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  1. Ah, Parliament...the only place more creepy and crooked than the wrestling business.
  2. They let Samoa Joe go. Damn. This annoys me.
  3. I lent a friend CM Punk: The Best In The World bluray and when I got it back, I asked her what she thought and her reply "the documentary was really good but I don't get it". "What don't you get?" "He wrestles in the big matches, he gets to make a ton of money...so, why is he such a miserable bastard?" I couldn't argue against her summation of Punk.
  4. Will the WWE go back to a single night event for WM once the crowds can safely come back or is the two night Mania here to stay?
  5. Oliver Queen vs. a Jack Russell is the match that Wrestlemania 37 is missing.
  6. But will it be better than Walk Like A Panther?
  7. I do wonder if this is as bad as wrestling gets or if there is worse to come. I mean, didn't The WWE rehire Johnny Ace recently? The man who hired lingerie models and the wrong one legged wrestler.
  8. I thought that Night One doesn't have a pre-show, that's why the Tag Titles Fatal 4-Way and Andre Memorial Battle Royal have been bumped to this week's Smackdown.
  9. Strowman deserves better? Nah, I don't think so. Especially with that bloody choo choo sound effect they started playing. I mean who exactly wanted a Braun vs. Shane O'Mac match? You know who deserves better? The fans.
  10. They might put her in the multi women tag match with Carmella as they haven't said how many teams are in the Number One Contenders match or even what kind of a match it is.
  11. The Andre Memorial Battle Royal and The Smackdown Tag Team Fatal 4-Way have been added to the Smackdown before Mania. That must suck for all involved, not even getting a match at Mania. That your match doesn't even rate a spot on a kick off show.
  12. CL Punk

    NJPW World

    Nah, they are Chaos Emeralds.
  13. Since it's Wrestlemania, maybe it will be part of The Fiend's entrance?
  14. Weird shit and Orton aren't words that should go together with his history of what he did to Divas bags.
  15. Will The Fiend vs. Orton match be one of those cinematic matches like last year's with Big Match John?
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