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  1. Just got round to watching it. I knew the result - was impossible to avoid it - but managed to steer clear of the rest of the fall out so just reading stuff at the moment retrospectively. The one thing i kept thinking off, and it may be very loose comparison and harsh, is how much that reminded me of Frank Bruno. Absolutely chiselled in terms of muscle mass and his build, massive puncher yet he still blows up super quick and looks absolutely gassed after a few exchanges. On top of that any time he gets tagged - even with innocuous looking punches - and he looks like he doesn't want to be there and the big legs go all bowed out and he's like bambi on ice.
  2. I'm reading that as the door /. door frame / surround don't all sit completely flush to one and other ? If so the i think the thing you are after is called a necked tower bolt.
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