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The AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite Thread

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Right people, right time, just the wrong location.

Fucking hell who’s arsed. Let people get excited about things.

For a TV Guide photoshoot promoting a new wrestling show, this is what you want to see. Not you brothers wedding reception, like those cunts above. You're selling professional wrestling. Nothing else.

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Not to become an AEW apologist, but the Dark Order gimmick has been fleshed out with some cool vignettes with high production values. Now that they’re essentially Scientology it opens them up for storylines where they try and corrupt and recruit other members of the roster. Much better than when they were just some spooky dickheads in gimp masks.

The problem is that whilst they’ve been off TV to flesh their gimmick out, two other cults have popped up! Between the Bunny, Blade and Butcher and Brandi Rhodes’ E-Fed shit, it’s the clearest example yet of what pitfalls come with allowing everyone to book their own stuff. You end up with everyone standing on each other’s toes. 

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I love Cody, and I always wonder whether adhering to strict heel and babyface dynamics sells the medium short, but the proof is in the pudding. The two biggest successes in AEW right now are pure white babyface Cody and pure cocky little prick heel MJF. And by contrast, post-modern Kenny Omega with his tweener promos and clever, multi-layered storyline of redemption, could easily fuck back off to Japan full-time and he wouldn’t be missed at all.

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5 hours ago, tiger_rick said:

I've got no problem with that whatsoever. It's always been done and is absolutely fine. I've got great memories of seeing the Hart Foundation and the Bulldogs wrestling in singles way back when. Always a fun little way to fill TV time and build a feud.

More of a WWE trope is Trent's last name having disappeared!

Perhaps it’s a copyright thing, given that he used that name in WWE? I mean, I don’t see why they’d bother keeping the Trent Barretta trademark active, but I also don’t see why you’d choose to have a guy wrestle with as bland a sounding name as Trent.

I enjoyed parts of this show, but I echo a lot of the complaints here. Cody’s promos are generally good, but I find the language he uses a little annoying at times. It almost feels like he flips through a thesaurus before going out to shove in a few, for want of a better term, ‘big’ words just for the sake of it. It makes what he says sound very unnatural. I noticed Brandi do something similar this week, using words that you wouldn’t normally say if you’re trying to keep things sounding natural.

His offer to let BBB choose his partner was a bit dumb too. Why bother? I assumed it was part of a plan, where they’d choose MJF to lure MJF into a false sense of security before it turned out that BBB were a Cody hire, they’re on his side, and a beat down ensues. It’s a bit convoluted but it would at least explain why Cody did the whole ‘choose my partner’ thing. The MJF promo seems to pour cold water on that, making his decision just plain daft.

There are still far too many matches for me, and they are all pretty similar style wise. It ends up feeling very repetitious. the matches all feel very inconsequential. ‘Wins and losses matter’ yet Jungle Boy has a title shot? Don’t get me wrong, that should be a fun match but it kind of makes the ranking system feel redundant. 

The Brandi thing was just plain bad, and the angle at the end felt like a complete rip of Serena joining the Straight Edge Society. I was surprised when they took the clippers out during what was a break in the States, but they obviously didn’t shave her bald so I’m not sure what the point in that was exactly. 

I don’t hate AEW, but it doesn’t have the ‘anything can happen’ feeling that makes it feel unmissable. It’s following a fairly set formula each week. I’m not suggesting we get Attitude Era style crash TV, just that it could and should feel gripping - like you really want to see where each story is going. There have been glimpses of that, but sadly it’s fairly sporadic.

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3 minutes ago, DavidB6937 said:

They didn't even bother having him on the lead up to Survivor Series. Why would they bother now completely randomly?

Plus why would they even need to? NXT has done a fantasy job of catching up simply by producing good, arguably better, programming.

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