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  1. I noticed he replied to a fan on twitter telling them to wait for an announcement soon. I assume he's shopping around his podcast to other networks.
  2. 1 hour 45, when you include trailers. Take note, Scorsese and fella that done Bone Tomahawk. I also hated Hill's work on the older brother. That whole bit around the Super Nintendo controller was awful.
  3. Throbbing for this one. It's on Sky Sports too.
  4. An uncomfortable volume of N-words thrown around in the film too, considering Hill wrote it. It's a film that struggled to be as interesting as it wanted to be.
  5. I wasn't attacking Khan with my 2nd paragraph. He's smart enough to know how to cash in on his remaining few years in the sport, but he's slipped past his prime, which is a shame.
  6. The new Bray gimmick is an exciting concept on launch. Of course, the fear is he does a run in or something and goes back to his usual spooky fat lad pish. Nice to see Raw have some fresh looking production ideas on it, if nothing else. Roode is filth. I'm really enjoying this Becky feud. They've got a good dynamic with the southern lady v the man idea. Good few weeks from them.
  7. Well some disagree with you on that. I'm just trying to have some sympathy for those that went in with good intentions and were angry because it was underwhelming for them - their feelings heightened by the coverage post-fight. They paid good money to moan; an annoying finish, as you typed. I do like Khan as a boxer, but sadly he's well past his prime. I think Atlas said it best that he's a better salesman than boxer, these days.
  8. You know combat sports, mate. A lot of people want Rocky stuff otherwise it's a waste of money. I didn't pay for the fight so all I was left with is a bit of indifference, but I understand being angry at such an odd finish if you did fork out some cash and even stayed up to watch it. Again, whether or not he was hurt, Khan saying he's had enough was probably smart. He was getting battered before the finish and it was definitely going to get worse. Collect your millions and keep your balls safe for another day.
  9. Is Khan Scottish? Khan was a great fighter at one point, no doubt, but I can appreciate why some fans that aren't horrible racists would feel slightly annoyed at the way the fight ended - legitimate or not.
  10. The man was recently in Dirty Grandpa. His legacy is an old dry and crispy dog turd that won't leave. I don't have an issue with actors doing ads at all. Be silly to turn down good money for not a lot of work.
  11. As discussed, I like Teddy Atlas' take on this - a man that knows more about the sport than anyone in this thread, if we're playing that game. From the outside, if you paid all that money for PPV, of course you're going to want more than a fight to finish that way; it came across as a little shambolic. However, we were not Khan in that position, so who truly knows how his body felt after that. He wasn't swinging in there with a bum. He was getting butchered by maybe the P4P best. Maybe Khan did quit - he was getting battered and suffered plenty of low body shot before the final shot. Even if he did, it was the smart move for his health, even if fans felt like they got shafted (rightly or wrongly).
  12. I was going to see Dragged Across Concrete tonight, but looked up the run time and decided against it realising that's nearly 3 hours when you include trailers. I still have horrible memories of watching Silence at the cinema, which has a similar run time. Never again.
  13. I ended up doing the garden after the 1st half. "Anger is an energy" and all that. It's worrying the players have went back to being lazy, sloppy bastards since the PSG game. Even Ole has dropped his nice guy act in the last week and is saying a chunk of the squad are off. One of the reasons United did so well under Ole initially was due to the high tempo and pressing, but not one of them look like they can be arsed now. The hope was Ole could maintain some momentum going into the new season, but it's long gone now. I just hope the club never has Smalling and Jones starting together again.
  14. Not the best night for boxing - in keeping with how the year is unfolding for the sport, really. I made the mistake of sitting in watching the Chisora fight rather than going to see The Sisters Brother. I wasn't expecting a classic, like, but never did I expect to see something resembling Tyson Fury's first comeback match. Thankfully Allen showed something; what a shot and great post-fight interview. Crawford v Khan summed up beautifully by the one and only:
  15. Silly goose. Any word on how much this has cost Miller? Hearn said they'll have a new opponent announced next week. Hearn also said he's looking to strengthen the undercard.
  16. I admire those that still can watch it all and not feel burnt out by it. I nearly forgot all about the show at the weekend, which tells you all. MMA is still my favourite sport; weekends action solidifying why once more. When I was younger I'd watch a lot of the YouTube content and all the shows, but now I wake up Sunday morning, have a coffee and some fookin' boilers, then stick on the recorded show. Sometimes I'll watch the full show. but most of the time, these days, it's a case of skipping through until the last two fights (unless a scrap looks good in x1000). I was really enjoying GLORY a few years back, but I never watch it now because I find it hard to give up more time to combat sports, as it means neglecting other interests (like staring at my screen waiting for David to post).
  17. It's the wee measuring part before he goes for it. Christ.
  18. I'm a fan of country but not necessarily so hip on the Nashville scene (I know the significance of the gig at the end and the Opry etc). Although if it really is a bunch of cameos, then that maybe explains why I found a chunk of the acting so rubbish.
  19. It's an interesting one. Jones has a reach advantage of 4.5 inches, apparently. Of course, what makes Jones so bloody great is he knows exactly how to keep his opponent away from him and, at his best, dictates the fight. I'm interested to see if an "elite of the elite" striker like Adesanya supposedly is has the sort of fight IQ to find a way to solve Jones. Again, I bring up that I doubt it, but I don't write anyone with the ability and potential of Adesanya off completely. He definitely needs to be better than the weekend, even if Gastelum did so well because he was doing well finding a way of getting inside.
  20. What a clown. He was getting sparked out by Joshua anyway, so turn up with her tits out and get your money. Any news or speculation in who they can get to replace him? I read the other day tickets have sold really well for this.
  21. In fairness to Adesanya, he did say that he knows he needs to get better to best Jones, which shows he's not delusional. This version of him is definitely getting chewed up by Jones (as are most on Earth), but at least he's aware he needs to put the work in to be the best. Who knows if he closes a big gap but it sounds like he's going to give it a good go. Certainly, if he somehow manages to best Whittaker, Yoel, Jacare etc then he's fairly undeniable by that point. That's as impressive a list of victories as anyone. Honestly, I don't fancy his chances to best all of them.
  22. Hold ma plums, so Big Dave Meltzer got one right then? Sad to see Rousey go because it's made to think how good she could be with another 5 years on the road.
  23. Honestly, I'm just concerned with doing so well that the rest of you won't enjoy fighting for the scraps well beneath me. So be it. Name: ColBol
  24. It was a decent set up episode. The CGI deserves all the derision it's getting. We heard about delays and what not because they were putting so much time and money into some spectacular CGI, but then something from the 90s popped up. The fear is they've done a rush job on a lot of the CGI to make their deadlines.
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