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It's almost as if it was designed as a ride first then turned into a film. 

When Rudyard sodding Kipling isn’t quite racist enough, Disney will make up the shortfall. 

It’s because Disney Plus are doing a remake of Song Of The South. It’s starring Brooke Shields, Chris Langham and Spike Milligan is redoing his Curry and Chips persona to play Uncle Remus. Written by

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4 hours ago, Harry Wiseau said:

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing isn't on that list! I'm out

the irony! It will be on the eventually, the said they would be holding some of the back catalogue back to release over time

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10 hours ago, DEF said:

Boy Meets World. Can't wait to watch it with my Daughter. It's still top notch.

I was hoping they would have Home Improvement too but perhaps they don't own that.

I've decided to finally put my years of Film and Screen Studies degrees and my current isolation from the outside world together and do some form of complete review of the entirety of Boy Meets World, harking back to how I managed to do the show for my dissertation a few years back.

6 hours ago, RIDDUM_N_STYLE said:

I’m going to recreate my own Disney afternoon block and watch an episode a day each of Rescue Rangers, Ducktales, Gummi Bears and Darkwing Duck

Also going to rewatch Endgame as I’ve held off buying it on Blu-ray

This is also a thing I have to do, I think if I can essentially have something for 6.30am to 8am to watch in the mornings, something for "After School" and then I can use Netflix/regular TV for the evenings, I may not go absolutely mental in the next few months, movies on weekends. 

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A lot of stuff I've already watched as I've been signed up to Disney Life since the beginning - and it shocks me how terribly they've marketed that service considering how many people didn't know about it.

But it'll be nice to have the Marvel and Star Wars stuff on tap, plus I really love behind the scenes Disney things so I'll be heading straight for documentaries on the movies and the Parks content too.

And there's loads of Simpsons episodes I haven't seen yet.

On the whole, there's a really great selection for the price.

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5 hours ago, Harry Wiseau said:

The app still isn't coming up when I search for it on the fire stick, am I searching for the wrong thing or is it not there yet?

1am apparently 

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All working now. Signed up on my phone and downloaded the app to the smart TV. Bit of XMen methinks before I pop into work, make sure everything is ok, get some snacks on the way home and go on furlough for the foreseeable.

This should keep the bin lids and me entertained for a while.

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So far all I've watched is "McClunkey" and the deleted scenes from The Muppets, I've never been into Disney so I've pretty much only seen the Star Wars, Pixar and Muppet stuff, and a few of the live action things like Mighty Ducks. Should I start with Steamboat Willy and just work my way through in chronological order? It's a bit like when you first get the WWE network, there's so much stuff that it's a bit mind-blowing so you just watch Mankind getting thrown off the cage for the fiftieth time. 


Edit - I'm starting with Jeff Goldblum taking about sneakers, bollocks to all that cartoon and superhero stuff, this is great!


Edit *again* the Muppet Christmas Carol doesn't have When Love Is Gone however it's in the extras section, but if you want to make your viewing experience as seamless as possible you'll have to line up the scene about thirty seconds in because the whole scene is there, so if you were to pause at the right bit in the film, go to extras then press play you'd be back at the start of the scene, so maybe get it ready in position in October then in December it's fresh. It's nice to see that scene in decent resolution

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