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Vice: Dark Side of the Ring

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On 5/11/2019 at 10:33 PM, Jacko said:

Whose stories would people like to see if they did a season 2?

The Battle of Atlanta (the Ann Gunkel Georgia wrestling War) 

Jarrett and Lawler take over Memphis in 1977.

Dynamite Kid and Stampede in general. 

The Mid-80s WWF expansion. 

Dino Bravo execution. 

NJPWs dojo system. 

The whole Plan B thing with Bob Roop and the attempted takeover of Southeastern. 

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I haven't watched the show yet, and honestly I don't know if I'm going to be able to bring myself to. But I did listen to Martha Hart on Jericho's podcast. She talks about her favourite Owen Hart

It's almost like they controlled the narrative in one of those docs.

Saw this picture on Twitter. Christ, even when Russo shaves it doesn’t have a proper finish. 

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1 hour ago, Keith Houchen said:

Christ on a fucking bike.  State of these dangers.



Watched that one a while back.

Bunch of people online were acting like it was a massive hatched job, but I thought it was pretty well balanced. Anyone that has watched Joshi over the years will probably be familiar with the "idol culture" that is prevalent.

I personally can't stand it but it's not going anywhere.

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Second series of this starts on Tuesday (24th) with a 2 hour episode on the Chris Benoit murder/suicide.


Weird hearing ‚Äėvanilla midget‚Äô¬†Benoit referred to as a ‚Äúgentle giant‚ÄĚ. No doubt the nutjobs will be watching this to find more far-fetched¬†reasons to pin it on Kevin Sullivan.¬†

Other episodes in the series will include; 

- The murder of Dino Bravo.

- The Brawl For All tournament.

- New Jack.

- David Schultz and the John Stossel incident.

- Superfly Snuka and the death of Nancy Argentino.

- The Road Warriors. 

- Herb Abrams. 

- The death of Owen Hart. 

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Confused how they'd have got enough for an episode of Road Warriors unless it's about Hawks addiction issues in the late 90s being played out on TV? 

Really interested to see the Dino Bravo one. Read bits about it over the years and definitely something I'd like some more information on. 

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Worried about Jericho’s involvement in the Benoit one, he has said a few things in the past which to me rather questionable. Some kind of a weird denial/separation type outlook he has done to help deal with the trauma. In a setting where a TV producer wants to create dramatic programming, I could see some of his sound bites coming off awfully if they are taken without context. His kid has obviously been really messed up by this so worried to see what he has to say as well. 

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