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  1. This is sad to see, i would say that Sky owe their success to the WWF more than anything else other than the Premier League. I believe it is the WWF's longest running TV deal at about 35 years.
  2. 3rd place in the World Cup is at least something, at least for the second tier nations that manage to get into a semi-final. 3rd place in other tournament means nothing and the players would rather go home after losing the semi.
  3. Why does the Nations league have a 3rd place game? UEFA don't normally do them, there isn't one in the Euros for instance, or the Champions League for that matter. It's normally a FIFA thing, for the World Cup I can accept it but they have one for the Confederations Cup and the World Club Championship which is just stupid IMO.
  4. Other than the ones already named, these are the wrestler tie ins: Zack Sabre Jr for Isle of Sheppey Bram for Chesterfield Dave "Fit" Finlay for Carrickfergus William Regal for Codsall MMA tie-ins: Michael Bisping for Clitheroe Jack Marshman for Abertillery
  5. Only French cartoon I remember from around that time is Robo Story. But it doesn't sound like what you are on about. No-one else seems to remember it.
  6. Cocaine and Rhinestones is the best series of podcasts I've ever heard. It's about the history of Country music but is wildly entertaining and interesting even for people who hate the genre.
  7. Why on earth have UFC scheduled a European event at the same time as the Champions League final?
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