oh dear.
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