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  1. ColinBollocks

    Umaga - great gimmick, but a bit of a rapist.

    Aye. I don't usually like airing really personal stuff like this, but fuck it. A friend/ex was raped by a singer in some shite indie band. She's only recently started getting help to deal with it, mainly because she was certain everyone would accuse her of being a "fantasist". Sadly, she is probably correct because I've encountered a lot of that logic over the years. I can't begin to imagine how horrible that must feel like, but I know it very nearly ruined her life. The guy that did what he did happily marches on, while she's had to piece herself back together.
  2. ColinBollocks

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Batista returned and talked about Ric Flair's cock. A+
  3. ColinBollocks

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    That's not how GSP says wants to do things. He's been very clear that he's only coming back if the money is right and, legacy-wise, it makes sense. What makes better sense for a legacy than becoming a 3 weight champion and the one to finally beat him? That sort of thing cements GSP as the GOAT. Plus, after this event, you imagine Khabib has managed to attain some status as a legit draw now. Given the way Dana does business, I'm confident he'll drop his previous resentments towards GSP if the money is right. Christ, look how the Bisping fight came to be. Obviously, I'm pushing this hard because there are few fights I want more.
  4. ColinBollocks

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    Cejudo wins with precision and a big right hand next time. The thing with GSP is he's said he wants a combination of legacy and big money fights. Obviously, Conor is who everyone is after, but no doubt after this show Khabib has surely attained some status as a draw now, so you imagine it's a big money fight and there is a belt there (should the powers that be play ball).
  5. ColinBollocks

    Football Manager 2019

    I purchased the last couple of games and I thought they were a massive improvement on the ones we were getting for the 5 or so years previous, which were tedious and clunky, as it felt like they were trying to sort out their flawed match engine. Not sure I'll bother with this one, though. Purely because I hardly get a chance to play it, these days.
  6. ColinBollocks

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    Pfft. Getting shit from the bloke that thought Cejudo was a bum! We'll see. It's such a compelling fight, though. It all comes down to how GSP's wrestling holds up. If Khabib is mauling GSP then we're getting in that GOAT discussion with him.
  7. ColinBollocks

    UFC 230: Cormier vs Lewis

    Yeah. It made Roman's dig about Lashley being shit at MMA even more puzzling a few months ago. All things considered, Lashley has a respectable MMA record. Again, made poor Roman come across as a muppet to those that spent any time checking out Lashley's wiki page.
  8. ColinBollocks

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    He slipped, you fool! If it's standing up George is jabbing his eye off. Honestly, I doubt GSP will fear the takedown as much as Conor, so I doubt the openings and doubt will be there like they were for Conor. Even if he rocks up at 52 and believing in aliens again, it doesn't get much better than GSP.
  9. ColinBollocks

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    Aye. Khabib v Ferguson or GSP is easily more interesting than a McGregor rematch. Imagine if Khabib wrestlefucks George!
  10. ColinBollocks

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    There is evidence in that fight that there is a fair chance Khabib just eats whatever Conor throws at him. However, when your whole game is crisp, brilliantly timed stand up, being off isn't helping much at all. I do agree, though, that I'm not sure Conor beats him.
  11. ColinBollocks

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    They probably all believed McGregor had a chance against Mayweather - that's how valuable their opinion is about that left hand of his. Not really into excluding maybe a legit "excuse" because the majority of his fans are deluded tits. Again, it's worth tagging on to it that even if this was the McGregor that fought Alvarez, I'm not sure he ever beats Khabib.
  12. ColinBollocks

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    To exclude the two years away from elite MMA is foolish (I'm pretty sure some on here were using it as a reason they fancy Khabib to smash, pre-fight), but that doesn't mean a sharp Conor would ever be good enough to best Khabib. I think the majority of us on here heavily favoured Khabib going in because his skill set is a bugger for anyone.
  13. ColinBollocks

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    It wasn't a big deal after the fact but he said during, the fact Conor managed to get in a competitive round (that he won) had Kavanagh believing maybe they would take over. Of course it didn't happen because Khabib was never gassing. Also, for all the talk of Al doing well, he lost all his rounds. I think Rogan shouting "OOOOOH!" after Al landed one decent punch seemed to make people believe it was close. Khabib bosses that too. Another reason the plan was foolish.
  14. ColinBollocks

    UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

    It really wouldn't surprise me if he was daft enough to think it would work. On Rogan, he seemed to think Khabib was slowing down against big Al in the 3rd, and he pointed to Conor winning the 3rd as an example of how they thought they had it. Truth or not, it's a proper daft idea, but maybe points to how outgunned they were against Khabib.
  15. ColinBollocks

    UFC 230: Cormier vs Lewis

    In fairness, fighters come into fights with all manner of injuries that rarely get mentioned. Even when DC beat Stipe the fight was a baw hair away from getting called off because DC's back gave out during training and he was still suffering a bit come fight night - and of course Lewis can barely train because his back is so messed up. Tis the fight game. DC pretty much said the other night that it would be foolish to turn down the deal the UFC offered him. He's probably only got two fight left in him so you may as well get that bread. DC's fought one dimensional "one shot" killers before and he usually always has them tapping out.