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  1. I doubt they'll have Conor fight on this. Something like Tony v Justin is more realistic. However if that was to happen I'd imagine it would be more a Dana ego move or something done for ESPN's sake - either to keep them happy or a push by ESPN itself while it has no real sports to air. The terms of the ESPN+ deal are still kind of up in the air. All we know is the UFC get a good level of guaranteed income per show. I've read some claim they get a split of the PPV income (so if a show does well they notice), while more reliable sources, at the the time, mentioned it's more an upfront licensing fee - the idea being it evens out, when you consider how badly some shows were tanking when Rousey left and Conor was busy being a prick.
  2. If you ever had a wank over Chyna taking it up the Hunter, then you all know Triple H is one of the great bastards.
  3. Apparently Gate-cheese has been offered the fight if Khabib can't make it. Bet Tony loses too.
  4. The Broken stuff will only really work if it exists in it's own little bubble away from the likes of Jericho at the top of the card. It immediately gets exposed as lame the second it leaves it's daft self-contained world and we're all supposed to pretend it's nothing more than a dumb laugh. It's a comedy gimmick.
  5. The fight is doomed forever and a day. Like the time my brother caught me wanking, we should all just silently agree never to speak of this again; let Dana do Khabib v Conor 5 for the foreseeable future (4-0 Khabib).
  6. I wonder how much good training has been done by both men in the lead up to this? Khabib probably had tiramisu while having his Sunday morning shit.
  7. BT Sport have such a good team. They do a great job with the boxing too but that's the best thing Drew may ever be involved in.
  8. Still cool though. Revenge of the Sith is shite, so much so I can't be arsed with the original trilogy now. The turn into Darth Vader is so unsatisfying clunky and tediously melodramatic; like the sort of rubbish I'd come up as a kid playing with my Stretch Armstrong and Superman toys. All the set up and when it came down to it of course Uncle George fumbles the ball. Even Yoda's work rate can't sprinkle some magic on this.
  9. It's Star Wars. Daftness is one of it's joys.
  10. All this Star Wars talk got me hot under the collar and I decided to watch Attack of the Clones, last night (I'm never making it through Phantom Menace). I've not watched a second of it since seeing it when it was released. Some of the CGI is much better than I expected and Ewan McGregor seemed to have got the knack of talking to a ball convincingly. Hayden Christensen is no way near as shit as he's been painted as through the years. Yes, he suffers a bit from being pure early-00s MTV Movie Award Best Kiss nominee, but it would take a really special talent to act their way into making any of that dialogue work. The romance scenes are insufferable; has that Vince McMahon quality to the dialogue where many a word is spoken but all of it jarring and a massive disconnect. The highlight is without question Christopher Lee being a bad ass. The Yoda battle is maybe the highpoint of 1-3.
  11. Solo is ok. It's big flaw is the lead had no chance matching the charisma of Ford. He's ok in it, but he was pretty charmless throughout. I've tried a few times over the years to watch all the Star Wars films starting at 1, but I pretty quickly give up once they get off the space ship at the beginning of 1. The CGI has aged so badly and, IIRC, Ewan McGregor looks exactly like an actor told to stare at a ball in a green room.
  12. Delightful. I was worried he was turning into a right boring git.
  13. After The Storm has 5 days left on iPlayer. It's a Japanese film directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda and featuring the hunky Hiroshi Abe. I rank it quite highly in the best films I saw last decade. Wonderful.
  14. It's definitely mostly Rogan this Khabib having some sort of rubbish chin/stand up talk. No better example than the Raging Al fight, where the fight was essentially Khabib boxing the face off Al, only for Rogan to shout "OOOWWWW" when Al eventually landed a single blow that Khabib ate. He's so invested in that narrative he finds it nearly impossible to call a Khabib fight outside that story in his head. This fight, though. If the current situation around the world wasn't so dire, you'd find a lot more humour in the fact this pandemic happened in the build up to the contest. It's truly cursed.
  15. Warner can't help themselves. Whether that be hiring shite like Zak Snyder to be a major player in their universe building, or forever chopping and changing their movies no matter how jarring it is to the initial direction and the eventual final product.
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