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  1. MMA Podcast/Interview Thread

    Kevin Lee's JRE episode is tremendous. He dropped all his schtick and comes across as one of the most likeable underdogs in sport. For 25, he's got a good head on him, going by this. He's loquacious, which helps a lot, and a welcome change from some of the laconic fighters Rogan has had on - Gust, Stipe etc.
  2. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    A lot of Celtic will point to their European performance as proof that it's still a no. Up here, it's the one constant criticisms I regularly hear from Celtic fans. Great in the league, but he needs to know his role when in there with better European teams. Celtic are of course playing in maybe the worst Scottish top flight league ever, so win most of the time because they are nearly average, but while they don't have the funding anymore, Brendan doesn't help much as their defence usually is exposed. Anyway, I hope Wenger gets the send off he deserves from English football. Not many managers you can say legit helped change the game for the better.
  3. Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    Well SETWWBP is just their podcast, with the addition of juddery web cams and the bleeping of some naughty words. Conrad was less of a dickhead than he usually is, so hopefully that continues. Both look like characters out of League of Gentlemen.
  4. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I'm with you Loki. We had a discussion on here about Roode's music and how it's been both a benefit and a curse, seeing as it's meant he came to the proper show as a babyface, when his character should really be a heel. Thing is, Bobby Roode can be a good babyface, but it worked in TNA because he was playing an everyman-type that spent his day talking to ducks. His character currently is that of a fella that has a good entrance, which needless to say doesn't get a lot outside of a bit of a pop for said entrance.
  5. The Health and Fitness Thread

  6. 2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    My fondest memory of Dale Winton is him shitting a brick during the trick he took part in during the An Audience with Freddie Starr. With hindsight, there was a lot of cheap "bums to the wall" "he's one of them, eh? Eh?" jokes, but he managed to get a couple of good lines in himself. Of course, Supermarket Sweep was just good fun whenever you managed to catch it. He seemed like a laugh.
  7. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I gave up even promising myself that, Egg. I like both fighters, but I doubt it I'll miss much important hype and drama prior to them facing off. I'm sure DC will have a few digs, as he does now and again, but essentially the fight will be 'champion v champion - although imagine if Jon Jones didn't hand back frothing piss'. If there wasn't so much content to follow every week, I'm sure I'd bother with TUF.
  8. All Purpose Weather Moaning Thread

    Lovely, but I've got a 5 hour bloody drive to Alton Towers tomorrow. SweatyBollocks.
  9. Boxing Thread

    Canelo's been handed a 6-month suspension by Nevada. He can fight again in August. Must be chuffed with that. Also,
  10. UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2

    He didn't land a significant strike in the fight, though. Fair enough, we have all come to realise Gall is a decent fighter, but leaving out all the "it's the taking part that counts" bollocks, to have a hyped fight on a PPV and get so badly handled is embarrassing for Punk - going by his post-fight press deals he was clearly very humbled by it all. I think anyone with a clue went in with rock bottom expectations and Punk smashed them. Any fighter will tell you losing is embarrassing/humiliating, and I'm sure Punk will feel no different, seeing how it went down. I don't know how the general fan thought it would go down. Maybe some were tuning in thinking Punk had a chance? I bet some do in this fight too, seeing it's Mike Jackson he's in there with. As discussed, I quite like Punk, and he has my respect for still wanting to carry on and make a million or so, but exhibition or not I'm just not really arsed with him v some Mike Jackson type; I've seen him fight and he's shit at it. Although, I should add, if it's CM Punk v some other celebrity of equal shitness, now you have my hard earned coin / BT Sport viewership. CM Punk v JCVD is the fight to cure all erectile dysfunction. Pepsi v Coke.
  11. RIP Bruno Sammartino

    Sad news. I never got the whole "bitter" criticism of him. Rather, he seemed to get that label because he dared to have some valid criticism of Vince and his company. In reality, whenever I've heard him in several interviews he was a sweet old man, who just happened to be one of the all-time greats. If you haven't I really recommend tracking down his interviews with the Wrestling Observer. I've listened to them a few times because Bruno's story is a bit mad, coupled with the fact he's a charming presence/storyteller.
  12. The Mental Health thread

    Yeah, Butch, get yourself to the doctor ASAP. A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a similar pattern of not getting much sleep at all for days and days, to the point I felt like I was proper losing the plot - instead of sleeping I had periods where I'd be lying in bed and my whole body was shaking, I too would occasionally let out these weird murmurs and growls. Definitely give Frankie and that a phone. I found what helped me a lot was just being around and talking to people I actually quite like, as simple as it seems, being around and having an open conversation with folk you know are top makes a big difference. You can shut out a lot of good people when you feel the way you do, but it helps a lot and it can also clear some of the fog of depression, as your mind can stop constantly overloading with horrid thoughts.
  13. Random Thoughts III.

    It's wonderful seeing the renewed interest in Flair, after the couple of years he's had. Here he is Dad dancing the only way Ric Flair can.
  14. UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2

    Fair enough. It's my opinion. Of course the UFC see it differently (you definitely have a point from their POV, and business sense), they've got bill$ to pay and that. If Punk manages to bump their buy rate again then they'll see it as a great decision. However, we saw Punk fight and it was embarrassing. I guess there is some morbid curiosity to see how he'll fair against someone as terrible as his opponent, but if he fought again or not, I really couldn't give a care. It's a bit Wagenheim of me, but freak fights are more fun when one of the fellas can actually sort of fight.
  15. UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2

    Duke claims Punk is "200% better", which I believe, but "200% better" can still mean he's having a hard time against every man and woman on the UFC roster not named Mike Jackson. I wonder if he's won a round in the gym yet? I like Punk a lot. It's commendable he even decided to take up hard graft like MMA, when I'm sure he could have done some telly/film work instead, even more so considering the doing in his first fight. However, he shouldn't be in the UFC.