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Let's discuss the idiots on Reality TV

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I guess this is the thread for it, my gf is a crafter and we watched something called The Fantastical Factory Of Curious Craft.  The premise sounded decent, bit like a Ready Steady Cook for craft, but imagine our horror when it started and the host was Keith Lemon.

However, I remembered how (I think) @Astro Hollywood mentioned that Leigh Francis was a real humble guy once and made papier mache masks for Bo Selector and his passion for it really came across.  He was turned down and had some real genuine passion and appreciation for what the contestants made.  Reminded me why I liked him before he ventured up his own arsehole.

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I clicked into this thread completely absent mindedly and read that post, and it's really reinforced that separating reality tv out from proper tv shows into it's own thread is one of the best decisio

Right, which one of yiz was on First Dates Ireland last night? Started doing the Wolfpac hand sign, talking about Wrestle Kingdom Numbers and saying "Testiffffaaaggggh" to the poor, poor las

Kim Joy from the Bake Off has to be a furry. 

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The Bridge - Channel 4's latest reality, (can't find the thread) survival, test yourself type show. The premise of 12 people have to work together to build an 850ft bridge by hand to a little island with £100k on it. They then pick someone to win the money, who can keep it all or share it. A simple concept which the producers have no faith in, as contestants are given side missions, some people come in, others are voted out. After 3 episodes out of 5, (there wasn't enough content for 6) the main thing that hasn't happened is any bridge building. They haven't even built half of it yet.

It took them two episodes to work out, how to read the instructions. There was a large quantity of blue floating barrels in the lake somewhere for them to use, which would keep the wooden platforms from sinking. Previously they had roped together 1 ton wooden platforms and got confused why they kept sinking.

The motley crew of wannabes they got on the show include a fella from the Dreamboys who got voted as the leader because he has abs. A young Mark Wahlberg look-a-like plumber. A woman off the coronavirus advert who survived it. Trisha Goddards daughter, who spent the first episode telling everyone who her mum was. A para-athlete who they had to draft in, after two episodes because no-one else could build a bridge.

One of the most depressing things about the show is, how lazy and greedy people are. That's not even including the plotting to get the money. They are there for 20 days and had enough food to last the duration but they ate all the rations within 10 days. To play on this, another twist from the producers was, they could vote for feast or build. Everyone voted. If you voted feast, you got a banquet of food but this would take away 1 hour of bridge building. Out of the 13 that voted, 9 voted to feast and 4 to work. So they lost a day of bridge building anyway.



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Yesterday I discovered that Giovanna Fletcher off of The Baby Club and currently eating animal balls in Abergele isn’t a middle aged posh mum but is actually a 35 year old posh mum who’s married to Tom Fletcher of McFly. I also discovered she is the sister of TOWIE’s Mario. 

Anyway, the best thing about I’m a Celeb is always watching the people from Gogglebox watch it because Gogglebox, even with most of them mugging for the cameras these days, is still the best reality tv show on the box.

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