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  1. They're jobbing him to the Chinese lad, they signed, at the show they're doing over there. Think this is just temporary rehab, rather than a new push.
  2. Are they still going to be known as Ciampa and Gargano individually though? It's not like they have much name value. I got it when they we're doing Gabe and Evolve a favour by showcasing his top lads. But they've pretty much been proper NXT talent since the start of the year.
  3. Still find it mad out of all the 'indy geeks' they've brought in they let Gargano and Ciampa keep there names.
  4. That Mandy Rose has definitely been signed because she's a knock-off Margot Robbie.
  5. Christ, for as much charisma they have at everything else, Banks and Balor lack any real conviction when they speak don't they. I knew it about Balor but for some reason always thought that Banks was more of an all rounder for some reason. The jokes they gave Charlotte about Sasha being a slag just leaves a bad taste in the mouth and shows how little's changed in terms of the women. Strap the rocket intended for Reigns right onto Enzo. Get him on the chat shows and award shows, he will go viral if they get him in the mainstream. The tag with Jericho/Steen is going to be gold if they avoid just having them trade wins until Summerslam and actual put some effort into skits. Plus don't stick Zayn and a heel inand make it a smosh.
  6. Stop the presses eh mate.
  7. Is that not the point though, an overconfident Lesnar isn't taking Ambrose seriously enough for Sunday, and may get caught out.
  8. Love one of the fans throwing a Lawler-like punch on the other wrestler as he was legging it.
  9. Their constant referencing was far more embarrassing and cringey than her actual non-televised cock up though.
  10. Wasn't Austin unconscious and sent to hospital, hence arriving back in the ambulance. Bit of a difference to how much of a fanny they made Reigns look last night.
  11. You what? Gym freak injures himself in the gym hardly related is it.
  12. The crucial thing is they've turned him full on face rather than arseing around in some vague tweener role like every other time, the mad pairing with post streak breaking Heyman being the obvious example. People have wanted to get behind Cesaro since at least Mania 30 and maybe even since the giant swing became a thing. Putting him with arch bastard Owens helps a lot though. Would've been a great way to bring Zayn in as well if he was fit.
  13. I heard Owen used to blag car rides to the arenas from the hotels from fans. But sponge of that couple? Any truth to this story? I noticed that they usually had backstage passes wrapped around their necks most of the time. The fella wrote a column about it on figure 4 a couple of years ago in remembrance of Owen. When he was in their area they would drive him round, feed him and put him up and in return Hart would sort them out decent tickets. Not that dodgy but it's an explanation.
  14. Owen Hart used to sponge off shell suit couple and that's how they got free tickets for much of the 90s
  15. Just a one off appearance he was on TNA the other month. He obviously seems to be lobbying for a job though.