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  1. Bring Back Minipops

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    I actually thought Conrad had a point. Ok Sting could and should have put more effort in but the payoff was always Sting getting the title. Th e change and resulting fucking about was the beginning of the end for WC W. Made worse of course at th e same event a year later.
  2. Bring Back Minipops

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    Anyone listened to this week's 83 weeks yet? holy sh it does Conrad get hot and call Bischoff out on his bullshit over the main event of Starrcade 97!
  3. Bring Back Minipops

    Wrestling Books

    There are two reasons for this thread. 1. I have just ordered a few books and was wondering if anyone else had read them. 2. Im looking for ideas as to what to get next after I've read these ones. Ok I have ordered the following books on amazon: 1. Walking a golden mile - William Regal (wanted to read this one for a while) 2. Bobby The Brain Hennan - Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All 3. Turning the Tables 4. Dungeon of Death 5. Missy Hyatt - First Lady of Wrestling 6. Main Event - WWE in the raging 80's Has anyone read any of those and if so what are your thoughts? Secondly after working my way through is there any titles anyone would say are must reads. I already have the following: Foley's 3 Bret's Jericho's Flair's Hogan's first Eddie's Michaels' Angle's Rise and Fall of ECW Funk's The Rock's Kane's Thanks guys