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  1. Let's not forget him investing in some truly awful tattoos in his mid 40s. Tragically brilliant from him.
  2. Indeed. Let's not forgot Tony was pretty much out the business a few years ago and was, apparently, unaware there was any goodwill for him. Anyway, decent show once again. As you should expect, there is still a lot of work and feeling out to do, but the little additions are enough to make the show fresh enough to make a decent show worth your time. Jericho was phenomenal on this. Came across as a big star and, like a pro, did tremendous work selling his new group. Sammy Guevara has such a natural smugness to him that it's going to be impossible not to boo him; reminds me a little of The Miz, in that regard. However, Jack Swagger standing there looking like Phil Jones' cousin dressed for a night out at his local club, is never going to cut it no matter how hard they keep telling me he is. The main event delivered what it should have. I like that they've went 1-1 with standing tall, which is against WWE's usual "person that is losing gets the shine on telly". Little things like this make a difference. I'd like to see more talking and video packages. Something to let the wrestlers sell themselves.
  3. I'll rock up with Jim WAGgart and hate myself.
  4. An hour or so is just absolutely spot on for a wrestling telly show. I really enjoyed that too. Everyone that was there to shine did well with their time and the commentary actually helped them along. I'm definitely watching next week - it's only an hour.
  5. It's worth remembering some of the absolute cock cheese he's been involved in over the years. Whether it be demonic kids doing a song at John Cena or worms getting projected on a canvas.
  6. When is comes to Bray, Vince just can't help himself. Really baffling why anyone would think that match would work on any level. I suppose the daft red light should have been an indicator that they've missed the point. With regards to main event booking, this genuinely could be Vince's nadir. Certainly down there. Hopefully Raw starts tomorrow with Triple H calling everyone virgins for moaning. It's about the only thing that can save this.
  7. I'm with Supremo on this, in that I thought Edge was fantastic for a few years between 2008 and when he retired, but I can't say I'm too arsed about him returning. For me, he's just as synonymous with wrestling, when I started watching again, as Cena and Batista. Obviously they are both bigger stars, but Edge was generally always floating about the main event and doing good work. His 2008 feud with Undertaker is one of the few times in the past 10 years or so I've given a care about anything Undertaker has done outside his streak. Just a solid pro that was about as reliable as anyone they've ever had. Good promo on his day, but I don't think Edge gets nearly enough credit for the consistently good matches he had while on top - a symptom of being over shadowed by much bigger stars, I suppose.
  8. Delighted Style Bender has ended the reign of Bobby Chuckles. Whittaker is a great fighter and that, but Adesanya showed last night that he's everything the top of the division has been missing since Whittaker took the proper belt - from the ice cool entrance to setting up a Costa match. The division is suddenly much more interesting. The fight itself was compelling. Adesanya seemed in such a state of flow that it was somewhat reminiscent of prime Silva, watching him move out of the way of some dangerous shots from a great opponent. As wand points out, Adesanya fights in such a way that a bad read could easily end his night and change the fight. All told, it should not be downplayed what Adesanya did to Whittaker. Whittaker saved by the buzzer in the first and, despite upping his output in the 2nd, Adesanya danced his way to his first UFC title.
  9. Sadly, it's not aged so well because it's been heavily pinched from since, so doesn't seem as remarkable, but Guardians of the Galaxy was such a fresh and fun approach to the superhero genre when it came out. A lot of funny in it, but Big Dave absolutely steals the show as literal Drax. In terms of laughs for the family, the two Paddington films are nearly impossible to beat.
  10. The Wilder fight isn't until February, and that depends how Fury's eye heals in the coming months. Doing wrestling for a few weeks in October, while he heals up, is a good pay day. Potentially opens Fury up to another fan base too.
  11. In the end, I wasn't really sure what to make of Joker. Undoubtedly. Phoenix is very good in this and the film would be a bit of a shambles without him. It's the physicality of his performance which is most impressive, whether that be his broken malnourished frame, or the dancing. I get why some people have went in and turned their nose up at it, because it is a nasty film where all the characters are unlikable. However, I sort of think that's the point. Even the use of a Gary Glitter song (tasteless as it is) added another unsettling layer of unpleasantness to the film, so much so I wonder if it was done on purpose. Whether or not it all added up to a good film is what I'm struggling with.
  12. FYI, Cain signed a UFC contract a few months ago. Who knows how long this will last. I do like the idea of them getting DC involved down the road. Whoever mentioned DC as Cain's mouthpiece is spot on. Cain just needs to turn up and murder people.
