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  1. Carbomb quoted you in a topic
  2. Indeed. It's about two hours of doc, but they could easily get another two out of his life. I was disappointed too they skipped right to 2004 and fat Diego. Anyway, it's good watch. Maradona is just an utterly compelling man, so it takes a right hack not to get a good watch out of his life. They are very kind to not show some of thd worst footage that's out there of him being off his tits. The new Martin Scorsese Dylan documentary is much better. I'm not really much of a fan (his voice is mostly appalling), but it's got a lovely blend of fact, myth and general bollocks. It's strength is it's surprisingly very funny, with Bob clearly having a good time playing along and poking fun at his own story.
  3. After the Joshua fight I hoped this sort of talk would be hushed a little. Schwarz was number 2 in the WBO rankings, so he's not a complete can at all. He just isn't close to Tyson Fury's skill level, which was very clearly on show. I suppose it points to how dominant Fury was that people are completely discrediting the abilities of Schwartz.
  4. The Apollo Creed entrance, that head movement on the ropes, a 2nd round finish. It was a brilliant night for Fury on the road to Wilder. Fury looks so sharp right now. I hope he makes a fool of Wilder.
  5. On that hilarious "he's our LeBron" Fight Companion, right after Pico got twatted, Schuab was saying all Pico had to do was stay in his lane and wrestle and he'll have no problems beating everyone. Of course, Pico tried to wrestlefuck here and still got twatted. More Sage than LeBron. Good call from Chael. He made some good money getting battered in Bellator, but he's really not got anything left. Plus, he's got that nice ESPN gig, which you assume will maybe see him getting more UFC time now his Bellator contract is up.
  6. @Carbomb ESPN+ is their exclusive PPV distributor in the US. They were negotiating with their previous providers but I've read ESPN offered them a big fee per show (I've read the equivalent of 250k buys per PPV). The only fighters that will find it tough, if they aren't getting a PPV cut is the champs or those rare types that have it in their contracts (I assume Conor and maybe Brock). The rest of the roster only get their show/win/bonus money and two bob from Reebok. I assume, like Reebok, the UFC will pretend they'll give some of that ESPN fee to the fighters, but it will only be a tiny percentage of it. A big reason the UFC was so appealing to the new owners is such a tiny percentage of their revenue goes towards paying their fighters, and of course they had TV deals coming up that needed negotiated - again, a rise in money the fighters won't see. It's like they need a proper fighters union, or something.
  7. I thought they were getting a consistent fee for all shows and, should it do proper business, they'll get a cut? That's absolutely appalling for the fighters. It will be like the Reebok deal too, where the fighters with the PPV points (champs) don't get the proper compensation for it. No wonder Brock was more interested in listening to his Money in the Boombox than return under his current terms, minus PPV revenue.
  8. Sadly, this was always going to happen after word got back to them about how well the May-Mac fight did over here. Although, in the short term, outside of a Conor fight or maybe DC v Jones 3, I can't see any of these doing much business. I get decent value out my BT sub, so I'm less bothered about cancelling, even if it is rubbish the days of watching the shows Sunday morning on my telly with little fuss is over. However, it's not exactly a hardship to find the shows the next day on the WWW computer. Particularly if you've got something like the Emby app.
  9. I've long held the opinion that T-Ferg is a P4P great. His current win record is impressive regardless, but he's keeping it going in the UFC's deepest division. Who knows, Ferguson may never get a proper UFC title, but that shouldn't disqualify him from being argued in there with the very best. As wand points out, he's just a unique individual and something anyone should have nightmares about. Good shout for the best 'all-rounder' in the sport. For me, and for a couple of years now, Ferguson v Khabib is the fight. Khabib with 27-0 v Ferguson with an unrelenting 12 fight win streak. Sadly, given the history of trying to get these two in a cage, the MMA powers will probably have one of them lose in devastating fashion before they meet.
  10. Poor Bill. He did well to do what he did after clearly being done after he bashed his nut. Still a little miffed they didn't just call it a night soon after it. The final chokeslam was tragic, but at least it was one of the few safe big move spot in the match.
  11. Sheva with maybe the knockout of the year. DC did a great job explaining how beautifully she set it up. Of course the execution was sickening. Cejudo is incredible. The speed of his improvement since the first DJ fight is mad and it appears he's still got more to learn too.
  12. Logged in to Twitter and was greeted with about 30 consecutive tweets on either that awful Jackhammer or shocking Tombstone. Eek. I'll always have a soft spot for big Bill and we've seen fairly recently that he's still good when he's in there with someone with functioning hips. The Undertaker had a decent run of it during his Streak years, but he's doing a great job eradicating that and reminding us all of the first 20 or so years of his career where his matches were generally shite. At least Big Bill got his money.
  13. Cejudo appears to exists solely to wind up David.
  14. As David alluded to, Tyson is just being clever. I mean, he has very clearly stated how much he likes Wilder but it didn't stop him calling Wilder a "dosser" etc. Anyway, I think Ruiz is great news for boxing. Not only does it create another name in the mix, but a Mexican HW champion (who looks like him) could be absolutely massive for the sport. If I'm on Team Wilder or Fury I'm thinking this could be a lot worse from a money point of view, should Ruiz get a 2nd win over AJ.
  15. In fairness to AJ and his team, they've never once bothered with an excuse. I mean compare the way his team has handled a legit, humiliating loss to the way Wilder's team were acting over their draw (with Wilder claiming Fury was down for 17 minutes). AJ isn't looking to blame anything.
  16. Here's that interview I mentioned: "Back and to the left"
  17. There was a suspicious mark on AJ's left cheek a couple of days before the fight. An interviewer noticed it and asked about it but AJ said something like it was "physio stuff", but when pressed what he meant he just explained "physiotherapy". Again, maybe it's nothing important - at least AJ said that.
  18. Booksmart is really impressive. Funny and a bit poignant, but I was very much a fan of...
  19. Scott Steiner v a bunch of Cruiserweights
  20. It's either one tremendous act or AJ is all he appears to be. Hearn said that it was AJ that insisted on talking to the media, despite Hearn trying to tell him not to bother - most had left anyway. Apparently AJ felt it was a "bad look" to hide from the media after a loss. He wanted to stand tall and own it. Going by what AJ said post-fight, I think he's at peace with the fact he'll lose fights, which is why he was so accepting and cool about it. IMO if he comes back at the end of the year and twats Ruiz it only enhances his legacy/myth. Again, AJ has never really had an invincible aura about him, rather a big puncher that manages to overcome some adversity during a fight.
  21. The fight highlighted the margins at this level of boxing. One second AJ was in total control - "Ruiz was an out of shape can" the headline. Then one terrible bit of decision making changed the course of his career (if only temporary) - "Ruiz was overlooked by all; what a fighter. AJ overrated and a quitter". I noticed the great Paulie Malinagioajsneh was very critical of AJ's corner over their instructions. Not something I picked up, but he reckons AJ was totally bewildered and needed more tactical advice than he received.
  22. I hate that quitting is seen as a character flaw at this level. Fair enough if you're only 5 seconds into your morning run, but at the level AJ is fighting at and weight, calling it a day and fighting another day is smart. Fighters should be more smart and less like the mumbling wrecks you see from the past. Why take another few minutes of severe damage when your body is so compromised it won't do what you want?
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