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The Smackers Thread

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I may have misread what the person was saying.   It might be he meant that the people in the "crowd" can't hear each other, so they can't react to chants and stuff.   But we will be able to hear them.   I'm not sure, I did only skim through the post.  Guess we'll find out tonight.

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Don't forget: the clocks changed last week so if you want to record Smackdown you probably need some professional help.

What a Mark. 

Rob Gronkowski's ring entrance in an empty arena was the most embarrassing and cringy thing I may have ever seen as a wrestling fan. And thats coming from somebody whose parents were in the room when

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4 hours ago, The Dart said:

Apparently we won't actually be able to hear the fans at home, just see them.

Any crowd noise we hear on TV will be artificial.

If the crowd noise is artificial I don't really see the point in the first place. Fake noise with random people's faces hovering on screens behind the ring sounds like madness.

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Vince kicking off the show tonight and a couple of returns expected tonight/over the weekend apparently.

Its certainly peaked my interest, I haven’t watched any WWE since before WrestleMania but I’ll be watching this tomorrow morning. It might be dreadful but I’m fascinated to see how it plays out

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