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  1. Indeed. Throwing up a # means nowt, realistically, if these people of some influences are doing so and not following it up by using their considerable resources and influence for change. It's jumping on a bandwagon because you don't want to be labelled racist. It's the very least they can do.
  2. I saw Ariel Helwani post a video of the likes of Tyson, Cejudo, Vitor etc making their entrance and it genuinely got me excited. Sadly, I then watch a second clip of Tyson squaring up to Jericho and that excitement fizzled to nowt. It just wasn't any good. I don't mind wee nods back to previous incidents involving performers, but this just wasn't up to much. This sort of angle, with someone like Tyson, 100% needs the audience to make it feel like a big deal, particularly as they're nodding quite heavily to one of the all-time great angles of the past (no not Jericho taking a worked punch on some random Raw). Without the crowd there it was always going to feel like a desperate rehash. A rare misfire from Jericho. If they insist on using Tyson they should just show his terrifying workout videos.
  3. I'm glad he mentioned staying off the fence. When was the last time we saw Khabib fight going backwards? His game plan is usually to pressure you against the fence then he goes to work. Khabib is nowhere near as effective getting a takedown when he has to shoot for one in the middle of the octagon. We've seen in the past that Gaethje is the type of nutter that will take a few shots or ten to land his one or two back. With Khabib I think gaining control of the octagon is as important as anything to stopping the takedown. "Feetwork" indeed.
  4. Yeah, but if he's going to have many more almost all of them should be protected with production and cuts. They could easily do both if he was to have a retirement though. 15 minutes of him recreating Road House, 5 minutes of an actual match.
  5. While still enough in there to hold your interest, I did find this week to be tragically 'same old', which is Undertaker feeling he's back, failing and then trying to make it right and probably failing. Obviously Goldberg is next week so that isn't changing - although it will be interesting to see how hard they throw Bill under the bus to save The Undertaker some face. I just hope the poor bugger insists on doing these mini movies until he calls it quits.
  6. Honestly, it's mostly due to the abundance of hacks in MMA I've read over the past few years, which has led me to turn my nose up at most content/coverage these days. If it's of similar quality to their boxing/football content then I'll definitely read a bit more.
  7. If you can, please do. I have a sub to The Athletic but rarely check out their MMA content. Obviously is hard to argue the point if he did or didn't take anything prior to Cejudo, as he was tested and nowt came back. He very well maybe didn't.
  8. Yeah. My point isn't really about that argument, rather on the subject of the rise of EPO and these cardio beasts (we all know who they are). I don't know how long TJ has been on the stuff, but we saw with Cejudo that it doesn't mean you automatically get a win for using it. However, I'd be surprised if it was just a one off.
  9. Sorry if this point has already been made, but I've always been proper suspicious of the rise of all these cardio freaks popping up over the past 5 years or so, particularly when EPO was exposed as in the mix. I'm sure not everyone is on some gear, but MMA has a long past of the fighters taking all sorts to gain an edge, so it would be foolish to not be suspicious.
  10. I too can translate English into English.
  11. Patrice O'Neal was incredible. Him riffing on Fight Club being so white is good too.
  12. From the UFC POV, I'd be holding off of Jones v Ngannou until you can secure a gate. I'm sure that plays a part in them not willing to offer a rise in pay. If I was Jones and Ngannou I'd be working hard on social media to get the fans to pester Dana into making it.
  13. Big Show always seems sound. I think the biggest criticism of him is that he was a lazy fat shite but on the wrestler scale that's nothing.
  14. I thought Vice did a tremendous job letting Martha and her kids say their bit. I suspected it was going for the throat when WWE and their lawyer released that shitty statement a few days ago. I guess one of the more heartbreaking subplots out of this is a chunk of the Hart family actively being mental and siding against Martha and, effectively, her kids and their brother; if ever you needed a pure example of what sort of pond life inhabits wrestling, then this is it. Anyone got the dirt on the names that were trying to hurt Martha? ( @IANdrewDiceClay is usually the source for Hart family dirt). It was hard to swallow then and even more so now, but Vince giving it "the human being comes first" on The Undertaker docuseries should forever be sneered at. A thin skinned weirdo with the moral compass of Tom Norman. I agree there is a lot more meat on the bone for this, so could have easily made it a two part and went into greater detail, as grim as it will be.
