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The Smackers Thread


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15 hours ago, WyattSheepMask said:

Don’t want this to sound like a shot at you, but this is the thing when people go fantasy booking.

Say you put the belt on Drew at CastleMania in September, and you want him to drop it to Rollins at the Royal Rumble in January. What are you doing with him in the four months between those two events? Is he just rematching against Reigns? Which would mean that Reigns, who’s only lost once via DQ in the last 2 years, will have lost (possibly more than once) en route to Wrestlemania where…

So he gets the big match anyway.

Im not against your idea of Cody winning the rumble (something which I never thought I’d say even a few short months ago) but if they’re having The Rock at Wrestlemania, then Cody has to lose out. Roman v Rock for the title is bigger than Roman v Rock with Roman having dropped the belt and (potentially) lost a rematch along the way.

I'm not fantasy booking, it's not what i want to happen, it's just a series of events i could see happening on the way to Mania if they want to get the belt off Reigns for a match with The Rock.

I'm guessing after CATC that Reigns will hardly be appearing now he's on his new lighter schedule, so i don't think he will lose multiple rematches on the way to Mania. In my scenario he doesn't even get pinned anyway. Could have him come back somewhere between the Rumble and Mania saying he wants his belt back only for The Rock to interrupt and say he's sick of hearing all about this head of the table stuff, challenge's him for Mania etc.

I've no idea what Drew would do between September-January if he was to win the belt, if they can't get Brock to work a non stadium show then probably B level feuds with the likes of Theory, Miz, Balor, could have one of the Uso's step up saying they will take the belt back to Reigns etc.

I do think Reigns/Rock for the belt would be huge, but no idea how you get there, The Rock isn't entering the Rumble, so what happens to the Rumble winner?

Rollins-Cody for the belt and Reigns/Rock sound's like two good headline matches to me for next year but who knows.

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The annual set piece interview with all the MitB competitors standing near the top of ladders is one of the silliest things in wresting.

And "OMG we forgot about this bloke who has spent 5 minutes laying on the floor who has just got back in the ring and won the battle royal" is one of the most played out things in wrestling. WWE only knows two battle royal finishes - that one and "the last 2 people both go over and fight on the apron until one falls off."

I assume "Good Old-Fashioned Battle Royal" was a sly dig at the Royal Rampage.

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