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  1. happy enough with my Manchester SD ticket Block 114 Row S but pretty expensive and it was the 2nd tier price hopefully its a good show with SD being on Fox by that time
  2. Any pre sale codes for Manchester
  3. UK TV Tapings are Fri Nov 8th- SD live Manchester Arena and Mon 11th Nov WWE Raw Hydro Glasgow With SD moving too Friday nights is it possible the whole touring schedule will be changed as regards Europe ??. Will they Travel Europe separately with SD starting there tour earlier than Raw ??. They normally go on tour 2 days after the respective US TV taping The Raw brand have a Dublin date on Weds 6th Nov (might be the beginning of there tour ?). I'm hoping too head too the Manchester tapings on the 8th Nov. Too much hassle trying too do TV tapings in 2 different cities esp with me travelling from Ireland. Glasgow tapings would be ruled out for me if I'd be seeing some of the Raw guys in Dublin
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