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  1. I went to a load of TNA/Impact taping from 08-14 I think (when did James Storm do his cult faction?) Went to Slammiversey 2010 which had a solid Kaz vs Angle opener, Rvd vs Sting in the main can't remember rest of the card. Got to see a who's who or talent Hogan, Nash, Angle, Sting, Steiner plus guys you'd expect from that era, probably saw more of Jeff Hardy that any other wrestler Crazy to think that was all free, its a whole other "what if" discussion that they should've done to capitalize on what they had.
  2. Yeah double standards with a certain group of fans "wwe can't do anything right/Vince needs to retire" "aew is for the fans/shit stuff is wink wink" Not sure I agree with bikini models stuff, I know they movement is important but they are models that got a nights work they wouldn't have had at the moment. And speaking out is about sexual harassment etc but does that mean we can't have cheerleaders, models etc on any type of tv show? Things need to improve but I don't see this as an issue.
  3. Seth Rollins face turn in 2016 was weak and damaged him for a few months. He returned from knee injury and got a huge face reaction but they decided to go with him as Authority heel despite the there not really being one at that point. When they did go with him as a face due to Balor injury I assume, Triple H turns on him out of nowhere thus putting him as a face but without doing anything "good". They could've had a slow burn story of Seth going face but Trips/Steph being pally with him until HE decides to fuck them off and "be his own man" etc leading to the mania match. He got momentum eventually but it shouldn't have been that hard.
  4. I don't think they need to break up but they've been a team 6 years or so? Its pretty stale as an act and how much longer can they keep doing same thing. They could go with Big E push in the team but I think it would hold him back as a midcard world champion, I thought Kofi suffered same fate. Keep Kofi and Woods on SD and draft E to Raw for a push, Keeps them together but apart and can always go back if need be.
  5. From what I've read about E is he's happy pissing about with the New Day and doesn't wanna break up. I think he's gonna do himself over if he doesn't push himself out of new day and try on his own, as much as wwe gets criticism for shit they do wrong (rightfully so at times) guys need to push or challenge themselves. Wwe love the status quo so love acts that are over for years and don't wanna change.
  6. The cabin is one for fishing I think, if your there for day, somewhere to change and eat then watch the sunset... He reminded me of Thanos at the end of Infinity War
  7. Selfishly I'd like one more match at Mania next year only because I'm hoping to and would've been at Tampa this year, was at Orlando when he kinda retired and was a great moment. But if he's finally done I'm happy for him, seems an even cooler guy than we had heard all these years. He'll still make appearances here and there probably at Survivor Series for 30th anniversary and HOF at Mania
  8. Nothing new to add that hasn't been said. But I don't think its right that random names get chucked out with no reason or context, as they say mud sticks and these guys could unjustly suffer consequences for something they didn't do. Those guilty with evidence deserve what they get but the innocent shouldn't be tarred with same brush, Social Media is quick to remember the wrong stuff and the victims deserve better.
  9. Orton has been great since mid last year, really seems to give a shit, as said have Orton beat Drew at say Survivor Series, subtley setting up Edge Rumble return and Win and that's your wwe title match set, yeah it doesn't build to the future but they weren't this year for both top titles. Otherwise pretty solid show....speaking of Show...Why was Big Show there? Could Viking Profits not handle 4 midget ninjas and a big guy (who looks like Titus), very strange
  10. Yeah I listened to that, he has a point (not roids obviously) but he needs to add width and size to his upper body, it's only thing he's missing. I'm watching Nitros from 96 and forgot how big Scott Steiner was, I knew he got big but i always remembered it as "heel turn/roid monster"
  11. Adam Cole bugs me because he could bulk up and add meat to him frame, he's got the pc trainers and fitness guys to help him gain a bit of size, decent sized guys in most gyms look bigger/better than him. If you can't be big be defined, guys like Ciampa, Gargano, etc don't have to be big to look good. Nowadays I don't think its important to "look tough" as it did in the 80s
  12. Randy Orton has nearly always looked great, recent years he's looking better being thicker all over rather than his 09-10 skinny sick look he was rocking. HHH body wise has had loads of ups and downs but I'd say he's looked his best past few years, around Mania 34 looking lean but ripped with bald head and big beard is a great look. Guys like HBK 96-97, Rollins and Ciampa can't be overlooked from a realistic (gym goer could achieve) but athletic build to them
  13. Goldberg is so fascinating to watch, everything he does is needlessly stressful to him or mentioning his age, how hard and monotonous working out is, 24, Chronicle and On the day of are great snippets into his brain, he seems to need constant validation. No wonder guys like Nash, Hall and Hogan got in his head and made him a paranoid wreck in wcw
  14. I'd say Kross is still a heel but wants the title (as he should), Priest after his promo is heading or is a face, Balor seems like a tweener going after whoever he sets his sights on or goes after him.
  15. It was Triple H mentioned it on Evolution doc. I wouldn't say those a factions, more like loose group of heels or tag teams, to me a proper group should have a name, music, gimmick etc
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