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  1. Think it was a WWE post on Instagram talking about Cesaros SD winning streak, quite a few guys said he's a name that should be a world champion, along with 90% of the roster expect the ones that actually should be
  2. Trips Vs Batista is a good example, it's good to put them together so no new guys losses but if Dave lost to and upper card guy it might've helped them. I think Edge will work with new guys now, he said as much last year, obvs plans got severally screwed up post Mania.
  3. Possibly but I think Batista backlash started when his return was announced but that could've been because they knew a Rumble win was coming, ironically Roman got "screwed" and should've won talk too at that time. Khan is master booker don't forget
  4. Why are "old guys" now the enemy of certain fans, I know Batista got some abuse for coming back in 2014, Goldberg gets tonnes of heat anytime something is posted about him and now I've seen Edge getting flack for returning? Used properly to put guys over then they have alot of value. Also favourite of the week names seem to be pulled from a hat, and they want some bland guys to be world champion (everyone deserves a strap) like Gulak, Cesaro etc I really want guys like that to be world champs just to see what would happen. Anyway hopefully the Rumble will get some new shit going
  5. Cesaro is like Cody in WWE, loads of tweaks, new looks or add ons but nothing sticks or gets him proper over. "Cesaro section" stuff was too limited to work long-term or even know what it was other than a name for his fans, The Bar was his best look and time for me
  6. Love it when two internet favourites wrestle its like a glitch in the Matrix, Saw comments of Cesaro vs Ziggler that they were happy he won but wanted Dolph to win too and should win next week in a rematch, 50/50 booking at its finest and they wonder why guys aren't as over as they should be. Roman just continues to grow in his role, really want him to keep the belt aslong as possible, even through Mania if he's still this standard. It's weird that SD feels like there's not enough time for everyone and Raw seems to drag.
  7. But most of the other guys are still getting a good reaction. I said in a previous post that Sting will be more affective for the company when they can tour so there's the novelty seeing him live even if he's limited in what he does
  8. Probably but surely they'll want the crowd do see him wrestle instead of just standing and pointing, his pops are already getting less by the week
  9. In the match Sting should only work with Starks, not saying Cage is dangerous but he's a big guy that's all dodgy looking power moves and clotheslines, Ricky can bump and make him look the part
  10. Cage and Starks vs Sting and Allen in a Street Fight has been announced for Revolution.
  11. The Rumble is one my favourite events, last year was fantastic and set them up for a good mania (obvs 2020 happened) This year they accidentally have some decent names that we atleast haven't been seen for a few months that could return like Rollins, Braun, Aleister Black, Edge, Jimmy USO (injuries permitting) or Call ups like Priest, Ripley etc. Hoping for something decent to get the ball rolling for Mania season
  12. Love a good Wrestlemania theme, good ones really build anticipation and add to the show. I thought Mania 23 theme Saliva-Ladies and Gentlemen was really good with the ringleader style beginning leading to the perfect for pyro and big moves/moments "boom do you want it, boom do you need it, ladies and gentlemen"
  13. Any the networks Instagram page posts something for 2015 for example you see loads of comments of the "good old days/better back then", not denying it probably was but at the time fans were probably shitting on it and longed for 2008 or whenever. Rose tinted glasses will always exist, and also things will be linked to how your life was and memories of that time. Even if 2020 product was fantastic, personal feelings and memories towards this time are most like negative.
  14. WCW would've stood more of a chance in the invasion if the had the proper mid 90s logo
  15. My sneaker collection has grown and really improved since lockdown, must be around 30 new pairs, it's a fun but expensive hobby Started my Yeezy collection in October and just bought my 5th pair yesterday.
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