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  1. This is a great 51 minutes of a boxing program. Tony Sibson is one of the most underated British Middleweights of all time. People never really mention him when talking about great middle/super middleweights of the past. He destroyed Minter, although they were on different trajectories at the time. Tough as nails. Was unfortunate to meet the GOAT middleweights in his prime.
  2. Hogan/Warrior rematch. Forget buyrates. Summerslm 90 would have been a hell of a lot more interesting than the double main event. A proper Demolition v LOD blow off. Paint v Paint match. Then Ax could have retired and Smash become Repo Man.
  3. I watched this, was ok. Considering The King has been around 50 years i found it quite short. A three parter would have been good.
  4. I can imagine the UKFF grammar police are not happy with the Lana tweet.
  5. Does anyone know when The Broken Skull Session with The King “drops” on the Network?
  6. Why would the Simpsons brand ever want to be associated with the WWF/E?
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