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Chippy Tea


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The sickening reality is the only reason I've become so vocal in this thread is because the below atrocity is the only deep-fried fish I can find within 50km of my house. Unspecified quadrilateral fish piece with aioli and potato salad. Just like Nana Helga used to make. The other alternative was the same piece of fish in a dry baguette. Chippy Tea! 



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Last night, I put an order in to pickup at the local chippy for 2 cod and chips. 10 minutes later I wandered down to collect it and the ladies behind the counter looked like they had seen a ghost. 

Apparently they gave the cod I ordered to the previous customer who claimed he rang in for it (he didn't) but they couldn't be sure as they knew this old fella suffered from dementia. So I had to wait for some fresh fish to cook.

I did get compensation though, they chucked in two large battered sausage. It is a shame my wife only eats white meat so I was well and truly stuffed last night.

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14 hours ago, Thunderplex said:

Just asked a friend in Edinburgh, and they do.

I live in Edinburgh (lived in several places through the UK) and it is comfortably the most staunch on its favourite sauce. Regardless it overpowers anything it is placed on and makes me lack respect for the city  

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