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  1. I think Drew has and is doing a great job, solid matches and promos don't feel forced. In general people are very unforgiving to guys these days for minor mistakes or things they don't like. Giving a bit of praise, respect and being associated with guys like Flair or HBK isn't a cringy or bad thing, it's not like he's talking up from IRS, Slaughter, Hacksaw like the mid 2000 legends
  2. Its always weird when a draft happens close to a ppv especially HIAC which big matches and feuds to finish. I'd keep Reigns and Fiend apart, same with Seth and Rey, RAW- Undisputed Era, Sami, Shin and Cesaro, Braun, Fiend SD- Profits, Hurt Buisness, Gargano, Seth NXT- Sheamus or Bryan would benefit with a run there to freshen up and new matches
  3. If they draft in NXT guys like Undisputed Era, Rhia and few others to each show will help. They really need tag teams or put more guys together that are spare, but properly with matching gear etc so at least look the part
  4. Superbowl in Feb will be in Tampa with a crowd. The state is planning more outdoor sports events in coming months. Thunderdome runs out end of October and wwe looking for outside venue to have fans
  5. Mania will be in Tampa next year I'd bet. Reigns is an absolute beast as a heel, never needs to turn face just go against heels now and again
  6. Sure I saw her doing it on pre nxt clips on a video package (probably her Mania one?), not a wwe thing but yeah pretty shit none the less
  7. True making those guys relevant after all this time is a minor miracle. They look the buisness in suits which is why I hate too many guys wearing them cos it lessons the impact
  8. Think it's unfair to say wwe stumbled on the hurt business success, since the Rumble MVP made it clear he was building a stable, went after Drew, then pretty early on went after Lashley, Crews etc. It's was clearly the direction they were heading, weather it works is always up to chance but has booked them well, at a nails pace at times but still well
  9. At the time when Lesnar left in 2004 I think Vince/WWE were pissed they invested time and money to really push and solidify him as the man only for him to walk out not much notice. Think that's where the brand is the draw rather than a name, although Cena, Batista, Orton, Edge etc for next few years were draws and promoted. Definitely since maybe Cena slowed down, Punk left, Bryan injured etc it became "Come see WWE"
  10. Yeah I would be up for that, a quick mauling to send a message. But don't think a 15min match would harm him as long as Jey is Always fighting from underneath, USOS have always been presented as tough and gutsy so wouldn't be too out of place
  11. Roman is so good as a heel or just being no nonsense badass, the ending with him and Jey hugging and smiling leading to his stone face and Heyman nodding was great, gonna be a great match too.
  12. With the women's division also been a issue I wonder if they should've held off with a title and division, instead just have "showcase" matches to get the limited roster known to the new audience. Only this AEW hasn't shown patience with, tag and secondary titles were timed well, I know they felt they needed a women's division but it should've been more natural (don't mean Brandy either)
  13. With Savage it might've been less about actual age but tv age as he'd been in WWF for 7yrs? By 92 so although Bret isn't young as such he's fresh to main events and only 1 or so in singles. I still think new guys would get a push, Bret I could see getting a clear direction of WWF title post Summerslam, strong win at Survivors (doing whatever), Rumble win then leading to Mania title win. Not sure if Hart suddenly getting the title hurt him as a draw and in fans eyes at the time instead of a build up
  14. Shit forgot about Macho Man too, crazy to think they had him happy on there books with potential vs Harts (Bret or Owen), HBK, Lugar, Yoko, Taker (forgot him too) I think even with Warrior etc around I think Bret would get in the title mix due to them wanting/needing to add youth and replace 80s stars, I could see Bret getting a longer build to the title against say Savage at Mania 9. 93-95 could've been so different with a few tweaks or guys around
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