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  1. If they're throwing crazy money at him, he might as well take it. But he'd be stupid to go there for any reason except money.
  2. I only know Lasorda because he was one of the celebrities at WM2. They really went overboard with the celebs that year with some truly bizarre guests.
  3. George Martin from the first film is also dead. And Facklers wife from the first one who joined the police in a later film.
  4. The early 90s WCW magazine was definitely sold here in WH Smith etc. It was published by the same people who did the Apter mags. At some point around late 93 or early 94 they brought it in house and I think it stopped being sold here. Then it came back later in the decade. Towards the end it became an insider mag.
  5. I never understood why Tully kept getting booked as a babyface in the 90s (by ECW and Heroes of Wrestling). He was always a fantastic heel, the only one of the Horsemen that never really got cheered, I don't even think he was ever booked as a babyface beyond as a rookie in San Antonio. His match with Stan Lane at HoW was the best of the night but it'd have worked much better with Tully as a heel and Stan as a babyface.
  6. I think he'd have ended up as a road agent by the time Nitro started. But it was being effectively blackballed from the industry that turned him to religion and got him to clean his act up. If that hadn't have happened he might have ended up dying an early death.
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