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  1. AEW have a fair few decent designs that aren’t embarrassing for adults to wear. They have a few comedy designs that appeal to me as much as tops that say “if found please return to the pub” but overall there is more good than bad. They are always quick to release designs as soon as possible. I woke up at 7am this morning to see the new FTR design advertised on Instagram. They don’t fuck about.
  2. I think one is for a title shot and the other is for number one contender. If they are going to layer it that way it should be better explained. I might be wrong but from the looks of it that seems to be the situation. Stacking it up like that is probably a way to keep Bucks and FTR out the title scene for a bit
  3. Its going to be so great having them back. I don’t think they should save the debuts because fans will be losing their shit for everyone and everything once they can get back in.
  4. His name isn’t Ambrose and hasn’t been for a year. Pretty strange that you are using a wrestler’s old name while bashing a promotion for being stuck in the past. I don’t see Tyson as an attitude era guy, because he wasn’t. He had one program during the attitude era but the bloke is a boxer and mainstream star. He is probably more well known by the general public for his bit in The Hangover than his bit with Austin. Having said that they could have easily come up with some other way to kickstart a program with Jericho. Jealousy that Tyson received more mainstream attention for his part in the Cody match than the Stadium Stampede makes sense. Claiming he deserved the headlines more for his performance makes way more sense. The FTR debut would have been way better with fans in attendance, without them they probably should have gone for something a bit bigger. Still glad to see them though. As a cool off show from the PPV it wasn’t too bad, they are doing a decent job of lining up their next programs
  5. The guy who made the belt art has Made this for some reason. I can’t tell if I hate it or think it is hilarious
  6. Marko Stunt forcing a kiss was lame and unnecessary. Looking forward to his inevitable match with Brian Cage though, that should be all kinds of fun
  7. Well it’s making money and the billionaire is hands on and having the time of his life. For it to be a con you would have to look at someone who’s come off worse for AEW existing. As for a sticker book, I would definitely get one for my kid as long as he knew he wasn’t allowed to touch it
  8. How did they do with the trainee crowd? Had a quick look at some highlights and none of them seemed very engaged at all
  9. “I think Jericho is more concerned with his legacy than the paydays at this point, if he had a loose contract I think he’d be happy just picking up internet points. Can’t see WWE chucking him many proper big pay days at this point. I think wrestlers would be more interested in Cody’s rejuvenated career, if he could help them do the same I could totally see him being able to get workers like Revival. Guys like Aries and Pac would have also made the jump had the timing been different” I said that end of 2018, which is an alright prediction compared to other people thinking they’d be level with MLW and bleed money. Last I heard they were turning a profit while still paying all talent during a pandemic. Khan has even been paying Cage since January despite the guy being injured.
  10. WWE have really devalued ladder matches, AEW only having done two in the year since they started is fine. This one had plenty of new shit, like Orange Cassidy being awesome
  11. I can’t see WWE being able to have the self awareness to pull it off. It is probably going to be extremely awkward and cheesy
  12. The only way the could make it yearly would be to have it as a full event with the ring in the middle of the field. More like a theme for the show rather than just one match like, Hog Wild or Spring Breakout. Fans would be pretty far from the ring though so don’t know if it would be quite the same. As for predicting who would be in the match, I don’t think anyone would have expected that performance from half the people in it, so who knows what they will have in a year
  13. Post says that he might read some of the comments out on this post. I really would like that so I left a comment on it
  14. They are housemates and it naturally evolved into them as a pairing on screen.
  15. That’s a really nice little connection, hadnt thought of that. Taz can still do quite an intense promo, so him and Moxely should be able to do something fun together. I want Taz to teach Cage all sorts of mad suplex stuff too. Every week have him crush a jobber and demonstrate a new one
  16. Admittedly it has been a very long time since I’ve been on a skateboard, but I know which side I would rather be on.
  17. I liked the skateboard spot, was like any Jeff Hardy ladder spot except probably safer. Why wouldn’t Allin try his best to fuck people up in a ladder match?
  18. The main event was everything that Money In The Bank wished it was. I didn’t notice the pool scene the way I noticed the Benoit thing. I wouldn’t say that they are the same level at all, but it should have been cut. Went on for ages as well. (Edit: the more I think about it the worse it does come off.) It’s weird the difference comedy spots make when they actually have comedy in them, WWE should take note. Brodie and Mox was great fun. Cody and Archer was great for the most part, don’t know why they kept cutting to Tyson yawning or not paying attention. Proper shame they couldn’t get the belt finished in time, they’ve had fucking ages. Ladder match was lovely, Darby is a nutter, Cassidy is the funniest bloke in wrestling and everyone else played their parts really well. So glad it was Brian Cage, the guy is awesome and they booked him about as strong as it gets.
  19. I’ll watch the pre show through YouTube on my Tele, but the fight app is proper shit on my Amazon Firestick so I’ll probably have to watch that on my iPad
  20. Considering what a bastard he was I don’t really blame her
  21. Jericho always chips in to help people out, fair play to him. Khan giving that much is the equivalent of him giving away a penny he found behind the sofa, but I don’t think they had any ties at all. Wonder if Vince will make a bigger donation when he hears about that.
  22. Really enjoyed these. All of them should deliver, especially if Moxley destroys the Dark Order and sends Brodie Lee in a new direction. Stampede match will probably just be bonkers fun and Cody will probably go for another dramatic story based match.
  23. Makes sense since it has been years since they have been able to keep a worker hot after the initial buzz has worn off. Because of their inability to call up NXT talent they probably probably think everyone will blend in to the rest of roster after three months
  24. If they do that then fans will start saying they are just as bad as WWE. Plus The Elite have been building the “Fuck The Revival” for ages. There is no issue brining in a WWE guy it they have something to offer. Revival and Rusev definitely do, and Ryder was good at building popularity through YouTube silliness, so he has a logical spot too. AEW don’t have every guy on every show, and want to cycle people in an out. There is room on the roster for more people with something to offer
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