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  1. Getting to meet my childhood hero, Bret Hart at a book signing over a decade ago, I was properly star struck and only managed about six words to Bret but he couldn't have been nicer.
  2. Ah, that famous Shane Douglas routine of Cake or Death.
  3. Surely, Money Plane will be a contender for best movie featuring a wrestler as it has Adam Copeland vs. Frasier Crane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aETz_dRDEys Although, the tagline for this movie should be; Tossed salad and scrambled Edge.
  4. Yeah, I think so but then again it was the matches with him, Roddy Piper and Bret Hart that got me into wrestling in the first place. If the WWE had the early 90's version of Mr. Perfect now, would he be challenging for the Universal/WWE Champion or stuck fighting Baron Corbin?
  5. Before becoming The Scourge of Wallachia and The Sorrow of Maldovia, Wilhelm von Homberg was briefly a professional wrestler in the 1960's. So, my choice is Ghostbusters II. He was also one of Hans Gruber's gang of thieves in Die Hard.
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