  13. I do fear for Cain. He's a great athlete, but he never showed any charisma or personality in UFC. Who knows, maybe he'll realise this is showbiz so will try. No idea why he decided to get his tits out. Beats Jack Swagger, I suppose. Brock smashing Kofi after one F5 was brilliant. I bet Kofi had a proper match planned but Brock told him to piss off, it's a telly match. Fury, on the other hand, is a natural fit. Big, legit and doesn't mind making a fit of himself. Overall, it was a good show.
  14. @wandshogun09 avatar is incredible. Bisping said on Rogan's podcast that he uses a cover for his eye because it looks weird without it. IIRC, Bisping said you need 20-200 vision to fight (which Bisping claimed is clinically blind, anyway), which Bisping struggled to make because he admitted his bad eye is essentially just a blur. This is a man that was pondering whether to fight on when his one good eye started to go on him around the GSP/Gastelum fights.
  15. I thought JR did brilliantly to save that by apologising to Jericho and his team for using the audio on the telly feed while they were discussing strategy. By JR doing that, it indicates it was more of a UFC/boxing deal where they agreed to being filmed in the locker room pre match. It's really exciting time with AEW about. The fact they're doing business with their attendance shouldn't be underestimated considering TNA tried it for telly and effectively ruined the company financially.
  16. GSP: "Are you still drunk right now?"
  17. I thought it was a solid first show. There was a lot to like about it and definitely points to a better future. First off, what a difference big Tony made to the broadcast. His voice will forever take me back to my childhood, but he's just really good at the gig. Where as before it felt really clunky, awkward and amateur, Tony seemed to know exactly when and what to say to keep everyone running along nicely. Clearly JR thought the show was alright too because he wasn't telling the audience how baffling it was. The general production was nice too. Not exactly game changing, but different and fresh enough to stand out from WWEs formula. I was worried they were going to overload the show with folk, but they did a tremendous job giving us just enough for the two hours. Although the main event was exciting, so much happened that most of it will probably get lost, as they threw everything at it. I'm delighted they're immediately having a big heel group smash The Elite (and Dustin is still about for a run). There are a lot of possibilities for this down the line. Swagger is just a big gormless bugger. All the good work of his beat down and "he's undefeated at the real stuff" was wiped away instantly at the end when he looked he wasn't sure if he locked the door. I'm pleased for them if they can make him work, but it's Jack Swagger. Terry Gilliam, innit.
  18. I thought Vice was solid. The performances are the highlight, but it's a funnier film than I was expecting. The only thing I didn't really like was the way they directed the ending, probably because it reminded me of a certain pervert/actor.
  19. I saw that yesterday too and couldn't believe how lean he looks, considering he got so big last time he was shitting out his belly button. It wouldn't surprise me if he's being clever and seeing how his body feels at the lighter weight before getting into anything (particularly after what happened last time). He has three massive fights at LW with Khabib, Conor and Nate, should he choose to fight any of them. That's where the money is, at the minute. GSP was honest during the Bisping build that he likes to live a certain lifestyle and big fight money is hard to knock back.
  20. It's such a Vince move to reward a guy that done him like Punk did. I listened to the Punk Starcast interview and it was pretty clear he'll go back if he gets a good deal, and he will. His mate Paul Heyman has more say in the product too, so who knows.
  21. Ad Astra is good but undeniably flawed. The positives are it looks absolutely gorgeous and features some truly inspired score choices, while Brad Pitt shows once again he's an incredible talent. The negatives are Brad Pitt's character and his struggles are never really interesting enough to stop the middle part feeling dragged out, and that's with Brad Pitt doing his best to make it work. Watching it, I felt there was a better film in there with better editing choices (it definitely shouldn't be as long as it is).
  22. Fair play to WWE, they're usually a bit wishy washy with going all out with guys they are sort of pushing, but The Fiend is getting the treatment he deserves. Seth crying in the corner was hilarious, but Supremo is right in that the damage was done months ago, so it doesn't really matter. We'll probably all be moaning about how dull The Fiend is next year, but right now (going by the YouTube videos) they're doing good work.
  23. No one laughed. There is, but it did little to arrest the repetitive feel. The Farewell lived up to the hype. It's a really nice story of mortality and family that never once threatens to overstay it's welcome.
  24. It shouldn't be ignored that David Gill pissed off at the same time, leaving the club with Woodward. You wonder how bad it will be allowed to get before Ole gets the sack and they start all over again.
  25. It 2 is dreadful. I wasn't a fan of the other one, but at least the first didn't drag on like 2. In 2 it's a lot of scenes where supposedly scary stuff happens followed by another set piece where scary stuff happens. Almost all of it blending together, creating a mess and turning annoying.
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