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  1. How about he melts the 24/7 Title down into a chain to hold on to the MITB briefcase?
  2. Sweet Jeebus! That 24/7 Title looks bloody awful, it's so bad, it almost makes the spinner belt look good...
  3. I do enjoy SGC Radio but yeah, I was a bit lost by that. Is it because of his "cameo" in Kingsman: The Golden Circle? As I wanted Elton John to fuck off after watching that movie.
  4. Have his meals become Double or Nothing?
  5. I looked for November tour dates for Newcastle but it doesn't look like there are any.
  6. It was the return of The Shockmaster that was the final nail in the AEW coffin.
  7. I like David Arquette's response... https://twitter.com/BrandonEsWolf/status/1126543789919629312
  8. As the winner usually gets to tell the story, we have had the WWE's version of events but I would like to see another take on it and these Vice documentaries have been good so far...
  9. Who killed WCW? Done like a Agatha Christie style whodunnit; was it Hulk Hogan? was it Kevin Nash? was it Eric Bischoff or was it Vince Russo in the writer's room with the shitty ideas, bro?
  10. Kane recaps his history in Anger Management (starting from 3.40) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsSkEWHVSug&list=PLPb8Fpqn5EDAUgNXKrBr3yycZnYrMSOGn
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QDplQJ4WxQ
  12. Did he pitch that Wrestlemania match with Taker coz that was pretty fucking bad.
  13. Been a fan since I was twelve years old but I never caught a live show in person until like three years ago when I saw an NXT house show at The Arena. Seeing wrestling live is a completely different animal to watching the tv programme or a pay-per-view.
  14. YEP. Also I would watch an entire DVD set of Mean Gene out-takes.
  15. On Instagram, Vin Diesal revealed that he has cast another WWE star in Fast Nine...but I can't see who it is.
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