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What is the worst song of all time? (With bonus best pop song)


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1 minute ago, Devon Malcolm said:

That's the one, lads. It makes my blood boil, it's so utterly awful in every way. I genuinely think the worst of someone if they like it.

I was working in a small office when the fucker came out and much like the similarly wretched Nickleback song you have no warning as it goes straight in with the singing.  At least Love Shack gives you two seconds to brace for impact but this fucker is Al Queda to the B52's IRA, no courtesy call, just the detonation.  Anyway, this guy in the office said it was a great song.  I went on a rant about white reggae and the general shiteness of the song.  He said "Well I'm mixed race so I know about reggae", I replied "Yeah but last week you were legit saying how ancient Egyptians built the pyramids to house their WiFi towers so I'll not hold your opinion in great stead".


Anyway, another one.  They did a gig in a place called The Tin Angel in Cov where my ex mother in law was a patron and a trustee.  It was a tiny place and the singer was a twat.  He pointed at the bass player who was playing an upright and said "Have you ever heard someone play an upright bass better than this" and she instinctively said "Danny Thompson".  Singer looked sheepish and said "Oh yeah, guess so"  Bass player came up to ex MiL afterwards and thanked her for saying that and hopefully he will never ask that again because he had done it before.  They then talked about Danny Thompson for a bit and he seemed like the good one of the duo.


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Anything by The Feeling! Fuck, they're arguably the worst value when it comes to 2000s bands. Quite a few hits and every one of them is bloody atrocious. I can't believe nobody has mentioned them yet (not that I've seen, apologies if I'm wrong).

I mean, listen to all of these and try and tell me otherwise.

Lyrics that a toddler could put together.

B-b-b-b-b-b-b-baby, you got me going c-c-c-crazy

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Not a fan of The Scripts' music at all, but fair play to them on the whole. They seem a nice bunch. Danny O'Donoghue is actually a sound bloke. We used to rehearse next door to his boyband 'MyTown' back in 1997. I'd be outside yapping away to him. He's a massive NIN and Tool fan, which caught me off guard. Could have worded that differently, but opted not to.

Most Irish bands are poxy though. Kodaline, Picture This, The Script, Delorentos, Villagers, Bell X1, The Academic, The Coronas...all interchangeable, whingey bollocks that has them come off as insolent, entitled pups.
Mike Got Spiked were a tremendous Oirish band. They should have made it!


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The Script are smashing lads in person - I did some filming work with them briefly for the charity they were running for at the Marathon this year. Very self-aware in terms of their modern day fame/lack thereof, openly ripping themselves. 

Great shout on The Feeling - Jesus Christ what an abomination. 

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