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  1. Jim Cornette is confirmed to be inducting the Rock and Roll express, this could be interesting
  2. I'll go for 1, 12, 17, 27, 28
  3. Pete Lothario Norris Cole Janet Street Porter
  4. Wrestler of the Year - AJ Styles Female Wrestler of the Year - Asuka Match of the Year - John Cena vs AJ Styles (Summerslam) Wrestling Event of the Year - NXT Dallas Wrestling TV Show of the Year (this includes Youtube shows, original Network content and programmes, web shows etc) - NXT Feud/Angle of the Year - The Miz vs Daniel Bryan or Brockton Lesnar vs Goldberg Moment of the Year - Goldberg destroys Lesnar at Survivor Series Babyface of the Year - Bill Goldberg Heel of the Year - The Miz Tag Team of the Year - The Revival Promo of the Year (this can be a specific promo or it can be a wrestler's collective promo work across the year - The Miz's first promo on Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack Wrestling Podcast of the Year - SCG Radio
  5. Worst Wrestler of the Year - Matt Hardy Worst Match of the Year - The Great War - Hardys vs Decay Worst Wrestling Event of the Year - Total Non Stop Deletion GTFO (they may not be the worst, but who do you just wish would go away and stay away?) - Natalya/Dolph Ziggler/Matt Hardy Stupidest/Worst Moment of the Year - The entire Broken Matt/Brother Nero storyline
  6. Miz and Maryse vs Bryan and Nikki Bella wouldn't be the worst thing to ever happen at a Wrestlemania, I really want to see this happen now
  7. If Bryan is planning one last match, the Miz is the perfect opponent, he's the safest, smartest worker they have and there is a 6 and a half year brilliantly done back story to it
  8. He was brought in as a joke and has gotten over like rover. He sold that ladder push brilliantly. It'd be quite amusing to see him with Goldberg and/or Lesnar at some point during the Rumble. You can tell he's having a whale of a time and making the most of this opportunity that's come his way. Oh now I really want to see Goldberg and Lesnar throwing Ellsworth at each other during the Rumble
  9. Wasn't she in Neighbours, married to the Scully's son
  10. It's got to be the Goldberg return so far, that and Nakamura's entrance theme
  11. Never saw that coming
  12. Nature Boy Buddy Landell. Watched In Your House 5 the other day, and totally forgot about him, was it a dig at Flair or just Landell doing to Flair what Flair did to Buddy Rodgers
  13. That's mine sent Otto
  14. I'll have mine with you later tonight
  15. I had vowed to never watch Survivor Series 99 again