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  1. They are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t with the Broken stuff. I’ve said before that I can’t imagine he has been sat on the sidelines desperate to recreate what he did in TNA years ago. But if they don’t get some steam out of it before going in a different direction they will have missed a trick. Play this for a while, get what they can from it and let Hardy go in a new direction. Especially if Jericho helps him reinvent himself, there is all the potential in the world for Hardy to add something of value
  2. The record low is 2,950 for a Dynamite episode and TNA’s biggest attendance ever was 7,200 at Lockdown 2013. AEW PPVs have gotten 8,500-11,000 attendances.
  3. They came out the box so strong that scalpers over bought and messed with predictions a bit. Big shows are always a sell out but Dynamite usually only packs out the side of the arena facing the hard cam. Blood and Guts was going to be their biggest crowd yet with 14000 tickets sold
  4. And never managed to turn that into money with merch or ticket sales. Part of TNA stink is being able to take something with buckets of potential and just pour it down the drain. AEW are great at getting money out of whatever they can.
  5. If the staff are on total lockdown together then there isn’t much actual danger to them. Filming this stuff would be safer than going to Tesco right now. However you can imagine they would rather be with their families than waiting in hotel rooms to film matches in empty rooms
  6. @SuperBacon that’s just the news I wanted to hear
  7. Being serious, I have had an offer to move into my aunts place which is supposed to become available end of next month because her tenant is moving out. Just need to hold off getting booted from here long as I can, so if the government say no one can be evicted for a while it will be a massive help. The flip flopping until it is set in stone has just made them get really aggressive with it. If anyone ever looks to rent, avoid Haart because they are the definition of useless cunts. I’ve been renting my entire adult life and never seen anyone as incompetent and evil as them
  8. I totally empathise that he doesn’t know what the fuck is going on, it’s unprecedented times and all that. But he has done literally fuck all. Has the legislation come in to protect renters from being evicted? The estate agents are trying to get me out of my house as quick as possible and even pretended I’m behind on rent despite being paid up till next week. Told them I would have nowhere to go and would be homeless, so they sent a link to shelter.org. Absolute bastards, if they kick me out I’m burning the house down and setting up a tent outside their building
  9. He seems the type to wash his hands without being told to. He will be safe
  10. I said that instantly. The guy hid in a fridge to avoid questions from This Morning, skipped a debate on a climate change and dodged Andrew Neil because he didn’t want to be on the spot. Having to do press conferences every day without having any answers must be top of his list for scenarios to avoid. If Corbyn had it he would be live-streaming from his bed on a ventilator to show the dangers and offer support to others in the same position. Johnson is going to use this as a get out of jail free card
  11. People throw that term around far too easily. TNA fucked up hard for many years, in mind boggling ways without learning from mistakes. AEW have shown unparalleled awareness when it comes to correcting mistakes. Cody’s wife was involved in a diabolical story that got dropped quietly and unceremoniously, can’t think of anywhere else that would have that level of self awareness. If Steph or Dixie was involved with something that shit they would have just rolled with it regardless of how badly it bombed. Nightmare Collective wasn’t even an important put of the show, but they still acknowledged it needed to be binned
  12. WWE are keeping all talent in total isolation between matches, so in theory they’ll be able to wrestle each other in quarantine. If the people producing the show are total separate from the rest of society there ain’t w problem other than the shows being fucking awful to watch. WWE have a vast library to work from and a video editing team. Smackdown needs to be replaced with random Network specials or classic episodes. Raw should be cut to two hours and have each episode build to a Mania match. Talking head spots filmed from home mixed with archive footage. A two hour career retrospective on Styles and Undertaker would be better than the shit they are putting out. That way Mania can be postponed for at least three months, and the matches that are on will seem important as fuck.
  13. Really? Even with them having to work around unprecedented restrictions you would never give them a chance after one shit show?
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