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AEW London 2023

Hannibal Scorch

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FITE offering an AEW pay per view season ticket for the rest of 2023. No mention of All In. Can only mean one thing. Live broadcast on ITV 1, hosted by Ant and Dec confirmed! ITV finally deserve pro-wrestling!

No confirmation yet thatĀ Phillip Schofield is appearing for Progress, but it would be very on brand.

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3 minutes ago, DavidB6937 said:

Have we got any wrestling mad UK celebs that could get involved? Or are we going to get stuck with Jack Whitehall again?

Eamonn Holmes - he's not up to much. I remember the first WWF show in London '89, the best we could muster up was a couple of stars from Hi-de-HiĀ 

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8 minutes ago, SuperBacon said:

Have a rail and pick up the phone Tony.





THAT is your main event.

The mean leather jacketĀ 

Sure bring Phil and Grant MitchellĀ 

I'd take a 'Steve Sting Bordan' appearance over any celeb ballax

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