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  1. Like my astonishing lockdown weight gain, this creeped up fast. The main event reminds me a bit of the Fury v Wilder. Adesanya is very clearly the better technical and faster fighter, but Costa can end you with the one punch. Adesanya has shown, for all his incredible ability, he can be a sloppy shite too which makes this proper intriguing. I hope for the future of the division, that LHW title fight is a good scrap. Not sure anyone outside of the fighters families are arsed about a LHW division without Jones or DC about adding a bit of star power and personality.
  2. A proper worker. Out of interest, how far apart are those photos? It's funny that in his first photo, he wouldn't look out of place on NXT.
  3. He'll get rattled by a top 5 for sure but it's Nick Diaz. Impossible not to be excited. Wonder if they can convince GSP to come back for a pay day? If Nick is only about for the coin then they should be looking at 'superfights'. Nick v Conor, for example.
  4. This is classic Vince. He wants his (more than you) cut or it ain't happening. Can't have the wrestlers knowing their worth and getting their coin outside what Vince deems acceptable.
  5. The best Everton can hope for is he falls in love with the club and responds well to being the key man in the team. Undeniably there is a very good player there but he's yet to find any sort of consistency over the past 5 years - as DMalc pointed out, if he had he would still be at Madrid or Bayern. At the very least it stops United being linked with him every bloody window.
  6. My favourite is when Schaub repeats something Rogan said on a previous episode and Rogan disagrees because he talks such shite himself. I remember Schaub repeated Rogan's "Russians are the hardest" line only for literal Rogan to spend ages going full "pull it up Jamie" picking apart what shite it is. Poor Schaub was just hoping for a nod of agreement but instead Rogan spent the time making them both look like fools.
  7. Brock threw a belt at Vince once. You know Vince now has Brock in his will.
  8. Nah. This narrative that Brock is lazy and shite started when WWE were daft enough to use it in their 'Mania build for his feud with Reigns. Hoping Reigns would gobble up all the Internet points for shitting on Brock being part time but all it served to do was hurt Brock. The fans turned him babyface not long before that because they were loving the Suplex City stuff. THEY ruined their main event because of that infamous Plan that never worked.
  9. Jones is definitely going to try his luck with this. He's been after a fight with Brock for ages now and you know it will do the business. I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if Brock has at least one big fight if the money and the opponent is right. One big pay day before he retires in the mountains somewhere. You know Dana is going to be making a play when he gets word of this; he's said multiple times in the past he's always open to do business with Brock.
  10. Brock has been the glue that has held their main events together for ages now. It always felt like they realised whoever got a shot of the belt sunk it so Brock got it back. Brock will always have offers. Like always, if Vince gets a sniff of him joining anywhere else he'll throw some money at him. Dana is 100% getting in touch, as he always does when Brock's contract is up. Only a short time ago Brock was walking into a heavyweight title fight prior to Vince throwing him more money.
  11. Big fan of Sexy Boy. Mainly because it's turned into a piss take these days.
  12. I've been waiting on promo where he gets to shit on the fans but they'll probably do some saft shooty shite with it with real names and that.
  13. A man taken away in his prime. Such a shame but the reaction to the news today indicates the impact he's had - in particular Black Panther. So sad.
  14. Yeah that dynamic only works if they put a proper story behind it and flip their roles.
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