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  1. I was smoking cigars with Goldust and a bunch of ex military rednecks last night. Goldy wanted to fuck my mate. Nice bloke Gonna go starrcast today
  2. Yeah the only real news is that Punk got a flight and is now less than 200 miles from Vegas. There is still hope.
  3. I reckon Omega will win it because having him and Jericho go one for one is too similar to WWE’s main problem of 50/50 booking. If this show is to set the tempo they should do whatever they can to be different.
  4. I saw the event advertised on TV last night, they seem to be getting it about. Still undecided if I’m going to pop along to the show
  5. I’ve got no clout on twitter, I’m all about Instagram
  6. I’m not a journalist, but I’ve got a decent social media following. If anyone here would be kind enough to do a write up for me to post along with her affidavit I reckon I could be able to get it some traction and a few shares. All sorts of people follow me so could probably get it into the right hands
  7. I’m sure at some point they will use screwy finishes to further certain stories along, nothing wrong with not wanting to do it on the first show which is going to set the tone. When it does happen it’ll mean a lot more than if they use it on a midcard match on the first show.
  8. The stomp/clash spot was ridiculously smooth and got a legit pop out of me. Saved an otherwise boring match, which is the risk when a match is built up on the premise of it being a classic. Put two great workers in the ring and fans will expect a good match. Don’t need to hammer it home that we will see a “clinic” because it sets the bar unrealistically high. If fans are expecting match of the year, then anything less will come off as a disappointment. Still best thing on the show from that I saw. Got too drunk and forgot the men’s MITB match was happening, so stopped watching, but I’ll get round to it. Currently in LA so having a 4pm start time really improved the show for me. Midnight starts or replays ruins the spectacle
  9. I know a dude who removed some fingers for fun. Extreme body mod people are weird as fuck
  10. I don’t mind last ditch quick bursts of adrenaline if done right. That gif is pretty fucking stupid but at least it looks like a mental last ditch attempt to buy some time. This spot was far stupider
  11. Think I read that he watched it while at university over here
  12. This show being on ITV4 is significant in that it shows the level AEW are aiming for in terms TV Networks. If they can get weekly shows on a Network with that many potential viewers in as many countries as possible they are onto a winner. I’m trying not to get my hopes up for this company, but really they are ticking all the boxes and information is coming out at a good pace.
  13. Just saw the Fenix spot and the camera work following it was awful. Zoomed right into Pentagons face while his is checking up on him obviously concerned, then see him nod to Konnan that everything is okay. Keep camera on the guy who took the bump, crowd reaction then quickly go to replay. Go back to Fenix once we know he hasn’t fucking broke his neck
  14. Yes, I’m sure they probably plan to mention other stuff and let the story evolve over the next few weeks.
  15. To be fair, the match isn’t about Attitude Era vs Modern Era. The whole video doesn’t focus around that, it’s a four minute promo and only talks about it in the second half. The match is Cody vs Dustin, which is a follow up to Cody wrestling for Dusty. Dustin won’t be a star in this company if he shares the ring with with anyone else. He isn’t a star being brought in, it is two brothers doing a match they’ve always wanted to. It’s just gonna be a feel good moment, probably followed by retirement for Dustin and a backstage position. Anyone who thinks Dustin shouldn’t have a road agent position at AEW is a nonce.
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