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  1. CL Punk

    Pet Project

    Well, I guess they could of made the belt more important when The Universal Champion was off TV and only showing up like once a month, make IC Title and it's defences the main event on Raw each week. You are right about who the belt has been on lately, they are all big deals and yeah, the belts don't really mean as much now...which is a shame.
  2. CL Punk

    Pet Project

    The Intercontinental Championship. As it was the matches of Bret Hart, Roddy Piper and Mr Perfect that got me into wrestling and the IC Title had better matches than World Title at the time. It used to mean something, it was often seen as the next step in a wrestlers career and to see if they could have a possible shot at The World Title.
  3. CL Punk

    Wrestling out of context

  4. CL Punk

    Future wrestling books

  5. CL Punk

    Future wrestling books

    Yeah, but every time you think it's done, they push it back another six months...
  6. CL Punk

    Future wrestling books

    The Death of TNA.
  7. CL Punk

    Whose year will 2019 be?

    I'd like to see either Kofi or Big E to get a World Title run, Bayley and Banks to win the Women's Tag Titles and Asuka to be Asuka again.
  8. CL Punk

    Random Thoughts III.

    I always thought The Saint of Killers was based on Clint Eastwood.
  9. CL Punk

    Roman Reigns has Leukemia?

    Whilst, I've never been a fan of the character of Roman Reigns but I hope the man beats this horrible fucking indiscriminate disease. Fuck Cancer.