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  1. First time I've seen this prick come across ok. Looks very lean. Canelo points is a guarantee i guess. Really looking forward to it.
  2. Andrade really impressed. Never rated him to much before lastnight. I think Saunders was lucky his nose inhaler was below ukad standard.
  3. Diaz trains in proper boxing doesnt he? With Andre Ward etc? Its good this clown is making a few quid i guess. Interesting to see where it ends.
  4. He was in Logans Paul podcast and even him and his cronies seemed to be won over. Fingers crossed.
  5. Askren comes across brilliantly. Was he like this in MMA, seems a really cool bloke.
  6. Fuck Toadie. Stinks of Piss. Have Nel Mangle come out as well. Plain Jane and Des have been back in it recently. For old fuckers like myself and @Keith Houchen , Max Ramsey was a top boy in it as well. Maybe even have the ghost of Daphne play on the big screen? Todd Landers? Or even have her come down to Moana? Then when she gets sparked out, have Home James drop her home.
  7. If she came out to the Neighbours theme she’d tear the house down. Maybe have Jim Robinson or StoneFish in her corner.
  8. The Jericho BSS may be Austins best ever one. You can see why he's been so successful in the business. Pissed all over the Taker and Kane ones. As much as Jericho gets slated on here, it’s a great listen for anyone who’s even remotely followed his career.
  9. The depth in the division is terrible as in women's boxing in general. Shel be matched correctly and around for a while i imagine. Unfortunately.
  10. Andrade v Liam Williams on BT this weekend i believe? 10:30 pm fight time as well.
  11. Skimmed through it, but not really for me. Are there any rumoured surprises or returns for tonight? Can put in spoilers, no one floats my boat on the current roster.
  12. Courtenay is lucky that no crowd was present, her fragility could not take getting booed out of the arena. On a positive note, i don’t think thats the last we see of Bridges. What a breath of fresh air in the women's division she is. Wow, Connor could be the next face of British boxing. No way will Khan or Brook fight Him. In the ring and on the mic he is very entertaining.
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