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  1. Such a character. I've often joked about him being the baddest Dad on the planet, but it's always warmed the heart the amount of love and respect (and, yes, fear) Khabib obviously has for him. 57 is so young too. It must have been such a joy seeing what has become of Khabib, after he trained him from such a young age. At least they got to share that experience with one another.
  2. He's in the group with the dickheads that were locking poles. Such a tit. Rogan catching it too would be something because he's probably been a bigger bellend about this than Schaub (you know if Rogan had the opposite view he currently holds, Schaub would be that way too).
  3. That's it. WWE production can be very good, but they have certain tropes they fall back into all the time which are naff - like Rick mentioning the slo-mo stuff with Cole shouting rubbish over the top of it. I also think someone with a good mind for this sort of thing would have done a far better job breaking the undeniable "same as it ever was" pattern throughout. In the Jordan docuseries, for example, they realise that final season alone isn't interesting enough for a great series, so they add stories from the past which tie into a present story, or even focus on specific players. Tied together it creates a more fuller picture and makes it such a dynamic watch with every episode offering something different, All fluff talk, of course, because #ReleaseTheEdelmanCut isn't happening.
  4. Rick's review is pretty spot on. I thought it was good but it started to become a bit of a self-parody midway through. The last episode is brilliant because you suddenly sense The Undertaker has completely let his guard down and has come to terms with giving up on The Undertaker gimmick. He's actually quite funny in the last episode, taking the piss out of himself etc. The bit where they're in the locker room and he's talking and he gets so relaxed he talks about the eyeliner story is a great bit of documentary film making - it has such a flow to it, as you sense 'Taker is slowly letting you in. The last 15 minutes were a wee bit overproduced for my tastes but it definitely had it's moments. I think a great docu-series could have been made if the footage got into the hands of an independent production. Less of the overblown slo-mo WWE crap, more chats in the locker room, or Vince and Taker's odd relationship.
  5. As far as I know, those are all just fan rumours. What we do know is someone leaked that they're in early discussions about him appearing in Flashpoint as an older Batman. It could just be a one and done.
  6. We're not going to get Michael Keaton back as Batman are we? Imagine teasing it.
  7. Yeah, It's been filming for a good while now. I remember Bisping saying a few months back they've got the likes of GSP and Dana lined up for interviews. Hopefully somebody decent is making this because it's an incredible sports documentary if the people involved have talent.
  8. Very impressive from both fighters. One of those fights that helps solidify my notion that I'm a soft shite; a brown belt only if somehow my arsehole sputtered that much, during a scrap, it went everywhere. I'm amazed both saw the decision because they looked absolutely knackered in the 3rd. Fair play to Perry too. He was getting some right pelters this week but I thought he comfortably handled Gall.
  9. Get out. I mean, he's probably going to wrestle again when Vince asks, but I quite like how they went about this. To create such a good docu-series about the guy and finish it with him retiring is something different from how they usually do it. A few mates that are lapsed fans have checked out the documentary off the back of the retirement news and have been very positive about the docu-series (despite the t-shirts). Even Taker has come to the realisation he's not good enough to have the traditional classic send off match he's craved so settled on the AJ match because it's brilliant. He'll never top it doing a traditional match.
  10. Some of names mentioned have, in the past, shown they can be credible. It's just WWE have them do absolutely bugger all of interest for months before they thrust them into a title shot. For someone as work driven and detail obsessive as Vince, he isn't half lazy and scatterbrained when it comes to his telly shows. Kane and Ziggler are definitively those guys that can kill a champion dead.
  11. The Vince stuff was once again absolutely fascinating. Particularly the bit where they talked about his autograph signing at Starrcast, when Taker mentions he didn't speak with Vince for months and then did a big old eye roll after he said "everything is fine now". I wonder how much that has played into 'Taker deciding to tell Vince he's done? There seems to be more to that. Undertaker seemed so relaxed and affable in the final episode, be comparison to the first few. Reminded me a wee bit of Austin in recent years after he dropped the gimmick and mellowed out.
  12. A depressing read. However delighted that the women and men involved feel empowered enough to speak out. Has the Ashley Massaro abuse been revisited during this? It will never not be infuriating that those involved were never truly held accountable. If not, I hope she gets some justice.
  13. The Rousey/Tate season was the last great one they did. It was on fumes prior to this but Rousey being mental didn't half make this must watch telly week-to-week. It was all very forgettable after it. The most iconic moment from that:
  14. I'd love a proper book on the sleazy behind-the-scenes stories that have went on during the Fertitta era. Stories of Dana only getting fully on board with women's MMA after he and Rousey took multiple private jet rides together etc. They've done well to keep most of it under wraps.
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