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  1. Getting Khabib means he'll be getting a shot at the title, though. If Poirier won last night, I'm sure Conor would be gunning for him instead. As discussed, Conor just needs to stay active, so I agree that he should be having a fight or two before getting a title shot. He's a fighter, at his best, that relies so much on sharpness and slick movement.
  2. In fairness wand, if the reports are to be believed, Conor was supposed to have a fight against a contender earlier this year but got injured. Conor has unreal self belief so I'm sure he fancies his chances against everyone, but Dana is definitely just trying to make the big matches with Conor while he can - I mean, Brock Lesnar v DC was going to happen before Brock got Vince to give him favourable terms, Dana / the owners don't care they want the coin. Conor needs to get back fighting proper again. By that I mean at least 2 fights a year and against contenders, not super fights. If Conor is ever beating Khabib it's when he's sharp and Octagon ready, not a fight every year followed/proceeded by being a coked up shit head. While Conor is out there doing a line and partying, a Tony or Poirier are winning fights and grinding in the gym; how is Conor beating them with that sort of disparity in commitment? Particularly when he's miles away from Khabib/Tony, ability wise, already.
  3. Poirier clearly took a massive big breath just before Khabib got him down (with no problems) in the 2nd. Poirier gave everything he had for a solid minute trying to finish Khabib, but it all ended with him getting thrown on his arse, again. In some ways, the Khabib v Tony fight taking so long to happen (hopefully) is probably a good thing. Both men are much better than the last time they were scheduled to fight, and much bigger stars too. They're both undeniably the two best in the division and maybe in the divisions history.
  4. Once I saw Khabib had his old man in his corner there was no way he was losing that. Khabib was in a couple of dangerous spots but it didn't matter. Khabib is skilled, tough and clever enough to work around your moments and inevitably get the takedown. No doubt Rogan will spin it that Khabib has glaring weaknesses, but he's so dominant that a moment on the backfoot will always seem more significant than it is. Although that guillotine looked the business, again speaks to the sort of skill Khabib has to get out. It's the sort of thing that makes the Tony fight so interesting because Tony is a master at fighting from his back. The end was hilarious too. Khabib flying over the cage for the hugs. Scary, tough and seemingly invincible. Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov really is the baddest man on the planet. No wonder Khabib keeps the telly on mute when his old man is in his bed.
  5. Finally got round to seeing Blinded By The Light (it was in and out of most local cinemas quick sharp). I thought it was a little hokey and a bit Eastenders with the acting to begin with, but it definitely won me over by the end - crying again; the state of it. Definitely don't need to be a Bruce fan to enjoy it. Although I think most of the music tie-ins were the weakest part of the film. Gave me a new appreciation for the excellent Rocketman (a shout for my favourite film this year) that gets all that spot on.
  6. As much as I shit on Barry Chuckles, this is such an interesting match. Style Bender looked human against the fat lad, but showed he's going to have a scrap of it goes that way. This is the sort of match that establishes either man as the best in the world. In a perfect world we get a 5 round back and forth with Style Bender winning to set up a rematch. Please.
  7. What a fight that is. Be delighted if Nate batters Jorge.
  8. I smell an upset. My prediction is mostly based on Khabib v Ferguson being the most cursed match in the sports history and we can't have nice things. I'll be devastated if Khabib loses. The rest of the card is a bit weak, but that seems to be a bit of a theme since they signed that guaranteed money deal with ESPN+.
  9. Definitely the best show so far. Arn did a spinebuster. Miraculously, the commentary was passable most of the night. I enjoy snarky JR because I find he's got a point and the stuff he thinks is shite usually is. Pac v Omega was really good and I'm delighted to see Pac get some time to shine. He performed miracles as the 205 champion, only for WWE to ignore his obvious ability to make something out of their shite. Could be a huge star for them, over here, if they give him a chance. I'm delighted they had Jericho win. I know a few on here rate him, but I've yet to see anything about Hangman Page to get excited about. Far too early for him to be put in that champion spot. The match was ok considering the crowd were done by then. Animal cruelty aside, I enjoyed Cody's match. Cody has shown himself to have a real talent for storytelling and I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with MJF. Shawn Spears is very average, though. Hopefully that's them settling into it now and have got all the wacky nonsense out of their system.
  10. I was going to mention yesterday that I've noticed since the Mayweather fight how much Conor stumbles over his words. I didn't bother because maybe it's always been a thing and I've only just picked up on it over the past couple of years.
  11. I'm interested to see how this works. By most accounts, Triple H and his team are hidden away on the Network, with Vince being too busy fighting his beard to care. You fancy that changing now it's on proper telly and they're getting paid for it. As discussed, I imagine the extra hour and pressure from Vince could sink what a lot on here enjoy about the show.
  12. There is nothing to like about Conor McGregor if he's not fighting and he's not fought in ages. He's been exposed, at the very least, as a massive arsehole.
  13. I enjoyed Once Upon A Time In Hollywood too. I was amazed the ending came when it did because it felt like it should have went on for another hour, given the run time. Brad and Leo have tremendous chemistry and I hope we get the pair of them together again. Brad also gets his tits out which gives any film an extra star or two. Not sure it's his best ever, but definitely deserving of all the praise.
  14. The biggest reaction I've ever heard in the cinema was when Tom Hardy popped up in some advert and everyone with functioning eye balls seemingly had an orgasm.
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