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  1. Johnson has said there won't be another one, IIRC. Of course, never take him at his word, but it's not something he'll concede soon. As discussed, I'm interesting to see how Sturgeon gets there.
  2. It will be interesting to see how far other factors (such as the EU and a Johnson Tory government) come in to play for such a thing. Sturgeon is a crafty operator.
  3. A real gut puncher. It will be interesting to see how Sturgeon navigates the next few years. Scotland turning into a Simpsons character on the electoral map makes it fairly clear what Scotland thinks of all this.
  4. With next day eyes I definitely ranked Rocketman too high. However, it's still one great movie. The scene in the Troubadour where he starts floating during Crocodile Rock is just perfect cinema.
  5. 1) There Will Be Blood - Purely on views alone this tops the list. In lesser hands this film could have easily been a bit of dull disaster, and during filming it very nearly ran away from everyone with all manner of stories about late casting changes, Daniel Day-Lewis having a hard time etc. However the struggle brought us Paul Thomas Anderson's last truly great film and my favourite Daniel Day Lewis performance. There are no likeable characters and some may argue the plot is a little thin, but it rumbles along with menace - this in no small part helped by Jonny Greenwood's best work since OK Computer. 2) Under The Skin - Again, I've watched this a silly amount of times. Incredible visuals and a score that is equal parts jarring and seductive. 3) You Were Never Really Here - I don't think a film has ever quite battered me like YWNRH. I cried, I was horrified, I was in awe. I was scared to go back and watch it, not because of fear it wouldn't live up to the first viewing, but I didn't want to get mauled again. More Greenwood. 4) The Red Turtle - Who would guess a cartoon with no dialogue would end up being the most profound existential cinematic experience over the past 20 years? Here we are. 5) Blade Runner 2049 - Devon summed it up nicely. Stunning with a massive sigh of relief. 6) Paddington 2 - Both films could have made the list. Just a great time; you're a right boring git if you don't come out of this in a great mood. 7) Sicario - The most tense finale in modern cinema? Up there, innit. 8 ) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - One of Tom's finest haircuts takes third place to the Cavill tash and some mind-blowing action. Let that sit with you. 9) Rocketman - A bloody good time. The songs are great and the musical parts are so brilliantly creative. 10) The Irishman - Only watched it a few days ago, but 3 and a half hours and I was up for watching it again immediately after. 'Nuff typed. 11) John Wick 3 - I've never quite experienced in the cinema the collective giddy rush of that knives scene. 12) Lost In Translation - Endlessly watchable. 13) After The Storm - I took a punt on this one boring Sunday afternoon. What a lovely surprise. 14) No Country For Old Men - The 2nd best film released that year. 15) Captain Phillips - I very nearly fell asleep during the trailers, but the finale is such a rush that I was wide awake. Plus, HANKS. 16) Hell Or High Water - There is a certain charm to the whole thing and the pacing is masterful. 17) 24 Hour Party People - Coogan's best film by quite a distance. It never fails to make me laugh. 18) The Wrestler - Probably would have placed higher is the Hulkster got the gig, brother. 19) Logan - One of two acceptable superhero films for such a list. I found this to be very moving. 20) Milk - Sean Penn is a cunt, but the talented arse had me crying for him again. The top 8 is pretty steady, but anything outwith can easily be swapped about.
  6. I've sort of lost a bit or interest in recent weeks too. They've done an appalling job of establishing characters worth investing in, bar 3 or maybe 4. Jericho and Cody are usually always good value but I can't be arsed sitting through overly long matches featuring some dudes because dodgy rankings or something. Rankings could work but, like most of their roster, they've done a terrible job selling the soap.
  7. That's tremendous. I was a big fan of his response to criticism of diversity in films (in particular, Disney Star Wars), the other week.
  8. Indeed. I've seen plenty of tweets quoting the video and ridiculing Gove and Johnson. Thousands of likes and retweet etc.
  9. Knives Out is fantastic. The cast is something special and everyone puts a shift in, which leads to one of the more charming world's created in film this year. I was worried Craig's southern patter would sink it, early doors, but this may very well be his finest hour (x2). I thought the pacing and the timing of the jokes were pretty masterful. Plus, Michael Shannon. It was directed by Rian Johnson, however. 1*
  10. Ariel is prone to cheerleading with his feelings. On the other end, he is forever sour at Ronda Rousey because she dare not grant him his interview when she was a massive star.
  11. What I like most about these clashes is, whilst we know both their strengths, both fighters are so elite we won't really know who has the edge until it happens. I mean, what reasonable person would have guessed Jones would be the one to get the better of the wrestling against a stud like DC? Or who would have thought Cain would take years off the career of JDS after they were supposedly the equal of one another going into the 2nd fight. The other incredible part of this story is both their win records. Khabib has never lost and Tony hasn't lost in something impressive like 6 years. Both fighting in the UFCs strongest division, of course. It's a proper legacy fight. Who is the GOAT? We shall see.
  12. It's the dreamiest of dream matches in modern MMA and probably since Jones first bested DC. Foolish to not figure someone will lose a leg in training but at the very least we've got a date. Similar to DC v Jones 1, you can make a solid argument this fight is the battle for the best ever in the division and potentially P4P too.
  13. I suppose Sparks releasing only one album this decade makes this easier.
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