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  1. Fuck it, I’m back off the wagon. My dealer is gonna be chuffed
  2. Okay I’ll share post of the year award with her because she’s cute and said it first. But I’m not gonna be the one to message explaining she won post of the year on a weird wrestling forum for something she wrote two years ago
  3. Who are all the other people? I haven’t heard anyone say it before, but if someone else has said it at some point they are probably really smart too
  4. Even though I posted this on Twitter, I think I still deserve to be in the running for post of the year.
  5. I’m wary of any of that, especially after shit like FactCheckUK
  6. @Accident Prone a lot of my political commentary has been going viral lately. I chat about Tories all the time, but when there’s an election I go all out. Fuck the Tories
  7. Comments have gotten quite heated over on the Facebook version of this, I also got shared by Left Bible which was nice. Might stand as an MP next time around
  8. That’s more offensive than calling me a Tory.
  9. He should have ended it with telling everyone to stick to their shitty jobs at McDonalds
  10. Yes, all the things I listed are different from WWE. Didn’t say it was all new innovations, they didn’t invent tag team wrestling
  11. Well it’s three hours a week of easy to watch TV, with a lot less random PPVs like TLC which still doesn’t have any matches announced. They are yet to provide all out disappointing finishes like a HIAC match going to a non finish. They aren’t doing 5 hour PPVs. It’s less micromanaged (for better and worse.) The roster has a clear hierarchy. They have a stronger focus on tag team wrestling. There is a lot more different than just the roster. They are very different products with a few of the same problems
  12. Nope, it’s not important just slightly interesting
  13. Enjoyed the show last night, another easy watch. They could do with expanding the roster more and poaching the best from ROH and Impact. Both companies are in the shitter but have a few guys who could make a difference to AEW
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