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  1. They need to have Kenny/Penta go on first, with Kenny winning. Then have Kenny at ringside for Hangman/Wardlow. Hangman is subtly distracted by Kenny throughout and the match ends up a time limit draw. Hangman and Wardlow are both out without eating a loss and Kenny gets to celebrate his ‘cheap’ tournament victory like he’s just won the title in the main event of Wrestlemania.
  2. I think most guys in AEW are booking themselves in the loose sense of they are actively encouraged to come up with their own ideas and if those ideas are deemed good enough then they're allowed to run with it.
  3. Jesus Christ, Jericho must really hate clowns.
  4. Poor Andrade, that guy should be a superstar.
  5. The working relationship between NJPW and AEW doesn't need to be shoved down our throats every week though. It could be as simple as the occasional talent exchange, allowing guys to take time away from AEW TV when it suits storyline-wise by spending 3 months in NJPW or something. It would also allow New Japan guys to come over for short stints, keeping AEWs roster feeling fresh and putting guys over before they leave. Then there's always the possibility of a once a year super show or something, just for the hell of it.
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