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  1. CL Punk

    The "I've just watched ..." thread

    I watched The Destruction of The Shield documentary which was just okay and then watched the DDP Positively Living documentary which I thought was a lot better.
  2. CL Punk

    A great UKFF sweepstake

    Although, he's not currently signed by WWE but I would pick Joe Hendry vs. Elias at a British held Summerslam in 2022, just because I enjoy him making his theme music and videos.
  3. CL Punk

    DEFIANT Wrestling - PAC vs Starr

    Pac vs. David Starr was very good and yeah, the bar was expensive (I think I paid £3.50 for a Pepsi).
  4. CL Punk

    Biggest busts

    The WWF/WCW Invasion Angle.
  5. CL Punk

    New wrestling figures!

    I found the second wave of the retro WWE figures in The Entertainer for £4 each, bought myself Mankind and I'm kind of tempted to go back and get The Rock.