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The Official UKFF RAW thread (part 2)...

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I haven't watched WWE in months but saw a top 10 Raw moments on youtube so gave it a watch. What a load of shit. 

• Randy Orton is feuding with the fucking Big Show who looks dreadful. 

• I laughed when they said 'Dominic Mysterio' properly made me chuckle that did. 

• Akira Towaza is now in charge of ninjas because racism I guess. 

• Kevin Owens has a Jurassic Park tattoo. 

• Bobby Lashley has the worst head in the world, he looks like Toad from the Super Mario Brothers film. Such an odd man. 

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14 hours ago, quote the raven said:


At what stage do the TV higher ups look at this and work out its not worth the money they are paying for it?

There was an article discussing the Smackdown ratings and their value to the channel, I imagine the Raw situation will be in similar:


Sportico has an article online which details how FOX is putting money aside to be able to afford the new NFL rights, an article which also explains why Smackdown has so far been a hit for the network.

The article states that no one should expect that FOX will try and walk out of the $1 billion WWE deal like they just did with the U.S. Open golf contract which they offloaded to NBC Sports. Sportico says that WWE is providing 52 weeks of programming to FOX for just $1.9 million per hour, considerably less than what FOX would otherwise pay for another show.

Two drama television shows which would occupy the Friday night 8PM to 10PM time slot would cost around $5 million an hour and that investment is only for just 22 nights of original content. That is much more than FOX is paying WWE and Sportico adds that Smackdown is currently drawing 5% larger audience in the 18-49 demographic than what was on the network before and that’s also when this year, overall primetime demos were down 13%.

The article also states that with the median age of 52.4 years, Smackdown viewers are nearly five years younger than those who were watching FOX in that time slot last season.


With filming held up for most shows and TV channels needing to fill up their schedules I think WWE will still be a pretty good position for a little while yet.

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1 hour ago, LaGoosh said:

Is Buddy Murphy just called Murphy now? If so, that's hilarious. 

Yeah, the latest flip-flop on that. Debuted in NXT as Buddy Murphy, just became Murphy when teaming with (Wesley) Blake, went back to Buddy Murphy when he went to 205 Live, then had his first name stolen again a month or two ago.

He's still fucking brilliant mind.

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According to Meltzer Big Show Vs. Orton was moved from Extreme Rules to Raw because of the recent decline in ratings. I know they're basically knackered in their current position, but that did make me smile. The kind of proper dross they'd make an angle out of in that stink pit between Mania and SummerSlam any other year. How many years has it been since there was a decent summer? It was always a thing for long running angles, and people always consider the end of the year to be the low ebb, but it's had the more interesting shows in the last few years surely. 

This must be the first time they're this fucked without a big star fall back. I can't see "Business in the blood brother!" guys like Austin, Cena and Rock popping down to Orlando for any amount of money. And good for them. Roman's shone by sacking them off too. 

They've basically got a small cast of non draws they're letting GM mode of Smackdown Vs Raw book. Literally booked themselves behind a perspex window with just the TV deals to keep them ticking.  Bet they wish a 2K21 was happening this year, now. 

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