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  1. Is this the reaction when they play the clip of "the other movie" he made on the titantron?
  2. Kevin Owens was that alternative at Fastlane but yeah, I can't shake the feeling that Ol' Vinny Mac is being...kinda...racist?
  3. I would have thought the biopic wouldn't want to touch on anything of Hogan in the last ten years (the son's car crash, the sex tape, the racism and TNA).
  4. If they went with the I, Tonya example for the Hogan biopic would that make Brutus Beefcake the idiot bodyguard?
  5. This morning, I was thinking about this and if they present Hulk's outlandish claims but then have Ron Howard narrate over them, like he did in Arrested Development, that might be fun. Hogan - At Wrestlemania 3, Andre was like seven hundred pounds, brother... Narrator - No, he wasn't.
  6. I know it's the Granddaddy of Them all but the run time on these things is getting pretty fucking ridiculous, especially if you stay up for it. The last two years, I've went out to a bar showing Wrestle Mania live with a friend but after last year's event being like seven and a half hours, I actually thought twice about going again, this year. Especially, when I read that Wrestle Mania 35 might have seventeen matches in total...which is three more matches than last year. That will be like eight or nine hours of wrestling, which might too much for this mark.
  7. If Eminem is in the next game, you won't have to wrestle him, it might be a rap battle....perhaps even an Epic Rap Battle? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rE0-ek6MZA
  8. I wasn't actually thinking about him not defending the WWE title, just thinking that New Day vs. Bryan, Rowan and Owens could be a good match.
  9. Will the World Title match at Mania be just Bryan vs. Kofi or would Owens be added in another possible triple threat or do we get a The New Day vs. Owens, Rowan and Bryan? Also, I kinda like the idea of Samoa Joe vs Big Match John for the US Title.
  10. I wonder if the success of the film will mean second documentary about The Knights, that could be interesting.
  11. Better than Knucklehead? Better than The Marine? Better than The Chaperone?
  12. Not really a Taker fan. The streak didn't mean anything until the Batista match, it meant nothing after the Lesnar loss and he should have hung up his hat after that.
  13. The Guardian gave this a two star review which I thought was a bit harsh, it was never going to be a Oscar contender but it is a decent enough crowd pleaser and I did really enjoy the film when I saw it last week.
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