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  1. There aren't any promotions that follow Cornette's philosophy on professional wrestling. OVW was probably the last one to do so and even they had to put up with WWE meddling.
  2. If Jim Cornette's dated, the date is of a day when pro-wrestling was far more popular than it is now.
  3. I think PCO is signed to ROH, plus he's 51, Rene is still only 35.
  4. Fin's hatred of Cena was ridiculous and counterproductive. Like it or not, the potential buyers of a wrestling magazine that's sold in WH Smith are mostly kids who watch WWE and for a supposed mainstream magazine to spend so much time slating Cena and the WWE product was utter madness. The people buying the magazine and reading it are either going to think you're wrong and stop buying the magazine as a result, or think you're right, realise WWE had become shit, stop watching it, and stop buying the magazine as a result.
  5. He's a good worker with a great look that hasn't been seen for years on national TV so would be a fresh face for AEW instead of being seen as a WWE cast-off. Plus he's a big guy too which is something they are sorely lacking at the moment. Plus he speaks French so he'd a be a good guy to have if they wanted to run in Quebec or have TV in the French speaking world. If I was Tony Khan I'd sign him in a heartbeat.
  6. Rene was really good, I've never heard anyone say otherwise. I think he'd have been back in WWE long ago were it not for the wellness policy. I'd be very surprised if AEW don't sign him.
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