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What is the worst song of all time? (With bonus best pop song)


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Branding Angels the worst song ever is ridiculous when you consider that Robbie Williams ia also responsible for  the asinine Candy.


I was there to witness
Candice's inner business
She wants the boys to notice
Her rainbows, and her ponies
She was educated
But could not count to ten
How she got lots of different horses
By lots of different men
And I say

Liberate your sons and daughters
The bush is high
But in the hole there's water
You can get some, when they give it
Nothing sacred, but it's a living
Hey ho here she goes
Either a little too high or a little too low
Got no self-esteem and vertigo
'Cause she thinks she's made of candy
Hey ho here she goes
Either a little too loud or a little too close
There's a hurricane in the back of her throat
And she thinks she's made of candy
Ring a ring of roses
Whoever gets the closest
She comes and she goes
As the war of the roses
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I shouldn't speak ill of the deceased, but this is really something else. He put this shit out in support of Comic Relief in 2011. I thought the whole point of a Comic Relief, Children in Need etc was to combat suffering, not heighten it. 

Auto-tune bay bay. 


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8 minutes ago, TheBurningRed said:

Those lyrics are almost as bad as Rudebox which I think is even worse.

I'd argue that Rudebox transcended shite and became hilarious. 


OK then, back to bass-heads
Dance like you just won at the Special Olympics
They got the rudebox off the back of a spaceship
So sick I just had to take it
The R-U-D-E-B-O-X
Up your jacksy, split your kecks,
Sing a song of semtex
Pocket full of Durex
Body full of Mandrax
Are we gonna have sex (yes)
Do you wear your knee socks (ohh)
Back to the rudebox


Edited by Gus Mears
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Anything that's been produced by "WE THE BEST MUSIC! ANOTHER ONE! WE THE BEST B-B-B-B-B-B-BEST MUSIC!" DJ fucking Khaled. In the bin. Set it on fire. Fuck off.

In terms of best pop song, I think 'Chandelier' by Sia is absolute corker. In fact, I really dig most of the songs Sia pops out. I'm not into her enough to be listening to her albums but I really like her in 4-5 minute bursts every now and again.

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3 minutes ago, Nexus said:

Sorry but the best pop music is produced by Carly Rae Jepsen. Cut to the Feeling and Run Away With Me are bangers.


EMOTION is a superb album as well. 

Fun fact, Carly wrote a song about fingering herself for that album but sold it to a K-Pop group. I think they took out all the masturbation lyrics though.

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Swagger Jagger is probably the worst song I've ever head. Just awful.

It probably isn't THAT bad a song but I've heard "Hello" from Adele so many times on the radio that I cringe every time I hear it. Same with Ed Sheeran - I'm conscious that most of his stuff is inoffensive but it's been overplayed, and overhyped so much, that I can't stand it. Except for Galway Girl, which is clearly him taking the piss.

Special mentions for "I'm All About That Bass" and Rude by Magic!

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