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  1. Sadder still is they sued their old record company and after years of trouble they ended up settling for something like Β£70,000 each. Proper slap in the face.
  2. I'd love to know how much Askren actually trained for the fight. It's almost inspiring how little he seemed to give a care about the result. Fair play to Jake Paul. Although hopefully his team are silly enough to put him in there with a noted striker.
  3. Lance Storm pointed out Orton is probably fine with all this spooky bollocks as, at the very least, he's not taking very many bumps. He just seemed so pleased to be showing off his white gear. Bray Wyatt is insufferable. A lot of very good ideas in there mind, but they usually always go in the worst direction possible. I just don't think WWE is for me anymore. I thought the first night wasn't up to much and the Sunday was even more of a chore. Stuff happened, not very much of it memorable, then the main event very nearly saved it. Roman Reigns and his entire presentation is abso
  4. All in, just felt a little under whelming. Outside of Bad Bunny and Shane just wanting Vince to tell him it's alright, the most interesting part of the show was the rain delay as you could clearly sense they were flying by the seat of their pants at breakneck speed. I felt sorry for Drew, but that was maybe the point. The match just seemed to go on for ages and never really got going, then the finish wasn't the best for protecting the babyface. Maybe why I found it hard to get into the remainder of the show, as it was such an underwhelming match. Wasn't even a good opener, so good sh
  5. Stipe trained and had a game plan for the Ngannou of 2018. The way Ngannou fought on the night meant that was always not going to work. Stipe is so well rounded and mentally tough that I have no doubt he'll make further adjustments. I think the plan to drain Ngannou in the later rounds is solid but you've just got to try and get him there. Be interesting to see if a heavier Stipe does better with that takedown too. He was about two stone lighter than Ngannou, which is nuts.
  6. The Snyder cut is ok. It's definitely an improvement on BvS and the Wheldon version. However, 4 hours for an ok film is hilarious and highlights how badly they buggered up the whole thing by rushing into the Justice League, as the first two hours are essentially backstory on the lesser known characters. The first two hours are badly needed but, in the end, the story just isn't particularly interesting. The 30 minute epilogue is absolute shite.
  7. Personally I want him to get the Ngannou rematch out the way first. Let's see if Stipe can make the sort of adjustments to better this version of Ngannou. Stipe wins the rubber match then that just solidifies his legacy. Stipe could maybe do with sometime off though. While Ngannou has been battering folk in a few minutes, Stipe's been having gruelling scraps with a beast like DC.
  8. Genuinely had no interest in this until their press conference the other day. Fair play to the pair of them. Not sure if it's 100% an act or not but. going by yesterday, Jake Paul is just an infuriatingly vapid individual with a wit that is definitely not for anyone over 16. Askren looking like a man who is not taking this very seriously and is enjoying just winding up Paul. The face off was brilliant for what it is. Not a clue how the fight will end up as I've only seen Jake Paul crack that random on the Tyson card. As shit a striker as Askren is, he's at least been in there with a good
  9. New era and all that. Absolutely delighted for Ngannou. Genuinely fewer things in MMA more terrifying or chilling than the moment Ngannou stopped the takedown. In that moment you realised Stipe was absolutely buggered and was going to get sparked out. As discussed, the only thing you fancied Stipe had an advantage on was cardio but the fight was never going into the 3rd. Stipe will maybe look back on it and make the excuse that if he never rushed in he maybe could have won, in the end, but the fight wasn't even close up to that point. If Stipe was going to have a stand up fight it wa
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