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  1. No promotion has done as much to destroy goodwill as those guys. They’d have to put out a good show consistently for years to undo the damage they have done
  2. They would have to try that hard because WWE’s goodwill is in the toilet and AEW haven’t been burning fans for years. For WWE to actually appear they are presenting a better show they would have to put effort in and work at it for a few months before fans buy into it
  3. They already have matches booked for the first few weeks of TV I think. A few matches might be impromptu, but I think most will just be announced and then built to.
  4. Well an actual police report was filed so we know it’s not a storyline, if it turns up on eBay or is recovered the storyline would look a bit daft. Would make a lot more sense for Cody to be furious that Jericho lost the top prize in the company he is trying to build. “I didn’t want to put myself in the title picture but now I have no choice” kinda deal
  5. This is the furthest I can usually make it through your posts. Does every other post have to reference Vince not being Dad? It is weird that you go on about it so much
  6. Bet R-Truth has it
  7. Surely the worst part of commentary was “Spears slamming Cody onto the concrete... Well the sorta metallic material” ”Thats a metal ramp” ”Well it’s not carpet”
  8. Main event was a bag of dicks, can’t remember the last time I enjoyed Jericho wrestle. I didn’t even like his first match against Omega. Just retire and fuck off. Everything else on the card was good to great. Obviously I’m pretty heartbroken right now for obvious reasons. Don’t think I heard the crowd ask for Punk all night though
  9. They also have Private Party who are worth checking out. If they can keep the silly comedy to a minimum it would be worth watching. I’ve never minded it but I know it makes some people lose their minds
  10. It would work with Raw if is used as an intermission. Or they could just not show video packages to live crowds and run dark matches.
  11. Because there are some people with perfectly defined face/heel characters, so they are obviously aware how to do it
  12. Couldn’t that be linked? The few guys they have in the clearly defined heel/face roles are more effective as something special. Wouldn’t be as good if everyone did it, just like it wouldn’t be as good if everyone was doing spot monkey matches. A good roster has variety, that can apply to characters too.
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