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23 hours ago, UK Kat Von D said:

Why is Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon a movie about wrestlers racing and not about wrestling? My kid is complaining that The Undertaker has choke slammed anyone 

Get ready for WWE: Crush Hour 2...

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March 26 "I'm pleased to announce the expansion of my pub empire. After years of war, I've taken over the Rovers Return and tonight, you'll see me on BBC and ITV." "''old on, mum.

I heard they tore the house down so much, Will Ospreay set up a GoFundMe for it.

One of Earthquake's children posted a picture on Reddit, and this great story about him was the top reply.  

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3 hours ago, jazzygeofferz said:

Get ready for WWE: Crush Hour 2...

Sold! The New Day in a pancake truck with a unicorn horn, Rusev in a tank, one of the power-ups being a Braun Strowman appearing and flipping your car over ... I want that game.

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2 hours ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

Sold! The New Day in a pancake truck with a unicorn horn, Rusev in a tank, one of the power-ups being a Braun Strowman appearing and flipping your car over ... I want that game.

Kane in his golf cart.


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Today marked the last Reddit Observer Rewind, a brilliant years-long recap of the Monday Night Wars according to Dave. If you haven't read them, they're terrific. 

Among these one Redditor always posts relevant interview transcripts. To commemorate today he posted his two favourites, both scatalogical (so UKFF is right at home) featuring Pillman and Vince:


Welcome to the final Wrestling Observer Rewind. As this is the end, I thought I'd do something special. As such, I've decided to compile what I feel are the two best transcripts I've ever done.


First, we have Brian Pillman's bathroom escapades. Enjoy.


Jim Ross: We’re doing a Clash of The Champions for TBS one time and I’m sitting at ringside going over my notes. He’s just got to talk to me. It’s crucially important, and so I said "Okay. So, I’ll put my paper up and let’s talk". Not here. We’ve got to go in private". Okay. You know, I had no idea what the deal was. What calamity he was in. You know, he had his share of issues with the ladies. He had lots of lady friends. He was quite the ladies man. So, who knew. You know, who knew what Brian’s issue was. He said "I got to talk to you in private".


So, we go to the shower area and he shows me— he says "Okay, you ready?" I said "Yeah. What is it? What’s the problem?" "I got to show you something". So, he swings the door to the commode stall open and in that commode was the longest uninterrupted piece of human waste known to man. If it wasn’t 18 inches long, I’m not wearing a black hat. He had gone to the bathroom and taken meticulous effort to have a bowel movement uninterrupted, cause he knew something special was happening. He got one of the referees and one of the ring crew guys to stand guard at the stall most of the afternoon so when the guys would come in, he could go get them and bring them and show them his masterpiece.


Finally, we end with Kevin Kelly telling what I feel is the greatest Vince McMahon story of all time. JR told this story also on Opie and Anthony, but this is actually almost two years before JR told it. This is from 2012 and Place to Be Podcast Episode 178: Kevin Kelly 1997 WWF – Part Two. I really hope you enjoy this. This is perhaps my favorite of all the transcripts.


Justin Rozzero: You think he’s the greatest heel character in the company’s history?


Kevin Kelly: Oh, beyond a shadow of a doubt.


Justin Rozzero: Right? Easily.


Kevin Kelly: There’s no comparison.


Justin Rozzero: Yeah


Kevin Kelly: He’s the greatest performer ever. He went out to— and I love this story, it’s my favorite story about Vince. We’re at Nassau Coliseum and he’s going out to cut a promo about Stone Cold. It was the go home week of a Pay Per View or whatever it was and he goes out to the ring, goes to the center of the ring, cuts the promo, that was it. Leaves, comes back, walks back through Gorilla, and he starts laughing and he’s like "You’re never gonna believe this." "What"? "I shit myself!"


Justin Rozzero (While laughing): What?


(Scott laughs hard)


Kevin Kelly: Apparently, before he went out to cut the promo, standing there waiting for his music to hit, he farts and draws mud.


(Both Scott and Justin laugh really hard)


Justin Rozzero (While laughing): What the fuck?


