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  1. Bayley is a really likeable young lady on the Stonecold sessions isnt she.
  2. Iā€™m assuming this was The Vince Trial? Great stuff Hogan working the injured angle and his response to the bloke.
  3. Dedicated to Albert. Great 80ā€™s song.
  4. I think Garcia is going to be a huge star. Luke is tough as fuck but i feel that Garcia gets him out of there.
  5. I think Legit in on topic has found his fantasy.
  6. Great late night viewing back in the 90ā€™s.
  7. The WWF Magazine was out over here with the results to Mania 5 before it showed on cable. What Cable used to do was show old shows on a Thursday (about a year behind) and quite uptodate ones on the Saturday, they eventually scrapped this and started showing Primetime i think or Challenge. Primetime was on Eurosport for some reason. As far as i can remember, may be wrong.
  8. As a veteran of Screen sport and Lifestyle Chanel, i was always aware of other federations. Plus us lucky Coventrians had PWI on sale here from late 88/early 89. That was my first delve into learning such things as Savage and Leaping Lanny were brother.
  9. I was nearly going to post that myself. The tune, not the drugs part. Great memory.
  10. Mid 50ā€™s for @Keith Houchen šŸ˜Ž
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