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Youtube Thread 2000


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This popped up in my YouTube recommendations earlier. The Hart Foundation reunite in 97. 

Really well done and properly cemented Bret’s heel turn (in the US anyway) and obviously set the table for some fantastic TV over the next few months. I forgot about Bret’s smug look to the crowd when they did their little group hug at the end as well. Right bastard. 


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Back when I was a younger man, I used to hear people say and read things in Powerslam like "The Rock couldn't get over in Japan, as he's too much of a comedy figure and he can't work up to the Japanese standard that crowds expect". It's why I'm always delighted when I see videos like the below, where *Jimmy Valiant* in All Japan Pro Wrestling gets the audience in the palm of his hand, just by being the Boogie Woogie man and shouting "Hoo! Hay!" on the ring apron. 


Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant vs. Takashi Ishikawa & The Great Kabuki


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Reminds me, didn't Jericho get a bollocking in his early years for changing his style when he first toured Japan instead of wrestling like he usually would in the US?

Think the reasoning was something like people paid to see something different, not what they already see every show.

Wish I could find where I read that. 



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