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  1. I used to think McGregor was being clever and just winding folk up / feeding that part of his fanbase that will believe him, but it's most definitely just him being delusional, sad and high. Like Tony Montana in his mansion before his sister gets her jubblies out.
  2. This one gets the dick wet. I'll maintain my stance that it's foolish to bet against Khabib, given his previous, but Gaethje was that good against Ferguson that I've got the itch to do just that. Khabib has hilariously underrated boxing, mainly due to Joe Rogan being shit and refusing to waver from his '"Khabib just got clipped OWWWW" after a light jab' agenda, but you definitely give Gaethje the edge. Gaethje has talked about taking the fight to Khabib and ensuring he's not bullied against the fence, which is something Raging Al managed and, as such, wasn't wrestlefucked. If Gaethje keep
  3. I see it's that time where everyone starts to turns on the babyface champion. Poor Drew.
  4. It's probably a number of factors (such as them needing something big to push ratings and a potential Mania match with The Rock). Mainly, I'd put it down to them thinking "why not" because Roman turning heel won't hurt their attendance figures or live show merchandise. It's actually pretty smart of them because probably by the time they're allowing proper big crowds in again Roman will be a massive babyface.
  5. I was pondering that too, after the fight. Has he ever talked about moving division? I know he was hyping up a Jones fight.
  6. I felt sorry for Costa losing to a man with a saggy tit. Clearly a great prospect but, outside of him doing some mugging towards Adesanya, he offered almost nothing. I'm amazed Adesanya never whipped it out post-fight, with all the bumming, cumming and breakdancing he was up to. LHW title fight was decent enough. For the future, the champion being a man Jones hasn't faced is for the best.
  7. I think Khabib is in that rare air GSP/Jones GOAT territory if he gets his hand raised in this. I hope he does too. A lovely moment for him given the few months he's had with his Dad passing. As wand points out, we don't know how he'll handle this going into the fight. By most reports, his Dad was not only a massive positive driving force for Khabib's excellence but he made sure Khabib kept a humble head on him. You only need to look back at the press conference immediately after he went Stone Cold on McGregor's crew. The only thing Khabib was concerned about was getting home and his Dad skelp
  8. IIRC, Helwani or Dana said it was down to branding. They feel making the posters they do is better because it's a recognition deal.
  9. If you don't think The Mandarin reveal is one of the high point of Marvel then you are a Gove-level arse.
  10. During lockdown, I watched Iron Man 3 again. It's one of the few Marvel films that still holds up during repeat viewings, and there aren't any better than it. I really enjoyed it at the cinema but I found it much funnier on repeat viewing, such is the power Shane Black.
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