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  1. I fucking love photobooths, I got loads of ridiculous ones but this is probably my favourite ever
  2. Ross needs to be moved to a backstage role and be the person who conducts interviews. If he is asking a couple of questions it will add importance to all their interviews rather than distracting from the entire show. Excalibur is decent so keep him. I did really like Vampiro as a colour guy, so I’d stick him in as well.
  3. Brandi is a great character and an asset to the company, but for fucks sake don’t let her wrestle.
  4. People can buy things, I already own some some things
  5. At the risk of steering this even more off topic, I might be buying one of his sketches soon.
  6. Musicians are so boring these days in comparison, bunch of PG wankers
  7. Well it fits into the shock rocker theme of picking names which intentionally don’t sound “shocking” like Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper which could be the names of little old ladies without context
  8. Ah that’s awesome. He used to be Darby Graves which I guessed might be a Misfits reference.
  9. Becoming a fan of Darby Allin and I liked him anyway because I assume his name is a reference to GG Allin. It isn’t a surprise at all that they are using the chair shot to create a story between Spears and Darby
  10. MJF is as heel as it gets, so much so that Spears would become the face. He hit someone with a chair, that doesn’t come close to how much shit MJF chats at every opportunity
  11. So you want them to produce more video packages and put them on YouTube, so you don’t have to go on YouTube to find out who he is? Everytime he has been on TV he has been protected and the announcers have drilled home that he is the future.
  12. MJF sucks upto the boss and pretends to be his mate, because that’s what a wanker like him would do. Now he has to team with a guy who attacked his “mate.” Maybe Cody is testing him to see where his loyalties lie? It’s a story with layers
  13. Well if Van Damme had been running his mouth off at the fan online before hand, than started falling over himself backing away while looking like a deer in the headlights, this might be comparable. Van Damme handled that like a badass who doesn’t want to fight by the sounds of it. If Joey had done the same I’d be saying fair play. I don’t even care that Joey flapped it, just responding to the weird defence of how he responded
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