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  1. I thought Ford v Ferrari was fantastic. I mean I find motor racing and car talk absolutely tedious but the 2 and a half hours went by quick fast. It's such a gripping story about innovation, corporate greed and friendship.
  2. It's a massive puff piece, pal. I was a McGregor fan when it came out and even I thought it was one big arse licking. Be interesting to see what this week has in store because I feel zero buzz for this fight. Speaking to a few casual fans I know, they seem to be of that opinion too; a little miffed Conor has hardly created any content worth getting excited about.
  3. πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ BEST OF THE DECADE πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ Greatest Moment of the Decade The Rock returns in 2011 to save Wrestlemania Mark Henry retirement speech Roman Reigns announces he beat cancer Funniest Moment of the Decade Titus falling Anger Management Best Event of the Decade Wrestlemania 30 Best Match of the Decade Nakamura v Sami Zayn (Takeover) CM Punk v John Cena (Money In The Bank) Goldberg v Brock Lesnar (Wrestlemania) Best Male Wrestler of the Decade Brock Lesnar John Cena AJ Styles Best Female Wrestler of the Decade Ronda Rousey Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair πŸ¦ƒ WORST OF THE DECADE πŸ¦ƒ Worst Event of the Decade Worst Match of the Decade Bray Wyatt v Randy Orton (Wrestlemania) Worst Wrestler of the Decade Mr Anderson Jinder Mahal
  4. Buyrates are just a fun little side discussion. I'm also interested to see how well this does and if Conor still has the same pulling power after getting battered by Khabib and the battering his image has taken over the last year or two. Anyway, I think sadly gone are the days when Conor would be seemingly everywhere to promote a fight. IIRC, he (or someone in his team) said during the Khabib build up that he's come to an agreement with the UFC that he will only do the bare minimum. Apparently Conor and his team hated the press tours he used to do, with Conor feeling pressure to deliver, as well as all that time and effort taking away from his fighting prep.
  5. Completely agree. I went to see it at an IMAX and came out feeling absolutely battered by the experience. No bollocks just the horror of war. No Michael Caine turning up to explain what just happened too.
  6. Musician of the year - The Murder Capital, Nick Cave, Walt Disco Film of the Year - Rocketman, The Irishman, John Wick 3 TV Show of the year - Fleabag, GLOW, Chernobyl Video game of the year Sports moment of the year - PSG v Man Utd (1-3), Book of the year
  7. It doesn't have the mass appeal, so won't get the love, but this is easily the best thread since the Chippy Tea one. Bravo, wand.
  8. https://www.cameo.com/gilbertgottfried Maybe we can get Gilbert to recite the "CHEESE ON" post.
  9. If Rampage wasn't old and well past it, then you can certainly make a solid case for this being an awful dive, but we've seen quite a lot in recent years that this is just what happens when old dudes fight well past their prime. Fedor still hits hard too. Rampage could have probably fought on, though, but him waving it off shows his heart isn't in it anymore.
  10. AEW was always going to make a fair amount of mistakes early doors. I'm surprised with how well they've done, in truth. Oh and apparently they're now planning to reset the daft wins/loss record every year. Hopefully they see fit to scrap them in a few months as they do no one any favours.
  11. Feel absolutely nothing for this fight, in truth. However, I'm confident fight week I'll be talked into staying up to silly o'clock to watch the thing. McGregor has proper lost it if he can't talk me into what should be a fun fight - what else is he good for?
  12. Ditto. Hope everyone has a great day. Seeing as it's Christmas, @Carbomb can we have a joke?
  13. I ended up switching it off when the flashbacks took over. I'll probably finish it tonight but, like yourself, I found them to be such a drag and a dip in quality.
  14. It's been a nice little exposure of some right horrible twits. Stormzy has handled it well considering they've tried to damage his career a wee bit.
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