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The Smackers Thread

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Don't forget: the clocks changed last week so if you want to record Smackdown you probably need some professional help.

What a Mark. 

Rob Gronkowski's ring entrance in an empty arena was the most embarrassing and cringy thing I may have ever seen as a wrestling fan. And thats coming from somebody whose parents were in the room when

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1 hour ago, Kfogg1991 said:

I have been lucky enough to get the email that i've been chosen to be a part of smackdown tonight and get a seat in the thunderdome.

I've honestly not watched wwe properly in years tbh i just applied cos i saw it on twitter and thought i never get lucky with anything like this but in for a penny.

The rules and guidelines ext for it are so extensive and long winded it's a task to read through it all but i suppose after some dick showing a beheading last week during summerslam its understandable isn't it 

You need to be eating a bit of kwesh. It has to happen.

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I really want my favourite UKFF moment of all time recreated and have you in a Sting mask flushing a toilet. 

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You could write a book on what a botched career Roman Reigns has had. Has this company ever had worse timing? I’m still super intrigued by a Roman and Paul Heyman partnership, but imagine if they’d done it when it was originally teased leading into Summerslam 2018? Back when they had fans? It would’ve been absolutely incredible.

Big fan of Roman spending his time away getting new teeth and hitting the gym like a motherfucker, whereas Sami Zayn returns looking even worse than when he left. His dedication to looking like shit is genuinely admirable.

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Late or not, I'm all for it. Even if they don't have any fans. As we've all established, no company can afford to wait until they have a proper audience. So I'm glad they're doing something interesting with Reigns. And yes, if it gives them time to build a proper heel Roman vs Big E at some point in the future then I'm all in.

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Thought it was Pretty solid show.

Zayn being back is good, leads straight into new story, lucky for him looking like shit adds to his character.

Surely no one can moan about Reigns Heyman combo? 

Roman "can't talk" now has a great main event talker for him, he's finally a heel so the boos are right now, he looks solid and gives SD a proper focus.

Surely they've gotta all in and give him new music and gear

As a heel champ Reigns vs Hardy, Riddle could be solid ppv matches to tick them over til .....Big E vs Big Dog at the Biggest Show!!!!



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