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  1. The rusty excuse done my head in. Maybe he was rusty, maybe, but that's Conor's fault, surely? Dana would have loved to have Conor fighting 3 fights a year for the past 3/4 years but Conor has been picking and choosing his opportunities since he got that Mayweather pay day. I have very little sympathy for him. As far as I'm aware he's only had one proper injury during that time too, so he's been available. Conor needs to realise he can't have his cake and eat it. If he wants this one fight a year deal for a pay day, then ignore this title contender shite and just give us the silly fights.
  2. This was inevitable for Conor. While he's busy doing ching, the sharks in the division are training and actually fighting. Conor's fight output (4 in 4 years or something) just reeks of a man after a pay day, rather than a serious contender; using that as an excuse was hilarious. To think they were on about chucking him in there with Khabib again. The build up reminded me a wee bit of Rousey's last fight, with everyone going on about how good Conor physically looked, as if that meant much more than cosmetics. You wonder if Conor starts fighting on until it gets sad. You know his ego
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