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  1. Similar to wand, I've had a few mates that are into boxing, and not MMA, bring up it was a fix due to Woodley seemingly avoiding putting any sort of serious work in, as they saw how deadly he looked when he was arsed throwing something serious. I'd maybe think that too if I hadn't watched Woodley do this for years. Oh well. Fair play Woodley for getting paid and at least he didn't look as bad as Askren. Although I'd be proper annoyed if I was him, that I let the fight get away from me. Hopefully he gets another pay day out of it. Tommy Fury looks miles off. No wonder Jake Paul wants to fight him soon.
  2. I ended up skipping a chunk of it, as it just felt like they were filling time until Punk showed up. Not sure that's what they're after. The Punk promo was fine and I did enjoy that he spent it building up his match, but it just felt too brief. Suppose anything outside of a classic angle or promo would have felt a bit of a let down after Friday.
  3. It's difficult to really summarise a moment so intangible and emotional that it awakes your fandom in something you've loved most of your life, after the joy got dripped out of you after years of unrelenting dross, with little hope and sign of it returning. Maybe that's the best I can do tbf. It really could not have gone any better and you just hope this is the start of something really special. I'm not even a massive Punk fan either, but he's given me two moments like this and let's all hope it works out better than last time. No Triple H in sight is a good start.
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