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Crap quality (it's on the Network if 2000 Thunder is on there), but probably one of the only highlights of WCW Thunder's existence. Screamin' Norman Smiley enters the MGM Grand in a full white tux and a dozen vegas showgirls all doing the big wiggle.

I'll defend that gimmick forever. He was absolutely brilliant in that persona. One of Russo/Ferrara's only 'funny' ideas that actually was funny.

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Smiley's one of the greatest entertainers in wrestling, and one of the guys I'll always be most bitter about WWE not using. It's not like they needed to think up some big angle for him, just put him on TV and let him make people smile, you dicks!

I seen him wrestle a young MVP in a dark match before a Smackdown taping in 2004, he was glorious and more over than everyone outside of Cena and Taker.                                                                                        

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WCW Televised event from Germany, June 1997.

A really fun show this, I love finding these European specials online.

Full card: Outsiders/Luger & Giant, Benoit/Meng, DDP/Wallstreet, Malenko/Mysterio, Harlem Heat/Steiners, Madusa/Luna, Hugh Morrus/Alex Wright.

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