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  1. They should bring back the Royal Samovar Trophy.
  2. A lot would depend on how much they'd charge for tickets. If they charge the equivalent of what they do in the US for SummerSlam and the other big PPVs, I don't think they'd come close to selling out any of the large stadiums in London. I think a secondary PPV in the O2, where they can sell 20,000 tickets at high prices to die-hards, is far more likely.
  3. Best one I can think of with two 50+ year olds, 57 year old Nick Bockwinkel vs 53 year old Billy Robinson in UWFI in 1992. Bockwinkel had another great match with Dory Funk Jr. at WCW Slamboree '93. He'd have been 58 then and Funk 52.
  4. Luton Town came close, they were one of the clubs that voted to form the Premier League but were relegated at the end of the 91/92 season and never got to play in it, they were subsequently relegated from the league but have since come back and are now in the Championship.
  5. I see Oldham are at the bottom of League 2, if they go down they'll be the first former Premier League team to relegated from the league.
  6. Michael K. Williams (Omar from the Wire) dies aged 54.
  7. I remember all my family gathering round the TV to watch the Simpsons in 1990-91 or so. Probably the only show we'd all watch together every week. There was some awful talent show hosted by Keith Chegwin on before it, I forget what it was called. Was there football on Sky One before Sky Sports started? I remember watching the Zenith Data Systems cup on Sky (this was before the Premier League) and I can't think what other channel it would have been on.
  8. Two worlds collide as the 1983 Tampa Bay Rowdies subs bench features Kato of the Orient Express alongside Big Sam Allardyce.
  9. Having ECW return in the WWF in 2001 and then form the alliance with WCW later in the same episode of RAW. Hogan winning the WWF title at Backlash 2002 because of getting a nice nostalgia pop at WrestleMania the month before. Beating HHH who they'd spent so much time building up the return of as a babyface after his injury the year before.
  10. He was great in (the original) "The Wrestler" where he effectively played Verne Gagne, wrestling promoter (while Verne himself played Verne Gagne, wrestler). RIP.
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