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  1. Tom Hardy has convinced me it's Spur's year. If Leeds play like that every game, and still concede 4 goals, i'll be happy personally. Good win for us yesterday. We really do love our Championship football us yellows.
  2. I would say a lot of the other young guard have good positions already and stand out a lot more than Sabian. I'd hope they will really look to move Sammy on from the Hardy feud which they look like to be dropping. The Inner Circle are splintering off on to their own things right now so perhaps giving Sammy a Spanish Goddess would replace the Kip and Ford role more successfully. He also has his vlog which appeals to the youth crowd. He is also a much better worker that is over. MJF, Wardlow, Darby, and Jungle Boy are moving along nicely. They do need to run with Sky, and Penta/F
  3. I just don't see anything in him, and it's go away change the channel vibe for me. The rest of AEW's young guard have way more appealing features about themselves and so he is taking up space where a Scorpio Sky could do with it a lot more. I'm not saying Sky is part of that young guard btw.
  4. Somebody try and convince me why Kip Sabian is worth a weekly Dynamite spot over anyone else? Penelope does not count.
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