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  1. Have to say these have been really good. Pretty balanced and objective too which i didn't think they would be. Going slightly off on a tangent, how does it work for the documentary makes using archived WWE footage? Is it as simple as once they pay the fee(s) to use licensed material they can just fit it around their own narrative? Wouldn't have thought they would allow any of their official stock footage to be used on stuff like this, particularly the stuff that was a bit more 'nudge nudge, wink wink' like the Snuka and Moolah episodes. Favourite episode for me woul be the Brawl For All purely because i missed it at time it originally aired and was always very curious especially with all the urban myths that go with it. Dino Bravo one was also very interesting as for some reason, despite reading (and assuming) i'd read all the dirt, rumours and internet gossip over the years i can honestly say hand on heart i had never heard the theory or background story they he died in an alleged mafia hit.
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