Kevin Kelly: Not just a little, a whole lot.


Justin Rozzero: Oh, my lord.


(Scott laughs hard)


Kevin Kelly: So, he goes down the ramp, he gets down to the ring, squishing in his shoes and everything, cuts the promo, doesn’t miss a beat, walks back through, shit down all the back of his legs—


(Justin trying to hold back his laughter as Scott continues to laugh hard)


Kevin Kelly: So, he’s got to get changed, right? So—


Scott Criscuolo (With tears in his eyes): Oh, my God.


Kevin Kelly: —Fast forward now like an hour.


Justin Rozzero (Trying to recover from laughing so much): Oh, God.


Kevin Kelly: And we’re backstage and I hear all this commotion and running past me goes Jerry Brisco holding his face like he’s trying not to throw up.


(Scott laughs hard)


Kevin Kelly: Chasing behind him is Vince McMahon, now wearing sweat clothes with shit-stained underwear on the end of a piece of camera equipment.


(Scott and Justin laugh hard)


Kevin Kelly: "Come here, Brisco! HA HA HA!" as he’s chasing him down the hallway.


(Scott laughs so hard he has to get up and leave to try to compose himself)


Justin Rozzero (While laughing): Scott, you’re alright?


Kevin Kelly: It’s his shitty drawers at the end of this stick.


Scott Criscuolo (Having returned): Oh, God. JR, you gotta add this to The Duggan Reports.


Justin Rozzero (While laughing): Oh, my lord. Jesus. That’s an awesome story.


Kevin Kelly: The greatest story.


Scott Criscuolo: "TAKE A WHIFF, BRISCO!"


Kevin Kelly: That’s like Opie and Anthony’s impression of Vince, you know? Which I love when Anthony does it, when he does the Vince impression, and, like, when Lawler had the heart attack "GET HIM UP!"


(Both Scott and Justin laugh)




(Both Scott and Justin laugh)


Kevin Kelly: But everybody, you know, gives him such grief for his ego and all this and that. He’s really kind of a goofy, fun-loving guy.


Justin Rozzero: Yeah, that’s really the feel I got honestly.


Kevin Kelly: He may have changed a lot over the years— because again, I’ve been gone from there longer than I’ve worked there— but when I knew him, when I saw him, he was always like a big kid and had a very juvenile sense of humor that was a lot of fun. Now, he can be serious and get down to business. He knew when it was time to work but after that, man, he could cut up and it was always enjoyable. 



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On 8/27/2019 at 2:25 PM, Your Fight Site said:

Legend DLC featuring Kurt Angle’s milk truck and Steve Austin’s ATV.

Angle's milk truck would just be a pallette swap of Austin's beer truck. You also get DDP driving Honky Tonk Man's cadillac. 

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Would a modern day "Allstars" touring promotion still work today do you think? I remember attending a World Wrestling Allstars show back in the early 2000's and had a cracking time. Always thought it was a great concept. A yearly tour of UK, Europe et all with the best free agent talent from america, the rosters changing each year as people are signed/released from WWE and co. Would definitely buy a ticket if there was something similar today.

But obviously we were a bit starved for wrestling here back then, the UK scene wasn't anywhere near as good as today and i often wonder if todays fan would just end up sh*tting on it as its "full of imports" etc plus i'm not sure today's fan would appreciate Stevie Ray yelling about Fruit Bootys and Jeff Jarrett vs Road Dogg in the main.

If you were booking the tour for todays audience, who is out there and available, i.e. not under contract to WWE / AEW? 

Ryback has name value, he was so over at one point and probably would be refreshing considering he hasn't done much since leaving WWE so not overexposed. 

Enzo and Cas would definitely be on the list, people forget how over they were. 

Could bring back the guest commissioner role too - Foley, Bret Hart, Cornette et al, a legend not active in ring but would sell meet and greets. 


I admit its not great, probably a bad time considering WWE and AEW are hoovering up anyone of note but just a random thought i had and interested to hear what others think, who you'd pick?


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