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  1. Doesn’t look like you tried to add context, looks like you tried to debunk me. I never just said “Nestle kill babies” either, I originally said it as part of a larger argument to illustrate a point I was making. I did give one very short reply, but I was way too stoned to write anything else. You are also not taking the facts as presented, you are cherry picking and playing down their actions. Doing word gymnastics instead of using the word “bribe” is just peculiar.
  2. That’s just a long winded way of saying they bribed doctors though isn’t it? They did things which they knew would kill babies. Babies were dying, they knew and didn’t change until forced by law. They are responsible for babies dying, which means they killed babies. Apologies that you find it sensationalist with your google as you go research. This bit made me chuckle. “Not all of the people who were sent were posing as medical professionals, there were some real ones.” Fucking hell, well guess that makes it all okay. Just like how some of the women given free samples could read the packets. Some of them even had access to clean water.
  3. His “context” was one that intentionally minimised their actions while I used the best term to describe what they’ve done.
  4. Yeah, defending them by saying they haven’t actually killed any babies and playing it down. I know they will never see my money and anyone interested can google it. I’m not going debate if they were responsible for deaths of infants with David (who might be one of the only person on earth to believe Epstein actually killed himself)
  5. They sent promo girls dressed as nurses to give free samples to women in third world areas. They knew it would dry up their milk and force them to rely on an expensive formula, a lot of whom couldn’t afford it. Millions of babies have died from Nestle’s actions. They still use loopholes to unethically advertise to women in third world countries. I should find it odd that you would defend a company with a history like this, but I’m not surprised.
  6. Human babies. Well also animal babies, but it’s the human babies I was referring to.
  7. I’ve known Nestle kill babies for ages, I can’t remember where I first heard that one but there is loads about it online. I don’t have one set source for information, I just pick up bits from all over the place
  8. If you add up all their streams/views/ratings since they started it’s probably about that in total. It can’t be anywhere near that many individuals watching, but a total number since they started sounds reasonable
  9. @DEF if you have a Las Iguanas near you they have a load of Vegan and Gluten free options. Cheap cocktails too. Saw three of my mates on that How To Steal A Pig which was nice. That Prem guy is an absolute cunt, told him before if I ever catch him in person he is gonna get fucked up. Wasn’t a fan of how they made out the vegan influencers are in it for the money, most of them try to get enough to live on, support their work and then put the money back into looking after animals.
  10. Gonna watch this on +1, I’ve done a vigil with Wes and he’s a sound guy. Last time I saw him was at Vegan Campout in 2018 and it was around the time he was about to go to court for it I think. I tried to chat to him about it but I was too ketty to hold a convo. They were more tender shaped than wing
  11. Just had the new Temple of Seitan wings and burgers from Brewdog, absolutely beautiful. Hope it becomes a permanent thing after this month
  12. I really hope he has, think Cage is awesome and I want to see how far he can throw Marko Stunt
  13. Shame he won’t be anywhere I can be bothered to watch
  14. I only did because it was relevant to the conversation, I wouldn’t even think about it unless there was a reason to.
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