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  1. While standing in the queue to meet Mick Foley at Tyne Theatre a few years ago, there was a young adult behind me (who was quite possibly autistic) and he said "you look like Ric Flair" which made me laugh as the only thing I had in common with The Nature Boy was the shoulder length dyed blonde hair I had at the time but he was alright and all I said back was "thank you".
  2. Not everyone's daddy can buy them a wrestling promotion, I guess.
  3. I think it's just the nerd/geek/fan stereotype, Raid. But then again, I've seen people live up to that stereotype at shows, signings and conventions.
  4. It can't be worse than See No Evil 1 and 2...you know.
  5. I blame Spaced for this but I can't watch the Caneston adverts without hearing in my head, Tim Bisley say..."hahaha thrush".
  6. And I really liked Christian's 3rd Theme with the choir opening.
  7. Tazz's Theme made me believe The Human Suplex Machine was dangerous, Shinsuke Nakamura's Smackdown goosebump inducing debut made me an immediate fan of The Artist and Bobby Roode's Glorious is well, glorious.
  8. I just think it's strange that wrestling fans have the same kind of stigma that comic book fans have but at the same time, some of those fans can live up to the stereotype. My interactions with other fans have been positive; the NXT house show I went to was fun, I found the fans I was sitting next to friendly and at the Mick Foley signing at Tyne Theatre where a fellow fan reckoned I looked like a young Ric Flair (the only thing I had in common with Ric was I had dyed blonde hair at the time) .
  9. Yesterday, I walked past a fellow wrestling fan who was wearing a retro Shawn Michaels T-Shirt, briefly I did consider saying "hey man, nice shirt" but I decided against it and I just kept walking. I think that is because we both knew who the better wrestler is... Any stories of real life interactions with other wrestling fans?
  10. Wow. Even for a tv match that was terrible. Is The Queen a bad wrestler or is it that Nia is just truly awful in the ring?
  11. Vacated six times, ten champions (including two non-wrestlers; Russo and Arquette) who traded the belt 18 times in the year 2000.
  12. To quote a certain Olympic gold medallist; Oh it's true, it's damn true.
  13. It's not like The WWE was short of other championship belts at the time, what with the Divas title, the IC title, United States Title, the Tag Belts and the World Heavyweight Title. Hell, Punk was barely gone a week before they had a tournament and crowned Rey champion for about thirty minutes. They could have had a match for Mysterio's title at Summerslam, if not for Super Cena.
  14. The Summer of Punk 2011- CM Punk should have defended the belt in different promotions and stayed away from the WWE for like two or three months. Big Match John beating Mysterio for the replacement championship didn't make him look good (especially on the same night that Rey won it). Also, Triple H had to interfere in the big storyline and bring in his mate, Big Kev.
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