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  1. Odd coincidence this occurred a few days after someone on here typed about all the Bonds still knocking about. Anyway, RIP.
  2. Al Iaquinta doing the verbal version Keane on Haland, again.
  3. Indeed. The whole thing is just too transparent and forced that it's impossible not to find it a bit ludicrous.
  4. Awful news to wake up to. As discussed, the volume of children in attendance makes this so sickening.
  5. Aye. While the UK Championship match was brilliant, it was very nearly hampered by hearing how much JR has deteriorated as a commentator.
  6. Yeah. Plus, it's an easier way to set up that McGregor match, should GSP get past the champion. I think a lot of people were becoming resentful towards GSP because of how he was handling the Bisping match. At least at WW, you can at least understand him walking into a title match when he well pleases, because it's the belt he vacated.
  7. I don't know how I feel about that, really. Obviously, not really into fighters going at it in the street, but, at the same time, if you decide to take it upon yourself to shit talk someone like Cyborg, then you must realise there is a very real chance you're getting a smack in the mouth. I'm not sure how the UFC handle this. I do know if I was Rogan, I'd be sleeping with the light on and my crossbow nearby.
  8. Enzo v Neville could be a great feud. Neville is doing a good job, but not really into many of his challengers.
  9. I think my biggest grip during that period with Austin was when The Rock returned, after Austin and Triple H beat him up. I remember being excited about seeing The Rock return to get his revenge, but instead The Rock went after Booker T. Fair enough the Invasion was in full swing, but it felt like a massive disappointment at the time. Even Austin admits he made a mistake, which tells you all you need to know.
  10. Anomilisa was a treat. I think a few were surprised at the content within it, when I went to see it. I say this mainly because a woman took a few kids to see it; I squirmed with her and the kids.
  11. In fairness to all involved, I thought that's the best Randy Orton has looked in years. Proper worked his arse off to make it all work. The one guy chanting "You deserve it" right at the end was hilarious - I hope he was being a sarcy. Not sure who'll be considered a worse champion in a few years, Jack "Big Jericho" Swagger or Jinder Jabroni Mahal.
  12. It's for the best. Fighters always go in hurt, but I don't know how you fight and train anywhere near your capabilities with a bad back. Rubbish news, of course, but not unexpected, considering Dana was flying him here, there and everywhere, only for the news to be the same.
  13. I expected Rory to win, but thought we'd get at least a slightly competitive first round. It wasn't even close. At least Daley managed to tie Rory up enough in the first to reduce his openings.
  14. Tom Hardy as Venom has me excited. More so than a stand alone film; not sure how they work that out.