  15. Again, it's FREE. The only difference is instead of going to little old friendly YouTube, you stream it from the evil corporate behemoth that is Spotify. He's not asking you to shag your Mum in the arse while your Dad wanks the dog off in the corner.
  16. Yeah. Full episodes are exclusive to Spotify at the end of the year. Rogan said they'll still upload small clips on YouTube but full episodes and the majority of the content will only be available via Spotify.
  17. Rogan said his shows are going to be available for free but it's just an exclusive deal he's signed. I presume Spotify will be throwing ads all over them if you're not paying them the money. It's funny because I've heard Rogan shit on Spotify and their business model in the past - he scoffed at their offers to host his podcast. Obviously 100M changes all that.
  18. While I've always liked it, I found a whole new appreciation for it when I watched it in the cinema a couple of years ago. I often thought on the big screen the effects would look less awe-inspiring and you'd maybe see more holes in how they got it all to work but there is none of that - instead it's more impressive. It just doesn't really make sense something so old about sci-fi can still look so great, comparatively. I can only imagine how incredible it must have been seeing it for the first time back when it was released, before people started to pinch everything from it. I've never been the biggest fan of all the lightshow near the end but it's so much more immersive at the cinema. Hypnotic, almost.
  19. DC said on his show with Helwani that he feels he was finding it so easy against Stipe early doors that he lost respect for him, which meant he completely ditched his wrestlefuck game plan and decided he could knock him out again. Not sure I 100% buy that, but DC definitely seemed to ignore his coaches and the early game plan the more the fight went on. That's not Stipe's fault though, he started to make adjustments and found a massive hole (DC's belly button) in the stand up. Outside of Jones moving up, DC/Stipe 3 and Stipe/Ngannou 2 are the fights at HW that makes the cock get a little fatter.
  20. I had pretty much given up on Ridley Scott but then he went and made The Martian, which gave me some false hope we were going to get some late-career purple patch from him, then he followed it up with Alien: Covenant which is just one big, dumb and dull experience. Sadly The Martian will probably prove to be more of an apparition than a refound proficiency for his craft. On @Loki's point, Mark Kermode is forever saying Ridley Scott should slow down how many films he pumps out, becoming more selective. Ever since the success of Gladiator 20 years ago, he's churned out a staggering 14 movies, and if you're being kind you can say 3 of them are of significant quality. It's annoying because we saw with The Martian that there is still some excellence rattling about in there.
  21. The heavyweight division is so shallow that a name like 'Reem holding the belt is a good shout, even if it's just to keep it warm for Ngannou. IIRC, he was unlucky v Stipe and had him in bother really early before Stipe managed to knock him out.
  22. The preview for next week was hilarious after his big "I'm ready to go for 45, brother". These episodes don't half highlight the amount of shockers Taker has had in the last 5 or 6 years. It was another good episode and we got more of Vince in an orange t shirt. Taker is clearly a tit though. I'm glad they talked about the Cena match turning into an underwhelming squash. Particularly after spending 20 minutes or so building it up as the big return to his streak prime.
  23. This was my reaction too. It speaks to the energy, ability and sharpness he always possessed that you would have him down at least 15/20 years younger. If you saw what happened to the likes of Don Rickles or Jerry Lewis when they got past 75 you definitely see the light dimming, but Fred was still incredible.
  24. Great work, Devon. That David Ehrlich review is fantastic. I went into the cinema slightly baffled by the universally great reviews, feeling there was surely a swindle afoot. As Astro mentions, this ticks every box for a miserable failure of a reboot except one, and that's George Miler having a staggering amount of freedom to just try mad stuff. It reeks of a man going out swinging. I was reading the other day Miller wants to do a Furiosa prequel next. Hopefully it can get made. Mad that's 5 years passed already.
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